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My new tenant is such a joy to have around. Take right now, for instance. This is my day off and as I write this story he is under my desk curled up keeping my feet warm like a good housecat. Later, he'll help me get ready for my date. Then, if and when I make it back, he'll be waiting to take care of all my illicit desires.

It started a week after my new housemate had moved in. I had bought this condo when my business had started to take off. Josh was the first one to see the place. Although almost ten years my junior, he was sweet, handsome, well-built, and said he needed a quiet place to work on his studies while he finished his degree. I explained that while we were housemates it was my house and my rules. Rule number one: we will not be lovers.

It was probably on day three that I first had the impulse to make Josh sweat. He was sitting at the kitchen table, as I walked in in my black silky panties and nothing else, except for a clamp hanging from my right nipple. I started to make myself breakfast, being sure to give Josh a good view of my tight butt and long athletic legs as I stretched on my tippy toes to reach the top cabinet. I poured the milk into my cereal and leaned back against the counter.

It took me a while in my life to recognize that I could control men, instead of the other way around. I'm not saying I don't want a healthy, symbiotic relationship, but every woman should have an extra man around letting her know how special she is. Thanks to my depraved sex drive, my genetics, and the gym, over time I've developed an uncontrollable urge to have hot men begging to kiss -- and lick, my ass.

I was ready to use my green eyes and flat tummy to control this inexperienced youth. Just how far and fast I could take him I had no idea. Although I had enjoyed playing the top, the Dom, in my sex life, I had never really considered having a live-in servant before. That is, until I met Josh.

"What do you think?" I said shaking my long silky black hair and the tassel draped from my perky B-Cup. "I'm trying it out to see if I want to get my nipple pierced."

"Umm. Does it hurt, Lily?" he stammered.

Pulling my tit up by the tassel, I answer very matter of fact, "Of course, it's a clamp on my nipple." Then, while gauging his hormone level, I drop the prop and reach down with the flat of my hand nonchalantly palm my mound. "But it also gets me wet."

"Josh," I add while casually chomping on my cereal, "I don't know what your plans are tonight, but I have a date." Josh, stares straight ahead at the outline of my pussy and the small wet spot pushing against the black silk. "What that means for you is that you need to be scarce from 10pm on." Josh stands up and into my personal space. Fairly amused, I can't help but let a little milk leak from the corner of my mouth down my chin. The waist band of my panties rests on both sides of my hip bone and it is obvious Josh wants to look down the narrow space to view my glorious cunt.

"O.K. mmm... I'll either be out or working in my room." Josh stammers.

"It's probably for the best," I say, first putting my left hand on his chest while hooking my right thumb into my waist band, "you never know, get a few drinks in me and I just might end up on the kitchen table on all fours, surrounded by your school's rugby team."

Later that night, after a nice dinner, I bring Michael home. He's a little older than me in his mid-thirties. We've had an open relationship for about a decade. He's married now, but there is something about his smile and the way he uses his cock that makes it hard for me to end it entirely. It isn't long before my short skirt is around my waist while Michael is kneeling below me on the couch. I'm pinching my own nipple with one hand and holding the back of Michael's head into my crotch with my other.

Soon I pull out an old friend of ours: a shiny anal plug with an emerald jewel on the end as a stopper -- because it matches my eyes. He knows that having something in my ass during straight sex quickly pushes me over the edge. I'm pulling my knees together and back so he can insert my talisman. The spike feels cold at first, but it's giving me the nasty little pressure I so enjoy. He's sucking on clit just right, like the good lover that he is when I hear a noise coming from the kitchen.

With both hands I push Michael's wet face from my pussy and remind him of the last kinky thing he wanted to rekindle. I leave Michael on his knees and head for the kitchen for two beers and my tenant. All I have on is my heels and the skirt around my waist as I bust through the kitchen door in a hurry to get back to sex, "Josh, be a good roommate. I need someone to hold a camera while I fuck my friend's brains out."

I guess Josh is considering it when I open the door to the refrigerator. I put my head in the refrig and arch my back. The light from it peals around to the back of my athletic legs all the way to my shiny, lucky charm holding my ass open. "Do you have a camera?" my young gentleman complies.

"I have a Sony recorder in the closet; it is always ready to go." I grin, knowingly.

