The Care and Feeding of Fur


"FEED?!" she hollers. "Feed them WHAT?"


The fur wiggles its way into Samantha's crotch. She tries with all her might to keep it away from her pussy but it is too strong for her. Her hands are forcefully pulled away. There is nothing she can do.

"What do you mean, 'Me?'" Samantha squeaks out with her last few ounces of strength. "These fur THINGS are going to FUCK me?"

"No, they're just going to soften you up for a while."

The fur finally takes full control of Samantha's gorgeous figure. She feels her body start to drift as the fur swirls around. Her resolve is beginning to break.

"They're going to make you good and horny so you'll be ready for the main event."

Samantha finally gives up the fight. She knows its only a matter of time before the fur has its way with her. She feels something soft, tickling at her taint, between her legs. A long, low sigh comes out of her mouth.

"This big chinchilla, over here, is going to fuck the shit out of you!"

Samantha doesn't care any more. All she can think about is the sensations of fur taking over her naked body. She closes her eyes and swoons her head back. She feels herself sinking deeper and deeper into the sea of fur.

"Just go with it, Sam. Nothing's going to hurt you. I promise."

The fur begins to stroke her body faster and faster, working her up into a state of sexual ecstasy. It plunges at her pussy, spreading her lips apart and gently rubbing her clit.

"I'm going to come!" shouts Samantha.

"No, you're not!" Darcie answers back. "These furs are just going to play with you for a while."

The last of Samantha's inhibitions slip away as the fur pushes her to the edge of Heaven. She moans and yells as she feels the desire for pleasure saturate her mind."

"That a girl, Sammie! Beg for it! They like it when you beg!"

Her body is being assaulted with furry delight. There isn't a square inch of her skin that isn't being tortured to the limit with pleasure.

"When they're done with you, I'll feed you to Mrs. Johnson's big chinchilla, over here!"

"If this is the warm up, what is the main event going to be like?" Samantha thinks to herself.

Darcie wheels the rack holding the giant chinchilla coat to the end of the row so Samantha can see it. She strokes it, longingly, then gestures suggestively as she directs her attention toward it.

"Sammie, baby! This thing is going to make you think you died and went to heaven!"

Samantha's vision starts to dim. She falls into a deep, furry trance. Her body feels like it is being carried away on a cloud of orgasmic fur.

"Please! Let me come! Please!" Samantha begs. The fur is swirling her faster and faster every second. "How long can this torture last?" she thinks.

"Yes! Beg!" she hears in a low, soft voice. "We LIKE it when you beg!"

"Yes! More!" she shouts out.

"Do you want THIS?!" taunts the fur as it laps at her clit with a stroke of furry pleasure.

"Aah!" Samantha screams. "YES!" I want THAT!"

"You'll get what we give you and you'll like it!" says the fur as it tweaks her clit again.

Samantha's body instinctively bucks and squirms with pleasure.

"Please! Please!" she implores.

The fur laughs and giggles to itself as it probes her helpless body even faster and harder.

"Feed us!" she hears the fur say as her vision goes dark for the last time.


"Sam?... Sam?" Darcie calls out, patting Samantha on the cheek.

Samantha opens her eyes wide and shakes her head, struggling to come back to reality.

"How do you feel?"

"Good... I think..." Samantha answers slowly.

She looks around to find herself standing with Darcie in the middle of the fur vault. The chill in the air gives her goose bumps all over. The sounds of her own strained cries of pleasure still ring in her ears. Her body tingles all over from the fur that once surrounded her. The dull, throbbing pangs of orgasms denied radiate out, from between her legs.

"Rest for a few minutes while I get Mrs. Johnson's fur ready."

"No!" Samantha yells.

"What do you mean, 'No?'" Darcie challenges. "You HAVE to feed this fur!"

"No, I don't want to wait!" Samantha explains. "I'm horny! Right now! I've gotta' fuck!"

"Don't get your snatch in such an uproar! You'll get to fuck!"

"My snatch IS in an uproar!" Samantha fires back. "I want to fuck! NOW!"

She heads over to the cart holding Mrs. Johnson's oversized chinchilla. She takes if off the rack and removes it from the hanger.

"Help me get this on." Samantha commands.

"Wait a second!" replies Darcie. "This fur is different!"

"I don't care!"

"Once you put it on, there is nothing I or anybody else can do to stop it from doing whatever it wants to you."

