tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Champion's Companion Ch. 14

The Champion's Companion Ch. 14


"So," Marcos said turning back to Queen di Sellis and looking around the women assembled. "Who do you think I should kill to set the balance back?"

The Queen beamed and leapt into him hugging his chest his arms. "You're so understanding. You're like a breeze of reassurance that this dark time is finally over."

The odd sensation of flesh contact alerted him that his improperly stowed cock had found its way between them. The sweet smelling Queen clung to him tightly as his cock went to instant full mast demanding attention. The Queen hugged him tighter and rocked into him rubbing his cock into her cleavage.

"Oh yes thank you. What a man you are." She murmured into him and he felt her hands snake around for his cock. "Anything, I will do anything..." She whispered.

The stress of the day and the evening's lunacy made him relax in the awkward situation. The useless tease he fucked earlier got him primed quickly and he quickly lost any concern for what happened. Marcos leaned back closing his eyes as the Queen's body slid down. His cock hit open air suddenly and for a moment, around him the room was completely silent. He felt his cock slide into something warm and wet as gasps went all around the room.

He looked down and saw Mara bobbing daintily on whatever meat she could get. Under her, the Queen's fist pumped, only letting her suck the head and some of his shaft. The Queen had straightened and her dress had fallen to her waist. She looked unaware of her exposure as she fixated on him. Next to him, Kaarthen watched the activities grinning like the worst sort of pervert.

"Slow down," the Queen breathed and squirmed out of her gown. Her svelte pale body was petite and pale. Her breasts were like small teardrops with dark pink nipples, and her waist was slender. She had a flat stomach that belied her brief period of pregnancy, and a small blond bob of thin pubic hair covered her womanhood.

She snaked down onto his body and straddled him. She studied his face and ran her fingers through his hair. Her eyes glittered as she looked down all over at him.

"Will my son have your divine eyes?" She asked quietly dropping down onto his cock.

Unlike the scag from earlier, she was as tight as Mara and wet enough that it didn't matter. When she was almost halfway down his length, she dropped her head next to his but kept pushing. Marcos could hear her breath in his ear as they worked together. The scent of strawberry wine on her breath tickled him.

He was too backed up with cum to care that the matrons of Sellis' upper society watched them fuck. The Queen barely started moving before he came finally. He almost blacked out with an intense orgasm as she rose and dropped into him. She rode him through it and bit his shoulder as she came, and was rewarded with another release of a fresh cum load. His cum filled and leaked out of her. Behind them Mara leaned in and worked diligently sucking and licking off excess. Mara used a technique she learned from aiding Kaarthen and her flickering tongue lashed the Queen's rosebud making her jump and twitch. Her jerky movements and clenching pussy released more cum for Mara as the Queen came in fits and starts.

She rolled over with Marcos and he got on top to drill into her. They kissed as he held her knees open and back. He licked her face and neck cleaning off her sweat like a loving mate trying to keep her conscious. Her legs and arms snaked around him and tightened until he again pumped a load into her. The spurts never seemed to stop and the sensation of hot cum flowing into her shooting up against her cervix was exactly what her body craved to get off a big one once more. Under him, she chewed a hole into a pillow trying to stay quiet as she thrashed and flopped.

"Mom?!?" The prince cried from the back of the room.

Instantly, the maidens closed in and redirected the prince telling him his mother was napping.

The startled matrons straightened skirts and brushed back hair. Marcos was rolled off the Queen onto his back but he found another willing hole for his cock as Mara shoved it all down her throat after crawling onto his chest. Kaarthen lay down next to him and fished out slices of wet mango for him, which helped ease the hangover developing.

"I want you to stay with me in the Palace. We have much more to discuss." The Queen whispered after getting dressed. Quietly the women around them left and went to sit in the larger room.

They joined later, and found that nothing had changed. Marcos noted the King leering at him as he moved to sit in the couches with the women. Mara sat in his lap and Kaarthen sat on his left in the couch. In the couch across the Queen entertained the prince. Marcos learned a lot about the boy from watching them. In particular, he noted the Queen still treated him as if he was four.

