tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Cable Guys

The Cable Guys

byaltar boy©

Author's Note:

This is a story of non-consensual sex. Yes, even rape. If this sort of thing bugs you, please don't read it and then leave a comment about how stories of this sort offend you. Oh yeah, it also contains gay sex. If you are a homophobe, LEAVE NOW.


Doug's thick fingers shook as he opened the package. Sure enough, inside was the DVD as promised. He locked the door of his office, even though he was home alone and placed the DVD in the player on his computer.

The first scene displayed his chubby face made even chubbier by a mouthful of cock. He gasped, remembering the experience, yet still shocked to see it on his screen. It was a close up of his face. His eyes were wild, darting everywhere as if seeking help that wasn't to be found. The thick member in his mouth was sliding in and out at a rapid pace between his lips. Drool was flung each time the cock slid in and out. Doug winced in shame at the sight and squirmed in his computer chair. His mind drifted back to the incident that happened only a few days ago.


Doug Jordan was almost 4 hours late for work. He paced ferociously, cursing with each step. The cable company had told him the usual line; We'll be there between 8 a.m. and noon. Here it was, 11:30 and they still hadn't arrived. At this rate, he could've gone to work and just taken his lunch in time to allow the cable workers inside to install his new converter box. His wife had important clients that day and couldn't take the time off. His young children were both in school. Doug strode through his house angrily muttering various threats against the cable company when the doorbell finally rang.

He jerked the door open to two younger men wearing the local cable company uniforms. The blonde man was holding a clipboard and had an apologetic look on his face. He opened his mouth as if to begin an explanation before Doug exploded, effectively cutting him off.

'You fucking assholes! Why is it that you say you're gonna be here between 8 and noon and you can't even get your asses here until almost noon? Do you think I fucking have time to sit around and wait for your incompetent asses??'

He continued his tirade, sputtering and raging, his full face red with anger. He pointed and gestured at the two men, leaving them both with incredulous looks on their faces, unable to get a word in edgewise.

The dark haired man finally reacted when Doug actually shoved him, causing him to stumble backwards. The nametag on his uniform read 'Paul' and Doug had made sure to use his name followed by various obscenities several times during his tirade.

'Whoa whoa whoa!! That's ENOUGH!'

Paul stepped across the threshold and roughly shoved the shorter, heavier man back...Doug blinked a bit and stopped his rant, surprised at the reaction. Paul's coworker, Dave arched his brows, surprised at Paul's reaction. Nonetheless, he followed Paul inside the door, quietly closing it behind him.

Paul jabbed his finger into Doug's chest, now that his anger had been piqued.

'Listen up, motherfucker! If you'd have just given us a chance to explain, we've been trying to call you and let you know what time we'd be here, but your phone appears to be out of service! Don't you EVER talk like that to me or my partner again, because we don't need to put up with your shit!'

Doug growled and began to scream back at him when Paul's patience broke completely and he slapped Doug hard across the face.

'Ohhhhh duuuude!' Dave snickered and covered his mouth to keep from laughing out loud as Doug stumbled backwards, tripping over an ottoman and falling on his ass.

Paul strode over and yanked Doug back to his feet by the collar of his shirt. By this point, Doug was too surprised to respond. Paul shoved him again, sending him crashing against the far wall.

'I'm sick and tired of you assholes thinking we have nothing better to do than wait on you fuckers hand and foot.' He shook his head and suddenly changed his tone. 'You know what? I've decided to give you the ultimate in customer service..That's right, fat boy...You're gonna experience the best that your local cable company has to offer!'

He grabbed Doug again by the collar and yanked him into the hall, jerking open each door until he found the master bedroom. Dave followed behind, obviously excited, a perky bounce in his step.

Paul shoved Doug onto the vanity chair and reached for his belt buckle, quickly removing his belt and tugging down his zipper.

Doug's eyes went wide as his mind raced. He had no clue what Paul was about to do and was suddenly petrified with fear. He raised his hands and stammered,

'Look...I'm sorry g-g-guys...Obviously there's been some mis-m-misunderstanding..Just..Just go...H-h-here, lemme give you some money...Just go away'

Paul snorted at the sudden change in Doug's behavior and slapped his face again, stunning him into silence once more.

'Dave, dude, go get the digital video camera from the truck. Fat boy here is gonna get the total experience.'

