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The Car Salesman


All characters are over 18. Any similarity to actual people or events is coincidental. If you would like to discuss this story please use the forum.


Last summer I was terrible at this job. I was so bad in fact that I was fired. Now car salesmen get fired all the time but from what I've seen it's usually because they steal or get too emotional and hit someone. Management usually won't fire a car salesman for poor sales. They'll let the guy wither on the vine with almost no income until he quits.

That's not what happened to me. I really thought I could make it. I really thought I could learn the job and be good at it. I convinced myself that I was the next great thing to happen to cars since the invention of vulcanized rubber. My whole life almost everything I ever tried turned out well for me. I was just this really lucky guy.

That mindset did not translate over into selling cars. Customer after customer, day after day, week after week; I couldn't sell a thing. Anybody else would have quit by then but not me. I just knew that I could never fail at anything because I never had. I just knew that the next customer that came on the lot was going to buy from me. It didn't happen.

The day my boss called me into the office to tell me I was fired, I was crushed. I remember that I started crying. Me. A grown man. I balled like a baby.

I went on to do other work but I really tried hard to keep a good relationship with the car dealership. When the next summer came around I went back and I begged them to hire me and let me try again. They were very skeptical at first. They couldn't understand why I'd want to take a pay cut just to sell cars for a living. They couldn't understand why it was so important to me. But I had to do it. I had to succeed. I was not built for failure. I had to cleanse this black mark from my history.

During the time after I had been fired I spent months learning about sales tactics trying to figure out where I had gone wrong. It turned out that it didn't matter how handsome you were or how likable you were. If you want to sell something you have to get out of the way. Let the customer fall in love with the product, not you. That was a hard lesson to learn for someone like me but I learned it.

My old boss gave me permission to try to sell. I had one Saturday and if I couldn't do it he said he'd know. I went out there and I got the first looker that came onto the lot. I converted that 'just looking' guy into a paying customer and he was so in love with the car that he agreed to buy it before he even thought of haggling over the price.

That was a great start but I wasn't finished. I sold three more cars that day. My boss was impressed but he wasn't 100% convinced yet. He wanted to see how I'd do on a week day. Over the next week I really paid my dues and hit that pavement. I sold at least one car a day and on Wednesday of all days I sold five. I was getting so many sales that the other salesmen started to get a little pissed at me and one of them pushed me into a glass window after accusing me of stealing his customers. The hot head was fired and it really solidified my place as an emerging superstar among car salespeople.

My boss hired me full time and I had proven to myself that I could do it. That was really all I was out to prove. If not for the cash I probably would have went back to my other job. However, the cash was really good. When you sell 77 cars in a month you quickly discover how good the cash can be. I knew outside of summer those kinds of sales could not be sustained without slowly developing an extensive client list but for just that one summer I was making more than I ever had before.

October came around and I was still working as a car salesman. It was nearing Halloween and I had sold 53 cars for the month. It was noon on a Saturday and I had sold two cars and I was ready to go home. One of the assistant managers took issue with that.

"Where are you going? Don't you see all those customers out there?"

"I made a promise." I said. "My girlfriend put her foot down."

"You can see her later."

"Leave him alone, Miles." my boss said. "I approved it."

I thought that was the end of it but when I grabbed my briefcase the assistant manager called me over to the elevated desk in the showroom. "On your way home I want you to do something for me."

"Sure, Ok."

"In my office you'll see my dry cleaning. I want you to take it to my house and drop it off."


"Just do it."

I wasn't going to argue. The assistant manager was a very big guy with so many muscles I wouldn't be surprised if he lifted weights with the eyelids.

"Alright. Where do you live?"

He sent me his address on a a map app and I saved it. I went into his office and got the clothes. On my way out with his dry cleaning in one hand and my briefcase in the other as I fumbled for my keys the assistant manager pointed his finger my way with a warning.

"Don't you go fucking my wife, you hear."

"What? I would never do that."

"It's a joke, man." another salesman said. "Lighten up."

I thought is sounded like a pretty bad joke.

