The Changeling


My name is Jerry Madison. I woke up this morning to what I hoped was the first day of my brand new life. It had not been an easy decision to make, but it was one I was hoping would add something that was missing from my life. I am a father of four, an ex-husband, and a man, who was soon to be a complete woman--or at least I hoped that that would happen.

I had always wondered what it really felt like to be a woman, but was trapped within a man's body with no way to find out. I hated my vulnerable penis and my testicles. I hated having to be so macho all the time. I hated the responsibilities of providing for a family who did not understand my gender bias. My ex-wife called me all sorts of names including "queer" and "faggot." But I did not want to be a man having sex with a man, I wanted to be a woman having sex with a man. She could never understand that. Anyway it all came out at the divorce and she got permanent and total custody of the four children. I wasn't even to be allowed to see them without specific permission from the court. All this because of my desire to become a woman.

Then, last week, I read the ad: "Dissatisfied with your gender? Let GenderBenders have your body and we can change you from a man into a woman or from a woman into a man--fully functional in all aspects including the ability to have children naturally--the way nature intended. Totally reversible if not 100% satisfied. Satisfaction is guaranteed or triple your money back! GenderBenders does not use any surgical procedures and is 100% completely safe to the human body. Due to our completely revolutionary methods, you are only 30 days away from the gender you have always wanted, but which was denied to you by nature. The cost is well within the means of the average person and is a bargain for those who are dissatisfied with their gender. Additionally, no payment is due until you are totally happy with your new body."

I answered the ad last week as soon as I read it and now I was on my way to becoming a woman. I was very excited with all the possibilities that this would open up in my life, a life which I found to be unbearable as a male with a cock and balls hanging obscenely between my legs.

When I had talked to the GenderBenders people, they explained that I would have to come to their special "spa" in the mountains for the transformation. While there, I would get a new birth certificate indicating I was female instead of male with a new name, if necessary. Since Jerry could be either male or female, I wasn't figuring on changing it. Per instructions, I had packed no clothing for my stay at the spa. I had been told that since I was changing my gender I would need an entirely new wardrobe and that it was part of the cost of the procedure. Besides sizing could be a problem once the changes were started. So, I basically packed a toothbrush and comb.

At 8:30 that morning a car picked me up to take me to the mountains. It was a good size limousine and I expected to see others picked up along the way, but mile after mile passed without another stop. There was a snack tray and drinks available "on the house" during the trip. The little card said to help myself and to drink as much as my body would take. I munched and I drank as the day passed from morning into afternoon. The brochure had not mentioned the location of the spa, just that it was very private and remote. I had a second drink, a third drink and finally a fourth drink before the road sounds seemed to lull me into a stupor. My eyes grew somewhat heavy and I lolled back into the soft leather seat.

When I awoke, I was laying naked on a queen size bed in a very pleasant room that looked much like any upper class motel room. There was a television on a low dresser at the foot of the bed. A comfortable looking chair sat under a lamp in the corner and there were several occasional chairs scattered around the room . To one side was a curtain that I was sure would reveal a patio with a view and on the other side was a door that I assumed led to a bathroom, which was where I needed to go right now.

I got out of bed and, though I was a bit wobbly on my feet, managed to open the bathroom door and make it to the commode. As I reached down to grab my penis to direct the flow of urine, I noticed that it seemed smaller than it had when I left home. And there were two lumps on my chest that hadn't been there when I had put my shirt on. My breasts were beginning to develop!

When I staggered back into the bedroom, a woman in a nurses uniform was there checking something on a clip board.

"Good morning, Jerry. I'm Charlene and I'm your nurse while you are here. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes. It's morning? I don't even remember getting here."

"Yes. Well, that's the result of those drinks that you had in the car. They are designed to start the procedure but they sometimes have the affect of putting the person to sleep. You were one of our "sleepers" so to speak."

"Where's my clothes?"