"Oh!" Samantha says in an irritated tone. "You bring me down here and throw me to the wolves and, after you get me all lathered up, you tell me you're not going to finish what you started?"

"No! Nothing of the sort! I just wanted to be sure you know..."

"I'm a big girl! I can handle a fur coat!"

"I just want you to be ready."

"Okay. I'm ready! Now, if you're going to feed me to the furs, get on with it!"

Darcie doesn't say another word. She picks up the coat and holds it open for Samantha to put on.

A great rush of pleasure races through Samantha's naked body the moment she slips into the fur. It slides over her smooth skin almost effortlessly, encasing her in its folds of yummy softness.

"Oh, my God!" she gasps.

"Chinchilla is some fantastic fur! Isn't it?"

"No, no. The fur feels great but it's MOVING!"

"Holy shit!" marvels Darcie. "I never saw one move this fast before!"

Before another word is spoken, Samantha feels the fur coat close around her and fasten itself in front like a giant furry hand swooping down and scooping her up.

"Uh, oh!" says Samantha as the oversized fur hood pulls itself up, over her head and closes itself around her face. One last sliver of light disappears down a long, dark tunnel of fur. Samantha tries to pull the hood back down with her hands but the opening has, somehow, disappeared. She tries to push her hands out of the long, furry sleeves but the ends have closed up, too. The opening in the front of the coat is gone, as well. Even the bottom has closed in around her feet. She is sealed inside a fur cocoon. There is no escape. The fur swirls around her body, tingling every bit of her with pleasure.

The coat tightens around her entire body like a python coils around its prey. For one, brief moment a flash of panic flows through her mind but, seconds later, an overwhelming sense of calm and security descends on her. The familiar, musky animal scent fills her nostrils and the quiet purring sound fills her ears again. Samantha's senses are being overloaded with stimulation and pleasure yet she feels completely safe and content. She closes her eyes and swoons her head, savoring this moment as if she might not ever feel pleasure like this again.

Darcie watches in disbelief as the fur coat swallows Samantha like a giant snake. She already hears the muffled sound of her heavy breathing. She can see the outline of Samantha's form as the coat pulls itself tighter and tighter around her body. Just the sight of this spectacle makes Darcie feel horny. She closes her eyes for a moment to imagine what it feels like to be naked and totally helpless, trapped inside that coat. Then, she turns toward the rows of furs on the racks inside the vault. She tugs the tail of her blouse out from from under her skirt and loosens her waistband. She kicks off her shoes and heads toward aisle two. She pushes the fur coats aside as she confidently strides down the alley. They close again, behind her, as soon as she passes. Her body seems to disappear into the furry darkness. A few seconds later, Darcie's cries of pleasure can be heard coming from deep within the row of fur coats.

Samantha falls into a deep hypnotic trance. Her mind is completely conscious but her body feels like it is floating in space. She can feel every touch of fur as it caresses her bare skin. Her muscles are completely relaxed. It is as if she lies in bed, dreaming, half way between sleep and reality. Gradually, she senses a presence surround her in the fur again.

"You are the one they call Samantha? Yes?"

"Yes... I am... Samantha." she answers dreamily.

Hundreds of hands seem to materialize in the fur, all around her. They methodically move up and down her body. They grope at every part of her. They feel her face and head. They gently tug at her hair. She sighs as the fur rubs her cheeks. It molds itself tightly to her face, forming a perfect likeness of Samantha's features. She does not think it strange at all that she can still breathe normally, even though she should be suffocating.

"You have a lovely face, Samantha. I shall remember you, always."

Somehow, Samantha knows what the fur is doing. Her instinct tells her that it is examining her, as if this is the way it visualizes things. She is reminded of the way a blind man touches things to understand them. This is how a fur coat that has no eyes to see with gets to know its wearer. The feeling is quite pleasurable. The fur, touching and measuring every part of her body feels nice against her skin. It relaxes her and makes her content to let the fur touch her any way it likes. Even though she stands, nude, wrapped inside a large fur beast, probing every part of her naked body she does not feel self-conscious. She is not afraid. She knows the fur is not trying to hurt her. Samantha lets her thoughts float while the fur sizes her up.

