tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Champion

The Champion


-The Sisterhood Of Nin Returns

Chapter One: A Passionate Princess

The night rests deeply on the dark land of Candalaria and even the light of the full moon seemed to fight to penetrate the thick cloud cover that settled over the castle keep which sat on the mountain by the sea.

In the highest tower of the keep, a faint glow can be seen through the portal window, an unearthly, flickering illumination. Inside the room, on a low table an immense crystal ball sat in the center, seemingly suspended in mid-air. Before the table there sat two cloaked and hooded figures, each facing the table and unmoving.

The surface of the crystal ball flickered, flared, and an image began to take shape. Colors solidified, dimensions were sorted out, and slowly a scene came into focus.

The watchers found themselves gazing at the interior of a well-lit room. A roaring fireplace was augmented by a flickering lamp hung from the ceiling. Rich tapestries hung on the walls, and the finely crafted furniture denoted that it was a place that belonged to someone of more than modest wealth. In the center of the room was a large luxuriously furred divan, the kind upon which kings would sleep.

And upon that divan, a man and woman fucked in an ever growing frenzy. He was big, almost six and a half feet tall, with awe-inspiring muscles, and upon his body there was no trace of fat. The hair of his head was light brown, and his skin was bronzed from the sun. His hard, tanned and muscular body was in sharp contrast to that of the girl he rode.

She was pale, with skin of pure alabaster, and her curvaceous form jiggled and quaked deliciously from the impacts of their energetic coupling. Long blonde hair spilled out around her head like a lion’s mane, and her blue eyes flashed up in joy at him as he pounded away into her.

Her legs cradled his hips and her arms prowled his back, dropping every now and then to grasp his plunging and gyrating buttocks and pull on them, aiding him in stuffing her as deeply as possible with his manhood.

They were both covered in sweat, and it was clear to the hooded onlookers that their sweaty fucking was nearing its conclusion.

Suddenly, one of the figures spoke.

"So," said the one who sat to the left. "We have found him." The voice was soft and feminine, and yet seemed to come from far away.

"Yes", said the other, also in a far away voice. "At last we know his location. And now we know we are too late."

As the man in the crystal ball raised himself up on his muscular arms, the horseshoes of his triceps leaping to bold relief as he began deliberately raising and dropping himself onto the wildly gyrating girl, the first speaker's hood moved a little to the side.

"What do you mean?" the hooded woman said, her voice curious.

"He's in Brythnia." the other said. "He's made a pact with the King there for use of the Brythunian Navy in the coming war. Our goal was to keep him from finding allies for his cause, and he's just made a key one."

There was a long pause as the hooded watchers fell silent again, and in the crystal the girl began throwing her head back and forth wildly, her hair filling the air and her large jiggly tits quaking and shaking as the man continued to fuck the living daylights out of her.

"All we've seen is that he's tupping some local tart," the first speaker said at last. "How can you tell he's made any pact?"

"Because you don't know Brythnia, of course." the other one shot back in a condescending tone. "It's an ancient custom, seldom used, so he must have made one hell of an impression on the King there."

The second hooded watcher lifted a hand from the chair's armrest and pointed a hand with many intricate rings on it to the crystal ball.

"Look there, around the girl's throat."

The image in the crystal ball zoomed in, past the beautiful girl's ecstatic face. Around her neck, there was a golden chain, and in the valley between her jiggly, sweat-sheened tits was a golden seagull suspended from the necklace.

"That is the crest of the house of Brythunia." the speaker continued. "Which means the girl is a princess of the realm, since only members of the royal family can wear the crest."

The other watcher cocked her head to the side. "Do you mean to tell me that to seal a pact with the King there he's FUCKING the King's own daughter?"

The other gave a nod of her hooded head. "Yes, that's how the custom went. When a treaty was made between Brythnia and another kingdom, to show the other party just how highly esteemed they were in the King's eyes, he made a point of offering his own daughter to the negotiator. The reasoning behind that is that if the King does not withhold his most precious possession from the other party, he will no doubt honor the bargain just struck."

The other woman let out a snort. "Typical custom of a male dominated society. I wonder if anybody bothered to ask the girl how she felt about climbing into bed with a stranger?"

