tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Champion's Companion Ch. 11

The Champion's Companion Ch. 11


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There will be a three part story (called 'Sweat', 'Spit', and 'Tears') about the Spear Mistresses and their rather single minded efforts at 'social justice' and will catch up on their struggle to purge the elves.

Also (restitution of love) is being edited. It'll be the sequel for dissolution.

Look for series 'Victorious' it's a present day work, and more involved. (I hope) likely it'll be EC or LW or something equally foreign to what even I would read. But it fell out of my head, it works, and I enjoy it. I hope we can share.

So please enjoy and comment freely.

The group disembarked from the barge quietly. The sickly prince led the group in rush and exaggerated the feel of solid ground as he stumbled toward Ein his young looking female body guard. He thought her an insult to his person. After all, 'who would have a girl his own age guard a prince?' He tumbled to the ground as she stepped back and away from his theatrics.

"Hey you're supposed to catch me." He called hauling himself up. "Hey come here!" he shouted after her.

Princess Ruegin ambled off with a leather portfolio and spectacles. In her riding attire, she had gotten much work done throughout the ride from her palace. She seemed to have aged twenty years over the trip with the glasses on and her hair pulled back. Her Hjordis followed quietly while stifling a yawn. She followed the miscreant prince hoping a foul end met with him. She couldn't stand the possibility that she, or her sister, could be made to marry him. The prince's behavior left little doubt why his family wanted to be rid of him.

Several steps behind her fuming and calculating form, Kaarthen snaked over to Marcos her 'Companion' and preferred mate. They were of similar height and looked eye to eye. At six and half feet tall, with heavily muscular proportions, white braided hair, full dark purple grey lips, and pale skin with odd dark under tones, Kaarthen was an impressive sight to behold and exotic in a region full of tan, dark haired women from the farms of Menthino's interior.

Marcos was gangly under his knee length black robe and his golden gauntlet of status glittered in the infrequent lights of the dock.

As they walked in the night, Kaarthen's usually pale skin had nothing to reflect and her visage darkened until she was a thing of the shadows. When her apparently mythical Amazonian mother harvested seed from a hapless drow she had gave Kaarthen a wealth of tools. Now she blended into the night as well as Marcos.

The robes they wore were nearly identical black with the exception that his had sleeves and a slit up the middle of the back to facilitate drawing one of the two full-length swords he carried. Her black robe was open on the sides with a wide hole from shoulder to knee for her voluminous breasts and wide hips. Her robe's light silky shell hid within it armor padding, poisoned daggers, and throwing darts. The split in the front would have also showed some of the deep cleavage of her rounded lactating breasts. Marcos had insisted on skintight black leather armor under the robe this time. He seemed to think it made her more modest for being in the presence of royals.

Her attractive though oversized curvy voluptuous figure, and weapon, stopped most people from noticing her eyes had no whites, just two black voids with floating discs of quicksilver vertically slit like cat.

She had the appearance thanks to the Goddess 'Dark Mother' who was a passenger in her mind. The divine tourist was really after Marcos, her Champion. Sometime over the tens of thousands of years, that they knew each other, the Goddess of Death, Fertility, and Femininity had swooned over the man Kaarthen charitably considered to be a very prolific, and very lethal, misogynist of the first order.

Dark Mother's twisted kind of love was expressed and had been imprinted on Kaarthen to keep things less complicated. Now as a vessel for a divine passenger in love, she too swooned over the man. It wasn't hard, what the Goddess' literally mind-blowing emotions didn't do, the figuratively mind-blowing sex had.

As his 'Companion', the Goddess had all the access she wanted to him through Kaarthen. In return they developed a relation ship of sorts, and Kaarthen had learned a lot from the satisfied deity. She controlled more directly the urges of the people around her as it related to combat, sex, or fertility. Recently, she found she could see into the hearts and minds of people like clear water. She could directly manipulate the basic nature of things by re-writing their definitions written in the elegant language of the gods.

But now, she just wanted something more basic. "Marcos, my little angels and I have needs. We shall need the largest bed possible tonight." Kaarthen whispered into his ear as she pressed herself against him.

