tagBDSMThe Cat Is Out Of The Bag

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag


I can not believe him, of all the nerve. Here I'd gone and tried to tell him again how his Mistress would punish his beautiful ass if she ever got her hands on it and he comes back with that same sweet, innocent, kind Cheryl shit. He's always told me how boring he is and how he'd like to be just once considered as a dangerous man. Does he not listen to himself? Well, I think it's time he found out just how wrong he can be and I think I know just how I can do that.

Will went into his e-mail that day and to his surprise found a message from an individual named "Cat." Slightly confused, he opened it to find the words, "Are you what you say you are?" He wracked his brain for any thoughts or ideas as to the identity of the writer or exactly what the question meant but finally gave up and responded saying, "I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. Who is this?" It took only a few seconds before the answer came. "Are you really submissive? My name is Cat but you may call me Mistress."

Still confused but slightly excited he responded, "I'm sorry, I've asked myself the same question lately and quite frankly I don't know anymore." He pushed send and minutes later sat there reading, "Well then, think about this. I have you naked, a collar around your neck, your hands are tied behind your back as you kneel. My legs are over your shoulders and I have you pinned with your face buried in my sweet pussy. If that excites you my submissive1 then you are."

Sitting at my computer waiting on his response I smiled thinking about the visual picture I'd painted him. He won't turn down such a delicious offer and sure enough, there was your reply. "Mistress, your answer is yes, it excites my greatly. Will you tell me more about yourself?" Well, he wants more does he? Let's see if we can't peak his interest. "I like my men bound tightly, their pleasure or lack of is completely at my disposal. They serve me as I see fit, physically and mentally. Some come to me willingly; I on the other hand enjoy a bit of a chase. Does that tell you what you want to know submissive?"

This is almost too easy. Let's see if the fish bites. "Yes, very much so. I've always fantasized about a woman who would capture me and force me to pleasure her. Does that excite you Cat?" I smiled, knowing full well that he was calling me by my e-mail moniker trying to get a rise out of me. Let's not disappoint him. "MY NAME IS MISTRESS AND IT'S A GOOD THING YOU'RE SO FAR AWAY AT THIS MOMENT OR I WOULD MAKE THAT ASS OF YOURS PAY FOR YOUR INSUBORDINATION. IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO ADDRESS ME PROPERLY THEN MAYBE WE SHOULD END THIS CONVERSATION."

I started counting and I didn't make it to 10 before his apology appeared. "I'm sorry mistress, please, please forgive me." I let him stew for about an hour before I sent back a reply saying; "I keep track of your mistakes and when the time comes you will pay for each and every one of them. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Mistress, thank you." During the hour I'd spent letting him wonder if I would or would not respond I had finished formulating my plan. "Well then, what day shall I capture you?" After a brief pause came back, "I don't know, where are you located?" Smiling, I typed in, "Why, in Chicago, aren't you?"

Okay, okay so it was a slight fib. I could be in just a couple of hours so I figured why not. "Oh, you're from here? I don't know what to say." So, I said it for him. "This Saturday night. You'll receive your instructions through an e-mail and I should warn you I do not like to be disappointed." With that I hit send and turned my computer off before he could reply. Now, I've got work to do.

Thank god for the internet. I made my plane reservation, room reservation at the Hyatt, car rental and then I brought up listings for clubs in the area that catered to the bondage and discipline set. The 31 Club looked to be a good bet and I set my sights for Friday evening. Maybe it was time I decided who was what. I knew I was submissive but I'd found myself drawn to the incredible power that I felt when reading Will's words describing a dominant woman. He on the other hand changed personas as often as I'd been changing panties lately. One minute submissive, the next dominant. Then, not a submissive but wanting to be a slave. Maybe we'd find out this weekend. Oh, and there was that other side of me that I wanted to explore, that was the reason for flying in a day early.

The flight was uneventful, the car rental was awaiting and the hotel provided a beautiful view of the downtown area. Now, it was time to get this show started. I got dressed, took the elevator downstairs to the main lobby where I elicited more than a few stares at my rather unique apparel. Hailing a cab I gave him the address to the club and twenty minutes later I walked into the rather dimly lit bar. Making my way through the crowd I saw people of all shapes and sizes as I made my way to one of the deserted tables. I noticed the attention my black leather halter top and pants made as both male and female watched me closely.

