The Campus Tour


It was a sunny Saturday afternoon when their plane landed in Los Angeles. Jessica Segal led her two children, Erica and Jason, through the busy airport to the baggage claim. The three of them were visiting the west coast for a college tour. Erica and Jason, fraternal twins with a striking resemblance, were both eighteen year old high school seniors preparing to set off on their own.

The flight was uneventful and upon landing it was obvious that all three of them were eager to enjoy the warm sunny California weather. The winter in the northeast had dragged on through the spring and cold rain and snow had persisted non-stop.

Their trip was scheduled to last two weeks and since Erica and Jason were inexperienced travelers they both over packed considerably. Jessica stood guard over their carry-on bags while Erica and Jason grabbed their luggage off of the carousel. Their bags were some of the last ones to come out, after the crowd had thinned to a few lonely stragglers. Erica and Jason grabbed every bag that they recognized and hauled it over to the growing pile near their mother. After the last bag was pulled off, they regrouped and loaded the bags onto carts.

"Hey, where are my bags?" Jason said while his eyes scanned the luggage in front of him.

"I'm sure they're here somewhere." Jessica was tired from the trip and her patience was already thin.

"No, they're not here. Hold on, let me check the carousel again." Jason ran over to the carousel, but it was sitting empty and quiet; shut down after the last bag passed through.

"Anything honey?" Jessica shouted to her son.

Jason walked towards them shaking his head in a combination of disbelief and a growing anger.

"What now?" He huffed.

"Stay here, I'll check with the baggage claim desk and ask them."

"Don't worry Jason, I'm sure your bags are here. Mom will figure it out."

Erica and Jason waited for nearly a half hour until their mother returned.

"Well, I've got good news and I've got bad news."

"I'll take the good news, mom."

"They know where your bags are."

"And the bad news?"

"They aren't here." After a brief pause, she continued. "Your bags didn't make it onto this flight, but they assured me that they are on the next flight. I gave them the motel address and they said that they will deliver your bags before the morning."


"Don't worry, honey. They will show up. This kind of thing happens all the time."

"Somehow that doesn't make me feel any better."

They collected their bags and loaded them into their rental car. An hour later they pulled into the parking lot of a small motel. They had two adjoining rooms, Jessica and Erica would share one room and Jason had his own.

Their mother was a fastidious planner and had lined up as many college visits as she could for their trip. Their first stop was a small liberal arts school by the beach. They were scheduled for an all day tour of the campus with a mixer at the end.

After settling into their rooms they had a quick dinner and then turned in for an early night. The next morning, Jason woke up to someone knocking on his door. Relieved that his bag finally arrived, he dashed out of bed and answered the door in just his boxers only to find his mother.

"I'm sorry for waking you so early, but I thought you would want to hear the news."

"What now?"

"Well, the airline called and said that they put your bags on the wrong flight."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that you're stuck without clothes for the day until it arrives."

"What? I can't wear what I wore on the plane; it's going to be over 90 degrees today."

It had snowed the night before they left and Jason was tasked with shoveling out the car before they could leave. It took him longer than expected so he didn't have a chance to change before they went to the airport. He was wearing an old pair of beat up snow boots, stained jeans that he only wore while doing work around the house, and a thick long-sleeve shirt.

"I don't know what to tell you Jason. This school is one of your top picks and there is no way that we are going to miss this tour."

"There must be a mall or something around here."

"Jason, it's 6:30 in the morning and we are supposed to be there by eight. Even if there was a mall here there is no way that it would be open. I know you're upset, but this is just a small bump on the road. Life throws all sorts of obstacles at you and you need to learn to adapt. I'm going to get us some breakfast. You should shower and get ready."

Five minutes later there was another knock on his door. This time he was dressed when he answered it.

"Hi Jason, can I come in?"

"Sure sis."

"Mom told me about your bags. That sucks."

"Yeah, what am I supposed to do? I'm going to sweat my ass of in this." He pointed to his outfit with a flourish of his hands.

"You're going to die in that."

"I know, but what can I do?"

Another minute passed until his sister said anything.

"I have an idea."

"You do?" Jason excitedly blurted out.

"Yeah, come with me."