Marcos grinned and tried not to look at her. "There is a common sleeping room in town for a less than a copper. They use a barn and cover the floor with straw. It'll be crowded with all the other travelers on the canal, is that what you want?" Marcos quipped grinning wider.

"Perhaps but many men would die of broken pelvises tonight." Kaarthen said looking sideways at him.

Marcos gasped. "So I could save lives doing this?" He mused half-serious raising a hand of might.

Kaarthen tugged his hand down. "Yes. Marcos, you can replenish yourself with my milk until the battle is won." She said turning into him as they walked up the town dock. "People shall hear of your struggle tonight near and far. They shall speak of your name and praise you in previously virgin territory tonight."

He laughed. "That's pretty impressive. I like making legends"

Behind them, Princess Nossin, a stringy aloof blonde mimicked the pair and grabbed her Hjordis' hand as she watched the two. Rinis and Mara, two women bonded to Kaarthen followed at the back of the group looking at the city they were entering at twilight.

The whole town was a converted country manor estate that was owned by the area's baron before the canal came along. The property only kept its stable from that era. The land and gardens became farriers, cooperages, and various maritime supply depots. Garden paths became cart paths. The property's gate and sign became a clever entrance to a bar loudly playing the music of a bard. The city was owned by the crown and its chief industry was maintenance on the canal. They wound their way up past candle lit restaurants holding out for late customers and went directly to 'The Imperial' the estate's Manor house.

The interior of the inn was quiet and elegant. It had been restored with necessary changes for business.

"Hallo! How many are we serving today?" a hostess for the restaurant asked.

"We'll actually be taking four or five rooms and dinner." The Princess' Hjordis stated.

Marcos was left with the bill. Despite having two princesses with him, he had to pay for use of the Crown's properties. He settled with the innkeeper and presently they were all in a room. They settled into the suites at the end of the hall from the other lodgers. The rooms were all pretty similar. The bed against a wall across from a fireplace. The center area had chairs, lounges, or benches on a large square plush area rug.

Ein had the unpleasant task of watching the prince. She found he thought that her service included bathing and wardrobe assistance. His hands were squirmy and quick and he tried groping her more than once.

"Hey come here get the brush and do my back, that ship was a bother." He said trying to talk fast. The prince expected her to swoon at his whiny commands. "Well don't just sit there! Hey."

Kaarthen was dissuaded from any contact with other men so naturally Ein was reinforced in her urge to gag him as she slept. She didn't act on it but moved stiffly around the room as he undressed in the middle of everything.

Ein eventually got away from him and did just as Rinis down the hall was doing. She sat reverse in the chair with the back under the handle and acted like she was going to sleep.

Kaarthen that night was demanding but easily satisfied.

"Bathe with me?" Kaarthen said. She pulled her robe up and stripped off her leathers. She could feel his burning gaze all over her.

"If I remember right this hotel has hot water service. The tub should be... Ahh." Marcos found a curtained area that hid the bath implements. Shortly Kaarthen was in the bath while Marcos kneeled next to her. He washed her body generously with both hands up to the shoulder while leering at her.

Kaarthen sat up finally, she was intent on getting clean, or getting off. "Enough of that, my breasts will be raw. Go lower and wash me clean."

"There?" He asked dipping lower into the steaming water.

"No, my stomach was cleaned earlier as you swept around my breasts."

"There? The water is so hot down here." He said and scrubbed her with his hand sponge.

Kaarthen wriggled as his hand found her pussy. "Yess. Good boy! Oh! That is so good."

"Do we need the sponge for this battle?" Marcos smiled, "I found a way into the gate."

"Only if you don't want your name remembered in the legends I'll sing about"

"Then I'll get in directly." He turned. "Mara, come relax your mistress."

Mara uncurled from the bed she was watching her principles from. At less than five feet tall she was dwarfed by the two. Most people thought her a fair haired virgin. Mara was actually a six hundred year old former vampire like Rinis and Ein. Kaarthen's need to help the unfortunate saved them from their own kind and more recently from Marcos' murderous attentions. As a six hundred year old sex slave she was quite pleased with life under Marcos, and was very willing to please. On a mortal, her sexuality was similar to a succubus in that it could be menacingly lethal.

