tagBDSMThe Cage

The Cage


As Peter entered the door of his Mistress's home he was ordered to take his clothes off. Quickly his clothes were removed and placed in the strong box at the door, the box locked, Peter gave the key to Mistress Cella and with this he knelt before her and kissed her pussy with long slow loving licks.

"You are learning well Peter" Mistress Cella said with a smile on her lips. "Thank you Mistress, I want to please you." Peter said his face wet from the pleasure he had given. "Lets get you dressed my love. Did you bring your Mistress a present?" Mistress said with anticipation. "Of course my Mistress, anything for you." Peter hungrily said handing over his small cock cage.

"Good boy, stand up so I may put this on." Before standing Peter took off his Mistress's shoe and kissed her feet and licked her toes, sucking them and showing how thankful he was for the privilege of her attention.

"Up" She demanded. Peter quickly rose and followed Cella to the living room where he saw a collection of clothes neatly stacked, his erection was instant. "I see you like my choices, I love to dress you Peter, you are learning quickly and it pleases me. "

"Thank you Mistress, I will do anything for you" Peter said as his erection stood like a sentinel, pre cum glistening on the tip of his penis. Cella saw the cum and teasingly licked it off then kissed her lover deeply sharing the sweet nectar of his loins. Then Cella began to licking his cock from the base to the tip, hesitating momentarily on the sensitive spot at the base of its head, giving it a quick swirl of her tongue. Her licks light and directed made Peters balls start to contract. "I want to cum Mistress" Peter said, his eyes closing and his hands moving to his Mistress's head. "But I know I can not without your permission." "We will ensure that with your little cage."

Mistress Cella smiled and her hands deftly put on the foundation of Peters cock cage, then taking the present she was offered smiled widely. "Oooh how lovely! You are a very good boy." Peter's erection was so much bigger than the cage, yet his Mistress was intent on defying nature as she lubed up his cock and slid the cage over. The head of his cock filled almost the whole cage but his Mistress was intent and with a strong hand managed to get the post through the top. Peter's penis strugged to break free, pushing out of every space. The lock slid easily through the post and Cella stopped and looked at her slave.

"Listen closely" as the lock clicked - the sound reverberating in Peters head. "Thank you Mistress Cella! Thank you Thank you Thank you." Peter said as he felt the heady rush of submission, his body shuddering. "It fits so perfectly. Now let me dress you for the dungeon" Cella said her eyes glistening with joy.

Mistress picked up a silky thigh high stocking slid it over Peters foot and gliding it up his leg until it was high on his thigh. The elastic gripping and furthering the rush to Peters body. He again shuddered as he put out his other foot. With the second stocking on Peter stepped into his 6 inch patent leather shoes with locking ankle straps. Watching them being locked around his ankles, his anticipation rising, his cock dripped pre-cum from the confined space onto the floor. Cella stopped and ordered Peter to lick it up. Dutifully he got to his knees licking the sweet cum and then Mistress kissed him deeply.

"I love your cummy kisses my slave, do you?" "Oh yes my Mistress!" With that Cella put a sturdy leather collar around his neck locking it behind. With every click of a lock Peter's cock jumped intensifying the restriction created by the very small cage, holding him tight not allowing his erection to grow.

"Arms behind" Mistress ordered as she slid the soft leather arm binders over his clenched hands, sliding the straps over his shoulders and again the locks clicking on the straps on his upper arms and then his wrists. With each addition Peter felt his control dwindling causing his knees to weaken and rushes to run through his body and take over his mind.

"You are almost ready, just your ankles left." Cella cooed as she locked sturdy ankle cuffs on locking them with a smile. "Would you like a skirt to wear my love? I know you love to dress like a slut." Peter's head nodded quickly and Mistress Cella looked at the skirts picking out a soft leather super mini that hugged his groin and left his ass exposed and cock cage pushing it up in the front.

"Perfect, let me take a picture of my slave before we go to the dungeon." The camera flash brought on a new wave of excitement for Peter knew he would have this to remind him of his submission and keep him hungry until he would see his Mistress again.

Mistress Cella ordered her slave Peter to his knees, having attired him appropriately and instead of putting her leash around his balls, which Peter loved, she brought out a spiked parachute. Cella snapped the parachute on intensifying the sensation of the cage ring around his balls. The pain was instant and Peter let out a scream. "No Mistress that hurts." Ignoring his cries Peter was told to get on his knees and was led down the stairs to her dungeon. The chain attached to his parachute leading him. With each tug the spikes dug into his balls, the pain almost unbearable.

As they entered the dungeon, Peter knelt before his Mistress and worshiped her pussy with loving licks hoping his Mistress was pleased. His licks stopped him from looking at what his Mistress had taken out for today's session.

