tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Chinese Whip

The Chinese Whip


Jackie Blake and her young daughter Melanie had planned their trip to China for almost a year. They decided against an organized tour in order to have the freedom to spend additional time at favorite sites if they wanted. With that freedom came a somewhat uneasy feeling of being truly alone at times.

About one week into their planned two-week visit, they found themselves far inland at the smallest of the cities they had seen so far. Despite its remote location, the city had a school with working computers and Internet access. After a little haggling with the school administrator, the tourists were told they could use the computers for an hour to e-mail friends and relatives later that evening. Jackie was certain the ten-dollar fee was going straight into the old man’s pocket.

Jackie was a 40 year-old stockbroker who was divorced from Melanie’s father for ten years. Melanie, nineteen, was on summer vacation after completing her first year at college. Both were tall blondes, making them stand out in the crowd wherever they went, and there was little doubt in the minds of the “locals” that these were Americans.

That evening, they sat in their hot motel room talking about what they had done and seen that day. They were both enjoying the trip, as well as spending time together.

“Well, let’s go,” Jackie finally said. “I hope the old man comes through with these computers. But, if not, I’m only out ten bucks.”

“That may be the most money he’s seen in months,” Melanie said.

They locked the door behind them and walked the short distance to the school. The school, like most buildings they had been in, was not air-conditioned. So, they wore shorts, as usual. Jackie had on a sleeveless shirt and Melanie wore a tank top without a bra, which annoyed her mother to no end.

They found the school administrator in his office and he took the women to the room with the computers. In broken English, he advised them the school would close in one hour. Jackie and Melanie agreed and thanked the man, who bowed and left the room.

Despite slow connections, the women were into their mail accounts within a couple minutes and worked in silence, except for the sound of their typing. About fifteen minutes later, voices could be heard in the hallway outside their room. Jackie looked up as three uniformed men entered the room, followed by the administrator.

“Stand up,” the first man in a brown military-like uniform said abruptly.

Jackie and Melanie looked at each other, then pushed their chairs away from the desks and stood.

“Come with us,” the man ordered.

“What? Why?” Jackie said, confused.

The two younger uniformed men each took one of the women’s arms and led Jackie and Melanie down the hall.

“Hey. Wait a minute. What is this?” Jackie’s voice was getting louder and more forceful.

None of the men acknowledged her pleadings as they reached the front of the school. They walked down the steps and in the direction of two awaiting cars. Jackie was led towards one, Melanie the other.

“Mom. What’s happening?” Melanie shouted.

“I don’t know, hon. We’ll be OK,” Jackie answered.

The car doors closed once everyone was inside the cars and they sped off toward the center of the city.

“I demand an explanation,” Jackie said.

There was no response from the man sitting next to her, or the driver. She sat back and resigned herself to the fact no answers were coming from them. Jackie turned around and watched the second car follow them. Melanie’s head could be seen in the back seat and there didn’t appear to be much being said in that car, either, Jackie thought.

Soon, the cars pulled up to the front of a two-story stone building with other uniformed men walking in and out. The women exited their cars and were ushered up the steps into the building, closely observed by passing officers and citizens on the sidewalk.

The group passed a small reception desk and proceeded down a narrow hall past offices on either side. Near the end of the hall, they turned into a little room consisting solely of a wooden table and four chairs, with windowless doors at either end. The women were told to sit next to each other on one side of the table and, without further discussion, were left alone in the room, the door shutting loudly behind the last of the uniformed men.

“Mom, I’m scared,” Melanie said.

“Don’t be. It’s…” her mother was saying when the door to the hallway opened.

A middle-aged man entered the room, wearing a darker version of the same uniform the women had seen before. He was short, not unattractive and powerfully built. The arms under his short sleeve shirt rippled with muscles as he pulled out a chair from across the table and sat down.

“Ladies, I am Zao Lin, commander of this station. You have been brought here under serious charges,” the commander said, pausing to look at the women. “You are charged with bribery in order to view pornographic material on our computers.”

“What?” Jackie exclaimed. “That’s a lie.”

“Enough,” Lin said loudly. “Do you deny giving Mr. Tung ten American dollars to use the computers?”

“If you mean the school administrator… he demanded the money,” Jackie stammered.

“So you don’t deny it,” the commander said.