I didn't want my intentions to be misunderstood so as I sat down I opened my purse and pulled out a set of handcuffs, which I dropped on the table. Eyes flashed as I smiled and gave my drink order to the waitress and it wasn't long before they started coming. Most of them I turned away with a simple shake of my head, while others I engaged in some light banter. Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw her. About 5' 6" with curly brown hair and matching doe like eyes. She walked up to me, her eyes looking squarely at the floor and with a voice like velvet asked, "May I wear these for you Mistress?"

Will had written in his stories for me of my desire for other women but he didn't know that I'd grown a hunger for the thought of dominating one. This one was perfect, just the type but I let her stand there for several moments seeing if she would speak out of turn or become difficult. In stead, she remained still, awaiting my orders and keeping her gaze directly on the floor. "Turn around", I said and she did exactly as she was told. I took the gleaming bracelets and placed them around her wrist shutting them tightly to see her reaction. A sigh of pleasure and then she knelt at my side.

I let my fingers play in her hair before grabbing hold and pulling her face back so that I could see it. Her eyes shut with the intensity of her emotions and I could feel her tremble. "Well now pretty one, what's your name?"

"Mistress my name is Eve."

"Eve, a beautiful name for a beautiful slave. I have quite a weekend planned my Eve, would you like to take part?" There was no hesitation in her voice simply, "Yes Mistress, I am yours to command." I smiled and began to tell her of the role she would play in the drama that I would direct.

When I finished I helped her up, took her coat and put it over her shoulders, hiding her bondage. We went out into the cool evening air and I hailed a cab. Getting her in was a little difficult but finally accomplished and we were on our way back to my hotel. I noticed the driver's interest in two women with one having to assist the other and as we pulled up to the hotel I took Eve's face in my hands and gave her a slow, lingering kiss. His eyes grew wide and I smiled as we got out informing him, "That was your tip." We walked in through the lobby, this time creating more of a stir than when I had first left and took the glass elevator up to my room.

It had been quite a day, I was exhausted but there was still one more matter to be taken care of. I took Eve's coat and told her to turn around. I undid the handcuffs and then told her to strip. She undressed slowly, knowing that I would want to saver each piece of clothing. Finally, she stood in front of me in the classical submissive position and I saw her hardened nipples as her sex literally dripped from between her legs. As delicious as the thought was of tasting her forbidden fruit, instead I acted nonchalant as I took the cuffs, locking one to the corner of the bed and the other to her ankle. I tossed a pillow on the floor and told her to sleep well. "Thank you Mistress" and she curled up on the bare floor for the night.

The next morning I awoke and she was still sleeping but the pillow had found it's way between her legs. I smiled knowing she had used the fabric to assist her in pleasuring herself. Will had often written of the advantages of rough textures, in particular rope that he had instructed me to use in order to achieve my own satisfaction. Tonight, I would pay him back for his devilish ways. "Wake up my dear", and with that Eve's eyes opened and seeing me, smiled and then turned her eyes away. I unlocked her shackle and instructed her to sit on the bed.

"Eve, look at me." Her eyes came up slowly, they were an incredible shade of brown and I saw her eagerness to please reflecting in them. "When we leave this room in a short while, for the rest of the day you will be my companion, you are not my slave. It will be Cheryl and you will be my friend, Eve. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good, now tell me the truth, did you pleasure yourself last evening?" Her eyes immediately fell as she gave her almost whisperlike response of, "Yes Mistress."

"Did I give you permission to?"

"No, Mistress?"

"Roll over on your stomach Eve, you must be punished." She did so with no words, no pleas, simply accepting her lot in life.

I took the riding crop from my bag, walked over and let it trail over her bare buttocks and then tapped her inner thighs as she parted her legs for me. The tip of the crop came back covered in her juices and I smiled as I took aim and let the first slash land directly on her beautiful ass. She shivered but remained quiet and knowing how much she would enjoy this I instructed her to begin counting for me. At the count of ten I instructed her to roll back over and as she did I moved between her legs and tasted what I had dreamed of all the previous night. It was quite the feast and as my hands cupped her ass to draw her closer to my mouth I could feel the heat from the marks that I had just administered.

