tagAnalThe Case of the ‘Flexible’ Schedule Ch. 03

The Case of the ‘Flexible’ Schedule Ch. 03

byMike Franklin©

Audrey and I spend the afternoon lounging around in bed, watching old movies on TV and intermittently fucking and dozing off – I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon than in bed with a sexy, willing, southern belle gymnast. At around 6 that evening Audrey finally got up and started rummaging through her bag.

"I'm going to start getting ready," she said.

"Already?" I said looking at her tight ass as she bent over her bag. "Why don't you come back to bed for a few more minutes?"

"But I gotta get prettied up for you."

"You look fine just like that," I said getting up from the bed, going over to her and putting my crotch against her backside. She wiggled away and spurned my advance.

"I told you, we're going somewhere nice and you know how long it takes us women to get ready."

"Fine. But the minute we get back here tonight you're mine."

Audrey gave me a sly smile and said nothing. Instead she retreated to the bathroom and closed the door. I went over to the closet and took out a pair of black slacks and selected a burgundy cotton button-up shirt. I changed the TV to ESPN and watched the sports scores as I lazily got dressed. Even taking my time I was ready to go almost a full half hour before my date.

Finally the door clicked open and Audrey emerged, looking as good as any woman I've ever laid eyes on. Her black hair hung long and she had curled it at the edges to frame her beautiful face and the dress she wore was a little red number that hung down barely to the middle of her thighs and scooped low in the front exposing a generous portion of her full breasts.

"Wow," I said upon seeing her.

"You like?" she asked and did a little spin in the middle of the room so I could take her all in.

"Like isn't the word for it. I want you right here, right now," I said going over to her and taking her in my arms. When I leaned in for a kiss Audrey backed away.

"You'll ruin my make up."

"I'm trying to ruin more than your make up," I replied putting my arms around her waist and trying to pull her to me.

She wiggled away and took my hands in hers and held me away from her.

"Well you're just going to have to wait until after dinner. Now let's get going."

I finally relented and grabbed my wallet from the desk. As we headed down the hall to the elevator Audrey fell in step with me and put her hand in the crook of my arm. I looked at her and she beamed her brilliant smile at me. I winked at her and pressed the button to call the elevator.

Jeffery was waiting out front with the car promptly at 7:30 and we slid in the backseat. Audrey gave him an address and he pulled away from the curb. We rode in silence and I looked out the window at the passing landscape. Audrey reached over and took my hand in hers and gave it a squeeze. When I looked over at her she leaned in and gave me a soft kiss.

"I don't think you're going to forget tonight for a long time."

"And why is that?"

"Trust me," she said. "You'll see for yourself in a few minutes."

And within a few minutes, I did. Or I should say, I got a glimmer of what was to come but if I told you I expected all that followed to happen I'd be lying to you and that is one thing, dear reader, that I promise not to do.

We pulled up in front of a posh looking restaurant where a man wearing gloves opened our door and helped us from the backseat of the car. I could already hear the sucking sound of my bank account as we entered the lavish entrance, which was covered with expensive looking benches and had beautifully painted pictures hung on the wall in gilded frames.

A tuxedoed maitre de welcomed us to ‘Au Pied de Cochon' in a cheerful voice and beckoned us to follow him. He escorted us into the restaurant, to a dark table way back in a corner. The light was very low and most of the illumination was provided by a couple of candles burning in the center of the table.

"Here you are madam, sir," he said beckoning us to the table. "I understood there was to be three of you dining with us tonight."

I opened my mouth to correct him when Audrey spoke instead.

"There will be another," she said and winked at me, "she will be joining us soon."

"Very good," the maitre de said and disappeared into the gloom of the restaurant.

When he had gone I sat looking at the menu, trying to ignore Audrey.

"Aren't you going to ask me who's joining us?"

"Why bother?" I said perusing the pricey entrée's, "You won't answer me anyway."

She giggled.

"It's a surprise."

"We've established this. Now I'm just waiting to see what the big deal is."

Turns out the big deal came in a little package.

A few minutes later the maitre de appeared out of the gloom trailed by a very beautiful blond woman in a black dress.

"You're party madam," he said and disappeared just as quickly as he had arrived.

Audrey got up and hugged our new companion.

