tagMatureThe Carpet Shop

The Carpet Shop


It's Sunday. I hate working on Sundays and I'm sure the boss knows it and that is why he makes me do it. It's a rubbish day. 9-6 and I hardly ever see a customer. I don't know why he bothers to open up at all really. He still has to pay me to sit on a till and do absolutely nothing.

I work in a carpet shop. It's neither cut price or exclusively expensive, In other words it doesn't cater to any market at all really. Still a job is a job and in this day and age beggars can't be choosers and I have a student loan to pay off. I've only just graduated so it will do until a 'proper job' opens up. There must be thousands of recent graduates all over the country in the same position as me.

I sit on the till feeling bored. The till area is at the back of the shop. There is a storeroom directly behind me and about 20 metres in front of me is the door. The carpets are arranged in rows through the centre of the shop which is long and narrow.

Logging on to the till also gives you access to the internet and by 11am I have read the paper online, e-mailed a couple of mates who won't be up for hours probably and checked my banking -- very depressing. I start to feel horny.

My last girlfriend, Kate, dumped me right before my final exams 3 months ago. We had been together for over 2 years, since the beginning of uni. She said that she wanted to go and experiment with everything the world had to offer. We were both virgins when we met. Although I have had a couple of snogs since nothing has gone any further. I feel like my balls are going to explode if I don't get a shag again soon.

I decide to have a look at what Internet porn has to offer. I have done this before at work and my boss didn't say anything so I didn't think he bothered to check what I was looking at.

I began watching a short movie. Two very fit girls by a swimming pool, one blonde and one brunette in matching bikinis, which I figure, wouldn't stay on for very long. They start to kiss and the brunette's boyfriend catches them at it. He says he doesn't mind as long as he can join in. The girls readily agree. Some men have all the luck. I thought I can't even get one girlfriend.

The girls get the man out of his bathing trunks and begin to lick his cock simultaneously. The thought of having two women sharing my cock, licking me and sucking my balls at the same time makes my own dick very hard. I look guiltily towards the door to make sure nobody is coming in who might see me with an erection or hear the sounds coming from the computer and know what I am up to.

As usual for a Sunday there is nobody coming in and the street outside is deserted. I go back to my film. The blonde is now lying on the grass. The guy is licking her clit while the brunette is sucking on her nipples. You can see the curve of the brunette's tight arse as she sucks and I imagine myself in the film with them, the fourth guy, fucking the brunette from behind as she sucks her friends nipples. Feeling her moist pussy wetting my cock as I slide in and out of her.

I am, by now, feeling hornier than I ever have at work before. I take another look around the shop to make sure nobody has come in and I unzip my fly. My erection bounces out of my trousers like it's on a spring and I gently begin to rub the foreskin over the head of my cock. Back and forth, back and forth. God that feels good.

The threesome on my screen has changed position again. The guy is lying on his back with the brunette riding his cock, the camera pans in so that you can see his member filling up her tight hole. She squeals obviously enjoying herself. He can say nothing as the blonde is sitting on his face. She is moaning in delight. I imagine it is me licking her clit. Flicking my tongue over it, my lips playing with her clit piercing. Making her grind her hips against my mouth greedily while her juices pour over my face. Making her cum.

I have always wanted to go down on a woman. Kate would never let me try it. She was strictly a light off, missionary position kind of girl and I haven't been intimate with any other woman.

I am wanking furiously now rubbing my hand up and down the shaft with one hand and squeezing my balls through the outline of my trousers with the other. The film finishes and the shop is silent. I don't care. I have my own fantasy playing in my head now. I close my eyes and throw my head back in ecstasy; my balls fit to burst as I am approaching orgasm. I moan out load. My cock now desperate for its release.

'My, My you are busy aren't you.' I hear a voice and its not coming from the computer monitor. Oh my God, I have completely forgotten to keep my eye on the door and there is a customer in the shop walking towards me. There is no way I can disguise what I have been doing. My dick is still out of my trousers, although deflating quickly. I am totally exposed. The woman is near enough now to see it. What must she think of me? Whatever it is, I am definitely not going to sell a carpet to this lady! I can't look at her I am so embarrassed and I can't think of a damn thing to say.

'Are you enjoying yourself here Simon.?' She asks. I hear my name. Oh shit, I realise, she knows me. I look up quickly hoping it's not one of my mum's friends and find myself looking straight at my boss's wife. She'll kill me, I think. Her husband will kill me and then sack me. Oh wait, I won't need a job if I'm dead. It won't matter that I'll never work in this town again. If this gets out I'll be the laughing stock of the whole community. I'll have to emigrate. Ibiza is supposed to be a good place to work at this time of the year. These thoughts go through my head faster than a speeding train but I still can't think of anything at all to say, especially nothing that is going to get me out of this mess. I know how a rabbit feels when caught by headlights.

She walks towards me, tutting, 'What will I tell my husband,' she asks.

'Umm... Urr...' I manage to stutter, like that's going to do me any good. She has reached the counter by now and leans over it.

'What will you do for me in return for my silence?' She says. As she speaks, she looks down at my cock which is still hanging limply out of my trousers. I am shocked by this. Is she trying to come on to me? She can't be, I think, she is married to my boss.

'You've gone all shy,' She says, still looking at my limp dick. We'll have to do something about that won't we? That is, if you don't want me to tell my husband what I caught you doing in his shop.' This time there can be no mistaking her intention.