"Oh, you won't need them at all while you are here. Only staff are allowed to wear clothing of any kind. All our guests are completely naked. There's really nothing to hide. We were all either male or female and got changed, so the human body is no mystery to any of us. You get your new wardrobe the day you are ready to leave us and rejoin society in your new gender."

"You mean...."

"Yes, two months ago, I was a male nurse working in a hospital. Now, I work here."

"But you're.."

Good looking? Fully formed as a woman? Yes, I am. And, if I am not mistaken, that is what you are here for, isn't it?"


"Good. Now, there are a few things you need to know about now that you are awake. First, the dining room is down the hallway to the left. You can't miss it. They start serving breakfast in about an hour. Next, you will have classes and psychological sessions each morning until noon. You have to attend all of these sessions. The afternoon classes will concentrate on those things you need to learn to survive in your new gender. In your case, you will be shown how to use make-up, how to dress yourself, and the proper way a lady eats and drinks in public. Of course, there will be other classes, but you'll find out about them as they are scheduled and you are ready for them. These classes will last until about 3 PM. After that you will have free time to read, watch television, or partake of any numerous outdoor activities. Of course everything will be geared towards how you will do them as a fully functional woman. Now, since you ar already awake for the morning, I suggest you start reading some of these pamphlets. They will answer all your questions much better than I can ever hope to answer them. Oh, you must drink as much fluid as your body can hold. There is a refrigerator fully stocked with this fluid over there near the outside door. They have a sedative mixed in with all the gender changing drugs. Remember that it takes a lot of fluid for these gender changes to be made and the more you drink the less painful and the quicker it will be."

"I don't hurt at all."

"That's because you drank as much as you did on your way here. Now, I have another guest that I have to check on down the hall. If you need anything, there are two pulls near your bed, near your chair, and in the bathroom. The blue one is for routine stuff. The red one is to be pulled only in emergencies such as severe pain or a fall while you are in your room. Please do not forget which is which. " With that she bustled out of the room with her hips swaying.

My cock, or what was left of it, started to stiffen and it caused immediate pain. I put the nurse out of my mind and as my cock softened the pain lessened. I reached into the refrigerator and took out a drink. I set it down on the table next to my comfortable chair and picked up one of the pamphlets. This one was entitled "You and Your New Gender: What to Expect." As I read, I sipped my drink and waited for the breakfast bell to ring. I hadn't up to that point realized just how hungry I was.

When I got to the dining room, I fond that each patient had his or her own tray with their new name on it. Since I was keeping Jerry, I had no trouble finding my tray. Above the trays was a large sign that read "Clients are NOT allowed to share food. Eat ONLY what is on your OWN tray. this is for your own protection."

I was glad to see that I had a good size portion on my plate since I have always been a healthy eater. I am only about 5'7" tall and, despite having a large appetite, weigh in at about 135 pounds. I was wondering how much of a diet I would have to go on once my body had finished being transformed into a female.

After breakfast, I had my first session with Pauline who was to be my personal psychologist for my stay at GenderBenders. Pauline, until about a year ago, had been a man named Paul until she had made the decision to become what she was today, a very good looking woman. As a graduate, so to speak, of the program and considering her specialty, she was asked to stay on with GenderBenders and help others through the transition.

"Well, Jerry, how was your breakfast?"

"Not too bad. There was plenty of food and drink. I was glad of that since I'm such a big eater at home."

"Yes, well, we are going to have to learn how to curb that appetite. Mustn't put too many extra pounds, must we?"

"No" I agreed with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. "I guess not, but I hope I won't have to go on too strict a diet."

"Diets are not used here. Behavior modification is the way we go. We make you want to lose the weight on your own. Of course, the longer you are here, the smaller your meal portions become until you are the perfect weight for your new body. No let's see...." Pauline reached for a folder on her desk and opened it. "It says here that you were married with children. How do they feel about your decision to become a woman?"

"The ex-wife, with the emphasis on ex-, doesn't approve at all and the courts have ordered me to stay away from the children if I go through with this, what the call, 'crazy scheme.'"

"I see, and are you willing to give all this up to become a woman?"

"I wouldn't be here otherwise."