He jerked his thumb toward the door. Dave nodded and skipped out as Doug sat terrified in the chair, his eyes wide. Paul kicked off his shoes and untucked his work shirt, quickly unbuttoning it to toss it aside...He easily shoved down his pants, grinning at Doug's reaction as he undressed.

Doug shook his head, his face wearing an expression of befuddlement mixed with fear. Dave bounded back into the room, laughing when he saw his partner nearly naked and fondling his own cock through his boxer briefs.

'Make sure you get the expression on his fat face' Paul ordered 'But make sure you leave our faces out..Actually, it don't really matter, 'cuz we can always digitally blur our faces when we edit this later.'

He stripped off his underwear and stepped towards Doug, who by now began to register what was about to happen. Doug raised his hands as if to fend off Paul and began to shake his head and sob.

'No, please..' He whimpered 'Please don't do this...I'm so sorry!'

Paul ignored him as he stepped in front of him and interlaced his fingers behind Doug's head, pulling his face right up against his cock. Dave, struggling between working the camera's buttons and watching the action, was laughing at the fear the seated man displayed.

Paul gripped Doug's head tightly, smashing his face and grinding his hips against him, making sure to smear his cock around. Doug's muffled pleas were ignored, and Paul found the opportunity to shove his cock into Doug's mouth, causing the chubby man to gasp and choke as his mouth was suddenly filled with hard flesh.

He was unable to move, frozen in confusion and abhorrence, as Paul began to ram his penis in and out of his mouth. His hands held Doug's head into place, allowing him no room to pull back and expel the member from his mouth. Doug began to choke and gag..He struggled to speak but was effectively rendered speechless by Paul's cock.

Doug's hands flailed as he tried to grasp Paul and push him away, to no avail. He squirmed and writhed in the chair, horrified at being forced to perform oral sex on another man. The slobber sprayed from his open mouth, the invading cock leaving him no room to swallow. His jaw and tongue ached, unused to such treatment.

With his wild eyes, he saw the video camera being held up to his face..He felt himself burn with shame as the cameraman was laughing, capturing it all to be seen over and over.

Doug could hear Paul's taunts, but was so detached that he couldn't understand what was said. Suddenly, the flesh grew and his mouth was flooded with a foul, thick liquid. He gagged and heaved, unable to swallow the semen and unable to even hear his own retching sounds due to Paul's howl of orgasm.

Paul pounded harder against Doug's abused mouth as he came. The semen dripped out of each side and finally the cock was pulled away. Doug tumbled forward onto the floor on hands and knees, gagging and retching, anxiously wiping at his mouth and spitting to free himself of the taste of Paul's cum.

Dave moved around with the camera, catching Doug at various angles. Each time he would try to look away to be sick in private, Dave would laugh louder and step around, capturing the event with the camera...

Doug finally struggled to crawl away when Paul's strong fingers captured him by the hair and tugged him to his feet. Doug whined in pain, his hands reaching to free himself when Paul shoved him backwards causing him to fall into the king sized bed. Paul crawled onto the bed after him, reaching for Doug's belt. Doug, already spent, protested and twisted himself around, trying to squirm away.

Paul only laughed and pulled him back, working his arms around Doug's thick waist and hoisting him up onto all fours. He reached around and fumbled with Doug's fly, tugging his pants down. Doug screamed and fell forward, squirming anxiously forward as his pants were pulled from him. He reached around behind him, trying to pull them back up.

His efforts were for naught, as Paul was able to pull his pants and underwear completely from his plump body. Doug cried out and scrambled quickly to the top of the bed, keeping one hand behind him as if to ward off Paul's efforts.

The cable men both laughed at his actions. Dave knelt up on the edge of the bed, camera ever present. Paul crawled up after Doug, who by now had curled into a fetal position, struggling to protect and hide his genitals and buttocks.

Paul turned to Dave and said 'Dude, put the camera up on the wardrobe, aimed at the bed...I need your help man.'

Dave nodded and hopped off the bed, peering through the viewfinder, aiming it correctly before returning to help Paul, who had grabbed one of Doug's legs and was pulling the reluctant man back to the middle of the bed.

