The Cabin


Jennifer was driving Amber wild with desire. She had never wanted anyone or anything more than she wanted to be pleased by and to please this girl she had called best friend for five years. Fingers splayed against her friend's head, arching up in blatant invitation as her voice reaches her own ears, foreign almost as she begs, "Please Jennifer ... please."

Jennifer's head dipped, velveteen tongue snaking out in a gentle caress as it slowly flicked over her friend's throbbing clit. She was rewarded with Amber's strong arch upwards and a low groan. Wow ... the power in such a little touch and damn if that little nub didn't taste a bit like an exotic honey! Pushing her elbow wider, anchoring herself between Amber's thighs, she reached with pliant fingers and gently pulled her friend's swollen folds apart, sending a shudder of desire rippling through Amber's pliant body. Her friend's cries of need and writhing only spurred her to capture her more beneath her will and this slow torture, knowing how much it added to that final impending release. Her tongue slithered out once more to trail along the quivering opening of her cunt, caressing swollen folds along that honeyed back and pulled back at Amber arched up for more.

"Jennifer!" she cried out, head thrashing from side to side. But she was captured beneath her friend's agonizing will and it was so exquisite that Amber could feel her very blood course through her veins, awakening every nerve in her body. She had never felt this alive. It was as if time was suspended as her friend's expert tongue found all her hot spots, sending her spiraling to the edge of that deep abyss and kept her hanging there on a single thread of resolve. Amber couldn't take this exquisite longing much more and her thighs trembled beneath her friend's elbows and arms. "Jennifer, at least grant me the same pleasure and get over here!"

Jennifer glanced up between her friend's hot thighs, questioning gaze lifted as her blue eyes locked with Amber's hazel ones. "What do you mean?" she asked on a soft whisper.

Her fingers tugged upwards on her hair and then slid down to her hands, arching up to a half sitting pose and pleaded, "Please, I want to taste you too."

Jennifer all the sudden felt that nervous flutter in her belly again as she lifted upwards, her gaze never faltering from her friend's. She could feel Amber's hands pulling her closer, encouraging and she moved up and over her, her hands trembling in both anticipation and nervousness. It was now Amber's turn to be calmer ... to take the reins and helped her friend turn. The brush of silken curls against heated flesh and warm breath washed over trembling skin was so exotic and it only served to fuel the fires burning within them both. As she positioned herself over her friend's body, she could feel her pussy throbbing in delicious need, trembling as her thighs widened and her knees bent to hold her moist flesh over Amber's head, her own curls brushing against her friend's inner thighs as she pushed them wide once again.

It was Amber's turn to gaze longingly into her friend's open folds but she didn't spend as much time admiring its texture and pretty colors. She was more interested in the aroma that beckoned her closer and in the flavors that were hidden within and with a soft sigh, buried her face between her friend's open thighs. Jennifer squealed in response and shot her tongue deep into Amber's open cunt. Both women were now acting on pure lust and the ravenous need to bring each other to a shuddering climax. Lips and tongues swirled and stabbed, mouths sucking almost in rapid succession as their hips bucked up against one another's weeping slits; unbearable agony and exquisite sensations all wrapped up into one. And the aroma! It was delicious!

Jennifer nibbled on Amber's throbbing clit and was rewarded with slender fingers plunged into her pulsing cunt causing her to groan into her friend's molten folds, a shiver of delight snaking down her spine. "Oh god yesssss," she purred in a heated cry into her apex. "Fuck me, Amber!" Her own fingers slid into her friend's pulsing cunt and then they were both riding this delicious wave of ecstasy between stabbing fingers and nibbled teeth. Clits were captured between teeth that raked and gently pulled, lips suckled like hungry babes at their mothers' teats and fingers acted as pistons put in high gear.

Soft cries and moans of pleasure filled the small room and filtered out into the secluded cabin. Who would have known that pleasures like this existed? Each nibble ... each thrust ... each lick within weeping slits sent each one hurtling closer to that edge and then with shrieks of delight, jumped hand in hand over that cliff into that deep abyss that beckoned them as one. Jennifer's thighs clamped around her friend's ears as Amber's hips thrust up to bury her friend's tongue into her collapsing walls. The bed shook with the orgasms that ripped through them both to leave them panting against each other's thighs, rolling as one onto their sides as they gasped for breath, fingers still stroking ... lips still nibbling as the shudders slowly subsided.

It took all of Jennifer's resolve and strength to turn and climb up into her friend's trembling arms ... breast to breast they lay in the aftermath of their mutual joining. For how long they lay there faded into the reality of the surprising turn their friendship had taken them. Gentle hands and sweet kisses only served to seal the bond that deepened between them and each, in turn, felt it within her soul.

Jennifer's lips nibbled against Amber's ear, their hearts thudding as one as morning's dawn began to drift in long fingers of light through the window, a new beginning breaking with the rising of the sun. "I love you, Amby," she whispered to the sweetness of her friend's smile and then sleep wrapped them both into the security of its arms.

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