The Chauffeur & the Lady


Julie nodded, she was very wet and all that Amy said was true. As if in a dream Julie spread her arms and legs apart in obedience to the maid. Amy smiled and tied the silk cords to Julie’s wrists and ankles with the ends being attached to the corner posts of the large bed.

Amy licked her lips as she gazed on Julie’s body then quickly slipped out of the clothes she was wearing, unstrapping a crop from her left leg. Boldly she climbed on the bed and knelt beside Julie, her finger tips gliding over the contours of her captive. Amy’s fingers played with Julie’s breasts and pinched the hard nipples, causing long moans of lust. Slowly the fingers moved lower until they were pulling the thick mound of pussy hair.

“Mmmm I think this will have to go,” Amy mused, “Definitely a candidate for shaving, don’t you think Julie?”

“Don’t you dare Amy!!!!” Julie was shocked by the suggestion.

“A dare, oh I love dares!” Amy said gleefully, leaping off the bed and heading for the bathroom. It wasn’t long before she reappeared with scissors, shaving gear and towels.

“Please Amy, no don’t shave me,” Julie pleaded as Amy clipped away with the scissors. "“I'll give you a raise, money, anything you want.”

“Ah the rich bitch is back,” Amy said, almost snarling. “You can’t buy me or Peter sweetie, so just relax and keep still, I don’t want to nick you with the razor.”

Julie accepted her fate and it was not long before Amy’s skill with the scissors and shaving gear resulted in a smooth and hairless pussy.

Amy ran her hand over Julie’s labia, “Oh yes that’s much better, smooth as a baby’s bum as the saying goes. I’m looking forward to keeping it like that every day too Ma’am, as part of my duties.”

“Oh, what will Richard say?” Julie said in a fearful tone.

“Don’t worry love, I bet he will like it, might even get his dick up for a change,” Amy laughed loudly at her own words.

Julie moaned in apprehension as she watched Amy pick up the crop. Amy ‘whooshed’ it through the air a few times for effect, the sound causing Julie to shudder. But Amy was not a sadist; she knew how to use the crop to excite and thrill. She held the leather tip a few inches from Julie’s skin and gave small stinging flicks. The crop moved up and down the soft flesh on the inside of Julie’s thighs and around her breasts. When the tip flicked her hard nipples Julie screamed before her body shook with small orgasms. Julie was pulling against the ties that held her on the bed and her breasts were heaving as she fought for breath. Never in her life had she experienced anything like the amazing sensations flowing non-stop through her body. Her eyes widened as she saw Amy holding the tip of the crop over her newly shaved pussy.

“NO AMY!” she shouted, then “AAAIIIIEEEEE” as Amy flicked her pussy lips five times in quick succession. Orgasm after orgasm swept through Julie’s shuddering body as she thrashed within the confines of the silk cords. Finally she collapsed down on the damp sheets, her lungs noisily drawing in much needed air and her body glowing with perspiration.

Amy wiped Julie down with a soft towel then released her ankles and wrists. She gave her Ma’am a hug, kissed her full on the lips then rose from the bed, grabbed her clothes and went to the bathroom. Julie heard the sound of water running into the bathtub and soon Amy returned, fully dressed and ready to return to her duties as the maid. She collected the breakfast tray and left Julie alone with her thoughts.

The rest of the day seemed outwardly like any other in the large manor house. Amy went about her duties as if nothing unusual had taken place last night or that morning. Julie spent much of the day sitting outside on the patio in the sunshine, thinking and worrying, wondering what would happen next? What would happen when her husband returned home? Should she telephone him now and if she did would he believe her? The memories of Peter and Amy using her body flooded her mind, but she knew this was real and not a dream.

Amy interrupted Julie’s thoughts, “Excuse me Ma’am, dinner will be ready in thirty minutes. Please go and change now into your silk robe, nothing else. After dinner I will be taking you to see Peter again in the stables. And Julie, no speaking after dinner commences.”

“Oh yes Amy, I will be ready,” Julie was amazed at her submissive reply to Amy’s instructions. As she walked up the long staircase she was aware of her hard nipples and wet vagina and a shudder of fear and excitement shook her body.

The churning in her stomach diminished Julie’s appetite and she ate little. She sat waiting as Amy silently cleared away the dinner dishes, the waiting increasing her tension. Finally Amy returned from the kitchen, a collar and lead in her hands. Julie sat demurely as Amy fastened the collar around her neck and then followed like a puppy as Amy led her back to the stables.

