tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Champion's Companion Ch. 00

The Champion's Companion Ch. 00


I hope people enjoy this. People who post these stories are looking for many things. I just enjoy comments, and knowing people enjoy the story.

I would like to know, if you do Jack/Jill off that the stories help. If, as you are enjoying yourself, you peal another layer of the dark onion and think to yourself "wow, if only they....".

Leave a comment. You're likely not alone.

It may not be in every segment, but you will certainly see your fetish. I write because I haven't seen non-consent, rape, impregnation, with large/ muscular women in enough stories.

So please enjoy and comment freely.


"Huntresses! Huntresses are coming!" Screamed a man on horseback bolting from the caravan's vanguard.

Mokali the merchant shifted on his donkey. "Hey, I paid you good money!" He protested seeing more men flee.

From up front, two more men came running on foot. One was a man who drove his wagons. He was a married man who Mokali knew couldn't fight. "Not for this. They're wearing their loincloths. They'll just kill us." He yelled running past.

As if summoning a demon, a black haired Huntress popped out onto the road blocking them in. She was more than six feet tall and skinny. Her movements were graceful and lethal. She kept low as she moved forward towards them. In her right hand was a triangular blade about a foot and a half long. On her shoulders, she wore a circular leather mantle, and on her hips, she wore a light brown loincloth.

She wasn't hunting for breeding today. They would have to get through her if they wanted to live.

"Aw! No!" The pair bewailed. Mokali cursed the bodyguards who ran away.

Mokali watched as the demoness came forward and cut his fleeing men down. His donkey under him balked at the smell of blood and stayed frozen as she came for him too.

From up on a hill, the Huntress leader had a clear view, and watched the ambush go off without a hitch. She had chosen the private place to watch men die so she could sit back and put her feet up while her second got in and licked her pussy.

"Yet another successful kill, Vellina." She breathed. She chuckled as she watched a fat man on a stubborn grey donkey be cut down by Kassin as she moved forward. "Six dead, one got away. Kaarthen the slut cow is fucking slow again."


In a city-state of Osmuun more than a hundred miles to the south, a man in black was enjoying the fruits of 'the gateway of the west'. The inn had served him imported meat and wine. On the side were the vegetables, slave girls, and excellent cooking Osmuun was known for.

Getting a good slow suck from blonde woman in a land of mostly dark haired girls was always satisfying. The server for his table was also a blonde though slightly darker. She also wore the sexy diaphanous clothes of a courtesan unlike the slave under the table.

Unfortunately for Marcos, life intruded. "Lord Panthi, may we join you?" Called a chubby city councilman. Behind him was a small group of equally old gentlemen of means.

"Certainly, but I'm not done with the woman." Marcos said slowly.

A richly dressed merchant shot forward and sat himself. "Well then you'll like our deal." He said loudly.

The blond under the table was slowing Marcos into one-word answers. "Oh?"

The Councilman sat and looked at him entreatingly before speaking. "Lord Panthi, we need a service. A rogue band of huntresses is killing everything they find. We respect the Sisterhood however..."

The Merchant interjected. "They are not breeding. They are chopping down men from every group or caravan they find."

The blonde seemed to like that news. "A pity..." Marcos couldn't help it wasn't his duty. Menthino, his home country, didn't send him here to hunt bloodthirsty Amazons.

"We'll pay you." The merchant announced.

Marcos smiled. "I'm not able to be bribed..." He said softly and raised a mug to his lips.

The councilman looked dejected but the merchant didn't even blink. "We'll give you the woman."

"I...I see but..." Marcos sat up, set the mug down, and cleared his throat. "I can't actually kill them. Kill sport, which is what that band is doing, is illegal. However, it's happening in open lands." He said raising his hands. "Menthino has treaties with the Sisterhood. I can't as a soldier of Menthino harass a band in open lands."

For a moment, only wet sucks and slurps from under the table were heard as the men across the table gathered their thoughts.

The Councilman stepped in diplomatically. "Lord Panthi, Osmuun is just a City-state but several of the hamlets and farming villages of the interior depend on us for security. Menthino also signed combined security treaties with us. I believe, you, were there for the signing." He let that hang in the air for a moment.