"Oh? You're going to call in rein... reinforcements?" Kaarthen stuttered as Mara came around her other side and locked in on a nipple with her mouth. Her pussy twanged when Mara's hungry mouth made contact.

"The warrior may get a song but the general is studied for lifetimes. They retire well in their deep castles," Marcos said driving two fingers into her.

Kaarthen giggled, "Deep castles huh? Oh! Aah. I guess that was your motivation behind the Citadel hmm?"

In the hot water, she couldn't tell where he stopped and began. The sudden intrusion let her know what he was up to. He fingered her and flicked his fingers, flushing the hot water deep within her and swirling it around her entrance.

"Do they drink wine with their castles?" She asked faintly. Her eyes were hooded and her pupils fluttered as if they misted up. Her head rocked back and forth with the stream of pleasure she was feeling.

"I'm sure the randy old men get young pretty maidens to serve them." Marcos said bringing a teat out of the water and sucking it. The thick rubbery nipple popped out as Kaarthen shook under him. Her pussy was going crazy on his flickering fingers.

Kaarthen felt like she was burning inside and out. Mara and Marcos had pulled her breasts up out of the water overhead and she felt the hot water on the sensitive under sides of her breasts and chest. The two mouths as usual got her into strings of small orgasms as they drank from her. Marcos' hand rubbed her clit and played the water within and around her. Her feet and legs twitched and kicked up water as she tried to holdout.

Marcos felt her climax hard around his fingers and make noise through her clenched teeth. Her head flopped back and he realized she blacked out in the hot water.

"Well let's get her out before she gets withered." Marcos said calmly.

The rest of the night was uneventful. Mara stayed latched on Kaarthen throughout the night. By morning, it looked like Kaarthen had wet the bed and Mara had gained a few pounds. They woke early the next morning and had breakfast in their room.

"Had a good night young prince?" Marcos said in the manor's front room after preparing to leave. Everyone was waiting on the Princesses.

"Your woman is a problem. She doesn't serve as a woman should." Prince Monto observed.

Princess Ruegin had arrived as he finished and looked up at him surprised. The comment turned the head of every woman in the room.

"Yes, they don't get the special instruction needed." Marcos remarked sarcastically. "Perhaps it is my fault. If you ordered her to do more than protect you she did not have my leave." He said baiting him.

"Would you give her leave? I need her close at hand for bathing and rubs. My condition needs attention frequently. Her soft hands could give me the peace I need. I get a burn down around here you know. She should be glad to serve betters in that way." He was well on his way to becoming a perverted lord who took advantage of his staff.

"Fucking gross Monto." Princess Ruegin said disgusted.

"I must decline your offer; I would be remiss to over complicate your only bodyguard in such a manner." Marcos bowed formally to hide his grin. He enjoyed the many entertainments of life.

Princess Nossin was the last to arrive, and wore a modest short leather jacket. Marcos looked at the obviously local find and almost sneered at her Hjordis.

"How unfortunate for you prince. Were you not attended on your journey to these lands?" Princess Ruegin added as they made their way out and down the street.

"I was not well served by even my closest servant in the end." The prince said quietly. His arrival alone in front of the Marquis of Leethon was inexplicable. The fact that the Marquis' guard recognized the young boy from recent trade visits to Sellis protecting a diplomat was remarkably lucky.

"Well in Menthino our servants are not bonded second class citizens. They are free wage earning professionals contracted at competitive rates. We frequently lose clerks, and even Palace guards to merchants or even foreign armies." She continued.

"In Sellis, our history has given us a representative government that hears all people." The Prince spouted as they walked.

"Yes and that idea came from the nobles and rich merchant who pressed men into serving on their galleys. It took a bloody revolt, but eventually the people's idea of spirited debate and deliberating similar to the bench seats of galleys was reflected in the government formed by your ocean going ancestors." The princess replied. "Unfortunately, the idea created a hybrid culture where the nobles still press contracts onto the people living on their lands for labor."

