tagBDSMThe Cabin Ch. 06

The Cabin Ch. 06


Once again I want to thank Kirk2004 for editing this story. Also I want to thank my readers. This chapter is a little slow, but answers some questions and leads into the final one. That chapter should be up in one or two day. Thanks. Maddie


Deep Throat Training

"I remember coming up here once when Evan was training a girl to deep throat." Michael continued, "She was petite, blond, small built, tiny tits and not very pretty. She was very eager to learn how without gagging. It seems her mother was in favor of this, too, because she thought the girl could make big money as a porn star. I think that's when I decided this life wasn't for me, not that part anyway.

"I was in college by this time studying for the bar, and I sure didn't think this kind of lifestyle fit in with a corporate lawyer image. I remember thinking she seemed very young, even though Evan said she was eighteen. Since Evan was very much into control, and he liked to play, tease, even torment at times, teaching her to deep throat was just up his alley.

"You probably haven't seen or done a lot of cock sucking, have you?" Michael smiled when Kit shivered and blushed.

"Only yours," she replied as the red crept up from the tips of her breasts to her cheeks.

"And that's the way it's going to stay." He tapped her nose. "Anyway most men are about six, seven inches long when fully erect. Some may even be eight inches if really long, or if really, really, long nine inches, but the ten to twelve-inch cocks you read about in porn just don't exist. Oh, there may be a few, but they're few and far between. Hell, Kit, most men aren't 'Trigger the Wonder Horse' no matter what they might like you to believe. And it doesn't matter how big or small they are flaccid, erect they mostly fall in that seven inch range.

"Now thickness is another matter. Some men are pretty thin. I remember thinking Jack had one of the thinnest dick's I'd ever seen and, believe me, boys in locker rooms check things like that out. I mean who wants to be the smallest dick around. Keep it covered if it's an embarrassment."

This made Kit laugh, and Michael planted a kiss on her neck and whispered in her ear.

"Now mine is probably pretty average, but it's all in how you use it," he said making her giggle again.

It was mid morning and they had slept late. They were still in bed, and Michael was holding her in his arms. Kit asked about the times Michael came to the cabin with his brother. It fascinated her even though, at the same time, it amazed and horrified her.

"Anyway, back to this deep throat training. The natural response to something stuck in your mouth is to gag. What you want to do is try to relax. Breathing is important. Get a rhythm. You need to relax your throat muscles too. That's what Evan told me anyway. I haven't sucked any cock and that's not all, I don't plan to. Now pussy, that's another matter."

Michael slid his finger up between Kit's thighs making her blush again. God she was cute when she blushed. Kit had never taken him to the root. Maybe later he'd have a training lesson of his own.

"I think her name was Janey or Jacey or something like that. Evan got her to relax by holding her in his lap, softly crooning to her, and caressing her breasts. I think he gave her a glass or two of wine, too. Then he had her kneel and put her hands on her thighs. If she couldn't keep them there, he told her that he would tie them behind her back. I remember thinking while the words were a command they came out soft and smooth almost like a whispered caress.

"He had the girl in his trance. The thing is...he kept telling me what he was doing and why the whole time, but I don't think she ever heard him talking to me. She only heard the words he whispered to her. He told her to open her mouth and he put the head of his penis on her tongue. Then very slowly and very gently, he entered her mouth and then pulled out to the tip again. He whispered 'breathe' and he had his fore finger rubbing under her nose with his thumb kind of over the top and down the side. He did this, he said for two reasons. First, he could control her breathing that way and second, if her involuntary reaction at any time caused her to start to bite down, he could cut off her air causing her to open her mouth to breath. He had his other hand wrapped in her hair right at the base of her skull. He could pull her head back and forth or just hold her still.

"When he started going in farther, I could see she was having problems keeping her hands on her thighs and was gagging more. Evan just nodded to Marcy, and Marcy knelt down behind her spreading her thighs so she was right up against the girl. Marcy locked her hands over Janey's hands and pulled them to her own thighs. She put her head right next to her ear and said, 'It's okay, honey. Relax, sweetie, you can do it. Don't gag, just relax. Tip your head more. That's right'. You know the kind of things to calm her. One time after Evan pushed in and out several times and she was gagging, she was able to pull back enough that he came completely out of her mouth. I thought he would get mad, but he just closed his fingers around her nose and said quietly, 'Open, little girl, open,' and she did.