"Carrie, this is Mike," she said introducing me to the blond. She extended her thin hand and I shook it gently.

"Nice to meet you Carrie. You look somehow familiar."

"I should hope so, you saw me just last night. Of course you couldn't take your eyes off Audrey," she said giving Audrey a nudge with her elbow, "so I'm not surprised you don't remember me."

"Well if you had been dressed like that I would have remembered," I said and gave her a once-over from head to toe.

Carrie was tall for a gymnast, about five feet seven, but very thin. She wore a black dress that hung down below her left knee but was cut at a severe angle and the right side ended above her mid thigh. She wore a pair of sexy black lace-up heels and her toes were well manicured and painted a bright red.

The dress was sleeveless and showed off arms taunt with sinewy muscles and a single strand of white pearls hung around her neck. The neckline of her dress was left high but dipped down to a point in the middle revealing just a sliver of cleavage. She wasn't a well endowed woman, but the flesh she had was flawless and shown milky white in the pale illumination from the candles.

Her face was nothing short of angelic and her lips were painted a red that matched her nail polish. Curly blond hair hung down just below her chin and was swept behind her ears exposing her strong cheek bones. Here eyes were a pale blue and she had the cutest little button nose. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred I would have gone straight for this girl, but of course I had been sufficiently distracted with my pursuit of Audrey the night before.

She took the seat next to Audrey across the table from me and smiled.

"You were right Aud, this place is something. I've never been here before."

Audrey smiled.

"Yeah, I get all my rich boyfriends to take me here," she said and gave me a wink.

"So you come here often," I shot back at her and both her and Carrie laughed.

"No silly, my parents like to come here when they are in town. This is the first time I've been here without them."

"Sure," I said mockingly, and then changed the subject. "So are you two roommates?"

"We will be next year," Carrie said. "But we've roomed together on the road for the last two seasons."

"Oh yeah? Well tell me Carrie, how do you deal with Audrey's snoring?"

I felt a sharp kick in my shin under the table.

"I do NOT snore," Audrey scoffed, then relented. "Well, at least I snore cutely."

That got us all laughing.

For the next few minutes we sat in silence as we each read the menu and made our dinner choices. I felt a little tickle in the crotch of my pants and when I stole a glance down I saw Audrey had taken off her shoe and put her foot between my legs. I stealthily moved my hand under the table and gently slapped the top of her foot, trying to get her to stop.

When she didn't I looked at her across the table and she just smiled and wiggled her toes in my lap. I sighed and dropped my napkin to cover up her foot, trying as best I could to focus on something other than how badly I wanted to fuck her yet again.

The waiter came and we ordered, then he brought out drinks. We sat chatting as we waited for our meal and I found that Carrie was as easy to talk to as Audrey and I thoroughly enjoyed conversing with these two beautiful women.

Once our meal arrived Audrey finally relented and removed her foot from between my legs, although she left me with a raging hard on. We ate in relative silence and the food was fantastic (for those prices it better have been); when we were done with our meal we ordered another round of drinks and the conversation picked back up.

I felt Audrey's foot move back to my crotch and instead of protesting I moved my hand down and started to feel the soft skin of her ankles and calves. But after a few passes something didn't feel quite right and I stole a glance down. The toes that were now rubbing my cock through my trousers were painted red.

I looked up at Carrie in surprise and she and Audrey burst into laughter.

"Damn you two!"

"Oh like you don't like the attention," Audrey said grinning wickedly.

"The attention is fine," I confessed, "it's the fact that you both are too far away for me to reach."

"Well finish your drink and we can get out of here," Carrie said.

"Fuck that," I said standing up and tossing my napkin down on the table. "I can have a martini anywhere but you two are a limited time engagement."

I took out enough bills to cover the check and the tip, tossed them on the table and followed the two women out of the restaurant. Jeffery was a little surprised to see that he was driving three people back to the hotel instead of the two he had brought from it, and was even more surprised when the three of us piled into the back. In the cramped darkness of the backseat my hands began exploring while I shared open-mouthed kisses with both women.

Carrie was sitting on my left and when she leaned into me her skirt fell aside exposing her long, thin legs. I started with my hand on her knee and moved steadily up her smooth thigh. She kissed me harder and spread her legs slightly when my hand arrived at her crotch. She wore no panties and was as smooth there as he legs were.