Erica led her brother to her room and took a minute to find something in her bag.

"You can wear my shorts." She said with a broad smile while holding up a pair of cut-off jean shorts.

As fraternal twins, Jason and Erica shared a similar body type with some differences. They both had slender builds, and while Erica was 5'5" Jason was 5'8". They were both blessed with long slender legs and they both had a healthy swell to their hips, though Erica's was more pronounced. Erica also has a small chest that is well proportioned to her body.

"Do you think that will even fit?"

"It should, we are about the same size, but we won't know until we try. Have you showered yet?"

"No, I don't have any of my stuff."

"Ok, well why don't you take a shower here first and then we can try it. My stuff is already in the bathroom, you can use whatever you want."

"Thanks, I do need to clean off."

When Jason emerged from the bathroom he smelled like lilacs and coconuts, his hair was soft and lush and his skin radiated from his sister's exfoliating body wash.


"Hand them over." He said reaching for the shorts with one hand while holding up his towel with the other.

"Not so fast. I don't know if I like the idea of you going commando in my shorts."

"Ok, I'll put on my boxers."

"There is no way that those would fit under my shorts. Here, try these." She said while handing him the shorts and a pair of her panties.

"No deal. I'm not wearing panties."

"Listen, Jason. It's your only choice right now and nobody will know. Do you really want to wear your clothes and bake in the heat?"

"Fine, but you can't tell anyone." He grabbed the clothes from his sister.

"I'll turn around while you try it on." Erica said while turning her back to her brother.

Jason let his towel fall to the floor and took a moment to examine his sister's panties. They were bright pink briefs with a wide waistband. The thin pink fabric was trimmed with a narrow band of black lace. Jason noticed that the fabric was thin enough that he could see the outline of his fingers through it.

"Come on, Jason. We don't have all day."

"Ok, ok."

Jason nervously put one leg through the opening and then the other. He couldn't help but notice how soft the fabric felt against his legs as her pulled his sister's panties up his legs. He tucked his penis into the front and, much to his dismay, actually liked how the panties stretched across his crotch and cradled his manhood. He smoothed out the waistband and then looked down at himself. Through the front panel of his sister's panties, he could clearly see his penis, surrounded by his sparse pubic hair, pressing against the fabric.

He glanced over his shoulder at the full length mirror on the wall and shuddered at the realization that he was wearing women's underwear. While not proud of how he looked, he did notice how the thin pink panties stretched across the two hemispheres of his firm ass, accentuating his curves.

The panties formed a slight indent between his cheeks, through which the valley of his ass crack was visible. While focused on how the panties made his ass look he felt a growing sensation between his legs that snapped him out of it.

Embarrassed at the slightest feeling of excitement, Jason hurriedly pulled his sister's shorts up, covering her pink panties.

Erica could hear him grunting while he struggled with the shorts.

"Do you need help?"

"No, I got it."

"Are you sure, it sounds like you need help."

He struggled for another minute before relenting and asking for help. Erica turned to her brother and had to hold back a laugh at the sight before her. Her skinny brother was trying in vain to zip her shorts, that from her point of view were clearly too small for him.

"Ok, let me try." She pushed his hands away and noticed the triangle of pink poking through the opening of the shorts, reminding her that he was wearing her panties. Again, she struggled to hold back a smile. Erica tried to pull the two sides together, but was as unsuccessful as her brother.

"This will never fit."


"Don't worry, I have another idea." She turned away and rifled through her bags again.

Jason felt ridiculous standing in the middle of the room, naked except for a pair of ill-fitting shorts and his sister's pink panties. Erica turned back to him with something else in her hands and a crooked smile.

"This will fit you. Now take those shorts off."

She could sense his hesitation.

"If mom comes back and you're not ready yet she will lose it."

Jason slowly complied and pushed the shorts down his legs. They fell to the floor with a muffled noise. Erica noticed the outline of her brother's penis straining against her pink panties while she handed him the new outfit.

Holding up the new item he shook his head. "A skirt?"

"It's the only thing that will fit you Jason."

"I can't wear this, I'm not a girl!"