I drove out to the house. At first no one seemed home. I rang the bell and waited. Then I saw why the guy might be nervous about someone going to see his wife. As soon as she opened the door the words trophy wife zipped across my mind.

She was young and fine. She didn't seem to be wearing much makeup but she was very beautiful even without it. I usually like girls with black hair but even though this woman was a blond her hair was just stunning. Besides that, she had these huge tits and a very athletic build. She didn't have so many muscles as to look like a man but she looked like she'd win in a fight against most people.

I guess the main thing was that she was tall. I've always liked tall women with long legs. And the ass that was at the top of those legs was just the perfect round shape. Of course I couldn't see that at first. When she opened the door I had actually expected to drop the shirts off but she invited me in and I figured it would be rude to refuse. I stood by the front door as she took the shirts away and I got a really good look at her backside in her tight fitting clothes.

I really should have been impressed with the house. I was a nice house but instead I found myself fantasizing about this woman.

Ok, so this woman was sexy. The guy's words echoed in my mind. I corrected my posture and waited like a gentleman. When she came back she offered me a cup of tea but I declined.

"I really need to go. I have plans. My girlfriend is waiting for me."

"Ok. Here, at least take a candy." She held out to me a bowl full of individually wrapped chocolates. I sort of felt like I really didn't want to take anything from her so I politely refused and tried to get out the door.

Then her mood changed very suddenly. "What was that look for?"

"What look?"

"That, that right there." she accused.


"He told that joke, didn't he?"

Shit. Now she looked angry. "Um ... What joke?"

"Don't play stupid with me. What did he say?"

"Nothing. He just wanted me to drop off ..."

"Tell me what he said." She invaded my personal space and grabbed a fist full of my dress shirt and tie. "Tell me now."

"Uh ... um."

She pulled me towards her and glared into my eyes.

"He asked me not to ... um ... not to have ..."

"Not to fuck me?"

"Uh ... yeah. Something like that."

She was mad. She made a facial expression that I could only describe as a snarl complete with teeth. "That man ... I told him. I told Miles if he made that damn joke one more time ... one more time."

I really thought she was going to punch me. I was scared. When she made a sudden move I flinched. But she didn't punch me. She kissed me.

Alright, so on the one hand this was really nice. On the other hand the assistant manager would kill me for doing this. I actually believed he would rip me in half with his bare hands. But how could I get away? How do you refuse a woman who could beat you to a pulp if you said the wrong thing to her?

She pushed me up against the wall and I was trapped. Oh, sure, a big part of me primarily located in my pants did not want to get away. My girlfriend was pretty and all but she was nothing compared to this woman whose name I just realized I did not know. All of the words people use to describe these kinds of women all seemed to apply. Bombshell. Vixen. Or maybe Vixen was for older ladies. Or younger? I didn't know. I'd have to look it up later.

Her lips left mine and I almost fell over as I tried to catch my breath.

"Did you like that?" she asked.

"Huh? Oh. It was great. Wonderful."

"Good. I'm Marsha. And you are."

"Steve. Just call me Steve."

"Ok, Steve. Let's go."


"You don't want to fuck here do you?"

"Um ... See, I actually have a girlfriend."

Marsha responded to this by kneeling down in front of me and making a move to get my dick out of my pants.

"Is your girlfriend here?" she asked.


"Then there's no problem."

"Wait. You can't do that. I'm late as it is."

"Are you going to stop me?"

"Well. Um, can I ask please don't to that? You're married. Your husband would murder me."

"Only if he found out. You're not going to tell him are you?"

"No, but I still think this is a bad idea."

"Look, I warned him to stop making that joke. I told him to stop behaving like I was some whore who was cheating on him behind his back."

She stood up and got right in my face as she got my cock out of my pants and started to stroke me.

"I said in no uncertain terms that if he ever made that joke again and I found out about it that I'd fuck every guy he ever sent over here from then on."

"Oh. I see. Well. That is a really good argu... Um ..." She was yanking at my cock and distracting me from what I wanted to say. "You know, that is a good argument and all but let's look at the bigger picture. If you want to do that maybe you can start with the next guy he sends over. Huh? How about that?"