Many hands move down to her shoulders and along her arms. They lift and turn her hands as if they are studying her palms and her fingers. Fur hands gently walk down her back, along her spine, sending chills through her body as they brush against bare skin. They close in around her torso and hold fast around her waist. Groping fingers tickle their way along her tight, muscular stomach, upward to her chest. Her rib cage heaves up and down as her breathing gets faster and faster, sending ripples up and down her midsection.

Samantha inhales deeply as two strong hands cup her ample breasts. A burst of pleasure grips her as deft fingers pinch her nipples and roll them back and forth between furry digits. They are rock hard, sending pleasure signals to the rest of her body, pushing her to an even higher state of arousal.

Next the fur begins to examine Samantha's backside. Two more hands glide along the curve of her ass cheeks, gently skimming the surface of her skin. Samantha's muscles tighten up when a single finger traces a path, slowly up and down her butt crack. She giggles with delight when the fur weasels its way between her legs and tickles her taint. It senses her vulnerability and backs off, momentarily,only to attack again when her defenses are down. She screams out with laughter and kicks her legs frantically. There is a faint giggle, coming from the fur. Samantha knows it is playing with her, trying to find the most ticklish places on her body. She is happy to let it.

Finally, the fur grips her long, lean legs and thighs. She waits with baited breath as it slides up her thighs toward her waiting pussy. She spreads her legs and arches her back, inviting the fur to probe her insides. There is the feeling of fur pressing up against her mound, grinding in slow, methodical circles but it does not try to go any farther. Samantha spreads her legs again and arches her back, virtually begging to be taken but the fur does not oblige.

The fur gently stops its examination of Samantha's body. It is disappointing to have such pleasure come to an abrupt end.

"Samantha... You have a beautiful body."

"Thank you!" she replies with a smile. Samantha doesn't think it strange to be talking to a fur coat.

"You are much younger and more beautiful than my last human." says the fur. "I shall enjoy pleasuring you very much."

"I enjoy letting you pleasure me very much!" says Samantha.

The words barely finish coming out of her mouth before the fur coat springs into action, scooping her up in a torrent of fur, instantly rocketing her to the heights of arousal.

"Oh, my God!", cries Samantha. It is only seconds before she is at the brink. Her body thrashes wildly in anticipation of ultimate pleasure. Wave after wave of soft fur glides up and down her whole body at a frenzied pace. It holds her at the final plateau as if it is waiting for just the right moment.

"Come for me!" groans the fur in a long, drawn out voice. "Please come for me!"

Samantha's body tingles in delight as the fur beckons her.

"I must have your orgasm or I will not survive!" it begs as it strains to keep up it's frenzied pace. It probes between her legs, desperately searching out her pussy with its last ounce of strength.

"Samantha... save... me..."

Samantha spreads her legs as wide as she can, letting the fur have its way with her quivering pussy. The moment it touches her, she feels a raging fire between her legs consume her mind and her body.

"Oh! I'm coming!" she screams.

The fur squeezes her tight with new found strength and begins to massage her clit in small circles. Samantha screams again and again until she reaches the peak of rapture. She lets out a series of long, low moans.

"Oh!" the fur calls out. "I will be sustained!"

Each time Samantha sings out with delight the fur joins in until, at last, their voices join to form a chorus of pleasurable songs. With each orgasmic contraction, the fur greedily drinks in the sexual energy released from her body until, finally, Samantha's is unable to continue the pace. Her orgasms slowly fade, leaving her in a calm, blissful trance. The fur, likewise, can not continue the pace. Finally, its fingers slow into gentle, flowing ripples against Samantha's smooth skin.

Quietly, Samantha lays, cradled in the fur. It rocks her, gently back and forth and soothes her by running its hands, ever so gently over her skin. It takes several minutes for the afterglow to fade, until she finally comprehends her surroundings again.

"Oh, that was beautiful!" Samantha says.

"Your orgasms are sweet and beautiful!" whispers the fur.

"Thank you." she replies.

"Thank you for feeding me!" the fur answers back. "I have not been fed in many years."

"What do you mean, 'feed?'" queried Samantha. "You EAT my orgasms?"

"I do not eat worldly food. It is the chi that you release which sustains me."

Samantha lays still while the fur talks.

"There is much chi in you. Your orgasms will make me whole again, very soon."

Samantha lays quiet for a few moments, thinking about the incredible experience she just had.

"You are a beautiful fur. You are soft and you feel wonderful against my skin. I like to wear you very much."

The fur caresses her with gratitude.