It was the diplomatic equivalent of a neighbor saying 'let me know if you need anything'. Nobody fucking meant it. Now he would have to track some Amazons because Osmuun said it was in the fucking contract. All of this was becoming very distracting to the blowjob under the table.

The blonde bounced into the table a few times trying to keep his cock hard and ready.

The Councilman continued now that he had Marcos' attention. "This band is heading north and will soon be entering the Northwestern passage. As you know, unless something fortuitous happens they'll likely exit into Menthino's northwestern border. Having a band run around in the chaos of a contested border, during the summer, would be a headache for your Crown correct?"

Marcos gave a sigh of exasperation. "Well, I'll admit your second argument is better than the first..."

"And we'll give you a woman!" The innkeeper said from behind him.

Marcos smiled. "Which one?"

"The blonde." The innkeeper smiled.

Marcos knew she was pregnant. "Really? That's awful charitable. It's like a two for one deal..."

Under the table the blonde stopped.

"Indeed. Let's just shake on it." The innkeeper said missing the subtlety of his words.

Marcos moved to take his hand but stopped. "Fine. I'll also need a horse, tack, outdoor gear, her clothes, and perhaps some coin to get up to the area."

The men all paused then turned and looked at the seated merchant.

He sagged and relented. "Fine, nothing fancy."


Marcos stood out and saddled his new horse, a deaf tan gelding. Watching quietly was a short blonde who was sucking him off only an hour ago.

"What is your name by the way?"

"This girl has no name Master."

Marcos looked at the small girl. Despite their earlier closeness, it was obvious she was uncomfortable with the situation. She wore three dresses and had a blanket stuffed with a few trinkets and other belongings at her feet. Only a few hours ago she awoke knowing what to do.

"Girl, do you know how to ride?"

"Yes Master, this girl came from far out west." She pointed off yonder.

"Good, try to keep up. By the way, you were pointing north."

He sauntered off. His short black robes making him seem a tear in the world walking down the road.

For several hours, the two were silent. The road was empty as they made their passage north. Well after dark, Marcos finally stopped her.

He took the reins and spoke softly. "Prepare to sleep. Make a fire if you are comfortable with one." He then slunk off and disappeared easily into the darkness.

The girl worked quietly in the dark and prepared a sleeping roll for them. After undressing, she waited naked in the blankets for him to take her. Around her, the dark nearly moonless night made many noises of life. Unused to them, she only hoped he wouldn't be worse then whatever was out there. After several long minutes alone, she realized he was gone and the clearing was empty.

For a moment she considered freedom, or of running. However, penniless, she would become a debtor slave and likely be molested as an indentured servant. Fear and hopelessness won out and she curled up and slept fitfully.


Miles ahead of her campsite Marcos cleared the road ahead. After a few hours of picking along, he came close to a town. Standing atop a rise, he saw the lights cluster around the quiet road. Further up movement caught his eye. Two men stood hidden in the brush along the road just outside of town. Standing still at this vantage point while actively searching for an ambush, allowed him to see the trap.

Marcos moved forward warily. He almost avoided them but as he crept by, he heard them.

"Hey, Corky, nobodies coming anymore lets get back. Mama is drunk again." The man giggled to the other about some shared experience Marcos didn't understand.

"....Let's go do it." The other replied gruffly.

Marcos watched as they hopped out onto the road and walked without a care up the street. Marcos figured replacing these fools with a quiet, and at the moment useless, slave would do the town a favor. Following them, Marcos saw they came to a large house obviously built to be a barn at one time. The building was well cared for however and didn't smell of animal. The two went in through a tended garden at the front gate and entered the house.

Marcos followed from the window and saw them men come into the home's main room. From outside, Marcos understood the wall with the window he was at also had a fireplace along it. In front of him were chairs and several benches for woodworking. A doorway to his right went back to what he assumed was a bedroom. To the left behind the chairs a stair way led to the loft above the house. To Marcos' right something lured the men just out of his sight to the corner.

Listening, he heard at least three men laughing and joking with a drunk confused female. He figured the men to be brothers. After a moment, a scuffle was heard and two people fell to the floor before him.