Her companion gave a short laugh. "She doesn't look too upset by the arrangement at all, does she?"

The girl beneath the man was now lying still, having obviously just finished a thunderous spend. She was gazing up at him in awe, her mouth gasping for breath and her hands pulling weakly at his back as he continued to pound her shapely ass into the divan.

Three thousand miles away from the room where the two hooded watchers sat, the large man stifled a groan as he pumped away on top of the girl. The pleasure was getting so intense he knew he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. It had been over five days since last he'd spent his seed, so his organ was filled to bursting with hot semen. His cock twitched deeply inside the gasping, sighing girl as he remembered that last spend.

Yasmina, chief Pleasure Girl of the House of Galdadrad had been sorry to see him go after his three-week diplomatic mission to Gonbor had come to end. Especially since he had spent many a night locked in frenzied passion with her after a long day of negotiating with that kingdom's dull nobles. As a parting present, she'd surprised him in the stables as he saddled his horse to leave, and sucked him off. Her oral skills were considerable, and after ten minutes of being teased and tantalized his throbbing cock had erupted like a rampaging volcano. Ten streams of thick seed had it spurted into the dusky beauty's waiting mouth as she gazed adoring up at him with those almond-shaped, cat-green eyes.

As he sagged weakly against the wall while she kissed and nuzzled his weakly spasming organ, he'd considered delaying his journey by another day so he could spend another night with Yasmina, and it had been tempting since he knew almost a week of hard, womanless journeying lay before him. But duty came first, and so he's settled for giving the girl a kiss that curled her toes and a promise to see her again if he passed that way.

The perfectly proportioned temptress beneath him at the moment recaptured his attention by grabbing his head and pulling him down into a passionate kiss and he felt the panting of her sweet breath as he continued pounding in and out of her. The sensations in his organ were increasing in their intensity with every loud, belly-smacking thrust, and he could feel the pent-up seed inside that big member straining for release, but he was loathe to simply let go and end this delightful fucking.

His long experience had taught him that he orgasmed more intensely when he fought it to the last, holding back and holding back until at last his penis triggered it's own orgasm. The surges of pleasure, the spurting of the seed, the aftermath, all were intensified if he held it back for as long as possible, instead of simply willing himself to orgasm, which he could do quite easily.

Still kissing the girl, he snaked his hands underneath her and grasped the firm, curvaceous mounds of her shapely buttocks. He broke their kiss and turned his face to the side, and she instinctively did the same.

Cheek to cheek, he began hunching and gyrating into her, and the girl went wanton.

"Oh...oh YES! Please, just like...OH! Oh, just like THAT! Oh, Gods, you're in so DEEP!"

She loved the new angles and depth of his penetration, and struggled to move with him, to fuck with him as he hunched and pumped into her with all his might.

The crystal ball flickered momentarily across the continent and over the sea. The hooded watchers still watched as the fucking before them continued.

Then one spoke again.

"How can we stop him if we can't find out where he is until it's too late? First Atlan, then Ramanda, Indistan, Gonbor and now Brythnia. He's being successful in building his alliance and if we wait too long he'll be too strong."

The other lifted a well-manicured hand and gestured to the crystal ball.

"You know very well we just got this from Mordread. And that most of our spies in the Coastlands have been driven out or killed. What's past is past. What matters now is how we can turn this to our advantage."

"You mean how can we use it to kill him?"

The other speaker gave a slow nod. "Of course. That's what it's all about. Killing him."

The hooded watcher on the left gave her head a cock to one side again. "But he's supposed to be immortal, isn't he? How do we kill an enemy that has been made eternal by the Goddess Aphrodite herself?"

"All in good time." the other said with a sniff. "You worry too much."

"No," the other woman insisted, "it's that I just don't know much about him. All you older witches are very closed mouth about his past, and at the same time us younger witches are supposed to help fight him."

Suddenly the other hooded watcher reached up with her bejeweled hand and threw back the hood, revealing a woman with long, jet-black hair, a breath-takingly beautiful face and emerald green eyes that were now flashing in anger.

"Are you...CRITICIZING ME?" she spat.

