The Chaperone


Inside was packed. Despite trying her best not to lose Gwen, the young girl slipped easily into the throng of young drunks in the house.

Want to dance?" Lisa asked. "Want a drink?"

"No," Rebecca said moving through the crowd to find Rebecca. She was looking forward to a chance to ditch the young woman.

"What do you want to do?" Lisa asked.

"I need to find Gwen." Rebecca said. She was determined to chaperone and she wasn't going to get sidetracked again.

"Why don't you leave Gwen alone. Besides, she has her hands full with Brad," Lisa said, taking Rebecca and pushing her against the wall. "And you have all you need right here."

Then she kissed her again. Her tongue dancing against the older woman's tightly clenched lips. But soon they parted, allowing the young paramore to kiss her as she wished. Lisa's knee moving between slim thighs and against Rebecca's hot sex.

"No," Rebecca said trying to pull away and escape the knee wedged between her thighs.

"What's the problem?" Lisa asked. "Do you have a crush on Gwen or something? I mean because I can feel you like it. With me."

"It isn't that," Rebecca said. She couldn't tell this girl that she was engaged. Couldn't tell her that she was too old for her. Not now. After all this. But the girl was right. She was hot. She could feel her juices on Lisa's soft knee. "I've just go to find her."

Rebecca pushed Lisa away and then fled before something bad happened. A good thing she did to. She found Gwen in the living room dancing. One boy in front of her and one behind her. Humping against her. Brad nowhere to be seen.

"Stop that," Rebecca said, pulling Gwen from between the two boys. "I swear I'll tell your mom."

"Hey boys," Gwen said ignoring Rebecca. "She said she wants to take my place."

And then the were on her. Humping from the front. Humping from the rear. She felt like she was in a sandwich she couldn't escape. Then the one in the back started smacking her ass. She tried to pull away but every time she tried to pull away he pulled her back with her gown. It was all she could do to keep from being exposed. Thankfully, she saw Lisa and waved. "Help." she mouthed.

An angry look crossed Lisa's face. She hurried over to the helpless woman and pulled her away from the guys.

"She's with me," she said and pulled Rebecca in close.

Rebecca was grateful. She was even okay with being held so closely. She glanced toward the boys. They looked reluctant to let her go. And then Lisa pulled her tighter and kissed her. Her tongue dancing inside her mouth. This time Rebecca let her. Melted in her warm embrace. Hopefully, the boys would get the message. It looked like they had.

"Dance with me," Lisa said.

Body to body. Lisa's knee between Rebecca's and Rebecca's likewise. They moved in time to the beat with Lisa leading. Sensual movements. Sex quivering with pleasure. She could feel her juices leaking. Could feel Lisa's on her knee. Back and forth. And around and down. Could feel Lisa's hands on her ass. Kneeding her firm cheeks. Rebecca reached back, took the pawing fingers and placed them at the small of her back. They danced more and the hands moved back down. Squeezing her. Owning her. And the knee. Back and forth. Rubbing her. Bumping against her. For a minute Rebecca didn't think about what she was doing. Who she was doing it with. Her fiancee. Her job. Nothing but the feelings running like electricity through her body.

When the song ended, so did the moment.

"Sorry, I've got to go." Rebecca said. "I need to find Gwen." It wasn't easy to escape the knee wedged between her thighs or the hands pawing her ass. But soon she was free, and then she left Lisa on the dance floor by herself.

She found Gwen in the bedroom. On the bed. Her gown pulled down from her shoulders. He held her hair from her face. Lips parted. A hard prick filled her mouth. Her head bobbing up and down on Brad's lap. Slurping noises escaped her young lips. Brad moaning "Fuck yeah, fuck yeah. Suck my cock babe."

"Gwen," Rebecca said. Jesus, look what she had allowed to happen. Mrs. Stone's daughter had performed oral sex on a boy while she was in her charge. "Stop that right now. We are going home this minute. Get your things."

"Oh that's it," Gwen said. "It's on now." She moved in a flash. Struck like a rattlesnake. Not even bothering to pull up the top to her gown she grabbed her purse and Rebecca's ear. Pulling the older woman down, hunched her over, and then led her by her ear to the attached bathroom. Once in, she surveyed the bathroom, looking for something, then her eyes narrowed in certainty as they spied a hairbrush left on the counter.

"Perfect." She picked up the brush and pulled Rebecca down to the toilet. Flipped the short gown up and leveled a blow, the flat of the brush landing with a resounding smack. Then she landed a blow to the other cheek. Two red marks left in her wake.

"Stop. What are you doing?" Rebecca cried. "Ouch! Jesus! Ouch!"