The one on top was a man from the ambush site earlier. Under him, a bushy dark haired woman struggled. Her dress was open up the middle. Her breasts were exposed and just before her belly, the dress' flap was splayed open showing the dark thatch between her legs.

The man on top had his pants down to his knees. He was moving in between her legs and started fucking her roughly. She fought with her arms and shook her head but her legs wrapped wantonly around him. Even after he stiffened over her, she fought until he stood.

After they finished the struggle, the woman got up onto a chair and started berating them drunkenly. She didn't move to cover herself at all, in fact she sat with her legs splayed. Her left hand almost covered her modesty but then she leaned back and gave them the show.

"How many times have you all dug for water? Huh? We gotta go to the neighbors for water still. We aren't going to live like that!" One of the brothers came over for his turn and just stood before her stroking himself. She tried to stand but she wobbled and fell back. "If you all can't even dig a working well then who will marry you? Huh?"

A second man approached with his cock out already and moved onto her, but she struggled pushing him back and shouted again. "I am not giving you lazy asses anything. Nothing, you hear?"

He tried again getting her off the chair and they wrestled around until they landed on the floor. The two men roughly got atop her. One got control of her arms and lined up himself with her mouth. The other struggled with her kicking legs and got into position to mount. Near simultaneously they were settled, and without more then some grunting, they shoved their thick cocks into her. All the fighting and cussing stopped after that.

The man on her head thrust into her while arching his head back. She was obviously doing wonderful things with her mouth down there. It must have made him forget about the other guy fucking her. He brought his feet up and caught the man behind him across the face.

"Oi! What the shit! Move!"

A small scuffle started inside the room. Outside, the first man had come out and walked right past Marcos. He walked to the back of the house where Marcos noticed there were three very deep conveniently placed holes dug into the sandy soil.

The one the man drunkenly used as a pisshole was reinforced around the sides with timbers. He used one of the beams to steady himself as he grumbled and emptied himself. By the sound of the splatters, it was a hole almost a dozen yards deep.

Stealthily, Marcos crossed over to him and grabbed his head. With a twist, he broke his neck and let body tumble into the hole.

Returning to the window, he saw the men had gone back to fucking and had the woman on her hands and knees between them. Marcos watched in disinterest for them to finish. They used the rest of their lives plunging into the woman in deep strokes. After several minutes, the men spurted their last loads onto the woman's back and face. Both of them then rose as the woman fell over asleep.

The two came out and went over to the wells. The two used different holes. One used the shallower of the holes while the other unwittingly pissed on his brother's open grave. Marcos watched them bemused and crept over to the one at the deeper hole. With a light tap to the back of his knee, the man instinctively stepped forward before his addled brain could correct and he fell with a shriek into the occupied hole. During the confusion, Marcos crossed over to the other man who was laughing too hard to notice him.

He snapped his neck as he laughed and tugged the body over to the pit. Finally disposed of, he went in and snatched the woman who didn't even struggle. Once he dropped her in, it only took a minute for the pair down in the hole to get very panicky.

Above them, Marcos walked around the hole using a shovel to break the supports keeping the former well from collapsing. Before he even got to the last support, the timbers snapped under the pressure up and down the inside of the hole. A cloud of dust hit Marcos in the face as the hole shimmered and fell in.

Looking around, Marcos couldn't see any evidence of himself. He resisted the urge to burn the building down despite going to great lengths to make a place for the girl. He left and returned to the girl well before the sun came up.


Come morning the girl awoke with a weight upon her. She squirmed and found the man sleeping soundly. When she found herself being slept on, it was oddly comfortable knowing she fulfilled something for the man however basic. She felt immediately pleased to be so useful. Perhaps he wouldn't find reason to hurt her.

By nearly midday, the man finally awoke. She scurried off quickly to use the bushes while he stretched and prepped the horse.

After almost a half day's travel the man finally spoke. "Have you ever lived alone?"

"No this girl has never owned a thing. She has always served." She said quietly.

"There is a house in a town up ahead that we will stay in tonight." Marcos paused. "You should stay there when I leave. I will leave you money. The field was well cared for, and it'll harvest well soon. Next season, you can get married or hire out your own servants."