"Ooh!" she whispers as the chill tingles up her spine.

"Thank you!" the fur replies.

The two just lay together in a soft embrace. Samantha curls up in the fur's strong arms while it rocks her, gently, back and forth like a baby in a cradle. She drifts off to sleep, wrapped in its furry folds.

Samantha wakes to the words, "I hunger..."

The fur senses her stirring. "My human can no longer sustain me. She has grown old. I need you, Samantha!"

"What can I do?" she asks.

"Allow me to drink your chi. I promise to repay you tenfold."

"How will you repay me?"

"Do you know my human?

"Mrs. Johnson." Samantha answers.

"Do you know her age?"

"Seventy?" she guesses.

"Gladys, my human, is more than one hundred years old."


"Yes! And, I shall do the same for you. Your live will be prolonged as I have done for her."

"Oh, my God!" she marvels.

"Please be my human!"

"Well, what about Mrs. Johnson?"

"Remember, she told you she could not care for me anymore."

"Yes, I do seem to remember something to that effect..."

"Mrs. Johnson wants you to be my new human."

Samantha ponders what she has just heard. If anybody told her a story like this, just yesterday, she would not have believed them. But, now, she lies in the basement of a fur salon, wrapped in a huge fur coat, in the afterglow of the most intense sexual experience of her life.

"Please, Samantha! I beg you! I will not survive without you!"

She lays still, not making a single sound as she replays the days events over in her head.

"I will show you new pleasures, the likes of which you have never dreamed!"

Samantha feels the fur move all around her. It winds her up in its strong coils and squeezes her tightly. She squirms, frantically in its grip. One by one, the multitude of fur hands begins to slowly tantalize her body, inch by inch. A fuzzy finger makes lazy circles around her navel. Samantha's stomach muscles ripple up and down. She wiggles her hips, trying to escape the fur's tickling. It lets her move just enough to let her think she can avoid its advances but, only a few seconds later, Samantha feels another fur hand tickling her tight, round ass. She recoils from the attack but finds her midsection back in the grip of even more fur hands.

Samantha laughs and makes guttural noises as the fur tickles her into a state of utter chaos. Fur encircles her from all sides. Her body writhes with ticklish pleasure as she gasps for breath. She feels light headed from lack of oxygen.

"I enjoy making you squirm, Samantha!" the fur bellows out. "I feel powerful again!"

Samantha knows that, from the moment she first tried on this coat, upstairs in the salon, it was her destiny to be stripped naked and fed to the furs. Her mind races as she ponders her ultimate fate. Her thoughts are interrupted by the feeling of fur creeping up her torso toward her chest.

The fur moves at a methodical pace. Samantha's ample bosom rises and falls as she strains to catch her breath. She suddenly freezes when she feels her nipples stand up. The fur coat demonstrates its ability to touch her with great precision by allowing only the very tips of its hairs to stimulate the most sensitive places on her tits. Quick bursts of pleasure radiate outward with each stroke.

Samantha tenses her whole body in anticipation, trying to lay very still. She sighs with each pass as more and more of the fur swallows her tits and massages them in slow, deliberate circles. It squeezes them and pulls them and runs rings around her nipples at just the right pace to send shivers down her spine. She moans with delight. The pleasure increases, exponentially, until Samantha writhes with sensations like she has never felt before. A warm feeling wells up in her chest and races through her whole body.

"Woah!", Samantha cries out in surprise.

The sensation lasts for several seconds then slowly fades away. The fur's movements fall off to a series of leisurely waves, stroking up and down the length of her body. Samantha lays in the fur with an amazed expression on her face.

"I never felt an orgasm from my breasts before!"

"I will give you orgasms like few have ever known." the fur whispers softly into her ear. "Be my human and I will show you even greater pleasures!"

The fur's grip tightens around her, yet again.

"Samantha! I need you!"

"If you feed from my life force, how will I survive? Won't you drain me to death?" asks Samantha.

"Woman is the bearer of children. Just as she creates life within her body, she creates chi. As long as her womb is able to create life, she can not be drained."

The fur's hands reach out and touch Samantha in places it knows will excite her the most. It rubs her backside and her legs. It gently, slowly spreads her legs apart until it has access to her mound. Wet heat grows between her legs as the sensations creep up her inner thighs.

Samantha knows that the fur is only trying to make her give in. She tries to resist temptation but she knows she is slowly beginning to melt.

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