But Gwen was just getting started. Whap. Whap. Whap. "I told you not to fuck with me, didn't I? Didn't I?" she said. Whap. Whap. Whap.

Rebecca was appalled. How could this have happened? She was helpless. Totally at the whim of this young eighteen year old girl. She tried a new tact.

"Stop it. Or. Ow. Shit. Stop, or I'll tell your mother." she said.

"What will you tell her?" Gwen said. "That I sucked Brad off? That I spanked your ass? That you played touchy feely with Lisa? Oh please do. I'm sure that'll go over really well." Whap. Whap. Whap.

"I'll-I'll-Ouch!" Rebecca cried. What would she do? What could she do? Gwen was right, the truth wouldn't do at all. And soon the pain became too much. "Ouch. Please stop. Please."

Rebecca's legs splayed kicking helplessly. Her high heeled pumps uselessly trying to find purchase on the tile floor. She reached her hands back to deflect the blows.

"Get those hands out of the way," Gwen warned. "Or I'll use the bristle side." Then she did. Just to let Rebecca know how it would feel.

"Please Gwen," Rebecca whined. Those bristles hurt. Shit they hurt. Tears now flowing from her eyes. "I won't bother you anymore. Just stop."

"It's too late," Gwen said. "Besides, I'm enjoying this too goddamn much. Now get your hands down. Get them down and I won't spank you so hard."

Reluctantly, Rebecca moved her hands from her ass and put them on the stool. She was thankful to be able to get her body off of it. Who knew who had been on it? Or how clean it was?

"Now stick your ass out for me." Gwen said.

The older woman had curled under to escape the blows....she slowly moved her ass back up.

"Get it out there," Gwen warned.

Biting her lip, Rebecca arched her back, bringing her bottom up and out. Into the perfect position.

"That's a good girl," Gwen said. "Now I'm going to let go of your ear. Don't try anything or I'll burn that ass up - bristles and all."

The urge was compelling when Gwen let go. Almost overpowering. Rebecca wanted to jump up and run. But she had a good feeling she would end up in the position again. And as bad as her ass was stinging - she couldn't bear the thought of another blow from the bristle end again.

Thwack. Gwen landed a light blow on Rebecca's firm lean ass. And though it wasn't hard as before, it wasn't exactly soft either. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. She made sure to cover each and every inch of the ivory moons with red welts. While each blow wasn't as painful as before, they began to add up to a whole much more than the sum. A whole lot of pain. Rebecca's chin began to tremble. Tears began to well. It wasn't just the pain - it was that this was being done by a girl 11 years her junior. A girl who had been placed in her charge.

"For the rest of the night, if I want to dance, what are you going to do about it?" Gwen said.

"Ouch. Nothing." Rebecca whimpered.

"What if I want to drink some beer?"

"Ouch. Nothing."

"If I tell you to get me a beer."

"I'll - I'll get it."

"What if I want to fuck? What will you say?"


"Damn right. And what about Lisa?" Gwen said. "You are supposed to be her date. Where is she?"

"I don't know," Rebecca sniffled.

"Well that is going to change," Gwen said. "If I see you tonight, I want to see Lisa too. If I see Lisa, I sure as hell better see you. Understood."


"I mean attached to her, understood?"

"Yes. Please stop. Ouch."

"I don't think you do understand," Gwen said. "I told her she might get lucky tonight. I want you to make sure she is."

Rebecca didn't understand. How would she make sure that happened? She couldn't very well find a guy for her and stand there while they did it. And then so much of tonight made sense. She would be the one showing Lisa the way. They would do it. Dear Lord no!

"I can't." Rebecca said. "I'm engaged."

"Don't worry I won't tell," Gwen said. "-if you do it. But if you don't. There's a lot I could tell."

"Please..." Rebecca pleaded. "I'm not that way. I don't even think I could."

"I guess I will have to teach you then," Gwen said hiking up her skirt and taking seat on the toilet. "The things I do for my friends...."

Rebecca looked up at the blonde haired girl , her legs spread, her eyes stern.

"Get to it."

"I don't know how..." Rebecca said. She didn't get to finish. Gwen was back up and had the brush again. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

"Tell me when you are ready," Gwen said and proceeded with the spanking. It didn't take long.

"Okay, I-I-I'll do it." Rebecca said.

"That's my girl," Gwen said. "Are you sure?" And continued to spank. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

"I'm sure."


"Yes. Ouch."

"With sugar and Lisa's cherry on top?"


"Are you ready to put out for me?"


"You ready to show me what you will do for my friend Lisa?"


Gwen sat back down on the stool. "Get to it."

Rebecca looked at it once more. I triangle of damp dirty blonde hair and a slit. She stuck out her tongue and licked.