Now the other hood came back. What was revealed was a very young girl who was as light as her companion was dark. Her hair was a flowing golden mane, much like the one of the girl being fucked in the crystal ball, and her eyes were a brilliant blue. Like the woman in the chair next to her, she was stunningly gorgeous.

"And are you seriously expecting me and MY younger sisters to join forces with you in this war against The Champion of you don't tell us about our enemy?" the golden beauty shot back.

The older witch visibly fought for control, her eyelids fluttering, and then a forced smile came to her lips. Cool it, she told herself. You need her. You have to put up with her. At least for now.

"Of course," the dark one said, "you are right. I apologize."

They lapsed into silence and once again both women turned their gaze to the crystal ball and watched the naked man fuck the equally naked girl.

The older witch spoke, her voice low.

"He was born 3,000 years ago, in a tiny fishing village in the country of Macedontia. His parents were a serving girl and a ship builder, who raised him to the age of 11, when Zoarastian raiders sacked the village and killed them.

Sold into slavery, the boy rowed an oar in a Zoarastian ship until the Corinthian Navy freed him after five years, and when offered his freedom he opted to join the Corinthian Navy. From the age of 16 to 20 he sailed with the Corinthians, until he arrived in Kazakistan, where he left the Navy for a post as an officer in that kingdom's army."

"That would be about the time our Sisterhood first showed itself, and conquered the Coastlands." the blonde beauty mused.

"Yes," the black-haired witch nodded. "We declared ourselves and sought to obtain what was rightfully ours. We had most of the Continent under our control, and Kazakistan was one of the first countries we invaded. We made servants of the populace that would comply and killed the rest. Apparently, HE…" and here she gave a short angry gesture to the sweat-covered man in the crystal ball who was still hunching away energetically, "had taken up with several priestesses from Aphrodite's temple there, and the phallic-worshipping twats had taught him some of the things about the Goddess's arts. Well, we sacked the city where they were living, killed his priestess lovers, and had him scheduled for execution when...when..."

The woman's voice trailed off bitterly.

The blonde's eyes gleamed. "Still hurts to talk about it, huh?"

The other woman's eyes flashed darkly. "I WAS THERE!" she thundered. "As a young witch on my first crusade. I remember it all, all right. How different things should have been! 3,000 years ago we were set to achieve all our goals, and then...and then...that BITCH ruined everything!"

"You mean Aprhrodite? What did she do? And WHY did she do it?"

The black-haired witch's hands gripped the armrests so tightly her fingers turned white. "She ruined everything. Apparently, she decided to come out against us, and in this...this FUCKER over there, she found the perfect vessel to thwart us. She appeared to him in the night as he waited for death, and she broke his chains and she...she gave him powers."

The blonde witch arched an eyebrow. "Not just immortality, like us?"

The other woman shook her head. "No, not just immortality, my dear. He got a whole lot more. Super strength, for one. Did you know at the Battle of the Flat Plains he picked up a War hammer and killed 2,000 of our troops with it?"

"I thought only the giants could wield the War hammer! It weighs about 50 pounds!" the blonde gasped, looking with an appreciative eye at the image of the man hunching away in the crystal ball.

"He also tipped over the Grond siege engine at the Siege of Nanboria and broke our best chance to gain control of the Southern Regions. Yes, he's strong as 100 men."

"What else can he do?" the blonde wondered.

"He has powerful magic. He can nullify any spells we try against him. He can summon spirits, make indestructible armor and weapons, and most of all, he gives mankind hope."

"I guess that brings me to the most important question." the blonde witch said. "What's the secret to his power? What did Aprhodite do to him?"

"She fucked him," the black witch said simply.

The blonde girl cocked her head to one side again. "She...fucked him. Ok, got it. And how exactly, did that do anything?"

The older witch rolled her eyes. "Morgania, how many times do I have to tell you to THINK!"

The younger witch looked away angrily as the other woman went on.

"Do you know what it means for an immortal Goddess to descend from the heights of Olympus and spread her legs for a mortal man and take his human penis into her holy womb? Oh yes, right there in that cell she fucked him and at the moment he stiffened atop her and pumped his seed into her she...she changed him forever. She gave him immortality, indestructibility, superhuman strength and reflexes, and not least of all, a mission. To thwart us and destroy us."

