tagInterracial LoveThe Canceled Business Trip

The Canceled Business Trip


I had flown all the way to the coast before I learned my meetings had been canceled. I stayed overnight then flew back the next day. I tried to call Sarah but she wasn't answering her phone.

I went directly to Sarah's place from the airport. I had pretty much moved in with her while her husband was on an overseas assignment. When I got to there, I let myself in. I started to call her name but heard a noise from her bedroom and went to investigate.

The other woman was quite attractive, beautiful really, with her long, straight, dark hair, her knee-high boots, her black above-the-elbow velvet gloves, and her black leather bustier. They were both too busy to notice me leaning against the doorway enjoying the show.

Sarah was on her knees, naked except for the nipple clamps and chain that dangled from her swollen breasts and the collar circumnavigating her neck. The other woman had strapped on an eight-inch black plastic dildo and was fucking Sarah's mouth with it...all of it.

Her left hand held a short leash connected to the collar, which she was using to make sure the black shaft entered Sarah's throat without her backing off. Her right hand held a long handled riding crop. It was the loud, stinging slaps of that crop she delivered to Sarah's ass with every thrust of that dildo that I'd heard when I came in.

After several seconds, Sarah's eyes fluttered open and she battled her lust to focus them. I left the doorway and got myself a beer. The slapping noises stopped and I heard some activity in the bedroom. Sarah appeared in the living room in a short robe, undoubtedly naked beneath. She approached the chair I was seated in and knelt between my thighs. She got that little-girl, beseeching look in her eyes.

"I'm sorry, baby," she said, using her hands to try to arouse me. I pushed them away because I don't want her to know I already was.

"Who's she?" I asked.

"I don't know...nobody."

"I thought you said you were going to spend the whole week missing me."

"I did. I was. I missed you so I went out for a drink..."

"That didn't take long! What's her name?"

"I don't know. Gwen, I think. I wasn't going to do anything, I swear!"

"You go out drinking in a lez bar and you're surprised you got picked up?"

Gwen appeared in the living room. "She told me it would be all right, that her old man was out of town. You'd be surprised how many straight wives come out to scratch an itch."

"It's not your fault," I told Gwen. "She's a slut. When her cunt gets hold of her there's nothing she can do."

"Girl comes trolling a fine ass like hers through a bar like she did, she's going to get picked up."

"No doubt," I said. "What were you planning to do with her after you finished fucking her mouth?"

"Probably fuck her ass. She told me she likes it in the ass."

"She told me she wasn't going to do anything and she tells a stranger she likes to be fucked in the ass. She's a piece of fucking work, that's for sure. Well, what the fuck, why don't you come over here and stick that strap on up her pooper while she sucks my dick?"

I helped Sarah slip off her robe and pulled down my pants while Gwen positioned herself behind Sarah. Pretty soon, we had her spit roasted.

"Damn!" Gwen said, eyeing my hard black cock as Sarah slid it in and out of her eager throat. "She told me you had a dick on you but I never seen anything like that before. Is that why she come to me to get her ass fucking? No way she lets that in there, is there?"

"She loves me to put it in her ass."

"No fucking way. That I'd love to see. Let's switch ends."

"No problem for me," I told Gwen, getting up and grabbing a bottle of lube. "Persnickety cunt here has a rule about ass-to-mouth, though.

"Bitch didn't tell me about no rules. Ain't my rule," Gwen said. "That's it, slick down that beautiful horse dick of yours and shove it in her ass. That'll open her mouth so wide she won't know what's going in it."

"Here," I said, tossing the lube to Gwen, "let her wash down that plastic cock with this."

Gwen squirted the liquid soaking the dildo while I squeezed my cock head into Sarah's rectum. She grabbed her robe and wiped off the plastic cock. Then Sarah took the bottle of lube and applied a second thorough coating. She could barely wipe it down again before Gwen yanked the robe out of her hand and pushed the strap on into Sarah's gaping mouth.