Michael and I proceed to sport fuck like we haven't in years. Showing off a little, his cock gives it to me in every position possible on the couch while Josh records all the passion. Michael has a knack for fucking me through three orgasms before releasing inside me. He doesn't believe in climaxing together. He always wants one of us to be on the up escalator. It works beautifully. As soon as he coats my inner pink walls, I'm sucking him hard again. He perches me on his post and carries me off to my bed with Josh scurrying behind. In my big brass bed, I'm on all fours and Michael has me moaning as he smacks my ass. My housemate lovingly has the recorder in tight on my face and I can see him pulling at the bulge in his pants. I smile a malicious smile at him and pound back on Michael for my Josh's benefit.

I can't help but work on Josh, "My pussy is so fucking wet, Josh. I feel like I could fuck the bedpost I'm so wet. Do you want me to push back harder on his big fucking tool? You're the director, Josh. Should he spank my ass? Are you getting this? The whole picture? Can you feel it Josh, his shaft now working side to side in my hole?" I'm teasing, but also being honest. Treating him somewhere between my cuckold bitch and my confidant girlfriend is making me feel complete. Arching my back further, I lower my head to the mattress and grip the sheets, "Think of me right now, tonight, when you touch your cock, me pushing up my little pear-shaped ass, high in the air."

When Michael is ready to cum again he pulls out and I swing around underneath him. I know he wants to leave his mark on me, for the boy mostly. Holding the camera close enough to me where I can reach out, I hold Josh's hand as a way of sharing the moment. I look up into Michael's eyes and open my mouth. He paints my tongue and forehead with his warm milk. I can't help but thank Michael by sucking and squeezing his dick dry. With Michael still kneeling over me, as soon as I finish the last drop, I dismiss my roommate. With my head at the foot of the bed and my butt spike still lodged, I pass out. Presumably, my lover soon leaves and heads back to his wife.

The next day my young man-toy and I are back to 'normal.' Several days more pass where very little is said around our busy schedules. Then one morning I notice that the video we made has been hooked up and watched on the living room wide screen TV. From the way the living room has been left, it's also obvious that he's had a few friends over drinking the night before. He's such a boy! Of course, I'm pleased. I decide to leave my tenant a note and some items. "Josh, you little showoff! I don't remember giving you permission. Start the video at 10pm tonight, alone! My black panties, I think those are your favorite, are for you to sniff, the lube is for your cock, and you know where the nipple clamp and emerald butt plug go. I don't think you want to disappoint me."

That evening I put stage two of my so-called plan into action. I call Michael again! I don't want to break up his marriage or anything, but having a young stud around home who needs my guidance is making me horny as fuck. I wear heels, stockings and a garter, a short gray skirt, the white see-through blouse, with a push-up bra and no panties. This night does not involve dinner.

I meet Michael at a commuter parking lot near his house. We exchange no pleasantries. As he pulls in and turns off his lights, I put my palms of the hood of my BMW and bend at the waist for him. He comes up behind me and lifts my skirt. He teases, "Umm, I thought you'd have your favorite plug in, ready to go."

Not amused, "Do I not look ready? I lent it to a friend, a little male bonding. Your cock just might have to work a little harder." I'm already damp when his thick long shaft announces its presence at my pussy lips. He's in me hard and fast, not letting go of the rhythm. I think between jealousy and the near threesome, he is as hot as me from the other night.

For round two we move to the backseat of the car. I'm sitting on his lap and we're grinding slow. "Did you like meeting my roommate the other night?" carrying on a casual conversation.

"I don't know. He didn't have much to say. Does he have a brain?" Michael considers while continuing to slide in my channel just right, "Have you fucked him, yet? Or, whatever it is you do with young men?"

"No. Not yet. Are you jealous, lover? Do you want me to wait? Maybe we can tie him down and fuck him together?" I say gently biting his lip as he begins to look annoyed. I don't like his hypocrisy much, on the jealousy front, or the homophobia front, and I let him know, "Or, we could invite your wife, Jen, over, and I can share with her the strapon you bought me for that sex party in Vegas?"

"Yeah, that might be a little much," Michael relents.

