tagLesbian SexThe Cafe Ch. 02

The Cafe Ch. 02


I lay there on the stairs panting after my first orgasm with Jenny. She has snuggled onto my shoulder waiting for me to be able to breathe again. Feeling wet kisses move from my neck to my lips leaving wet little marks on my sensitive skin. She takes my hand and pull me to my feet.

"I think it is time we headed for my shower," she whispered in my ear before sucking my earlobe and leading me up to her bedroom to the en suite.

The shower was huge I thought as she pushed me in and turned on the water. We stand groping and kissing under the cascade of water soaking our naked bodies. She stepped out of the shower returning seconds later with the biggest vibrator I have ever seen. Not giving me much time to react she pushed me against the wall pushing this large thick vibrator into my dripping hot pussy. Our hot bodies glistening with water writhing against each all slippery which she made better by covering us both in shower gel and rubbing our breasts together. Our nipples rubbing together send little jolts of electricity through our bodies making us moan every time they touch. Jenny decides to turn up the vibe holding my weight against the wall, as I am on the edge of another orgasm. She quickly turned the vibe on full speed and sucks my nipples hard.

"Fuck fuck fuck oh YES!" I scream as I cum for the second time that day.

I slid down the tiles and sat on the shower floor catching my breath with Jenny say next to me still sucking my sensitive nipples. I know Jenny hasn't had a chance to cum yet but I will soon be turning the tables.

We regained our breath and stepped out of the shower. Grabbing a towel I dried er heavenly body and she returned the favour never taking our eyes off each other. I let her lead me to the bedroom not intending to be the one having the orgasm this time.

Her bum swaying sexily from side to side I have to fight the urge to sink to my knees and kiss the soft flesh of her gorgeously round bum. As we enter the bedroom I see it is like a sex cave, a king size bed, sex toys all over the room and a mirror above the bed. She turns and sees my eyes full of lust and want for her sexy body. I pull her into my arms kiss and kiss her like I have never kissed another woman before.

Gently I lay her down kissing and nibbling her sweet tasting neck. Massaging her thighs and bum as I do. Her moans are like music to my ears they are only soft but so beautiful. Kissing further down her neck to her chest. She is covered in goose bumps and her nipples are like pebbles. I lick and kiss my way over to the left nipple sucking it deep within my mouth as I roll and pinch the other between my thumb and forefinger.

Switching over I suck the right nipple and pinch and roll the left. She is purring like a contented cat and her fingers are running through my her which feels so good I am getting wet again just from those small things. As I suck I remove my fingers from her left nipple and let them slip between her thighs into her soaked pussy. Bringing them to my lips I have a taste of her wonderful love honey.

Not able to wait a second longer I kiss my way down her stomach and spread her legs breathing in her heavenly scent. Not able to wait a second longer I begin to lick her swollen lips to which I am rewarded with more delicious honey and moans. Her body squirms and thrust for more but I want it to last a lot longer than she does. Sliding my tongue in and out of her pussy fucking her slow and long teasing her badly.

I want to make love to her she isn't just a one off fuck I am falling for her the more I see her. I pull her tight to my face kissing her again teasing her more to give her the best orgasm of her life. Jenny is constantly in my thought and I am going to make sure she enjoys herself.

I circle her clit so slowly teasing her loving her whimpers and moans of pleasure knowing she wants more. I take the hint beginning to suck her clit hard and slide two fingers deep inside her pussy letting her velvety walls grip my fingers tight. She then gives me a guttural groan and screams out, "Oooooooooohhhhhhhh Gaby," that was enough to make me cum all over again.

I scream with her riding our orgasms until we are left panting and holding each other tight basking in our lust filled after glow.

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