I was amazed at how eagerly Sarah sucked at that black plastic that had been in her ass so recently. It was almost as if she wanted to prove something as I watched her throat bulge outwardly with every inward stroke. She pushed her ass frantically onto my cock, taking it much more deeply than she normally felt comfortable doing.

"Shit that's a nice dick!" Gwen said, reaching behind Sarah and stroking the base inches of my cock that wouldn't fit inside Sarah's ass while she continued giving her a deep throat fucking.

"Normally, I only go for women," Gwen continued, "but a cock like that just shouldn't be missed out on. How about you give me a nice fucking, honey."

"You want it pretty badly."

"You don't know how bad."

"Bad enough to go ass to mouth?"

"If that's what it takes."

I pulled my dick out of Sarah's ass and stood up. Standing behind her, my hard on reached almost to Gwen's mouth. She leaned forward slightly and began sucking it. Sarah continued blowing Gwen's fake cock.

"That's some nasty fucking shit girl!" I said exaggeratedly as Gwen slurped loudly on my cock.

I was letting Sarah know I was enjoying something I didn't get from her. After a few minutes of deep mouth fucking, I pushed Gwen off my dick.

"Ready to get fucked?" I asked her.

She pulled off the strap on and lay back, opening her legs and showing me her bare, pink pussy. After a few minutes I found her depth and started stroking to it. She wept at a feeling of complete fullness she'd never known and orgasms crashed over her like category nine earthquakes.

I was stroking slowly, letting her catch her breath when I asked her where she wanted my load.

"In my pussy," she grunted.

Afterward, Gwen lay exhausted on the living room floor, my cum seeping from her cunt. Sarah looked concerned as the juices started dripping into her carpet.

"She's your date," I told Sarah. "You clean up her mess."

Sarah got between Gwen's legs and began lapping at the cum filled pussy, determined to clean her up inside and out. I could see Sarah trying to get Gwen to climax but Gwen wouldn't cum for Sarah as she had for me.

I found Gwen's black trench coat and held it for her, signaling that it was time for her to go. Gwen pushed Sarah's head away and got to her feet.

"I've got to punish my slut," I told Gwen. "Great time though."

As I pulled Gwen's coat tight around her, Sarah snuck up between Gwen's legs again and was happily lapping away.

"You want me to let the slut try to eat a climax out of you?" I asked Gwen while Sarah desperately tongued her cunt.

"Mmmm, no, thank you," Gwen replied, pulling my face to hers and kissing me deeply. "I got everything I needed from that beautiful black dick of yours."

"New jewelry?" I asked Sarah when Gwen gone.

I slowly wrapped the gold chain connecting the nipple clamps around my finger. Sarah bit her lower lip as the chain tightened distorting her nipples. I jerked it quickly, like removing a band-aid. Sarah screamed as the clamps ripped away leaving angry marks on her tits but no blood.

Unclipping the leash from her collar, I flicked the leather sharply against Sarah's ass. "Go kneel in that corner while I decide what your punishment should be."

I walked into the kitchen to get another beer while Sarah took up her position in the corner. Returning, I smacked her with the leash again. "You're almost out of beer."

The phone rang. "Don't," Sarah shouted involuntarily. I'd been told many times not to answer her phone. It could be her husband or one of her friends. How would she explain a stranger, a man, answering her phone.

"Shut the fuck up, slut," I told her hitting her ass with the leather leash.

"Hello," I said. Tears began falling from Sarah's eyes. She was also getting very wet at the prospect of her secret life being discovered.

"She can't come to the phone right now," I told the caller. "She's being punished." Sarah's shoulders began to shake as an uncontrollable sobbing overcame her.

"What does Michelle look like?" I asked Sarah.

"She's..." Sarah started to answer, trying to control her sniffling.

"Is she hot?" I asked.

"I suppose so."

"Good, call her back," I said, handing Sarah her phone. "Get her over here. I want you to watch while I fuck your friend."


[Author's Note: There's more but it's up to Sarah to write it.]

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