With one final flick of my tongue Eve orgasmed again and I held on as her hips bucked and I saw her with the edge of the sheet in her mouth to stifle her cries. I took great pleasure in the pleasure I had provided her and as her body began to relax her eyes once again caught mine. I smiled at her and she returned it, mouthing the words thank you Mistress. I pulled her up from the bed, swatted her on the ass and told her to get in the shower and prepare herself for the day to come. She almost skipped into the bathroom and I knew I had a loyal companion in my corner.

We shared a delightful brunch in the hotel's restaurant. I told her all about Will, how we met, his stories, and our adventures together as she listened carefully to my words. "He sounds like a contradiction in terms", she said, "one minute dominant the next submissive. Cheryl, which are you?" I'd found myself thinking the exact same thing ever since I'd decided on this plan of action. "Eve, I don't know. If it's possible, I'm both. Will said once about how we enjoyed the best of both worlds and as much as I hate to admit it, I think he's right." She smiled and said, "Well, don't tell him. You'll never hear the end of it" and with that we both laughed.

I asked her if she remembered our conversation in the bar the previous evening and what she thought of the plan? Her eyes lit up with the thought of the evening ahead and asked if she might speak freely. "Now Eve, I told you, we're friends today. After all, you can't get much more friendlier than what we did this morning, can you?" I watched as her eyes closed and her body shook, remembering back and with a devilish grin she said, "Quite true Mistress. I think we should do some shopping, if I'm going to be truly convincing I need a few things."

Late that afternoon we were back at the Hyatt, all of the little details in place and ready to set the trap. I took my portable computer out, logged on and send an e-mail to the submissive1@swirve.com. "Are you ready?" was the short but simple message and just seconds later Eve and I saw, "I don't know Mistress, I hope so." As I typed I heard Eve giggle in the background as she read, "I TOLD YOU I WOULD NOT STAND FOR BEING DISAPPOINTED. YOU WILL FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER. IS THIS CLEAR?" I shook my finger at Eve warning her but she simply stuck her tongue out at me and I laughed then reached over and picked up the crop. She turned her back to me and I gave her a quick slap.

"Yes Mistress."

"Good, now you will go to the Club 31 at eight p.m. and I will meet you there. Describe yourself to me now."

"I'm 5' 10", 190 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, a mustache and I wear glasses. I hope that pleases you Mistress." I let him ponder my answer for a minute or two before sending, "Adequate. I will decide when I see you in person."

"Mistress, may I ask a question?"


"How will I know you?"

"Well, I guess you won't."

Eve and I both began to get ready for the evening. She assisted me and I of course did the same. By the time 7:30 rolled around we were ready and I gave her a kiss and wished her good luck. She smiled and as we each got in our taxi's and for now we went our separate ways. I had the scene to prepare while she would handle my potential suitor. I arrived at the room we had rented in a different part of town and began to set things up. My cell phone was charged and ready, Eve was to call as soon as she made contact and my stomach was churning with the excitement of what the night might bring forth.

At approximately ten after eight my phone rang and I picked it up to hear music in the background. "Mistress? It's me. He's here."

"Excellent, does he look like his description?"

"No, I think he's much more handsome than the way he described himself. His hair is longer in the back and he's dressed in black, which is one of my favorite colors. I must admit though he seems quite concerned about your lack of punctuality, he's looking around everywhere trying to find you. How long should I give him?" I smiled and said, "Wait until nine and then you know what to do. Do not disappoint me." She laughed and said, "I promise Mistress, I won't."

EVE WILL SPEAK NOW...I watched him from the bar for almost an hour, he looked so sad and forlorn. After about the first thirty minutes he had mingled trying to find his mysterious Mistress, never able to work up the nerve to question any of the people there. Finally, he just took a seat at an empty table where he ordered a drink and sat, a lost soul. I almost found myself feeling sorry for him but then I remembered why I was here and who I really wanted to please.

I had already checked with the waitress to see what he was drinking and I had the bartender fix two fresh ones for me. The powder from the two sleeping pills went into his and I mixed it thoroughly before getting up, smoothing my dress and walking over his way. Turning on my brightest smile I said, "Excuse me, you look a little lonely. Care for some company?" He looked up, blinked his eyes in surprise and in his haste to be polite as he got up knocked his drink over, spilling it all over the table. "Good thing I brought you a fresh one" as he tried desperately to clean the spill with a single cocktail napkin. He's quite cute, I must admit.