"Thank you my slave, now get up and lie on my table." Peter stood and saw a solid table placed in the middle of the floor, chains hanging from the ceiling and floor and a large table of leather devices, dildos and anal probes. "Please my Mistress be kind to me." Peter said submissively. "Lie down." Mistress said in a stern voice. Peter obeyed and Cella quickly locked his bound arms to the chains in the ceiling forcing Peter to be bent over the table his upper body supported. Peter's legs were now being locked to a spreader bar in front of the legs of the table forcing him into full submission.

"What a lovely ass you have." Mistress Cella said her face inches from his hungry hole. Peter felt her breath on his ass bud and shuddered. The slap of the flogger caught him by surprise and again he cried out in pain. "Please Mistress no" Peter whimpered. With his cry came another slap on the other cheek. Watching the red welts rise on Peters ass made Cella very happy. Smiling Mistress Cella clipped a chain to the parachute at his balls and hooked it on the spreader bar below, forcing all of the spikes to dig into and stretch his balls further. The pain shooting through Peter but a smile was on his lips. Cella followed suit relishing in Peters joy of pain and pleasure.

Pouring hot massage oil at the top of Peters crack and watching it slowly dip to his red rosebud brought on a wave of excitement for Cella and she felt the urge to be satisfied. "Lift your head!" Struggling to bring his head up off the table, Mistress slid her pussy below his face and Peter quickly went to work licking her clit, sucking it hard and biting.

As her hot honey flavored cum covered his face, Peter licked harder and probed his tongue deep in her pussy causing her hips to writhe and push against him. Peter sensed her orgasm and rapidly licked her protruding clit around the hood that was fully retracted. The explosion of her cum came with screams of joys and Mistress's body heaved harder forcing Peter's balls to be further pulled, the pleasure and pain almost too much to handle. His erection struggling to break free from the restriction of the cage.

"Thank you my slave, for that I will reward you" Moving behind Peter Mistress started to slowly massage his ass slowly running her fingers down his crack and around the outer extremities of his bud and down to the hard base of his cock below. Slow teasing touches up and down avoiding his bud that was on fire. Peter pushed his ass out further in anticipation, again causing his balls to feel the incredible pain. As he did his Mistress applied some cream that instantly brought fire to his ass lips. The sensation intense pushing Peters desire further. Cella's fingers continued working his bud then plunging into his ass, past one sphincter then the next. Cella's expert fingers continued plunging into his ass finding all the nerves, sending ripples through Peter's body. The heat of the cream traveling deeper and intensifying with each plunge.

"Oh God Mistress that feels good" "I told you I would reward you" said Cella as she moved over to her table and put on her harness with a 7" cock beautifully displayed from her crotch. The large defined head larger than the 2" diameter of the shaft. Running her hand along her still wet pussy Mistress lubed up the cock and teased Peter's ass. Pushing in the head Peter's ass resisted causing him to moan. Mistress loved to hear Peter cry out so she pushed the full length in deep. "Ow ow No please Mistress take it slow." Peter pleaded, the tears welling as the heat of the cream set his whole ass on fire. Mistress loving this pulled out quickly only to thrust in again deeply.

Peter felt the pain give way to pleasure and willingly pushed back stretching his balls further. The submission drove Cella to start fucking his ass wildly, plunging deeply then pulling out. With every thrust the head rim pulling and pushing until Peter's anal cum started flowing. "Beautiful my Love, keep it flowing, I love watching your ass cum" Riding harder and faster the waves of cum flowed causing Mistress to laugh with pleasure. Pulling out she pulled back Peters head and stuck the cum-covered dildo into his mouth. Peter expertly licking all of his ass juice with pleasure. "Thank you Mistress Cella, you are too good to me." When the dildo was clean Cella sat on her Queening chair and sipped champagne relaxing in the sight of her slave.

Mistress Cella loves her Queening Chair, for it is her throne for pleasure. Made of teak with a padded leather seat with a toilet seat shaped hole cut for her ass and pussy to be accessed. Below, a sling for her slave's head with heavy steel rings to lock their necks, hands, and head to. Once locked in slaves are forced to lick and satisfier her through her insatiable ability to cum. Small holes in the sling allow her juices that are not lapped to pour into a tray below.

Relaxing in her chair enjoying her drink Cella spread her legs and grabbed her favorite vibrator and stimulated her clit. Again the sweet cum started to flow into the hole below and dip from the head sling into a pan below. "Yes my love I will save all of my cum for you, for you must be thirsty." Peter nodded in agreement. A powerful orgasm shook the mistresses body leaving her gasping, the sound of her cum dripping below.