"Evan started this 'training' on a Friday evening. Every so often, he would have her back on the floor to 'practice'. On Saturday evening, he had her on the table on her back with her head hanging over the edge. By Sunday morning, she was able to suck cock down to his balls with almost no gagging, dry eyes, and little encouragement. By the time he was done with the weekend training, she took him in completely several times and could swallow without gagging. Tears were running down her face the first couple of times she took him all the way, but she smiled like she had just won a gold medal. I was totally impressed."

"Did you help with the training?"


"You didn't say that when you were telling the story."

"No, I guess I didn't."


Michael was thoughtful for a minute.

"When I look back, that I'm not proud I was part of teaching that girl fellatio. Hell she was just a kid. I know that kids do 'it'. Hell, I had sex for the first time when I was fifteen," he finally said.

"I think I understand what you're saying. You said she wanted to learn, and she seemed very pleased with her results that last night. Did it seem that she was being forced by her mother?" Kit asked after a thoughtful moment.

"I don't know. What I do know is that she wanted to please. She wanted to please very much. I don't know if it was the thought of getting money, or if it was because Evan who, in a Master to slave sort of way, was really nice to her the entire weekend. She was a true submissive. He had me sleep with her and told me to fuck her all I wanted. He even said, 'Let her practice on you, my boy.' And I did. I remember she wasn't very cute, and I didn't want to kiss her but I had her 'practice' several times."

Kit's eyes narrowed a bit. Michael knew she was in deep contemplation. After awhile she said, "You're not very much like your brother, are you?"

"We favored each other, but that's because we both looked like mom with the dark hair and eyes. It's the Italian in us, but you're asking about our personality, I think. Evan had some of dad's features and a lot of his personality, without the meanness. I don't have any of his features, and there's a reason for that.

"It was years after dad died when mom told me he was not my 'real' father. Their marriage was so bad that she had an affair and I was the result. My biological father died in an auto accident before I was born, and that's why mom didn't leave dad when she found out she was pregnant. She said the marriage didn't get any better and finally she couldn't take it any more and filed for divorce. But I had to give it to dad, if he knew, and mom said he did, he never threw it up to her or me. I don't think Evan knew.

"And he did leave the cabin to both Evan and me. Maybe dad was just trying to do one good thing for all the hell he put Mom through. I don't know. I do know dad always paid support, and we lived in a nice home.

"I did a little genealogy and found that my biological father was pretty much alone in the world, no near relatives. Mom was an abused wife. I think they just gravitated to each other. I don't blame mom. What's done is done, but it does explain why dad never paid much attention to me even before the divorce. I never had a chance to know my biological father; I will probably always think of Carl Buchanan as my dad. I do carry my biological father's first name."

"I never knew that. Something else you didn't tell me," Kit commented.

"I didn't want you to think less of mom," Michael replied.

"You didn't want an obedient slave for a wife like Evan?" Kit looked up at Michael assessing him.

"I do have an obedient slave," Michael countered. "Later, I think we'll find out just how obedient you can be."

Laughing Michael pushed Kit so she was on her back and his leg pinned her there as he kissed her throat and played with her nipples. Within minutes, he spread her legs and slowly penetrated her. He continued talking.

"Evan knew he was a dominant type person; he looked for someone who was a natural submissive. He happened to find two lovely women to fit the requirements. One he married. One he died with. The amazing thing as I look back is that he really loved them both, and they both loved him. Watching Julie and Marcy, I believe they loved each other, too. I can find no other reason except their submissive personalities that would allow them to love the same man and share him with each other.

"I didn't choose that life style so I didn't look for a submissive type. I met and fell in love with you. If we play bondage games that's what it will be, a game. You'd always have a safe word for instance. I know you didn't have a safe word this weekend, Kit. I tried everything I knew to try to get you to talk to me. This cabin was my last resort."