“I didn’t…he demanded…” Jackie was saying when Lin interrupted her.

“Stop. Come with me,” Lin said as he stood from the table.

He faced the women until they, too, stood. He then motioned to the door at the end of the room opposite the hallway entrance. Jackie and Melanie walked around the table while Lin moved to the door and opened it.

The room they entered was a little larger than the first one, with dark curtains hanging on the opposite wall, a couch and a wood table in the center of the room with no chairs. A second door was next to the curtains.

Two men in uniforms stood by the table. The commander spoke Chinese to one of the men, who then took Melanie by the arm and walked her towards the far door. Melanie looked back and said, nearly in tears, “Mom.”

“It’ll be OK, hon,” Jackie told her, as her daughter disappeared into another room.

Lin spoke to the remaining officer and the younger man moved to the curtains, pulling them apart in a swift motion. Jackie could see into the next room, where three men joined Melanie. Directly across from the window, which Jackie assumed was a mirror on the reverse side, was a single bed with a gray, metal headboard. In the center of the room, two sets of chains dangled from the ceiling with shackles at the ends.

Jackie watched, her heart pounding, as one man grabbed Melanie’s arms and pulled them behind her. Jackie could see Melanie’s mouth open with a scream, but couldn’t hear anything. A second man stepped in front of the girl and put his hand on her face, then moved it down her neck until it rested on her breast. He squeezed it before putting his hand inside her tank top and cupping the breast.

“Make them stop,” Jackie cried to the commander. “I’ll do anything you want. Just leave her alone.”

“Quiet,” was all Lin said. The commander again spoke to the young officer, who reached behind the curtain and turned a round knob. From speakers above the window, Jackie heard the voices of the men she watched in the other room.

The man in front of Melanie pulled a large knife from his belt and placed it at the top of her shirt with the blade pointing down. Pulling down and away from the girl’s body, he sliced the tank top in half in one smooth movement.

“No. Please,” Melanie sobbed.

The man put the knife back in his belt and pushed the remnants of the shirt open, revealing Melanie’s large, firm breasts. The man behind Melanie yanked at the back of the shirt and pulled it off her body.

Her mother heard the men speaking in excited, high-pitched voices. The man in front of Melanie put both hands on her breasts and kneaded them with his fingers. He spoke to the others as he pinched the pink nipples extending out from her areolas.

“Please, sir. No more,” Jackie begged Lin.

“You will have your chance soon,” he said.

Melanie’s shorts were unsnapped and the zipper pulled down to the shouts of the men in the room with her. The man in front of Melanie pushed the shorts down over her hips until they slid by themselves to the girl’s feet. He spoke Chinese but made hand gestures indicating for her to kick them off, which she did, along with her sandals. Clad now in only a pair of white panties, tears flowed down the girl’s face. Some more hand signals, combined with the freeing of her arms, and Melanie presumed she was to remove the panties.

She pulled them down slowly and slipped them over her feet, the men’s eyes darting from her dangling breasts to her exposed pussy to her shapely ass. She stood back up, her legs held tightly together and her arms folded in front of her chest.

Lin pushed a button on the wall and spoke loudly toward the speakers. Two men approached Melanie, each taking one of her arms. They pulled her over to the hanging chains, lifting her arms and enclosing a manacle over each of her wrists with a loud snap. The girl now faced the window, her arms hanging loosely over her head, as the men in the room walked around admiring her tall, thin body from every angle.

“Now, you have your turn,” the commander said to Jackie. “You can help your daughter survive.”

Jackie looked at the man, her lips trembling and tears welling up in her eyes.

“Take off your clothes,” he said. Jackie wanted to protest, but decided against it. Instead, she reached down and untied her sneakers, pulling them off reluctantly. When she leaned back up, she reached for the top button of her shirt and, with shaky fingers, began to undress. As she was unbuttoning the shirt, she noticed movement through the window. A man had moved in front of her daughter and he was holding what appeared to be some type of whip. Jackie momentarily stopped to watch as the man pulled the whip back and flung it across Melanie’s breasts. The end of the whip contained several strands of thinly cut, soft material that wrapped around the girl’s breasts.

“Continue,” the commander said to Jackie sternly.