He finished cleaning the table and looked up to see me still standing there smiling, a drink in each hand and quickly moved to pull a chair out for me to sit. I made myself comfortable while he sat down across from me and said, "Are you..."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself. My name is Eve, and you?" I saw the momentary flicker of disappointment but he recovered well, smiling slightly and saying, "Will, it's nice to meet you Eve." I handed him his glass and said, "To new friends" and he shyly nodded his head and took a drink.

"Were you waiting on someone?" I saw the pained look come to his face momentarily as he said, "I thought I was but I guess I wasn't worth the wait."

"Well, her loss is my gain." I smiled and his face lit up like a child at Christmas surprised at his good fortune. "Are you familiar with this clubs clientele?" He slowly nodded his head up and down as I said, "I'm a submissive, you?" He looked confused and I could see why when he answered, "Every time I think I know the answer to that the question seems to change. I thought I might find out tonight." He took another sip from his drink and I replied, "The nights still young, you never know."

I did most of the talking, he was rather shy and I watched as he sipped more and more of his drink so that he wouldn't be required to speak. Cheryl had told me what to watch for and I saw his eyes start to become cloudy and his focus begin to be affected. "Will? Will?" I had to say his name twice before his head shook and he looked my way. "Are you alright?"

"I'm sorry, I seem to be not feeling well. I guess I should be going." He stood up and stumbled slightly and I rose to help him. "You're in no shape to drive, let me have your keys and we'll get you home." He started to argue with me but with a sigh he relented and moments later I was putting him in the car.

I got in behind the wheel and saw his head leaned back and his eyes closed. "Will?" There was no reply, the potion had done the trick. The first part of the plan was working like a charm as I started the car and began to drive toward our destination. As I took a corner he slid from his position and I grabbed his shoulder and slowly lowered him down to where his head now rested against my leg. He was sleeping so peacefully, my hand began to run through his hair and smooth it over his ear. Once again I found my mind wandering from the job at hand but then I saw the location Cheryl had given me up ahead and I bit my lip, wondering if I was doing the right thing.

Parking the car in front of the unit number she'd given me I saw the door slightly ajar as she had promised. I walked around to the passenger side, opened it, shaking the sleeping figure and saying, "Will, Will wake up." His eyes fluttered open slowly, not really focusing but he managed to struggle into an upright position. "You fell asleep before you could give me your address so I stopped and got you a room. Come on, I'll help you in." Blinking, like he was trying to come out of a deep sleep I pulled him up and supported him as we walked the few steps into the room where he fell on to the bed and passed out. As I stood over him, once again I felt a pang of worry and my concern didn't go unnoticed as Cheryl came out from where she had been hiding and said, "Don't tell me, he got to you?" I nodded my head slowly yes and she smiled, "Excellent, that will make my job that much more pleasurable. Now, let's get him ready."

CHERYL WILL NOW SPEAK FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE STORY. I knew it, I knew she would. I had counted on it. This should make her performance even more satisfying. As we removed Will's clothing I waited on her to make her first mistake and it didn't take long. "Cheryl, do you think we're doing the..." I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her close, "What did you call me?" Confusion reigned supreme as she looked into my eyes until suddenly she remembered and her eyes fell. "I'm sorry Mistress. I just thought that..."

"You have obviously forgotten your place in this drama and I will not tolerate that sort of thing. Go, sit on the other bed and try to remember what I require of you." She moved silently, did my biding and I smiled thinking of my plans for not only William but now her as well.

I finished undressing him and then I took the set of chains that I'd purchased specifically for this occasion out from the suitcase carrying all my toys. The chain went around his waist and locked in back. Attached to it were two other separate chains, one short, one long. The short one directly in front held a set of police issue handcuffs while the long one went down to his ankles and had a hobble chain with a pair of ankle cuffs. He would be totally helpless to move except for a slight shuffle. I put the final touch on last. He was right, I did own his but I had found him a new one that would be much more fun to play with. This cock ring was studded so that the user would be able to provide his partner with added stimulation. I, was that partner.

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