"Are you saying you don't want me?"

Of course I wanted her. I was a red blooded American male. You show me pussy and I want it. But I had a girlfriend and she was married. How could I answer a question like that when she had my dick in her hand and was probably strong enough to snap it in half?

"I want you." I said. "But is the world ready to accept a love like ours?"

She smiled and let out a chuckle. "You're funny. Steve I'm offering myself to you. You can fuck me right here if you want. My husband will never know. Your girlfriend will never know. This will just be between us."

"Ah, but if it's just between us then how is your husband ever going to learn not to ..."

"I don't care if he learns or not. I told him I'd do this and I'm keeping my word."

Without another word she dropped to her knees again and started sucking my dick. Oh, wow. She was good at that. My girlfriend was also pretty good at that. I imagined my girlfriend and Marsha both sucking my dick at the same time and I got an even bigger hard on.

She pulled my dick out of her mouth. "So, what do you say? Have we got a deal?"


"You don't tell my husband and I won't tell your girlfriend."

A part of me wanted to say no. What about my honor and integrity? What about my reputation? Why was I arguing with myself over whether or not I was going to get some pussy?

"Well, Ok, but just this one time and only because you asked so nicely."

I followed her to the bedroom. She thew me to the bed and then held me down. She was straddled across my chest and I was having trouble breathing as she took her top off. Then she adjusted her position, grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face into her tits. I think I mistook her for having implants at first. How does a woman get breasts that large without implants? But no, they were natural and glorious.

Now a blow job is a blow job. Those don't always lead to sex. Besides, when she gave me a blow job I hadn't exactly had a choice in the matter. But now, I was sucking on her tits and the realization hit me that I might actually get to fuck her. I was actually going to do it. If I was going to do this then I wasn't going to be shy about it. When I do something, I commit to it.

I had to fight to get free but eventually she wasn't on top of me anymore. I was on my knees facing her on the bed and she threw her panties in my face. She smiled at me. Cool. If she's going to cheat then at least she's going to have fun doing it. I went on the attack but before she'd let me get on top of her, she met me halfway, got my shirt off and started kissing my chest.

"This is more exciting then I thought it would be." she said.

I reached for her ass and got a hold on it. She was so sexy as she arched her back with her bottom up in the air and got my dick back in her mouth. With my fingertips I could feel how wet her pussy was. I could almost imagine her juices running down her thigh.

"Want to hear some good news?" she asked.

I answered by squeezing her ass.

"You've got a bigger dick than Miles does."

"Is that so?"

She didn't answer at that moment due to said dick being in her mouth.

The next thing that happened was a kind of struggle. We both wanted to be on top. She won because I was not really a match for her but I put in some good effort and the more we wrestled it out the more we both craved to finally have sex. She pinned me again and lowered her cunt to my cock and the actual sex began. I was reminded of a tv show that had a plot element of a guy being sentenced to die by an amazonian tribe of women who would tie him down and fuck him until his pelvis was shattered.

It felt great to be inside her. I did feel a bit guilty about cheating on my girlfriend, though. But what could I do. I was already here at this moment. It was done. I couldn't take it back now. I might as well fuck to my heart's content.

We were like that for a while but I wanted to be on top so it was back to the struggle. I really had to force her down with all my strength. In doing so I could swear that she was actually laughing at me. I eventually got her down. She wrapped her legs around me but she didn't let me relax and just fuck her. I had to put all my weight into it. Her ass was a bit in the air and instead of my knees I was actually on my feet in a squatting posture. She grabbed my ass and spread my ass cheeks apart.

Now when she did that I had this crazy fear sweep through my head. I realized that instead of having her pinned so I could fuck her, it might be the case that she really had me pinned so that someone could fuck me. I had this image of that muscle bound freak that was her husband walking into the room and then fucking me in the ass while his wife held me in place.

Ah! No! Bad imagination. Bad imagination. Don't do that to me.

I had to get free but she didn't make it easy. Why was everything so difficult with her?