"Mmmmmmm...." Gwen said. She was already horny even before dragging Rebecca to the bathroom, and after the spanking, her desire had only increased. The tongue grew more persistent. Licking her lips. Stroking her clit. "Lick my pussy. Oh lick it you old bitch."

Rebecca licked it. She sucked it. Had her pretty face rubbed in it. There in the cramped bathroom. On her knees. Her ass throbbing. Her own sex wet and lusting. She didn't know what was worse, doing this, or her own body's betrayal.

"Faster little queer," Gwen said. "Don't make me spank you again. You know I will." Part of her was incredibly turned on by dominating this older woman. However, another part couldn't help thinking that this was a woman between her legs. Not a man. Not Brad. She began to grow frustrated. "Faster. Faster. Lick it right."

Rebecca obeyed. But it was no use. It wasn't working for Gwen.

"You're useless," Gwen said as she stood. "I have half a mind not to give you to Lisa at all. She's too good for you."

Rebecca's heart soared. Maybe this would be the end of her ordeal.

"Maybe I should give you to the basketball team instead." Gwen said smiling. "Hope you are on the pill."

"No please," Rebecca was horrified at the thought.

"Please what?"

"I want Lisa," Rebecca pleaded. "Only Lisa."

"You'll do like she says?"

"Yes. Oh yes."

"Good girl. Now, I want you to pretend I am Lisa," Gwen said, pulling her gown back into place "What do you say to me?"

"I want to - I want to make love to you."

"I think you need to work on your delivery," Gwen said fluffing her hair in the mirror. "Try again. Talk dirty to her. Say you want to taste her pussy."

"You're so pretty," Rebecca said. "Please let me kiss your pussy. Let me make love to you."

"That's better." Gwen said. "And say that you will do anything she wants. Anything."

She took out her cell phone and called Lisa.

"Hey Lisa." Gwen said. "Where are you? I have Becky here in the bathroom. There's something she wants to say to you." And then she handed the phone to Rebecca.

"Hi Lisa," she said. " I wanted to tell you. I wanted to tell you that - that you're pretty and I want to - to make love to you. I want to taste - taste your pussy. And that I'll - I'll do anything - I'll do anything you want."

"Anything?" Lisa said seizing on the word.

"Anything." Rebecca repeated.

Seconds later Lisa knocked at the bathroom door. Gwen let her in. Lisa's eyes widened in shock. This wasn't quite what she expected. Rebecca was on her hands and knees. Her ass was a blaze of red welts. Her face wet and damp with sex.

"What the hell?" Lisa exclaimed. "What have you been doing? Tell me?"

"Nothing." Rebecca lied.

Lisa seized the brush. Whap. Whap. Whap. These were hard blows. Hard blows on a sore tight ass.

"I can smell it." Lisa said. Furious. Her date had cheated on her. Teased her. And then played her for a fool. Promised her anything, but then given it to someone else."Tell the goddamn truth."

Spanked again. Hard. Her already sore ass exploding in pain. Dominated by Gwen. And now again by this girl who had been so sweet - who thought she had cheated on her. It was too much. The dam broke and the truth spilled.

"She made me do it." Rebecca said. Why hadn't Lisa stepped in. She had obeyed. And now she was being punished again. It was too much. "I swear. This wasn't supposed to happen. I'm not her cousin. I work for - I work for Gwen's mother." And she kept going. Telling Lisa about Gwen's mother. Her job. Being forced to chaperone her young charge. Playing along at being her cousin. Even of her engagement. It all came out.

Lisa was dumbstruck. Now so much made sense. She looked at Gwen. Then down to the whimpering woman kneeling on the stool.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" she asked Lisa.

Lisa shrugged her shoulders. "I was embarrassed that my mom sent me with a chaperone. And then - well...I know you haven't been able to find anyone at school and I practically handed her to you on a silver platter. You're too nice sometimes..." she accused.

"Maybe I am too nice," Lisa said reaching into her bag and handing Gwen a digital camera. "But I'm just mad you didn't tell the truth. You almost made me miss this chance."

"What chance?" Gwen asked.

"You're being too shortsighted." Lisa said. "Lock the door."

They say that the truth will set you free. But at those words a bolt of fear stabbed through Rebecca's soul. She had told the truth, but she wasn't free.

Lisa wiggled out of her gown. Her eyes were as hungry as a predator's. "You said you wanted to taste my pussy."

It was Lisa's first time with another girl. While Gwen wasn't into girls, Lisa was. And it showed. Rebecca found it much different with someone who enjoyed it. Who got off on it. Putting her through her paces.