The four boatmen had spent the night guarding the barge. They were met ready to go and one was cooking tea for the morning.

The ride for that day was equally smooth as the last. They were already quite far when the boatmen caught the late morning tide and ceased poling the barge. Marcos found a fishing pole and leaned against the cargo in back. He didn't catch anything for hours and eventually put the fishing pole down as the men poled the boat.

He enjoyed a nap with Kaarthen and Mara. Soft hands found their ways into his pants urging a release. His own hands found the women's breasts. In a well-timed and semi-discreet maneuver, Mara was ready and caught his load as it gushed. Marcos patted his fuck pet affectionately before falling asleep against Kaarthen's pillows.

They continued up the canal well after dark that night. The pole men hung lamps over their heads and leaning out to the rails. They reached the giant stone docks of Cardin in the early morning hours in the dead of night. Marcos and the Princess Ruegin with her Hjordis went forward to secure rooms for the group and see to the events of the next day. The rest turned back and anchored on an outlying wood pole that trade ships used when waiting in queue and slept out the night.

That morning they awoke in the center of the sprawling city of Cardin. As a large trade and agriculture hub, the waters were full of canal barges and ocean going vessels. The city had many buildings of long high roofed warehouses in rows along the canal. Behind a three-meter seawall, they towered around on all sides. The wide stone dock ran along the sides with ramps for the various moving goods. In front of them, the city had many wide arching stone bridges. They seemed ridiculously arched but even their barge barely cleared the ones they passed under to approach. The ocean going vessels had removed their sails to clear the undersides of the scratched bridges.

The group got off the boat into the busy fast moving swarm of trade schedules. A tall slender customs dock officer in blue and gray barely lifted his eyes off his manifest to point them up to a nearby bridge. They were met by Cardin's customs liaison official in orange as they walked up the ramp from the dock. Quickly after introducing himself, he had them board a waiting open carriage.

They arrived at a warehouse after going through the wide flat streets of the warehouse district. At the front of a open warehouse, Marcos sat drinking tea in an open top carriage with a table across the center. Princess Ruegin sat pouring over documents as her Hjordis sat next to her. The carriage was unhorsed and had blocks to keep it in place.

"Why are we here? I need food! The only thing they served was tea for the morning!" the prince shouted as he spryly jumped from the stopped carriage. Kaarthen, Princess Ruegin, and Ein watched him hoping for the worst. Ein sulked and followed him out once the chance of an unfortunate accident passed.

"Certainly young prince, why I had a hearty breakfast earlier. You all certainly shouldn't be kept hungry because you stayed behind." Marcos looked past him to the driver and liaison officer. "Drive on to the Cardin's royal quarters. We'll join in the evening. Make sure they are all well fed." Marcos said with a dismissive wave.

"What is this? Stop! Return and let me on!" The prince shouted as the carriage quickly moved off.

Princess Ruegin finally looked up at the disturbance. She had been taught that nobles don't run, show loss of control, make displays of emotion, or proclaim their base needs. The prince was working hard to set forth a new model. But then, he wasn't two heartbeats from the 'Eternal Throne'. In fact, he was not likely to rule a region or major city at the very least. Unlike Princess Nossin, she had made plans. If she married him, he would be dead the night of the wedding. She had already decided on burying him as a virgin.

She sighed. "Monto, I need you to help us. I'll have you fed if you calm down." She said staring over her reading spectacles.

"This is unfair! I have a condition!" He said stomping over to the carriage. The carriage's doors had been closed, locked, and the steps retracted. No one moved to open it for him.

"It is not proper as a noble to speak of your weaknesses," Princess Ruegin stated. "You will be fed I assure you." She said and stood. "The crop of yam is good this year. These rows of warehouses will be taking it." She gestured. "Since orders are filled by weight, we need to know how many on average, and how much they'll weigh in the full box. Thirty boxes will need to be filled and weighed for the averages. For historical data, we need to know the average color, shape, and size of this year's crop. Those pieces of information are all collected together as you can imagine." She said and cocked her head hoping he realized his part.

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