I take a good look at her. She is about 40 but still very attractive. She has a slim figure and very pert breasts. I have found myself looking at these on more than one occasion when she has come into the shop before. She has long dark hair and beautiful big brown eyes. She is very sexy for an older woman.

I feel my cock twitch as I look at her. I am becoming aroused again. She says 'you will have to fulfil my every need to keep my silence. Do you understand that?'

'Oh yes,' I reply. 'Anything you say.' She smiles and grabs the shop keys from where they are hanging on a hook by the till.

'We'd better lock up and get started then. Nobody ever comes in on a Sunday anyway and my husband will spend all day on the golf course so he won't disturb us.' She says.

She locks the door and comes back to the till. This time she comes behind the counter and pulls me up out of my chair. She is standing very close to me, still holding my hands. I am aware of her height; she is much smaller than me and looks very dainty next to me. I am aware of the fragrant scent of her hair, which arouses me further. I am nervous. I want to push her back against the wall, pull down her jeans and fuck her senseless but I don't dare. She is a lot older than me and no doubt a lot more experienced and also the boss's wife. I will follow her lead.

She kisses me. Pushing her tongue into my mouth to find my tongue. She bites the inside of my lip. She moulds her body into mine and grinds her hips against my crotch. She is not shy, like the girls I have kissed before. Like Kate was. She seems to know exactly what to do. I know she can feel my dick that is rock hard again, pressed against her. I want her so badly.

She breaks away from kissing me and suggests that we might be more comfortable in the staff room. She takes me by the hand and leads me through the stock room and into the staff room behind it. Once in there she pushes me down on the battered old couch and straddles me grinding her hips against my cock again. I want to reach out and grab a handful of those beautiful, pert titties but I am afraid to. She seems so much surer of herself than I am and I feel very inexperienced next to her. I am not sure what to do.

She smiles at me and says. 'I have caught you staring at my tits on several occasions, would you like a good look now?' Without waiting for an answer she pulls her top over her head and undoes her bra. Her tits hang freely. She cups one and pushes it into my mouth. That feels so good. I suck on her nipples and feel them go hard against my lips and tongue. I dare to reach out with my hand and feel her other breast. I cup it with my palm and graze her nipple with my thumb. She arches her back and moans. She is so unbelievably hot and I can't believe she is letting me touch her like this.

She pulls my t-shirt over my head and rubs her breasts against my chest. She feels so soft against my bare skin. She kisses my neck and continues down. Now it is her turn to suck my nipples. She sucks, she bites, she licks. I feel unbelievably turned on. I have never had a woman caress my nipples before and I can't believe how much I am enjoying it. My cock is throbbing with need. It is still poking through my zipper and it feels really tight. I long to take my trousers down and be totally naked for her.

She moves her head lower still and plants butterfly kisses down my stomach and kisses around my waistband. She looks up at me and smiles. I know what she is going to do before she does it but I can't quite believe my luck. She lowers her head again and puts my cock into her mouth without me even having to ask her. She takes my shaft down to the back of her throat and pumps my dick, her tongue licking the sensitive head like a lollipop. I feel like my balls are about to explode. I am about to cum when she lifts her head up. 'My turn now,' she says. She stands up and pulls down her jeans and steps out of them. I can see that she is not wearing panties. She is shaved and I can clearly see her pussy lips. I could cum just by looking at it. I have never seen a totally shaven pussy in real life before and it looks amazing. She lays back on the sofa with her legs spread and says 'lick me until I cum.' I can't believe my luck, not only am I going to get to taste cunt for the first time she is actually asking me to do it.

I kneel on the floor between her legs and breath in the aroma of her juices. I part her pussy lips and look at it, glistening and inviting. I gently lick the hood of her clit a couple of times and them run my tongue down to her waiting cunt savouring the taste of her honey nectar as I go. I run by tongue back up to her clit again and gently suck it and flick my tongue all over it enjoying the of pleasure noises it produces from her.

'Fuck me with your fingers.' She demands. I am happy to oblige. Sliding my fingers into her hot wet hole as I continue to keep up the pressure on her tasty clit. Both fingers and tongue become coated in her flooding juices. She grinds her hips against my face faster and faster until her body spasms and she cries out. I can taste her cum and lap it up.

She pushes me away and says 'Now it's your turn, I've made you stop right before you came twice today so this should be really intense for you.' She joins me on the floor, where I am still kneeling and pushes me flat on my back. My cock is harder than it's ever been before and this woman knows exactly what to do with it. She mounts me and I cry out in ecstasy as I enter her tight pussy, which is now soaking, from a combination of her juices and my saliva.

She starts to ride me and as she does so she guides my hand back towards her clit and makes me play with it while she fucks me. It feels so good. I never want it to end but I know it will, as I can't hold back for much longer. I can hear her wetness as she slides herself up and down my stiff pole. She cries out as her own orgasm builds up inside her and her pussy contracts around my cock as she cums again. I feel like my balls are on fire as my cock begins to spurt hot jism into her pussy. I cum harder than I have ever done before and my orgasm grips me longer than it has in the past. It is the best fuck I have ever experienced and I want to do it over and over again.

She sits up and starts to get dressed. 'I need to get home before my husband so that he doesn't wonder where I've been all afternoon.' She says. 'I will be back every Sunday from now on expecting the same treatment I got today. Don't worry, I won't tell my husband I walked in on you touching yourself or about anything else that happens, as long as you keep making me happy.'

I don't have a problem with this at all. In fact I think I'm really going to enjoy working on Sundays from now on.

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