After the prince left, she addressed Marcos and Kaarthen conspiratorially. "Look at the fool. He tried to kill my baby because he knows I want him dead." The Queen looked at the King laughing in the back of the room with undisguised hatred. Around her, the other women quietly listened and drank tea.

She turned and with an appraising look, she ran her eyes over him again. "You may not be able to kill him in a challenge, but he has people around him that must be dealt with." She continued.

"Like Partez Rocert?" Marcos ventured.

"Him? Yes. That is his uncle. The fool is lulled by him into believing and signing anything." She said leaning back. "I fear an entire family is behind the guild however. Which one is unknown since they are all intermarried."

Several women squirmed almost imperceptibly at her tone. "These women help me. Let me introduce Duchess Clarin Perstavy, Noblewoman Fellia Grann, and Noblewoman Gerris Blacksail. You'll meet the others in time but these three are living in the Palace apartments."

The Duchess was a short, round, darkly tan, black haired, middle-aged woman. She was chubby with several rings on her short fingers and had massive breasts hidden under her voluminous purple robes.

The noble woman from the House of Grann was the opposite and seemed nearly identical to the Queen. Her slender frame had less curves and seemed lanky. Her pale face was thick lipped with a small nose and light hazel eyes. Her dress was fashionably low-cut and long sleeved. The color was a flesh-like tan with sparkling gold bodice. She sat aloof and at times seemed nervous or fidgeted like she was troubled. Marcos noticed how she looked over frequently at a man Marcos figured to be her husband. He stood observing the king from the crowd watching the Queen's crux game. Marcos resolved to drop by and see if he couldn't dig up information on the noble women since nothing was as it seemed in this place.

The last noble woman was somewhere in between the first two in shape. Her face was oval with a prominent chin, mirthful glittering blue shadowed eyes, full lush red lips, and a confident grin set on her face. Her frame was statuesque with generous breasts and ample hips. Her off white dress was as low cut as the Queen's was, with an added touch of a long slit up the side.

"A pleasure ladies." Marcos nodded. Next to him, Kaarthen said something similar.

The Queen continued. "You'll need to keep an eye out for his assassins. The King is the ditch digger in the guild's operation. They already have the control they want through him. If I killed him I would be deposed immediately."

Marcos looked to her. "So I need to kill off the guild and the nobles who back it?"

The Queen considered it before replying. "I suppose if you can. A hard hit would be enough to allow me to remove my husband in the confusion. I could execute the rest and force them to submit and reform." The Queen giggled melodically.

"Tomorrow let's go find that guild meeting hall. Could you get me in to take a look?" Marcos asked.

"Perhaps, I apparently don't hold any sway on entering the building. I've hoped it'll burn down during an important meeting for a while now."

"Hmm perhaps it will." Marcos mused.

The party closed out after the King ordered everyone out. He obviously expected Marcos to leave and stop talking to his unhappy scheming wife. Instead of leaving, Marcos stayed and was shown a room in the Royals' wing. The prince was ignored and left with the two guards Marcos detailed to him.

For the first time, the entire group had one suite of apartments to share.

"We might finish our mission here tomorrow if we are lucky. I'll need you to stay here while I check on our noble friends." Marcos said walking to a window and looking out. He moved along looking down at the window sill then stopped.

"What are you doing?" Kaarthen asked finally.

"Just this," Marcos said turning and popped the windowpane out with an elbow. After a few moments, it crashed on the ground far below.

He dropped his outer robe and swords and climbed out onto the ledge outside. The moon was full and nearly illuminated everything. On the ledge, he snaked around and raised himself to the next floor where he heard the Duchess and other nobility had apartments. He crept around to where he could see into two apartments across from each other.

The dark rooms lit up and in one room, a drunken noblewoman Marcos recognized as the steamy Gerris Blacksail came in with the Duchess Perstavy. The two were obviously drunk and didn't talk much before the Duchess laid across a couch and passed out. The noble woman disappeared into a dark doorway before returning to the room naked.

Marcos was surprised that under what she wore to the party her body was intricately painted. The designs referenced the ocean with waves and mythical sea creatures. It covered from her elbows to knees leaving her inner arms and outer thighs bare. Her neckline to the tops of her breasts was also unmarked.