Doug clawed at the sheets and wept in protest as he was dragged back. His body twisted over, exposing his own naked genitals and generous belly to the two men. His shirt had ridden up as he was dragged, and in a last-ditch effort of modesty, he struggled to pull it down to cover himself.

Dave sprang onto the bed and straddled Doug, who shied immediately and held his hands up to his face. Dave laughed and grabbed Doug's shirt, ripping it at the collar and pulling it open and away, leaving the man completely exposed to them both.

Dave, still dressed, scooted up to kneel on Doug's arms, rendering him completely immobile. Paul pushed up Doug's legs so that Dave could reach around behind him and hold his legs up, completely exposing his anus to Paul.

Doug sensed what was to come and began to thrash and shriek. Both of his attackers laughed at his exertions. His large belly was shaking and trembling, his testicles tight and ascended, his penis tiny with fear.

Paul knelt between the heavy, lifted legs and reached to stroke the exposed anus. With each touch, Doug squirmed and cried out. Paul continued to tease and touch, enjoying the reaction of the captive man.

'We need some lube..There's no way my cock is gonna fit inside his tight hole.' Paul snorted 'Too bad his hole isn't as fat as the rest of him.'

Dave laughed and Doug wailed, again shaking his head and thrashing ineffectively. Paul continued to stroke and press his fingers against Doug's anus, watching his muscles tense up and his tight pucker contract.

After several minutes of this torment, Dave released his legs and climbed off him. He slid from the bed and began to shed his own clothes. Now freed, Doug again twisted around, again reached behind to shield his ass and wriggled upwards in the bed. As Dave shed his clothes, Paul grabbed his belt and crawled after Doug, pushing his arm away and struck him suddenly with the thick leather.

Doug screamed in pain and surprised. His ass cheeks jiggled as Paul raised his arm and struck again. Doug writhed as the belt came down, again and again, turning his ass red. He buried his face in a pillow, struggling to hide his screams.

The belt now tossed aside, both men climbed into bed next to him. Their fingers probed and plucked. Dave found tiny nipples and twisted each one with a pinch. As Doug struggled to turn away, Paul's hand found his shrinking cock and gripped it firmly, jerking him to a semi-erection. Doug protested loudly, squirming and writhing to escape his attackers.

At some point Paul straddled him, placing his ass on Doug's face. He leaned forward, giving him a slight reprieve, grabbing Doug's legs and pulling them back again. Doug tossed his head, struggling to escaped being smothered by Paul's ass, and writhing again as his own ass was once again vulnerable.

Dave's cold, lubricated fingers found the puckered anus with no problem. Doug screamed as they entered him. He clenched down tightly, pushing with all his might to expel the digits from his rectum, to no avail.
Dave fingered him patiently, stretching him by rotating his fingers this way and that...Pushing them deeper and pulling them out slowly.

Doug could no longer fight back. Crestfallen, he slumped back, his face turned to the side, held firmly against the bed by Paul's ass. He wrinkled up his nose against the bitter, sweaty scent. He was only able to grunt and gasp as Dave opened him up.

Suddenly a much larger object pressed against his hole and he was unable to hold back a scream as Dave's thick cockhead pushed forward, effectively impaling him. He half-heartedly struggled to kick out, although his legs were still being held in place by Paul.

The penis slowly worked its way inside him..Over and over his mind raced...Oh God...Oh God..This can't be happening to me. He felt himself completely stretched and filled as Dave finally slid all the way home. Paul released his legs and set them on Dave's shoulders before climbing off of him.

Dave leaned forward and began to fuck Doug in earnest. He crooned and whispered to him, talking to him like a lover except his words were degrading and vulgar. Doug wept and shook his head, trying to turn his face away, his muscles screaming in protest as Dave doubled him over and leaned to kiss his lips, causing him further shame.

'Oh my God! What the HELL is going on?????'

All three heads jerked towards the door, none of them having heard it open. Doug's wife, Barbara stood in the threshold, her eyes wide, mouth hanging open in disbelief.

'Run Barbara!!!'

She blinked and took a step backward, unable to react quickly enough. Paul bounded off the bed and grabbed the petite woman by a wrist, dragging her back into the bedroom and shutting the door again.

Doug continued to scream for her to run, struggling anew to free himself from the pulsating cock buried in his ass. Dave only laughed harder and pressed in deeper, pinning him there.