I traced one finger up and down the slit between her labia and then gently inserted a finger into her opening. She pushed her hips down to meet my hand as my finger slid entirely inside of her. For a moment I simply held my finger deep inside her, feeling the warmth radiate from her sex.

Then I broke our kiss and withdrew my finger, turning my head and finding Audrey's waiting lips. She had been kissing behind my ear and was eager to put her tongue in my mouth. My left hand moved to the hem of her dress and disappeared beneath the red fabric. When I got to her pussy I found she wasn't wearing panties either and she was literally soaking wet.

Wanted to pay her back for the way she had teased me in the restaurant I didn't put my finger directly inside of her. Rather I sought out her clit, found it and rubbed on it ruthlessly. I would press on it for a moment or two, just long enough to get her full attention, then backed off causing her to momentarily break our kiss and whisper ‘stop teasing me.'

I felt a hand on my zipper, felt that hand slip inside my pants and withdraw my rock hard prick. I glanced down and saw Carrie's golden hair a moment before I felt her mouth engulf me. It was warm and wet and she was certainly an accomplished cock sucker.

Just as she was starting to really get into it Jeffery cleared his throat and said "Sir" managing not to glance in his mirror. I broke my kiss with Audrey.


"We are almost back to the hotel sir."

"Thank you Jeffery," I said and we set about putting ourselves back in order. Moments later we pulled up in front of the hotel and piled out. I pulled a couple of bills from my wallet and handed them to Jeffery.

"Thank you, sir," he said then he glanced at the two bills, both $50's, that I had handed to him. "Thank you very much."


The three of us hustled from the car and into the hotel, dashed through the lobby and into the elevator. During the brief ride up Carrie and Audrey undid all the buttons on my shirt and unbuckled my belt; I think they would have taken off my pants right there if we hadn't come to our floor.

No sooner were we inside my room then both girls attacked me. Audrey practically ripped my shirt the rest of the way off while Carrie dropped to her knees and got my pants down to my ankles. My underwear followed and within seconds her mouth was back on my prick.

Audrey kissed me full and deep on the mouth, pressing her body against mine. She kicked off her shoes and hiked up her dress. Then she lifted her leg and put her foot on the door handle, presenting me with her wide open pussy. My hand went straight for her and I sunk two fingers in her dripping wet snatch, shoving them inside her to the hilt.

While continuing to kiss me Audrey reached around and unzipped her dress, letting it fall off her shoulders. She was now exposed top and bottom with only her midriff covered by the bunched material of her outfit. My free hand went to her naked breasts and pinched her hard nipples roughly.

Meanwhile Carrie was working wonders on my cock. She had coated it with her saliva and was using her hands in unison with her mouth to give me a dizzying amount of pleasure. Had I not been pressed tightly against the door it's conceivable that I would have fallen right over.

Then I felt Carrie let my cock fall from her lips and I felt a tug at the wrist of my left hand, pulling my fingers out of Audrey's pussy. Then I felt Carrie's mouth on my fingers, much as it had been on my cock, sucking and licking and cleaning all of Audrey's juices from them.

‘Holy shit, that's hot' I thought, then remembered what Audrey had told me in the shower the previous evening…

‘Horny I was going to say but I guess raunchy fits as well. Some of the stories that have passed around about the sexual exploits of gymnasts would make a sailor blush.'

So this was the surprise that Audrey had in store for me? Remind me to send this girl a Christmas card, my gawd!

Carrie released my fingers form her mouth and took my cock in her hand. She didn't aim it at her mouth but rather positioned it at the opening of Audrey's pussy. When Audrey felt me just outside of her she sank down and impaled herself on the entire length of my shaft.

She grabbed my head for support and pulled me into her ample breasts, forcing my mouth on her left nipple. I sucked and bit and nibbled on the rubbery flesh I found there and then became aware of a presence near me. I glanced to the right and saw that Carrie was mimicking my actions on Audrey's right breast.

As Carrie and I sucked on her nipples, Audrey fucked me with wild abandon. My desire for her, which had been building since she wouldn't let me have her before we left for dinner, coupled with Carries presence (and her hand caressing my balls) put me in a state of immanent release.