"Er, yes. I guess that's true. Now, it also says here that you have no physical conditions that would preclude treatment."

"None that I know of. Er, Pauline?"


"When does my transformation begin?"

"Oh it began before you even arrived here at GenderBenders."

"What do you mean?"

"Those delicious drinks you had in the limo, well they contained the necessary drugs and hormones to start the transformation. Let's see. Yes, that was three days ago."

"Three days ago? I'm a bit confused. I thought this was my first morning here."

"Well, it is the first morning that you have been awake and alert. You've had three days of exams and measurements coupled with a drug therapy that will shrink your penis into a clitoris and draw your gonads up into the body cavity. You have also had your memory selectively erased so that you will not know people from your past lifetime. This treatment that you have already started while you were asleep will also cause to voice to rise in pitch, your breasts to form and your body to start taking on the general dimensions of a female. You may have already noticed some of these changes."

"I did notice that my cock, er penis, was smaller and that I had budding tits, but I thought it was my imagination."

"Oh, it's not your imagination at all. It's really happening and by the time you are ready to fuck--we prefer to call a fuck a fuck here--your first man, your body will be ready for a man to fuck you. If everything works like it is supposed to work, then you will be released from GenderBenders and billed for services rendered. If not, you will have additional therapy until you can pass this fuck test."

"You mean that I have to sucessfully fuck somebody that I don't even know before I can leave here."

"Well, it will be a person who is having the opposite transformation done. I met my fiance that way last year."

"I don't get to choose who it will be?"

"You can most certainly request a certain partner and if that partner's development is equal to yours, the request will probably be honored, but, I must warn you, you need to remember that the fuck session will be their test as well as being your test. It requires a bit of a mutual element of bonding and acceptance. In that spirit, we have selected a person for you to meet and get to know. His new name is Joseph and he is at the exact stage you are at right now. You two will form your two-person group sessions for as long as you are together. The hope is that you will learn feminine things from her and she will learn male things from you."

"Sort of a self-help program, huh? I once knew a Josephine. I think that she was one of my wife's girlfriends. I wonder if it could possibly be the same person."

"I seriously doubt it. We try very hard to screen the people we accept so that those who have known each other in their previous genders will not run into each other here. As for the self-help program, you have hit the nail on the head. I'll be here to facilitate things, of course, if they should get rough between the two of you, but we don't foresee that happening. If you find that you two are totally incompatible, we can find a substitute for each of you, but that sometimes means additional time being spent here and, of course, an additional cost as well. I'm afraid our time is up for today. We'll meet here every Monday morning at 9:30 and discuss your emotional progress. We'll also meet here during the week should problems arise between the Monday sessions. Most of the major adjustments will have to be done by nobody but you. The staff here can help and guide you, but we just cannot do anything about your ultimate acceptance or rejection of your new role in life."

"That's it? A half an hour and I'm done until next week?"

"No. A half an hour and you are on your own to learn about the new gender you have chosen for yourself. Joseph should be able to fill you in on such things as make-up and clothing though neither of you will wear clothes here until after you successfully fuck Joseph and he successfully fucks you. By successful, I mean you have to willingly accept his cock in your cunt, your ass, or your mouth and he has to get a total rigid erection and fuck you until he cums inside one of your body's openings, preferably in your cunt. Now, I believe Joseph is waiting outside to talk to you."

I got up and walked out the door to see a rather pretty looking girl sitting on a chair waiting for somebody, that somebody being me.

"Hi, I'm Jerry."

"Hello, Jerry. I'm Joseph, but I guess you can call me Joe. Nobody ever has, but you can be the first." I could see that she was as nervous about this meeting as I was and sat down beside her naked body. To say that she was a well-formed woman would have been an understatement and my shrinking cock rose to an instantly hardened state.

Joe glanced down at my member "I hope mine works that well when it grows out."

"I'm sure that it will."

"Jerry, what's it like to be a man?"

"I don't really know. What's it like to be a woman?"

"I see what you mean. We're born with it and grow into it so we really don't think about it, do we?"