Marcos was surprised this noble woman bore a nearly full pirate tattoo. It made it less surprising how she caressed and undressed the sleeping Duchess. She was clever to pull and tug what she could as the Duchess drunkenly rolled around. The Duchess helped her by rolling to her back once it was uncovered and got cold. In moments, the helpless Duchess was naked.

The Duchess' whole body was deeply tanned and her breasts were massive. They were as large as or larger than Kaarthen's with dark brown erect nipples. On the compact frame of the Duchess, he had been tricked by her breasts into thinking her fat. The woman was only slightly chubby with a paunch and padded features. Her soft appeal and huge sagging dark tipped breasts got him quite horny for some time with her himself.

He watched as the noble woman bent over her possessively to lick and suck on her body not missing a spot from head to toe.

Across from her apartment, a light came on as Noblewoman Grann came in. Instantly, as the door closed two young men dressed in sleepwear came up to meet her and her husband. By appearances, these seemed to be her unmarried sons. They were twenty years old approximately and appeared mature. The men seemed to talk happily while ignoring her before they each in turn hugged her and pulled her between them.

The blond man who looked very similar to her husband grabbed her front while his almost identical brother undressed her from behind. She struggled mutely with them but wasn't quick enough to get away. Marcos could see this must have happened frequently. She neither yelled, or struck them as she weakly fought back.

The blond in front repeatedly tried to kiss her as he massaged her breasts. T brown haired one behind got on his knees and buried his face in her slender ass.

Across from them, the Noblewoman ate the hairless charms of the sleeping Duchess. The Duchess was back to being face down and the noble woman gently worked her with just a tongue. After a while, she stood up and leaned over her lover as she fingered her while watching for movement.

The noblewoman of the Grann house was on her knees servicing the men with her mouth. Her husband stood before her with his cock out taking turns with her sons.

She worked the others with her hands and reluctantly took them in her mouth. The two boy's had long thick seven inch cocks. Her husband was more average and pulled her tight several times using her throat. He came and got on tiptoes before he backed away and left the room.

The Duchess was being fucked now, her hole was lubed and opened up. Her lover had an obsidian phallus strapped with leather between her legs. Obsidian only comes from Dar Delis the volcanic capital of the Sisterhood. Dar Delis was also a place with no free men and the homeport of female pirates or 'Water Mistresses'. If he wasn't sure she was a pirate before, he was definitely sure now. It seemed a waste that the Duchess wasn't awake to know what was happening to her.

The brothers were fucking their mother now too. One had her from behind, while the other kept her mouth on his cock. She was putting up more than a token defense. She tried pushing back on them with her hands. Marcos had never seen that work for anyone before. She also tried to stand which was nearly impossible. She turned her head and bucked her hips. Both men kept her firmly latched and kept thrusting into her despite her movement. Finally, the one on her mouth got down and pushed her back onto his brother who laid back. She again tried to stand but they held her down while she got a cock up her ass and another in her pussy. Together they fucked her until they each came. Slowly and reverently they pulled her up. Dripping loads of their spending came out and down her body in gobs, and the men each took an arm and led her out.

The noble woman was asleep now naked on the floor. The lights were still on but Marcos passed her up and got to the royal apartments further down. What he saw shocked him. The king was fucking the same black haired woman at the party on the bed. He thrust her from behind and Marcos watched smugly as he fucked her savagely in the ass. Naked, the King seemed chubbier than what Marcos would have guessed. Under the dark haired woman, the Queen was held down in her torn dress. Her hair, make up, and dress were ruined and wet with piss or drink. A pale red head helped hold her down on the bed under the pair.

The king bellowed and pulled out tossing the woman before him aside and jerked his load on the face of the squirming Queen. He produced a hefty squirt from his long but narrow penis. It looked like needlelike 'sperm injector'.

Finished the king pushed her from the bed onto the floor. Her maidens swept in grabbing her arms and guided her out of sight as she cried openly in shame. Marcos thought on what he'd seen as he crept back. The sleeping form of the painted noble woman passed out on the floor tempted him but he passed it and went to his own apartment.