"Oh fuck," I said into Audrey's ample flesh, "I'm going to cum."

Audrey said nothing, rather she let out a cry of pleasure and ground herself against me. That was all for me as I came too, releasing all my pent up lust in stream after stream deep insider her.

As our orgasms subsided Carrie again knelt before me. When Audrey lifted herself from me, causing my cock to slide from inside her, Carrie put her mouth not on my cock but instead on Audrey's pussy and began to lick the cum I had just deposited out of her.

I grabbed Audrey by the shoulders and held her away from me so I could look down and watch, my eyes hardly believing what they were seeing right there in front of me. Sure enough Carrie was pressed against Audrey's open hole, her tongue shoved far inside of her.

Audrey stepped away from both Carrie and I. She bent at the waist and took my half-hard cock in her mouth, eagerly sucking our combined juices from the shaft. Carrie shuffled around behind Audrey and put her face back between her legs and as Audrey finished cleaning me she finished cleaning Audrey.

When she finished Audrey stood up straight and Carrie got up from her knees. They kissed deeply, their tongues flashing in and out of each others mouth. Then they both kissed me and we shared a three way kiss that was as hot as August at the equator.

"Holy shit," I said when we finally broke our kiss.

"Told you you'd like your surprise," Audrey said with a devilish grin on her face.

"That was awesome, but I really want to fuck Carrie."

"You've got all night to fuck me," Carrie said, "but we want to show you what we do when we room together on the road."

"You don't just sleep?" I asked mockingly.

They looked at each other and smiled.

"Hardly," they answered in unison.


I went into the bathroom to splash some water on my face and extricated myself from the rest of my cloths. I put just my boxers back on and searched through my toiletries bag until I found the pill box that I used to keep ibuprofen and the like. In amongst the pills were a half dozen little blue pills that a friend had given me a while back; I didn't think I was going to have a problem keeping my soldier standing at attention with those two girls but I wasn't about to take any chances.

Back in the bedroom the girls had turned on the desk lamp and turned out all the other lights. They were both lounging on the bed; Audrey totally nude and Carrie still fully clothed. Audrey's bag lay on the bed near them and they were whispering and giggling with each other.

"Ok ladies, what do you want me to do now?"

"Have a seat," Audrey said and pointed to the plush chair that was pulled close to the corner of the bed, "and don't get up until we tell you to."

‘What the hell,' I thought, ‘I'm along for the ride.'

I went over to the fridge and poured myself a stiff scotch, took my seat and waited for the show to begin.

Carrie stood up from the bed and came over to me. She put her hand in my lap and squeezed my cock gently. She kissed me softly on the lips and slid her tongue into my mouth. As we kissed Audrey slid to the edge of the bed and unzipped Carrie's dress, slid the straps over her shoulders and let the thin material fall to the floor.

I tried to put my hands on Carrie's naked body but she backed away from me and smiled at me wickedly. She did a little show for me, running her hands up through her hair, down over her smallish breast, over her flat stomach and down her muscular thighs.

Her body was just as good as I imagined it would be – she was very thin but put together exquisitely. Her breasts were small but perky with dime sized areolas and tiny, erect nipples. Her stomach was flat and there was no fat on her to be found anywhere. Despite her slight stature she had well proportioned hips and an ass that was rock hard and as perfect as any I've ever seen.

Audrey stood up and wrapped her arms around Carrie, placing her hand on her breasts and putting her lips on Carrie's neck. As she kissed along Carrie's neck and shoulders Audrey's hands moved over Carrie's rock-hard body, eventually ending up between her legs.

Carrie spread her legs slightly and arched her back as Audrey slipped a finger into her shaved snatch. Carrie turned her head and her lips met Audrey's and they shared an open-mouthed kiss, their tongues intertwined.

Audrey removed her hand from Carries pussy and brought it up to their mouths. They interrupted their kiss just long enough to lick Audrey's fingers, glistening with Carrie's wetness, clean before both their kiss and Audrey's fingering resumed.

The next time that Audrey pulled her hand from between Carrie's legs she instead offered her fingers to me, which I took in my mouth. I tasted Carrie's sweet nectar and sucked Audrey's fingers dry. When she pulled her fingers from my mouth, Audrey also pulled Carrie away from me and pushed her down on the bed.

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