First Lisa sat on the toilet like Gwen had. Relaxing. Enjoying. Then she pushed Rebecca down to her back and sat on her face until the poor woman gasped for air. Then she crouched down a little under a foot separated her sex from Rebecca's tongue. She stuck out her tongue, thinking Lisa would move back down. When she didn't she tried to bring her head up crunching. Her stomach trembling...she was almost there. Lisa smiling down at her.

"What are you waiting for?" Lisa said. "Lick me. You've got me so hot."

Rebecca struggled up. Finally she made it. Licking. Sucking. Flash. Flash - more pictures were taken. Then Rebecca moved once again. She turned around making Rebecca lick her from behind. Flash. A picture. And then three. Made her lick her from the bottom. From the top. Made her lean against the toilet, her head hanging up over the bowl and lick her. "Oh like that. Like that. Faster." Lisa said.

Poor Rebecca. It was a terribly uncomfortable position to be in. The bowl cut into her back. She was forced to hold her head up with her neck muscles because the seat was up. Her hair dangled into the water below. She flicked her tongue faster. Faster. Eager for this to be over. And there was Gwen, always with the infernal camera in her face. Flash. Flash. Jesus. God.

"Fuck. Fuck." Lisa gasped, hips pumping, coming, her fingers pinching the older woman's nipples like a vice.

Finally over. Or so Rebecca thought.

But then Lisa made her get up and pose for more pictures.

"Show me those little perkies," Lisa ordered.

Blushing Rebecca lifted up her pert plums. Flash flash. More pictures.

Then Lisa took her glasses from her bag, put them on and made a show of looking for Rebecca's breasts. "Where are they?" Flash. Another humiliating picture.

Rebecca wanted to crawl into a hole. At least until Lisa bent down and suckled on Rebecca's hard nipples, sending bolts of electricity through her body.

"Now, let's see that pussy." Lisa ordered.

And Rebecca was made to get on the floor and spread her legs. Like a whore. Flash. Flash. The camera recording her every humiliation.

"Let's see inside." Lisa said.

Rebecca was made to part her lips.

"One finger from each hand." Lisa said. "I want you to stick them in and pull that little cherry apart. I want to see inside."

"" Rebecca begged. This was too much.

"You want me to show these pictures to Mrs. Stone?" Lisa said. "Or your fiancee?"

God no. An index finger was inserted into her dripping pussy. And then another. She rocked back as she spread her legs. Then she pulled apart.

Flash. Flash.

"This is disgusting." Gwen said, taking another picture and wrinkling her nose in distaste.

"I like disgusting," Lisa said. "Get a picture of her insides."

Flash. Flash.

"Now turn over." Lisa said. "On your hands and knees."

"Good girl."

"Kiss my feet."

"Put my toe in your mouth."

When would it end? Rebecca took the big toe in her mouth and sucked.

"You've been a good girl, haven't you."


"You've done everything I've asked."


"Would you like a reward?"


"Would you like me to fuck you with this handle?" Lisa held up the brush. The handle had ridges to grip. It was quite big around.

"Yes please," Rebecca said. Despite her mistreatment. She was hot as a firecracker. She needed it.

"Spread your legs like a good slut."

Rebecca spread her legs and arched her back. She needed it now. Wanted it. She had endured so much. She deserved this.

Lisa was happy to oblige.

"Damn you're tight." Lisa said, working the handle into Rebecca's hot pussy. "Your fiancee - he do this to you?"

"No." God no. But Rebecca had to admit each and every ridge of that handle was delightful. Opening her over and over again with each ridge. So big. So hard.

"Thanks. Gwen." Lisa said. "Hand me my camera back."

Gwen looked at it reluctantly. She owed Lisa a favor, but with this evidence she could not only have Rebecca on a string, but Lisa as well.

"Don't worry," Lisa said. "I'll be sure she will be your chaperone anytime you need her. Anytime. Anywhere. A pet chaperone."

Gwen wasn't interested in women sexually. But it would be nice to have a chaperone - a pet chaperone. She handed the camera over and left the bathroom. It was thick with musk and she was ready to get out. More than ready to find Brad again.

"And now you," Lisa said, turning her attention to Rebecca. "I'll have a little pet too, now won't I?"

Lisa pulled the handle from Rebecca's sex and pushed only and inch in. In and out. Teasing her.

"Yes." Rebecca admitted.

"These pictures, they could ruin you couldn't they?"

"Yes.": God yes.

"How old did you say you were?"


"God this is so hot." Lisa said. "I want you to dump your boyfriend."

Not boyfriend. Fiancee. The scene went through her mind. The dinner. Then ring in the champagne glass. He asked. She said yes. She had even booked a church and minister. Was looking at dresses just last week. But last week felt like ages ago.

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