After the small talk, Michael fucks me harder. He's getting close to finishing when I ask him to push his dick into my ass. It fucking hurts without any real lube and I suspect he knows why I want him to leave his stickiness in my ass. He makes me pay for it by pulling me down deep. With my hands bracing against the ceiling of the car I work the post in thinking, Josh better appreciate this.

I couldn't wait to get home and see how far I could push my special brand of kink on my new man-toy. Hiding my anticipation -- and the soreness in my ass, I fling my lacy black bra over my shoulder as I stroll casually through the front door. My young man, with his pants around his ankles, is just as I had proposed. Sitting on the living room couch watching me fuck another man on the flat screen, stroking his member in one hand and sniffing my panties with the other. Standing tall with my heels on, I slowly step in front on the TV. I'm immediately taken aback by how swollen and luscious his cock looks framed against how awkward and innocent he looks.

Looking straight through him I turn the sound off and say to him, "Did your friends enjoy watching your landlady spread her pussy on my high-def TV? How many college boys did you have over, anyway?" He doesn't say anything, just squeezes the bottom half of his cock with his stroking hand. "Maybe, I could take a video of you sitting there holding your cock and invite my girlfriends over... I know, that wouldn't work too well, would it?"

Josh offers quietly, "I had four guys over. I guess wanted, I wanted to prove to them and maybe myself how hot and incredible you looked, look."

Reacting amused I add, "Five men watching my sex-tape, a real circle jerk," With my bra still draped over shoulder. I spread my feet a little and then my arms behind me along the flat screen, blocking his view of me twisting on Michael's shaft. "I guess then you don't object to your landlady being a slut, as long as you get to sniff my used panties and be a bigger one."

Josh continues to stroke his dick, "I'm sorry I showed it."

"I'm not. I can't abide fucking hypocrites, Josh. Obviously, I like it that I turned on your friends. But I also like the fact that me fucking other men gets you hard." I tease sternly while slowly tracing my hand up my thigh, lifting my skirt in the process and then squeezing my freshly fucked cunt. He doesn't say anything. I add, "Take off your shirt."

Josh let's go of his oily cock and pulls his t-shirt over his head. The boy's cock stands proudly from his lap, thick and at least eight inches. I want to lick my lips. He has on the nipple clamp on per my instruction. Now I'm wondering if the anal plug is in its place. With my hand still under my skirt I instruct, "Spread your legs. Now, lift your balls, slowly." Watching him palm his balls with his swollen cock draped over his thigh and the jewel nestled between his cheeks, I swallow, overwhelmed by how submissive and tasty he looks. "I'm guessing you're not going to tell your college buddies about the cork up your ass."

Still across the room I slowly drop down my skirt and then unbutton my blouse. With my strappy heels on I'm 5'10," with my garter and nylons still framing my swollen pussy I feel even taller. He makes a motion to get off the couch and come across the room to me. I put my hand up stopping him. "Just sit there and watch me. Bring my dirty panties up to your face, smell, and then tell me how much you need me."

Josh complies while stroking his oily cock, "I want you. I've never met a woman like you. And I want to please you."

"Not bad. Not a bad first step but not nearly good enough." I answer lifting one heel to scratch my sculpted calf.

"I just want to touch you, have sex with you like the guy behind you on the screen, from the other night," the man-child meekly offers.

"You're not hearing me, number one house rule: We will not be lovers." I say stepping to one side and pointing to the screen with me getting fucked from behind, "I want something more than a lover, that shit is easy, Josh. I want what you gave me the other night." Josh continues to masturbate and hang onto my words, my body and my power. "You weren't just watching Michael's generous cock take my pussy. You were with me, worshipping my tight ass, feeling every bit of it with me." I honestly seduce as I slide two fingers in and out of my sticky channel, "That's what I want, constant devotion, like a new puppy might. I felt it the other night and I'm feeling it now. Am I wrong?"

"No, you're not wrong. I want to do that, to please you." Josh answers focused on me and my towering presence. I'm as excited as he is as I play this game on him. It almost doesn't seem fair. He has no idea I've been planning and refining this attack all week, and longer.

"Good. I'm glad. Then sit back and stroke your cock harder for me. You should know rule number two: my pleasure comes first, second, and third." I step into the middle of the room, "Rule number three: that handsome cock you're stroking, no longer belongs to you, it belongs to me." Gradually, I pinch both my nipples for effect and end my oath ceremony, "I know it's a lot to remember. I don't expect perfection, only obedience."