"No, I guess we don't. But, Joe, getting a hard dick when you see a pretty young lady such as yourself is part of being a man--and you are still mostly a woman just as I am still mostly a man. I mean we've been here for only a couple of days and we can't expect to learn it all in such a short time can we?"

"No, but I'm sort of scared with what I'm feeling in my body. I mean, I still like men to look at me and react like you do, but I'm beginning to look at women the way I would have looked at men only a couple of days ago." "Well, I haven't met enough people around here yet to tell if I'm getting those mixed feelings. So, we're going to be partners and help each other, right?"

"Yeah, that's what Pauline told me just before she pushed me out of her office so you could come in and get her pep talk. That's what it was, right, Jerry?"

"Yeah, I guess it was. Listen we're both in uncharted territory here. How about something to drink? I'd die for a cup of coffee right now."

Jerry, we can only drink bottled drinks with our own names on them. There are no coffee urns in the whole place. I guess you can get some bottled coffee if you ask for it, but there are no open drinks in the place."

"No hot coffee? Ahhh, well, I guess I had to break the caffeine habit sooner or later. Listen, what say we go to our rooms and get our drinks and we can meet someplace to talk about all this."

"Jerry, you and I have a new room. We share it. We are going to live with each other 24 hours a day until we leave here. My body is yours to explore and yours is mine to explore. When we get to the point where our genders have changed enough, we are going to be expected to fuck each other at least once a day, if not more often, just to get ready for the end of course test. And, we are allowed to fuck anybody else who consents to fuck us, either singly or in groups. We can even fuck the staff if they agree. But the major part of all this is to fuck our way into our new bodies. The physical changes should be over within the next week or so, but from what Pauline has told me, the emotional process is going to take about three weeks and that's why we fuck as much as we do. We have to get used to thinking and acting in our new gender."


"Didn't Pauline tell you any of this?"

"No. It must have slipped her mind. I wonder why she never mentioned any of it."

"Come on, I'll show you where we are going to be living for the next month or so." She took me by the hand and led me down a different hallway than the one I had come from.

"Joe, this isn't the way."

"Yes, it is, Jerry. Where we were up until today was a 'reception area.' Now we haved moved up to the residency hall."

We reached the room and went in. There was a single queen-size bed and a bookcase full of books. The mirror hung over the television which sat on a low table at the foot of the bed. A couple of comfortable looking chairs flanked another table near the sliding glass doors which led outside to a small patio. The entire ceiling was an enormous mirror and there wasn't a door leading into the large bathroom which was equipped with a shower and a tub.

After getting our drinks we sat in the chairs and started talking about male and female things. I probed Joe for make-up tips, something I had never really paid attention to with my wife. She probed my mind for such things as how the male acts in given situations and how to shave.

Joe showed me how to put on my make-up and then had me try it on myself. We laughed over my first efforts and Joe cleaned my face so I could start again. It took me three or four more tries before I finally got it right. It felt funny to be putting stuff on my face, but for some reason, I wanted to do it. The drinks seemed to help. That and the fact that my hands were definitely getting smaller, along with my shrinking cock. Maybe the size of the hand does reflect the size of the cock. I also noticed and Joe noticed that my breasts were getting larger as the day went on.

I noticed that Joe's breasts were shrinking and that a cock and balls had begun to appear to replace her cunt. Her hands seemed to be getting larger as the day went on and hair started sprouting on his face. I taught Joe how to shave. She cut herself a couple of times, but liked it much better when the hair had been removed. Noon came along with its call to the dining hall where we picked up our labelled trays and carried them to the table. I was starting to notice the men in the group more and more and starting to guess how good they would feel inside me. I'd never had that feeling before and was getting excited at the prospect of getting fucked by some of the studs that I saw around me. Joe watched my roving eyes and a frown came to his face. I watched his roving eyes as they started looking at all the women in the room. They were just as excited as mine must have seen to him. Him? Had I already started thinking of Joe not as a Josephine but as a Joseph? That was fast!

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