Barbara was no match for Paul's bulk. He threw her on the bed next to her supine husband. Her shock was too much for her to fight back effectively. She turned toward him, he toward her, his face screwed up in shame, tears streaming as his attacker continued to fuck him mercilessly.

Paul easily disrobed her before she finally found her voice and began to scream and struggle. He placed his heavy body on top of hers, pinning her. He gripped her face in his hand and turned her, forcing her to face her raped husband.

'Look at him, Barbara. Did your know that your husband loved cock? He absolutely does.' He nudged her legs open with his knees, allowing his own cock to slip between, probing her cunt. 'Why just earlier, he was sucking mine off quite efficiently. I even came in his mouth. I'll bet if you kissed him right now, you could still taste my cum on him.'

Barbara stared at her husband, horrified at what she had just heard...Horrified at being molested in the hands of these strangers. Doug only cried harder and remained motionless, allowing Dave to lean back and fuck him luxuriously, his large belly rolling with each thrust.

She began to push and kick at Paul, who only laughed at her attempts. He slipped his cock between her cunt lips and began to slide it back and forth, bringing out her moisture. She screamed and fought harder...He slid himself down her body, his large hands gripping her small thighs, pushing them apart and finally lowering his face to her exposed cunt. She struggled to sit up and push him away. Her small fists pummeled the back of his head and his shoulders as his lips and tongue tasted and teased her. She slammed backwards onto the bed and began to twist and writhe, struggling to escape him.


Doug moaned quietly as he watched the DVD...The image of his wife trying to escape this man who hungrily licked at her cunt. Her screams protesting...Her inability to escape his tongue, no matter how hard she tried shifting herself, his mouth always finding her again causing her to shudder and well up with juices against her will. The image of him lying next to her on the bed, reaching for her with one hand as his ass is being fucked and he allows it. His rapist turning and watching his wife's molester lick her into orgasm and laughing.


After she shuddered and screamed with reluctant orgasm, Paul slithered back up her body and easily entered her. She groaned and arched against him, turning her face to her husband and shaking her head. Her vision blurred by her tears. Paul's cock was much larger than Doug's. Her cunt was unused to such girth and protested as it was stretched. She reached and raked her nails across his back, drawing blood. He groaned and fucked her harder, jack hammering her and bringing her to another orgasm before abruptly pulling out of her and pushing her over onto her belly.

She quickly scrambled away from him, dragging bed clothes with her to cover her nakedness, sobbing loudly. Paul ignored her and motioned to Dave to retreat also. Doug gasped as he was suddenly emptied. His anus felt as if it was open and gaping.

Dave rolled him onto his side and slid up behind him, lifting a meaty leg. Doug protested, but only slightly, as Dave entered him again while lying behind, spooning him. Paul knelt between husband and wife and laughed.

'Look at him, Barbara. He likes being fucked. And I'm gonna let him taste your cunt on my cock'

She shook her head and covered her eyes, gasping. Doug reached out and tried to push Paul away, who merely slapped at his hands and laid facing him, his cock lined up with Doug's mouth. He reached and gently tugged Doug's hair, pulling his mouth to suckle him.

Doug opened his mouth and took the wet cock inside it. His sobs caused his cheeks to puff with each breath.

'Use your tongue, bitch...Taste your wife's cunt on me...She came nice and hard. Probably harder than you've ever made her cum.'

Tears silently slid from his eyes as he reluctantly caressed the cock in his mouth with his tongue. The familiar taste of his wife's cunt was strong, mingled with the sour taste of Paul's precum.

'That's it bitch...Get it good..Clean your wife's cunt juice from my cock..Get it all'

Doug merely blinked as Paul slowly fucked his mouth, allowing Doug's tongue to caress him. Dave grinned, slowly pumping his ass.

Paul finally pulled away and rolled towards Barbara, who cowered beneath the covers. He jerked them from her and pulled her towards him. She began to kick and scream again. He easily pressed her onto her back and pushed her legs up, mimicking Dave's earlier position.

Dave pulled out of Doug's ass and rolled him over onto his back. Dave and Paul both looked at each other with a grin and nodded.

Dave re-entered Doug, who grunted, but no longer protested. Paul positioned his dick first at Barbara's cunt whole, but then he grinned at her and slid it down, pressing against her ass.

When she realized what he was about to do, she screamed and writhed again.


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