"I didn't tell you at first, and then Suzette had more and more 'evidence'. I was so afraid to tell you. I thought I'd lose you, and knowing you were still with me was all that kept me sane, I think. I'm glad you made me tell you. I finally feel whole again." Kit was having trouble thinking with this slow seduction. "Quit talking and kiss me," Kit whispered arching up to met Michael's slow thrust.

Michael's hands slid to Kit's wrists and held them above her head.

"Wrap your legs around me, obedient slave."

His teeth gently clamped on the tendon in her neck as he thrust harder. One hand left her captured wrists, and not so gently teased her pebbled nipple. He kept her on the edge until he wanted release more than he wanted his next breath. When she climaxed, he followed.

For quite a while Kit was silence, Michael thought she had fallen back asleep, but then she hesitatingly murmured, "I didn't know you had so many others before me?"

"Actually there weren't that many because usually it was just Julie and Marcy and once in a while another girl, not always the same one, but not a lot of different ones. I'm no saint Kit; I did a few girls in college. When I was a teenage still in high school, I was on this constant high. I had this secret. I was getting pussy any time I wanted it. All I had to do was call Evan and say, 'Hey, let's go to the cabin'. When I think back, I can't believe Evan shared his wife with me even if he did share Julie. I'd never share you with anyone."

He smiled down at her and tugged on her lower lip still a bit swollen from his kisses.

"I wasn't coming up here as much after that young girl even though she wanted to learn and she was sure she'd become a famous porn start. Still I had trouble with it, and her mother's attitude. Remember me telling you about the punishment session with Cheryl when I had you tied to the coffee table yesterday?" When Kit nodded, he continued. "That's when I stopped coming altogether. When I was first out of college and after passing the bar, the things I had done and the things I had seen, mortified me. Then it just became a period in my past. I would never go back to fucking stray waifs. I don't swap wives or bring friends up here. But," he said laughing, "I might try out some of my old skills on you."

Michael cupped Kit's chin and brought her eyes to his.

"When I first saw you, I fell in love with you. I found out what love really was, Kit, when I met you. I'd never go back to that life. It was dad and Evan's life, but it'll never be mine. When I realized that you were the girl I wanted, I went to the health center and got an HIV test. I would have walked away, Kit, if I had any kind of sexually transmitted disease. I'd have walked away; I would have never pursued you."

"You wouldn't have gotten very far."

Michael's raised brow made Katherine smile.

"I fell in love with you, too, the first time I saw you. I forgot that. I was so afraid you'd hate me. I forgot how much we loved each another. What are you going to do, Michael, about Suzette?"

"I'm taking care of it. Let's enjoy the day. Here it is 10:00 a.m. and we haven't even had breakfast."

"You keep feeding me like you have the last two days and I'll have that weight back on in no time."

"Good. Let's go eat," he said dragging her out of bed into the shower.

Fun in the shower

He and Kit slept naked, a habit Michael was happy to have back again. One of the things Kit started doing a few months ago was sleeping in a gown. Now he had a name for the problem 'The Suzette Threat', and that threat soon would be a threat no more.

He pushed her into the shower ahead of him. Lord, but she had a great body, a little on the skinny side right now but she was eating again so that would remedy itself soon. She turned and looked at him, and he cocked his head.

"Sit down, Kit."

She frowned and started to speak, but he didn't give her time.

"Silence, slave."

Her brows shot up and his whole face turned into a grin as he put his finger across his lips in the classic 'be quiet' sign. He turned to one of the cabinets, opened a secret door, and took out two cloth belts each with an O ring at each end.

He stepped into the shower, closed the door, and knelt down in front of Kit. He put his hand on one knee and pushed it to the wall. Her lip quivered but she didn't say anything, although, Michael knew she wanted to. He looped one belt around her knee bringing the ends together. Her mouth dropped open. He then attached the rings to an eyebolt in the wall. He did the same thing to her other leg. When he finished, she couldn't close her legs even the smallest amount.

She knew how vulnerable she was and how exposed. The blush this time went right up to her hairline.

"Do you think, slave, you can keep your hands on the bars or do I need to tie them, too?"

"What are you going to do, Michael?"

"A slave only answers the question put before her. She doesn't ask one of her own, but I don't think I will punish you this time. Instead, I think I'll show you why there are eyebolts in this shower and why I've made sure you can't close your legs."