"What are you waiting for?" she asked. "Fuck me."

"I'm trying. Why don't you just cooperate?"

"If you want it you have to earn it."

I had her bent over the side of the bed and I entered her from behind. She seemed to like that and finally we got comfortable with each other. Her stiff frame melted to the bed and then I was on top of her. As I fucked her she started doing something with her pussy. Are you FUCKING kidding me? She even has muscles in there she can flex.

"Let me know when you're ready." she said.

"Ready for what?"

"To cum, stupid."

"Oh. Are you ready?"

"I'm getting there. Just a little more."

That little more turned out to be about ten or twelve minutes of giving her the best that I had offer. Then her body started doing something and I figured she was getting hers. I prided myself on letting the ladies I fucked get off first. I knew a secret that let me hold back until they had finished. It didn't always work but 99% of the time I was able to do it. If I couldn't get the woman off first I sometimes felt like I had failed them. But that wasn't the case this time. Marsha was in the throws of it and I felt like one of those riders trying to stay on a bucking horse for eight seconds.

She came out of it and complimented me on my performance.

"You're the first guy I've ever been with to give me an orgasm."

"Really?" Now you can imagine how much that stroked my ego which is why I always do that. "Well, maybe if you let the guy get on top more often."

She responded by grabbing my dick with her pussy. I mean she actually grabbed it.

"What's that?"

"Do you like it?"

"It's interesting."

"Come on. Go all the way."

"I am going all the way."

"I mean, you need to finish."

I was going to fuck her some more to get myself off but she seemed to actually be doing the fucking for me. She was pulsating these different groups of muscles and it felt like she was sucking the cum right out of me. I tried to keep myself in control and when I knew I would cum I tried to pull out but she wouldn't let me.

"Marsha. I'm going to ..."

I tried to pull out. I really did but I just could not get away. I tried to hold it in until I could get free but she held my cock in place and my ejaculation was more of an explosion.

I was weak. I felt so weak. I almost felt like I was going to pass out. I flopped down onto her bed and I could barely keep my eyes open.

"Did you like that?" she asked.

"That was ... amazing."

"Good. Now get the fuck out."


"Hello. You just fucked a married woman and you're done. Didn't you say you had plans to get to. Someone was waiting for you."

"Oh, right."

On my way out we did pause for a moment to share one last kiss and then we exchanged phone numbers. Although, when I thought about it there had to be a smarter way to cheat then just using a phone number. I'd have to investigate.

At the door I looked back at her.

"Don't go getting a crush on me now." she said.

"No. Of course not."

"But maybe I don't have to have sex with EVERY single guy that drops by the house. I'd say I'll be satisfied for a while after this. At least until you find a reason to swing back by."

"Right. Sounds good. Anyway. Um, thanks for having me over."

"Anytime. Let's do it again soon."

She closed the door.

Later that day I took my girlfriend to the movies. I tried to make it up to her in my mind by being extra nice to her. She was happy for the extra attention said it went a long way to make up for working such long hours. On our way home from the movies I noticed that I needed to charge my phone but I remembered that my charger was in my office at work.

I didn't want to go there but wasn't going to buy another charger and I wasn't going to have a dead phone for two days. I rolled onto the lot and parked and then went into the office. On my way in the assistant manager saw me and called me over to the car he was standing by.

"Hey, did you bring my clothes to my house like I asked?"

I did not feel like cowering to this guy. Not after the kind of day I'd had. "Nope. I chucked them out the window as I was passing over the river."

It was obviously a joke so the guy didn't get angry. "And you didn't fuck my wife did you?"

"Oh, was I not supposed to do that? I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

He laughed. If only the asshole knew. "How was she?"

"Meh. I've had better." Technically that was true.

There was more laughter and the guy's large intimidating hand fell onto my shoulders. "You know. I like you. Everybody else around here is too uptight. Maybe one day you can come by with her girlfriend and we'll all have dinner."


"Oh, but don't tell my wife about the joke. She doesn't have a sense of humor. She might get pissed and hit me."

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