"Don't worry, that's the other part of my plan. I figure I can dress you up convincingly, we are twins after all, and since we don't know anyone here nobody will ever know. You'll have your bags back soon enough and it will all be over."

"You want to dress me up like a girl?"

"Well you can't wear your winter gear in this weather and this is the only way that you will be able to do the campus tour."

She let her words sink in.

"Trust me Jason, nobody will ever know."

Jason realized that she was right and it would only be for one day. He stepped into the skirt and pulled it up his legs. The floral chiffon skirt had an elastic waistband and easily fit him.

"Much better!" Erica chirped.

"I look ridiculous!" Jason snapped while looking at himself in the mirror.

"Don't worry Jason; you'll look great when I'm finished." Erica dove back into her suitcase and rooted around until she was satisfied with her selections.

First, she helped her brother into a black lace padded bra which she stuffed with a pair of silicone inserts.

"Now you know my little secret." She said with a wink, referring to the inserts.

Next, she helped him into a crisp white button down blouse. She rolled the sleeves up to his elbows and tied the two sides of the front together, exposing his midriff.

"Follow me." She brought a chair into the bathroom and instructed him to sit in front of the mirror.

Jason's hair was shaggy and just long enough to give Erica something to work with. She pulled her styling bag out and with a flourish of scissors, gel, and a blow dryer she was finished. Despite his relatively short hair she managed to trim and style his hair into something resembling Emma Watson. Jason noticed the resemblance as well, while his sister moved on to his makeup.

Minutes later Jason stared in awe into the mirror. Looking back at him was an attractive female. He couldn't believe how convincing of a job she did. His eyelashes were thicker and curled away from his face. His eyes were framed in a light eye shadow. His cheeks were more pronounced under a thin coating of blush and his lips, coated in a glossy pale pink lipstick, were poutier than he remembered. Erica convinced him to let her do his nails in a glossy pink that matched his lips by saying that the polish was easy to remove.

"So, what do you think?"

"Wow, sis. I'm impressed."

"Well with a sister like me, it's no wonder you make such a pretty girl!" She giggled. "But we need to do something with your voice."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, somebody is bound to ask you a question today. You should practice speaking more like a girl."

"How's this?" His voice cracked.

"Keep at it Jason. Oh, and your name too. What should we call you?"

Jason was too busy staring at himself in the mirror to respond.

"How about Tara? Do you like that?"

Jason nodded and complimented his sister again in his new voice.

"You're getting better, just keep practicing." Erica sprayed him with her perfume while she spoke.

Surrounded by a floral scented mist he began feeling truly feminine and became aware of the growing bulge between his legs. The whole process had somehow aroused him, and while he wasn't sure why it happened Jason couldn't deny the response from his body.

"Now come over here and let's get you some shoes." Erica said while taking his hand in hers.

Erica led him back into the bedroom and gave him a pair of flat shoes. He could feel the skirt rubbing against his panty covered penis with every step.

Fully dressed, Jason tuned to look at himself in the mirror. He was amazed at what he saw. Though they had similar frames, he was a little taller than Erica, so the skirt that already wasn't very modest on her didn't even cover half of his thighs. Jason had never grown much body hair and so his arms and legs were barely covered in a thin layer of wispy hairs that weren't noticeable from a distance. The blouse tied together gave his figure a feminine shape and hugged his new breasts.

"Who's hungry?"

Jason was suddenly ripped from his fantasy world as his mother walked into the room.

"What the...." Stunned, she tried to speak while staring at her son dressed up like a girl.

"Hi mom!" Erica bounded across the room to help her with the bags.

"What the hell is this?" Jessica's voice was getting louder as she spoke.

"Don't get mad mom. I knew that Jason couldn't go out with the clothes he had so I lent him some of mine."


"Hi." Jason managed to say meekly.

"You let your sister dress you up like a girl?"

"I knew we couldn't miss this tour and I can't wear winter clothes in this heat."

"You two..." She said while shaking her head. "This isn't exactly what I had in mind when I said that you had to learn to adapt. Well, eat up or else we'll be late."

They each grabbed a bagel and a coffee and quickly ate before driving to campus. Jessica couldn't take her eyes off of her son the whole ride.

"You really did a pretty good job Erica, I'm impressed."