Marcos got into his room and found Ein watching the window.

"What was out there?"

"If you're a good girl I'll take you next time." Marcos said making her blush.

He found the pile of clothing and weapons he left before leaving and took it to the bedroom. Mara and Kaarthen slept naked with Rinis in the middle. After stripping, he crawled up the foot of the bed. Rinis opened her eyes and he saw the reflection of her pupils in the moon light as he came up over her. She raised her arms and spread her legs wide in an obvious invitation. Her pussy glistened as he saw her in the light and he slid between her legs as she reached up to embrace him with both hands.

The heat of her body surprised him as he mounted her. Her pussy was very wet as he rubbed her with his cock. The soft folds parted and admitted him as it pulsed and clutched tightly. Under him, Rinis squeezed him to stop before letting him continue after a few breaths. He reached her end half way inside her. She lay under him with her legs splayed and knees as far back as possible as they breathed into each other's ear. She held him still in a tight hug while she further got accustomed to his girth. After a few minutes, she relaxed despite starting to hiccup under him quietly.

Marcos gently moved within her by shifting his hips. After what felt like a long time, she started to move with him. She had an orgasm as she made pleading moans. After her climax, her legs wrapped around him and she fucked up onto him as he held still on hands and knees. With very little work for him, she sweated out another climax that got him off too. As he came, he dropped onto her before he caught himself. She screamed in surprise cumming again from the shock as he emptied into her.

"I'm sorry about that Rinis, you're so small and I was just caught up." He said quietly after catching his breath.

"Thank you master, you have been so gentle. This girl enjoyed that too." She quickly pecked him, lay back, and quickly went to sleep as he rolled over and used Kaarthen's bosom as a pillow.

She embraced him as he lay with her. "That was beautiful what you did for her."

"Hmm?" Marcos asked.

"She has bad memories of sex, they all do. You gave her time, which was as important as how you just took her. You did a beautiful wonderful thing and I can feel it healing her already."

"Oh?" Marcos asked half asleep.

"She expected you to ravish her a hundred times by now. That was to her what 'masters' did. She expected you to kill her by now too, but she's better now."

"She doesn't think we abuse her then like a little puppet?" Marcos asked.

She hugged him tighter before answering. "No, she chooses to act like that because she knows we can't blame or hurt her that way."

"Hmm." Marcos said half asleep.

In the morning, the group met for breakfast. Marcos noticed how Rinis followed him again. He wasn't sure it was because the prince's departure left her free or if it was the night before. Like Mara, she stayed close but she didn't eye him and watch like a hawk for a chance at his cock.

After breakfast, Marcos and Kaarthen met with the Queen in an open sunlit balcony. She wore a less elaborate light linen dress. The terror and humiliation of the night before was behind her happy mask. Marcos, armed with insight, was better able to see when it slipped.

After tea was served, the Queen spoke from the rail of the balcony looking out over her city.

"The Guild meets in a brand new building that used to be a warehouse." She paused and looked out over the city. "The building with the wide copper roof is the meeting place. They use another building nearby for administrative and storage work. Rumors of a prison and gold stored in there are spread around too." She paused and cleared her throat. "I toured it once, and the place is cleverly designed to project the speaker's voice. It's vented to stay cool during our hot dry summer. Some other things are in the building too but I don't remember since it's been so long. I don't know its final layout since the building was unfurnished when we toured." She noted.

"What of their schedule?" Marcos asked gently as the Queen walked back to sit in a padded wicker basket chair. She sat back in the padded bowl pulling her feet in under herself.

"Again, I don't know. The guild keep's that all secret for trading purposes."

"Hmm. I'll need a tour though."

"Yes and we have one, but we can only be shown around the outside. We are able to go into the admin building but only certain floors." She said drinking tea and lying back into her peaceful alcove.

"That should be enough." He said.

For the rest of the early morning they spoke of the budding city's affairs and she asked him of Menthino. Marcos was surprised at her candidness about things. He felt he was talking to a more subdued Queen Mensillin on a balcony in Sellis.

They heard the King and his staff awake. His whores and servants sped around to get him cleaned and ready for a day at Senate.

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