The water had warmed to a comfortable level, and when Michael took one of the detachable shower heads down, he tested the spray on his wrist much like testing milk from a baby bottle. When he was satisfied with the temperature, he gave a twist to the showerhead changing it from a fine mist to a firm narrow spray.

Michael went to his haunches and kissed Kit deeply. When she was fully occupied with the kiss, he used his free hand to part the plump folds between her legs and pressed the spray nozzle against her sensitive bundle of nerves. They had had sex several times since arriving at the cabin and she was a bit sore over sensitive.

Kit's hands flew to her core and tried to push the showerhead away. He caught her hands and held them against her stomach. He continued to kiss her, keeping her head pressed in the corner. She finally was able to twist her head enough to scream.

"Ohmigod, ohmigod. Please, Michael, please. Michael, please stop. Ohmigod." Then she peaked, and, one of the few times she had ever done it to this extent, she squirted covering his hand with a warm, milky liquid. Her head fell to Michael's shoulder.

After a while, Michael asked how she liked the showerheads. She smacked him on the shoulder, which earned a roaring laugh. He removed the belts still chuckling.

"Come on, Kit, let's finish our shower. I'm hungry."


"It really is beautiful up here." Standing at the French doors after finishing their shower, Kit was dressed in loose sweat pants, a long-sleeved sweatshirt, and warm socks. Standing behind her Michael in similar attired, had his arms around her waist. The snow covered mountains glistened and the yard sparkled in return. The pine branches were glimmering as the sun's rays bounced off them. Michael's footprints from Friday were completely covered. It was a virtual winter wonderland postcard.

"Yes. I had forgotten how beautiful. The cabin for me had become something tied to bondage and domination. I couldn't get the memory of Cheryl's punishment out of my mind. I became like mom and thought of it as an evil place, but now, through your eyes, I can see it as the beautiful retreat that it is. Of course, if a little discipline is needed once in awhile..."


"Yes, love?"

After a thoughtful moment Katherine said, "Let's go eat. I'm hungry. I'm so happy to have an appetite again."

Michael took her hand and they walked to the kitchen and started making breakfast. A few minutes later Kit asked, "Do I ever get to be the master?"


"That's not fair."

"The master doesn't have to be fair to the sub, Kitten. It's just the way it is. Sorry. It's not my nature to be a submissive. I may not be a dominant like Evan or dad, but I know for damn sure I am not now or ever will be submissive."

"Uhm." Laughing Kit kissed Michael in between breaking eggs. "It was just a thought. I don't think I'd like you being a submissive either."

"Good, baby, because it's not going to happen. But..."

"But what?"

"I've might have an idea. Let me think about it awhile and then if I think it's a possibility we'll discuss it."

Michael and Kit had a relatively quiet breakfast while the talk turned to other things. After eating, while they were doing dishes, Katherine turned to Michael.

"You were thinking of Suzette, weren't you?"

"Suzette? Thinking of her how?"

"You know, when I wanted to be master, you said no, but... Remember?"

"Yes, I remember. I was thinking you might get some payback. I have to think it through. How it would affect you? I don't give a tinker's damn about her, but I do about you. You'd have to live with it. I'd have to know you could. Do you understand?"

"I don't want to, Michael. You're right. I don't think I could do it or live with it. I'd want to hurt her very badly and no matter what she's done to me, I don't think I could live with it afterwards."

"Well, that's interesting, because that's just what I was thinking too. That's why I didn't want to bring it up as a possibility until I was sure. I was afraid you might do it for revenge before thinking how you'd live with it afterwards. I should have known you'd think it through before saying yes. I'm glad were back in sync, Kitten."

"I know. I just forgot for a while. I promise you, it will never happen again. Let's go play in the snow."

"Want to build a snowwoman?"

"No, I want a snowman with a really big penis."

Michael laughed as he wrapped her in his arms, buried his face in her hair, and thanked God she was his again.


"They look really cute, don't they?"

"They look like they should be in a porn movie." Michael chuckled. "She's got the biggest tits I've ever seen, and he's got an elephant penis. They make a real pair. Have you warmed up, yet?"

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