"Master does not..." She paused. "This girl can help fight. She has fought for her things when no one else cared."

"Girl..." Marcos paused. "When you thought of it what was a pretty name to you?"

"Garalin." She blurted quickly.

Marcos pondered it. "That sounds like a family name. I shall name you Savriee Garalin, so your children keep the name." He paused. "You're a young merchant's widowed daughter."

"Yes Master..."

"And remember your station." He snapped.


"I am your manservant. My name is Marcos." He mused looking off.

The girl went wide-eyed. "Yes MmmMarcos."

"Perhaps we'll say I was a fixture during your formative years. I taught you to be very respectful." Marcos chuckled. "The goal will be to buy the property and settle you in it so I can be off. You are free, Lady Savriee Garalin."

Savriee gasped. "Master, this is..."

"Silence!" Marcos boomed. "I will beat you in front of everyone and sell you to the dirtiest stable boy in town if you say that word again."

The girl flinched and paled. "This...hears and obeys."

Marcos nodded. "Good, here is the town now."

Roofs of straw tiled in wood planking poked out as they came out to stand over a wide clearing. The view let them see out over the slowly moving farming town. Several timber homes collected around a central road with several businesses. Compared to other villages it was large, and had two inns. Both were shoddy but clean.

Inside one inn that seemed the cleaner of the two, Marcos sat Savriee at a table and came to the front looking for the innkeeper. The man in question was a tall heavily built man with thinning hair. A greasy apron covered his front as he made a meat and pot pies for the dinner crowd.

Marcos squared up to him and leveled his shoulders back. Putting on airs sometimes helped. "Is there a magistrate?" He asked in a heavily accented voice.

The innkeeper looked closer at him and his fake high accent. "There is, I'm the town mayor." He said whipping his gritty hands on his already soiled apron.

Marcos bit a chuckle. It wasn't uncommon for innkeepers to hold the job. "Excellent! I am inquiring about open properties in the area."

"We have a house around back."

"A family lived there but they're gone now."

Marcos was happy people in small towns noticed so quickly. "Foul play?"

"No they just disappeared."


"Likely, they were a shady bunch, three men, and their mum who was the worst of the lot. I heard they tried robbing people on the road."

"A pity." Marcos lied. "Well Milady needs a house, and she can pay well for the cleaning."

"Well, I can arrange it. Her name?" He said pulling an old registry out from another counter.

Marcos spun his tale carefully. "The Lady Savriee Garalin. She is a recent widow from Leethon. We felt it best she lived quietly in the country until she got over the loss of her dear husband. Love only happens once in a lifetime, but Amazons sadly ended it for him."

Marcos saw Amazons were a big topic for the innkeeper. "Oi? We got the same problem." The innkeeper leaned in and covered his mouth. "The band around here isn't breeding. You should watch yourself."

"I most certainly will." Marcos mused.


The house Marcos bought only cost a few gold coins. Marcos easily paid for it and the furniture inside. In the yard in back, the grave only appeared to be a disorganized supply pile for the other holes.

Inside the house, Savriee fluttered around her new home like a child discovering a gift. To make her more appropriate she found and wore just one dress that presented her as a wealthy if not high born lady.

Marcos stood in the center of the home and looked out the window he looked in last night. "You have this house in your name. People will come to you every once and a while in my name. You will provide them cover and aid them in whatever way you can."

Savriee skipped over beaming and kneeled before him. "Yes...I hear and obey."

Marcos continued. "I must leave now to find those troublesome cows. I have left money. Be sure to open a shop and sell your skills. Theses hamlets of the wild lands are excellent quiet places to get a start."

He turned and moved toward the door. "Remember the master you serve."

"Milord you won't stay? Even for the night?" she blushed demurely

"No..." He said as she slid her hands up his frock.

He wriggled his hips to be 'reluctant' as she unbuttoned and unleashed his cock. He stood still as she pushed her head up under his robe. The difference in what she did before and now were completely different. While few blowjobs were 'bad', her previous attempts were intense, forced, and soulless. She likely learned in the midst of a terrorizing rape, or some other negative experience.

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