The woman unbuttoned the last of the buttons on her shirt, lifting it out of her shorts. She watched the flogging her daughter was taking as she took off the shirt. Jackie could see the nipples on Melanie’s breasts get harder and redder with each slap of the whip. Melanie’s eyes were closed, but she showed no other signs of pain.

Lin looked at Jackie standing in her black bra and shorts. The younger officer also stared at the ample breasts, his hands clasped behind his back. Jackie noticed the bulge in his pants and quickly looked away when their eyes met again.

“Take it off,” he said, pointing to the bra.

Jackie unhooked the bra behind her and slid the straps down her arms, holding the bra in place in front of her chest. Before Lin could speak, she dropped it to the floor.

Her breasts could have belonged to someone half her age. They were not as full as her daughter’s, but were ideally shaped with small nipples.

When her eyes returned to the window, Jackie saw the whip being applied to Melanie’s pussy, which was covered with a narrow patch of closely cut blonde hair. A man was standing next to her, motioning for her to spread her legs, which she did before closing her eyes once more. The whip struck her softly, the material dragging across the area between her legs over and over.

“Make them stop. Please,” Jackie said pleadingly.

“No. She must be punished. And you also,” Lin said in barely recognizable English. “Now, remove your pants.”

Jackie nervously unbuttoned her shorts and pulled down the zipper. She pushed them down her legs, exposing a pair of silky black panties. The shorts fell to the ground and she kicked them aside.

The woman’s legs were well tanned and conditioned from long walks in preparation for the trip. She hoped she didn’t appear attractive to her captors. Lin caught her watching the activities in the other room and motioned with his hands for her to remove the panties. Timidly, she hooked her thumbs inside the band of the underwear and began to take it off. The two men watched as she bent over, slipping the panties over her feet. They look intently at her full, round ass as it stuck out, then at her neatly trimmed pussy when she stood. Jackie didn’t have the hourglass figure of her daughter, but persistent exercising had fought off any undue fat. Indeed, her stomach was flat and her hips and thighs smooth and firm.

All three persons now focused their attention briefly on the other room, where the man with the whip had moved behind Melanie and was bringing the whip upward between her legs, having it strike her above the clit and then dragging the material over her pussy. They heard the voices of the men bark out their approval.

Lin stood behind Jackie, who watched her daughter hang from the shackles and take the whipping. She shuddered when the man’s hands unexpectedly clutched her breasts from behind. The commander pushed them up as he tightened his fingers around them, then flattened out his hands and her breasts simultaneously. He squeezed the nipples and pushed his body against hers until she could feel the hardness of his cock in his pants as it rubbed against her ass.

Melanie’s voice came through the speakers from the other room.

“Oh, God, please stop. Please stop,” she cried. But the swoosh of the whip could be heard as the man behind her persisted.

“She will not last,” Lin said to Jackie. “She is young.”

Jackie was not totally sure how the commander meant the words to be taken, but she thought she knew. Meanwhile, Lin’s hand was moving from her nipples down her stomach to her pussy. She felt a shudder inside her as it passed her clit and found the soft skin below.

“No more, please. God, no,” Melanie was saying.

Lin’s middle finger found the opening to Jackie’s cunt and rose inside her. His other hand was flat on her ass and he pushed her further onto his finger. Jackie closed her eyes and gasped as he moved the finger to the top of her cunt, stroking the one place she had always found to be the most sensitive.

When she opened her eyes, she saw two men undressing while her daughter continued to be tortured by the third. Quickly, the men were naked, their hard cocks pointing upward.

Lin withdrew his hand from between Jackie’s legs and, within half a minute, was also undressed. He pushed against Jackie’s ass, the underside of his rigid cock pressed firmly against the ass by his own stomach.

Melanie’s face contorted in agony, the whip striking her harder than before.

“No, please. Don’t make me…Oh, God, stop.” She squirmed, trying to escape her bondage. Whenever she tried to squeeze her legs together, the man behind her placed his hands on the inside of her thighs and pulled them apart roughly.

One of the naked men moved beside her and squeezed her nipple. Then he methodically licked the bright pink nipple before putting it in his mouth. Soon, the entire end of her breast was in his mouth.

“No, no. I’ll do anything. God, no.”

“She’s ready now,” Lin said.

From the other room, the officer who had his mouth on Melanie’s breast stood back and shouted in Chinese to the speakers.

