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The Chair


I knew when I saw the chair in the resale shop I had to have it. Overlarge, sturdy, padded with faded maroon velvet. It was a Edwardian "ladies lounger", wide enough and reclined slightly so one could read or lay back and sleep while still not 'laying down' as that would be too shocking. The wide padded arms were also perfect. I placed it in my room at home, 'to read on' I said. If only she knew.

Elinda came as arranged, punctual as always. I led her inside, pleased with how she had chosen to dress. The dark navy dress suited her coloring so well. To let her know what this time would be I wordlessly held out her collar. She cast her eyes down immediately, seemed to become smaller by effort of will alone.

"Dress off" I said simply, standing back to watch.

She reached behind her neck, snapping and unzipping the dress. I watched as it slid off, puddled at her feet. She now had only the ruby merry widow, stockings and shoes on. Her thong was the same wine color, but as she knew too, Elinda slipped that off as well, handing them to me. I pocketed them. She reached out and placed the collar she had chosen on her neck, "slut" in silver on the front of the leather. I attached her leash, tugging once to have her kneel. I knew how much this submission thrilled her. To all others she was cool collected.

A smart, assertive person she had risen fast in her job, respected by all and a little feared by some. Here, with me, that mantle fell off. Here she was simply a pet, my plaything. No thoughts of how to control the situation, what to do or say. With me is her collar she existed to serve me alone. Trusting me I knew her limits, even if sometimes she did not. I pushed her, teaching her about own body, mine. I teased her, pleasured her, took pleasure in using her body and mind.

I led Elinda to the room with the chair in it. She had not seen it yet. Leash still in hand I walked her around it, saw her fingers glide over the dark wood and fabric. I sat her down in the chair, spreading her legs far. Scooting her ass forward I tied her ankles to the arms, lifting her ass up some, affording complete access to her now wet cunt and asshole. The lips had started to spread open for me already, her desire building. Laying her arms around the chair arms, I tied her hands also, near her ankles, trussing her immobile. She could not move like this, but no stress was placed on her.

I could leave her like this all day if I wanted too. I then slipped a black satin sleep mask over her eyes, cutting her one sense off. I then reached for the large headphones I had gotten just for this. The overlarge padded earpieces cut off her hearing, only allowing the sounds I gave her to come through. I leaned in then, kissing her lips lightly, felt her tongue stretch out for me. I pulled back, tracing her mouth with my own tongue, teasing. I breathed on her cheeks to tickle, going back to deep open kisses with no warning, alternating this to confuse her, keep her mind off balance. Having tried this alone I knew that after about 10 minutes of being cut off like this time would start to shatter, after a while an hour was the same as a minute, and vice versa. I then stepped out of the room, but one last item was put on her, a leather strap that held a cock gag, filling her mouth as she now furiously breathed thru her nose, deep, hard, as I saw her cheeks flush with excitement. I poured a drink, sipping the cool gin as I waited for her be ready.

After 30 minutes alone, I went back to Elinda, saw that she had been squirming against her bonds but had not broken thru. She had no idea if I was in the room, if I had even left. I took one of the ice cubes and traced her nipples, saw her jump at the cool touch, nipple stiffen immediately. I then tool a sip of the gin, slipping her gag off I kissed her before she could speak, the liquor spilling into her mouth as she opened. I placed the gag back in then. I stood in front of her, undressing with her unable to see me, hear me. I reached down, my cock already hard, pulling the skin back and forth, cupping my balls with the other hand, stroking soft. I then stepped up to the chair, straddling her face.

I let her feel my cock as I ran it over her cheeks, down her nose, felt her smell deep, inhaling me as I passed. She struggled more, wanting me, wanting to feel me touch her. I looked down at her legs. She had started to leave a stain on the velvet, a dark spreading wetness like her blood flowing out, the clear honey glistening on her open labia, her clit now erect, poking from it's hood. I reached over and started the tape I had made for her to listen too. She had no idea but I had been taping her as she called me to get me off by phone, taped her voice when we had been together in this room. Our voices filled her ears now, reverberating in her head as I stroked her cunt lips, saw her hips try and buck upwards for more pressure, my hands straying to her thighs, nails running along the legs to her knees, scratching her but not satisfying her itch. I heard her breathing increase, I could just make out her jaw working as she sucked the rubber cock in her mouth.

I knelt in front of her, smelling her wetness, her need. I licked her, once...then once more. I dipped in farther each time, tasting her. Placing my mouth over her I sucked in her lips, clit at once, felt her shake as she came for me. I kept the pressure up, sucking harder, felt more ripples as she came again, then again. I backed off then, going to the drawer I kept her things in. I had purchased a small anal plug, the end tapered to retain inside her once she stretched out. I drew the lube out also, coating my fingers, stroking her ass. The fingers slid in with no resistance.

I push more and more lube into her now dilating ass, replacing my fingers with the plug. As it widened I felt her cunt juices flowing freely over my hand as she opened more and more, the cone filling her as it reached its peak, the muscle closing to hold it as it finally bottomed out. Now that her ass was full I placed a flesh colored, detailed vibrator in her cunt, completing the circle. The shaft of this monster was enormous, the length 10". Combined with the anal plug I knew that she could feel both holes pressing against each other.

I slipped the small waist chain behind her back, securing it to the ring on the end of the dildo, holding it in place in her cunt no without my holding it. As I switched it on Elinda heaved again, plainly coming once more. Now full in her mouth, ass and cunt, listening to us have sex again and again I stepped back to watch. She seemed to slip into a seizure like state, shaking, moaning around the gag, squirming as if on fire. I watched as she finally collapsed back into the chair, only the telltale muscle actions in her legs letting me know she was still cumming.

I reached down, turning the vibrator off after 5 minutes of this, leaving then in her, also turning the sounds off in her ears. This left her full but again unable to place herself in space or time. With no outside stimulation she existed only in the moment. After another 30 minutes I slid the now sticky dildo out, leaving the anal plug in. grabbing the chair arms and hers I let her know I was still there, leaning my head down, mouth inches from her clit. I slowly let the spit dribble down to hit her clit, coating it. I then took the small leather paddle out, holding it under her nose, sniffing the leather. I started to tap her clit, not hard, but enough that she felt each blow.

I went slowly, unhurried but rhythmic. I counted the blows in my head, at twelve I saw her cum again. We played like this all day, hour after hour. I alternated the vibrator and the paddle, occasionally leaning in and fucking her violently with my cock for a minute or so, never long enough for me to cum. I could no longer tell when Elinda came anymore, I think at this point she was beyond orgasm, her feeling having melted into one fugue state of pleasure, pain. I stroked my cock, cumming on her face, tits, neck. By the evening she was coated in semen, my cock raw from the friction of my hand. I lost count of how many times I came, the orgasms and liquor now a haze.

When I slipped the mask and headphones off she kept her eyes closed at first, watching then as I untied her, slipped the plug out of her ass so slowly. We said nothing still, her kisses hot on my face as she covered my face, hugging me as tears spilled down her cheeks. She sucked on me finally; now at last able to do the one thing that pleased her most. I could not believe it possible but as I slid into her throat, her hands pulling my ass up off the floor to get me deep, I shot one final load. She gagged and coughed, never pulling back as I shot straight down her gullet, lips nursing the final drops from me. Standing then over me as I lay on the floor she unsnapped her collar, dropping it by my side.

She dressed, still silent, only as she finished she knelt down, lips on my ear " I love you,..Thank you sir", the kiss on my ear hot, wet as I fell asleep naked, spent, wondering what the next week would find for us.

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