The smell of the equipment room once again thrilled Julie as Amy led her to stand again in front of the highly polished saddle. Julie made no protest as Amy slipped the robe from her shoulders and once again she stood nude, awaiting her fate. A little voice inside Julie’s head was saying ‘run Julie, run back to the house’ but she stayed still, standing at attention, amazed at her own obedience.

Amy pushed Julie forward and over the saddle so that her arse was once again on full display in the bright lights. Amy knelt and strapped Julie’s ankles to the legs of the timber frame that supported the saddle. Julie moaned as Amy moved around near her head and strapped her arms to the timber supports on the other side. Julie could see the floor behind her and watched Amy’s legs as they turned and walked out of the room. The suspense built as the minutes passed until finally Julie heard the sound of boots on the stable floor. She saw the boots walk into the room, the inevitable crop slapping impatiently against the shining leather. As Julie braced herself for the first blow she realized that she was looking forward to the sting of the crop.

‘Come on you bastard,’ she thought to herself, ‘Give it to me, I want it now.’

‘Crack’ - “Ahhhhhhhhh, yesssss” This time the expression was of acceptance, not of disapproval.

‘Crack, crack, crack,’ the crop rose and fell, the pain thrilling Julie as the heat flowed through her loins and all of her body. She screamed at each hard stroke, the immediate pain turning quickly to amazing feelings of pleasure as she floated in that wonderful place called sub-space.

After eighteen strokes the whipping suddenly stopped and Julie crashed back to reality as she lay panting heavily across the saddle. As she watched the leather boots stood immediately behind her. She sobbed as firm fingers roughly felt her burning flesh and then probed between her legs, exploring her sopping slit. Julie’s eyes opened wide as the trousers behind her suddenly dropped down onto the boots and a hard cock pushed its way between her legs.

“NO PETER!” she screamed as the cock pushed its way roughly into the depths of her cunt. There was no reply as the cock began to fuck her hard and strong with long strokes. Soon any hatred of being fucked by her chauffeur was blown away by Julie’s need for some hard sex. His balls slapped her shaven skin as each time he thumped his cock into the very hilt. Both were moaning with lust as their orgasms approached and it wasn’t long before he was pumping his sperm into her depths. Julie screamed loudly as she orgasmed, her body pulling against the straps and then collapsing over the saddle.

Perspiration was running into her eyes and she closed them as she felt the straps being released from her arms and ankles. Strong arms helped her from the saddle and laid her down on a rough blanket on the floor. She was held in a firm hug as her still shaking body slowly calmed down and she regained her breath.

The sound of familiar laughter caused Julie to open her eyes and look at the man holding her.

“RICHARD! Oh my God! Oh darling, what’s happening? What are you doing here, oh shit, I don’t know what to say. That was you fucking me………” Julie’s voice faded and she lay looking at Richard, shaking her head, unable to comprehend what was happening.

Richard smiled down at Julie and stroked the hair back from her face. “My darling, everything is all right, believe me.” Richard paused then called loudly, “OK you two, come in here please.”

Julie’s eyes nearly popped from her head as Peter strode into the room leading Amy by a collar and lead.

Richard spoke, “Julie my darling these two people are not Peter and Amy. I’d like you to meet an old friend of mine, Matthew and his slave and student Domme, Melissa.”

Julie found her voice at last, “What the fuck is going on here?”

Richard continued, “Let me explain my sweet. A few months ago you fell asleep at your computer and I saw the sites you were looking at. I crept out, slammed a door to wake you and said nothing. When you went to stay with your parents for that week I checked out the history in the computer and the emails you had sent to overseas friends. I realised that you had a need that I could not fulfill at that time. A few weeks later when you thought I was at the golf championships I actually spent the weekend with Matt and Melissa, learning the ropes of BDSM as best I could.”

“I don’t believe this, it’s like a corny Hollywood movie.” Julie smiled as she began to comprehend what had happened.

“So darling, I hatched this plan with Matt and you know the rest. From now on I will be satisfying all your needs, oh, and our old staff, David and Sarah will be back next week from their long service leave. Matt and Melissa will be returning to their own home.”

“You bastards,” Julie said looking at Matt and Melissa as she struggled to her feet. “You were fucking brilliant. Amazing. God I could do with a drink, let’s go in the house.”

Julie walked the couple of paces to Matt and took the lead from his hands, “Come on Amy, Melissa I mean, I want to have a talk to you.”

The four left the stables and walked across to the manor house where Melissa had pre-prepared a delicious supper. They talked and drank until the early hours when they staggered off to their respective rooms.

As they lay in bed Julie hugged Richard closely, “Thank you darling, I’m still coming to terms with what happened to me but I do know I feel absolutely wonderful. I love you so much you special man, goodnight.”


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