"Your arms must be tired, time for something new" Mistress said as she unlocked Peter's arms from above and quickly undid the locks that held the binder in place. Pulling off the binder she quickly put on solid leather wrist cuffs locking them. "Thank you Mistress." Peter uttered as his balls and legs were unlocked from the spreader bar. Unsnapping the parachute caused a refreshed pain melded with freedom. "Thank you my Mistress, that really hurt, but it felt so good."

"While I love how you look in your skirt, it is not needed." Mistress said and she unzipped and slid it over his silky stockinged legs, over his heels. "Now lie on your back." Peter obeyed as his hands were locked to the chains above him. His legs were re-locked to the spreader bar and hoisted up to meet the chains of his hands, spreading him in a vulnerable position.

"Your poor hungry nipples, they are lacking the attention of your Mistress." Loving licks were applied to one nipple at a time, while her deft fingers twisted the other. This brought new sensations to Peter, his balls finally able to contract and his penis pushing hard on the cage that confined him not allowing for an erection. Cella applied clover clamps, which she quickly connected to the collar at Peter's neck, crying out in pain "No! That's too much. No, Mistress enough." "You know you love it my whore and for complaining I must teach you a lesson."

Taking the elastic from the clover clamps she connected the other ends with alligator clips to each of his balls. The elastic tight and pulled in the opposite direction to the clips locked to his collar. Peter's screams made his Mistress so happy. "I have been so kind and yet you complain."

Picking up her whip of thin-knotted straps his mistress whipped first the elastics, then Peter's nipples. With each stroke Peter let out a cry, feeling like he could endure no more. Then he noticed the weights in her hands. "NO. No more My Mistress, please no more." As the first weight was attached to the exposed tip of his nipple, Peter closed his eyes, tears running down the sides of his face. The clip attached but the weight still held in her hands. Dropping the weight pulled Peter's nipple hard in a third direction. Blood curdling screams were heard and Mistress Cella was happy. Content in her slave whores screams. The same application to the other nipple Peter was almost unconscious with pain.

"Are you happy my whore?" "Yes thank you Mistress, I love you." "Good for you have one more pain to endure, for your nipples have been ignored." With that his mistress took a candle from the shelf and approached smiling. Lifting it high she poured hot wax onto the double clamped right nipple. Peter's screams were instant and his body went limp only to be rejuvenated by wax hitting his left nipple. Again the screams ripped through the dungeon.

Putting on a new harness with a massive cock dildo Cella moved to Peter's ass, this time using lube stroking her cock before plunging it deep into Peters ass. "NOOOOOOOOOO!" was all that was heard as Peter's Mistress cooed as she thrusted her cock deeply into his ass. With each movement the weights on his waxed nipples swung, the pain in his ass searing. In and out of consciousness Peter felt the pain shoot through him and his erection struggling within the cage. Waves of pain and pleasure wracked his body, sweat dripping and his ass orgasiming hard. Peter conflicted with pleasure and pain.

After thrusting hard in his ass for what seemed like a 100 orgasms his Mistress pulled out her cum covered cock. Mistress Cella then poured wax on his open ass the wax quickly forming a plug over his stretched hole. The pain was unbearable, Peter cried, tears streaming over his cheeks. "Here my little whore." Mistress pouring her gathered cum from her Queening chair onto his parched lips. Cella's sweet nectar revived Peter a little. "Thank you for thinking of me." Peter whispered, his body spent from the torture he felt he could no longer bear.

'You have been a good boy today, I love you" Mistress said as she slowly peeled the hardened wax from his nipples. Taking off the weights then the clover clamps sent renewed pain as the blood returned to his nipples. Quickly Cella took the nipple in her mouth and lovingly licked and sucked, causing Peter to flinch and then relax in the pleasure his kind mistress's lips brought to him. "Thank you"

"Now for your ass, my whore." Slowly peeling the sides of the plug that filled his ass then quickly pulling it out. As predicted, the screams ripped through the room. "Now for your pleasure my dear Slave." Cella unhooked his hands and legs, unbuckling the binders and cuffs leaving Peter limp and exhausted. "You now can pleasure me my love and I will do the same." Thanking his Mistress Peter cupped her breasts and lovingly kissed them, stroking her soft body, showing her his gratitude.

"Thank you, sit up Peter" Mistress said softly as she lifted his limp body to sitting and helped him to the bed. As Peter lay there he heard the lock of his cage click, bringing a new wave of energy. "Did you enjoy my treats for you Peter?" "Yes my Mistress, very much so, thank you for the attention."

As Peter spoke, Cella undid his cage releasing his cock and gently started licking him, his hunger rising again. As she did this she turned lowering her glistening pussy to his lips. Loving licks, flicks were given and received. Peter and Cella retired as lovers sharing orgasms until the morning light arrived.

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