I turn around and arch my back and slowly straighten the back seam on each of my stockings. Straightening up I twist around and trace my crack with my middle finger from the asshole on up. "Are you ready to show me your devotion, Josh. Put the lady of the house first, and do exactly what I say?"

"Yes, yes, I'm ready." Josh answers with a tremble in his voice. He must realize any of his college buddies would kill to trade places with him right now.

I remain with my back to Josh, watching the sex tape while I hold out my hand and wiggle my fingers. "Then come over here on your knees and suck my sticky fingers like a good little dog." Josh doesn't hesitate as he closes the distance between us on his knees, his jeans trapped around his ankles. I feed him all Michael's milk and then I re-dip my hand in my pussy and have him clean it again. "Do you want to lick it for me, make me cum, for your Ms. Lilly? I like that. You will call me Ms. Lilly. And I'll call you whatever the fuck I want. Does that sound fair?" I'm so fucking hot, and from the size of his erection and from the way he is sucking my digits he must be too, "Tell me hot college boy, tell me the most thoughtful thing your friends said watching my video."

"Umm. They said, let me think, Miss Lily. It was mostly stuff about having your sexy body at a party, be the party, stuffing you with cock and leaving you covered in cum," my puppy says stroking his cock while I stand above him.

I ponder the possibilities, "Not terribly original, but I haven't been 'stuffed' in a while, thank them for the sweet sentiment, and tell them we'll keep them posted."

"I love kissing and sucking your fingers," he gravels.

"You know my Little Slut, I rather you not talk unless you are thanking me or have a question, a real question. Like, can I cum now?" I direct while lovingly stroking the curls on his head. Josh seems to love it when I call him my slut, licking my fingers more fervently.

"Can I, can I cum now?" my Little Slut asks.

"Wow, you are a horny Little Slut. Stop stroking it, now," I reply. Josh stops touching his meat while continuing to worship my hand. God, this was easy. A week of me strutting around in my panties, one sex tape, and I own this young man. I'm about to fall off my feet, I'm so drunk and wet with power. I want to drop down onto his manhood but I don't dare give up any control.

"You know, my Slut, I'm tired of looking at My cock. Put on those soiled panties of mine that you've been inhaling all night," I direct. Josh hesitates for only a second. "Here, on your back, on the rug, and I'll help you on with your panties."

On his back now, my Bitch lifts his legs, "That emerald plug in your ass is making My cock so nice and swollen." I reach down and tug on the metal spike while pulling out a litany of humiliating things men have always said to me to make me hot when venturing in my asshole. "You like it up there, don't you? At first, it hurt but now you love it. Let me wake up your asshole, my Little Slut. Yeah, see your anal ring doesn't want to let it go. After this you'll need something much bigger to feel this good, like a thick cock in your ass."

With that last comment I feel Josh's breathing quicken as I'm sliding up the panties. My slave looks so appetizing in tight black panties on the white fake fur rug, his perfectly developed curves twisting and flexing. Feeling like the queen of Persia, I push down his shoulders before I sit on his chest. I'm facing his head, but I look back and at his cock encased in silk. The head is sticking out, leaking pre-cum and I can't help but reach back and give it a rub as I let my Slut know my next move, "I'm going to sit on your face now and you're going to please your Ms. Lilly," I say while now squeezing his balls.

Still in my garters, I'm moving up and lowering myself over his face. My matted black pubs are covering his nose and he's licking my pussy deep. Every crevice, just like a good slave should. "Slow down, we have all night," I correct. I light up a joint and take a few puffs while I slowly gyrate on his tongue. After a long tongue bath my orgasm sneaks up on me and I'm still shaking when I realize my bitch needs to breathe. "Good boy, good Little Slut. I hope your tongue liked my cunt because it's going to live up there."

I turn around and with my hand stroke the side of his wet face, "Are you ready to perform one of your most important duties?" It isn't long before he is licking all over my ass, and then finds my center. I'm so proud of my Little Slut. He's not just swiping at my bud, but spiraling his tongue up my softest passage.

Lovingly now, as if tasting something delicious I commend him, "Oh. That's it. Clean my date's cum from my lovely asshole."

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