“Come,” Lin said. He took Jackie by the arm and pulled her through the door and into the room with her daughter, trailed by the younger officer.

“You may see your daughter now,” he told Jackie.

The mother ran to her daughter and embraced her.

“Oh, Mom. Make them stop,” Melanie sobbed.

“I will, hon. You’re OK.”

The men watched the women, their bodies pressed firmly against each other. Jackie unconsciously felt the awkwardness of their breasts touching and backed away slightly, wiping the tears from Melanie’s face.

Jackie was shocked back into reality by Lin’s next order.

“Get on your knees,” he said.

The impact of the words didn’t register with the woman until she started to obey. When she was on her knees and her face was parallel with Melanie’s pussy, a chill went down her spine. He wouldn’t, would he?

“Lick your daughter. She is ready,” Lin told her.

Jackie hesitated. “Do anything you want to me, but leave her alone.”

“Do it. Now,” the commander growled.

The woman looked up at her daughter. “I’m sorry, baby. They’ll hurt you otherwise.” Melanie was silent as her mother’s face approached her cunt. The girl’s body twitched when Jackie’s tongue first made contact. Melanie closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, letting it out in a rush as her mother’s tongue swept up the length of her pussy. The tender skin had been whipped into a state of extreme sensitivity and the moist feeling of Jackie’s tongue was almost more than Melanie could bear.

As Jackie fell into a rhythm, the undressed men in the room all stroked their hard cocks without apparent shame. It was inevitable, Jackie thought to herself, that she and Melanie would take the brunt of the men’s desires.

Melanie instinctively spread her legs the longer her mother licked her pussy and clit. At first, Melanie had pulled her lower body away from the probing tongue. But now, she stood straight and stiff, her eyes closed tightly and her hands grasping the shackles.

The man with the whip once again stood by the girl’s side and lightly lashed the material across her nipples. Melanie cringed at the waves of pleasure each stroke sent through her body. She tried frantically to ignore what was happening to her, but it was all too much.

“Oh, God,” Melanie moaned quietly. “No, please.”

Jackie tasted the wetness between her daughter’s legs and saw her stomach muscles tighten. Above her head, she heard the soft flick of the whip and the almost imperceptible sound of the material striking Melanie’s breasts. All the while, she continued licking.

Melanie’s entire body flinched once, then again.

“God, no. No. Stop,” the girl cried.

Despite her pleadings, she was thrusting her hips forward each time her mother’s tongue contacted her pussy. Another minute passed and the girl was squirming against her restraints, no longer capable of controlling her body’s actions.

Just as her mouth opened to scream once more, Lin stepped towards the girl and shouted, “Stop.”

Jackie looked up, startled by the sound. However, the man with the whip continued as if nothing had happened. Melanie, eyes wide open now, stared at the commander and whimpered, “Ahhhh, God, no.”

“You want to continue, yes?” Lin asked Melanie.

“No, please,” she replied. The whip struck her harder and she closed her eyes.

Lin looked at Jackie and ordered her to start licking again. Immediately, Melanie’s body started quivering. “Will you confess?” the commander asked the girl.

“No,” Melanie sobbed.

“Should I tell them to stop again?” Lin asked.

“No,” Melanie said so softly the man barely heard her.

“Do you confess?” he asked her.

“Yes. God. Yes.”

Lin nodded at the man with the whip. In one quick motion, the instrument was swung behind Melanie and landed against her ass.

Melanie lurched forward, pressing firmly against her mother’s face. The whip struck her again and again. Each time, the tentacle-like material clung to her cheeks briefly before dropping off.

Ahhhh, fuck. No, no, no…” the girl moaned.

An orgasm erupted from inside her body and Melanie screamed wildly. She drove her hips forward as if trying to fuck her mother’s face. Jackie desperately struggled to keep in contact with the ever-shifting pussy, eventually putting her hands behind her daughter’s thighs to hold her in place.

“Ohhhhh…yes, yes, yes,” Melanie panted as another wave hit her and the whip struck her ass.

The men in the room watched intently, their erections throbbing as the beautiful young blonde American writhed before them. They watched the whip slap her flesh. They watched the older woman bury her face between the girl’s legs. They watched Melanie’s breasts heave back and forth.

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