"Thanks mom."

"Are you comfortable, dressed like that Jason?"

Jason shifted in his seat causing the skirt to glide across his crotch again.

"Uh, yeah. I think I can manage for one day."

"Her name is Tara mom." Erica corrected her.

"Oh, well now that is a pretty name. You don't sound much like a Tara though."

"How about this?" Jason said in his new voice.

"I think you need some practice."

"Well she does have all day."

"You're right Erica. Just try to have fun today Jas... Tara. Not too much fun though. And now that I'm thinking about it, we should all agree that we will never tell anyone else about this little adventure. You're father would be devastated."

"Ok, let's make a pact that whatever happens on this trip stay between us girls!" Erica chimed in.

"Trust me; I don't want anyone finding out about this either."

"So, we're all agreed?" Jessica said.

"Agreed." Erica and Jason replied in unison as they pulled into the campus parking lot.

"Good now, let's get going."

As Jason and Erica followed their mother to through the parking lot he felt the sun beating down on him and beads of sweat collecting on his neck. Jason was grateful that he wasn't wearing his winter clothes despite his initial misgivings.

Jason could feel a cool breeze coming off the ocean cutting through the heat as it passed through his legs and against his sister's thin panties. His penis responded to the cool air by swelling against the thin material.

He slowly became acclimated to his new wardrobe and felt a twinge of jealously. He couldn't help but notice how comfortable his sister's clothes felt, especially on such a hot day, and for the first time in his life he was jealous that girls got to wear skirts and soft panties.

They were a few minutes late when they joined the campus tour. The group had about twenty people in it and they blended right in. The tour guide led them through the campus, highlighting the architecture and buildings of interest.

Jason had eventually become so used to the breeze between his legs that it no longer distracted him, though it did leave him in a state of constant arousal.

Halfway through the morning tour, Jason felt his sister poke him in his side. He saw that she was pointing across the crowd at a guy on the far side.

"I think he's checking you out." She whispered under her breathe.

"No way." He dismissed her and redirected his attention to the tour guide.

After a few minutes, Jason felt like someone was watching him and he turned to look at the guy. Sure enough he was looking right back at him. Jason froze when the guy caught his eyes and smiled. Nervously, Jason smiled back without thinking and then turned his head away. A brief inexplicable sense of excitement coursed through his body.

The rest of the morning passed quickly with Jason and his admirer sharing a few more nervous smiles. The group stopped for lunch at a campus cafeteria. Jason sat with his sister and mother, his admirer sat across the room with his father.

"So?" Erica pried.

"So what?" Retorted Jason.

"How does it feel to walk around dressed like a girl?"

His face felt flush as soon as she said it out loud.


"Out with it."

"Well, it's not as bad as I thought it would be."

"I knew it."

"It is a little weird though."

"I'm sure it must be."

"Everything feels so exposed in this skirt."

"Now you know how I feel every day!" Erica laughed.

"Are you two having fun yet?" Jessica interrupted. "You know we're here to learn about the college, right?"

"I know mom. I just wanted to know how Tara was doing."

"Well Tara, what do you think of the school so far?"

The three of them chatted their way through lunch. After they ate, Jessica excused herself to go to the bathroom and Jason watched as the guy from the morning walked over to them as if in slow motion.

"Hi," He said as he approached. "I'm Mark."

Jason and Erica stood up to greet him and Erica took the lead.

"Hi, Mark. I'm Erica and this is my sister Tara. It's nice to meet you."

"Hi Mark." Jason tried to speak as quietly as possible so as not to give away his secret.

"I saw you earlier in the tour and wanted to introduce myself. I like your skirt, it's very pretty on you." Mark was clearly addressing Jason.

Jason panicked. He felt butterflies in his stomach as Mark's eyes locked onto his.


"Well, I guess I should be going. I hope I see you girls later at the mixer."

"We'll be there." Erica jumped in to save her brother.

Mark turned and left as the group was reconvening outside.

"I think he has a little crush on you Tara!" Erica teased.

"You're just jealous."

"I'm starting to think that you're enjoying this."

Jason didn't respond.

"Am I right? Do you like being dressed up like girl after all?"

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