The speaking witch gazed ruefully at the fucking man in the crystal ball and sighed. "He's building his power now, even as we watch."

Morgania gave a start. "What? How? Gaia, he's just fucking a girl."

Gaia fixed her sister witch with a stern stare. "Here's where I lecture you about THINKING again. Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love. Zeus left all matters of sex to her. It's her realm and she is Queen of the Sexes. So, when she gave this man these powers, she centered them on his mighty penis. You see, and pay attention here because I know that science bores you - energy is never destroyed, it only changes form. Over the course of life, the human body ages as its cells break down and degrade. The only way to reverse or halt that process is to inject new energy into the body that replaces the cells faster than they break down."

Gaia held up a hand as she continued her lecture.

"Now the sexual act leads to an increase of energy in the body as the tension builds, and the orgasm is the release, or dissipation of all that pent-up energy. In a man the penis contracts and semen is ejected powerfully in a huge burst of energy. Well...Aphrodite set it up so that when The Champion's penis erects, and the tension begins to build, the amount of energy being pent-up is far greater than that of a normal man. And when he spends...instead of the great amount of energy being dissipated as his big cock sprays out it's semen, it is instead HARNESSED and ASSIMILATED into his body. The new energy is then used to keep him young and strong, and to give him the magical powers that make him unstoppable."

When Gaia finished speaking, Morgania was looking incredulously at The Champion in the crystal ball as he continued to fuck the Brythian princess.

"You mean to tell me...our enemy is getting even MORE powerful by fucking that girl?"


Far away in Brythnia, the Champion was gasping with almost every thrust now, and the sweat that covered both he and the girl made her slippery and delightful.

She had ceased making coherent sounds long ago, and now excited child-like babbling flowed in a non-stop stream from her mouth. Her hands were pulling weakly at his broad back, and her legs had fallen limply to the side and she was wide open to him as he hunched away.

As he felt his penis gathering itself for the coming explosion, the groaning man thought back to some of the thousands of women he had fucked over the past 3,000 years.

Far over this worlds-realm, he had journeyed since the day Aprhodite came to him in the night. He had gone to the far north, where the blonde, pale Norselanders sailed the ice caps with their longboats, and there he had learned shipbuilding, how to wield the Norse Axe, and winter survival skills. And there, the blonde, buxom Norse women had warmed him in the night with their full-bodied hospitality, and many a daughter of the North had her warm, welcoming womb sprayed full of his thick semen.

From there he had traveled to the East, where the Yellow Races lived, and had learned of their culture. Under the top warriors of the age, he had mastered deadly fighting arts with both hands and weapons. And there too, the golden Daughters of the Sun were delighted with the big white man from across the sea, and even more delighted were they with his big 10" cock, which had sprayed happily away inside many a womb and mouth and anus during the years he sojourned there. For one ten year period, he had dwelt at the Temple of Asharia, seeking, along with the help of the priestesses there, the secret of transmorgification, the art of using enchanted male semen to create magical objects.

From there he turned South, to the Dark Continent, where few dared go, and it took time for him to win the friendship of the Black Races that dwelled there. When he was accepted as a tribal brother, he danced before their fires and he learned their tradecrafts, especially the bow and the spear. And he fucked their women so marvelously; Kings of that continent sent their finest courtesans and Pleasure Girls to him. Many a night found him pounding the perfectly shaped buttocks of a dusky beauty sent to him as a gift by a king or lord of a country far further south.

All those women, over all those years, and it never ceased to amaze him how he never tired of it. How great was the gift Aphrodite had given the world in sex! He would see a new beautiful girl and immediately his cock would start elongating down his breeches. 3,000 years had come and gone, and countless pretty girls had come and gone, and oceans of semen had passed through his big cock and still he never tired of it.

This was a particularly exciting boon. He had noticed the daughter of King Saul the moment he entered the Royal Throne room. Standing off to the side, her eyes demurely cast down as he talked with her father; his eyes took in how her loose fitting sea-blue dress did nothing at all to hide her ample curves. When she looked up at him at the introduction and smiled, his cock immediately gave a twitch, and he could see that she too, felt the attraction.

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