The Chosen One


The Navy SEAL leader swallowed hard as his wife moved to within inches of his stretched out legs. When she brushed her delicate fingers along the sparse hairs of his leg, he felt his once flaccid member begin to fill with hot surging blood. Even though they had been married for a few years now, her insatiable drive for morning attention seemed to grow stronger with time.

"You would have thought that you got enough last night, or have you forgotten that I still have a hurt leg from the Pandora mission?"

Kristine knelt between his legs and moved her hands along his powerful limbs. "Oh you poor baby. Did I wear my Adonis like husband out last night? Want me to kiss it and make it all better?"

Adam couldn't deny the throbbing erection rising up his lose fitting shorts. "Just because we have a bunch of time off, doesn't mean we have to make love every waking moment."

Kristine moved her hand inside his shorts and grasped the now very hard member. "Oh I agree my little stud muffin, that's why we'll just have sex every now and then to break up the monotony," she replied with a giggle.

"My leg hurts too much."

"Then I'll be gentle with you."

"I have a headache."

"I'll give you something else to think about," she whispered as she pulled the shorts down.

"The stove is on and we'll burn down the house."

"Then I'll make it quick before the fire trucks get here," she breathed just before taking the large head between her red lips.

Adam tossed his head back and moaned deep in his throat. It never failed to amaze him at her ability to stimulate him along with her determination to get what she wanted. As he placed his hands on the side of her bobbing head, he began to wonder if there would come a time when her sex drive would begin to dwindle. He could feel his pulse quicken and he lifted her face up so he could look at his loving wife.

"You're going to kill me, you know that right?" Adam said as he tried to catch his breath.

"Then tell me your secrets SEAL," she said in a stern voice.

Adam rolled his eyes as he realized she was roleplaying her favorite scenario. She always fell into some sort of role when she was turned on more than usual. He knew that if he just played along and gave her what she wanted she would leave him alone for a few hours of peace and coffee.

"I'll never talk; I have more will power than you think. I'm trained to endure torture," he replied as she stroked him with quick movements.

"Are you trained to endure this kind of punishment?" Kristine placed her lips once again over the bulbous head, and in one fluid motion, drove her mouth down until the throbbing head was sheltered in her throat.

When Adam felt the tightness engulf him, he shook with wanton need for release. When he felt her begin to rise, he took a deep breath and waited for her to speak again. What he didn't expect her to do was to repeat the torturous act again. "Oh dear God, don't do that Kristine."

His loving wife again raised her head and palmed the now sensitive tip. "Then tell me where you SEAL team is at Commander."

"Go to hell, I won't talk."

Kristine placed her lips around the leaking tip and flicked it with the tip of her tongue. Once there was a steady flow, she stabbed it deep into her throat again. When she heard no reply from her husband, she moaned, which caused an agonizing sensation to shoot through his groin.

There was no way Lieutenant Commander Adam Dawson could hold back the impending consequences of her talented actions. Even after last nights frenzied actions, the Navy SEAL still shot rope after rope into his wife's hungry stomach. When he began to soften, Kristine raised her head and took a deep, and needed breath.

"Now that's how you're supposed to wake up in the morning sweetheart," Kristine said as she licked her lips.

"If that's -- how it's going -- to be -- while I'm on leave, I have to -- find -- another job," Adam gasped as he tried to regain his composure.

"Try to rest now dear and get your strength back. We're supposed to have lunch with Kevin and Laura this afternoon down at the Virginia Beach pier," she said as she walked to the kitchen for her morning coffee. "I think I'll have it black, I've already had the cream."

"Thank God; she can't attack me in public. I wonder if Kevin's couch is open so I can get some rest?"


Deep in the bowels of the CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia, Neil Hawkins studied the papers scattered around his desk. As a retired Navy SEAL Commander, he was used to puzzling questions, but the more he looked them over the more confusing the questions became about a single rogue scientist.

She didn't follow any known terrorist tactics; vanished without a trace; and in general was pissing off the old SEAL. In frustration, he picked up the photo of a stunning woman in her mid-thirties with long black hair. Under any normal circumstances, she would be just another hot looking Russian; but she was far from anything but normal.

"I just don't understand how someone with looks like that could fall off the planet without a trace?" The new Director of the Special Activities Division mused, as he leaned back in the high backed leather chair.

"Where in the world are you Miss Nadia Karpov?"

Ocean Eddies, Virginia Beach pier, Virginia Beach Virginia.

The young woman bit her bottom lip as she and her fiancé walked hand in hand up the old wooden pier. A stunning vision of youthful beauty in her own right, but her bright brown eyes darted from person to person watching for any signs of disgust.

She touched the side of her head and caressed the short, almost crew cut like, black hair. The striking woman had cause to be nervous; this particular Saturday morning was the first time since she was eight that she was out in public without her wig. The car crash that claimed her parents, left her scarred for life, that is until John Balch gave her a small gift from heaven.

Kevin squeezed Laura's hand in a reassuring manner. "Try to calm down sweetheart; no one is noticing anything except a hot chic with her fiancé."

"I should have waited for it to come in more; it's only been a week."

Kevin spotted the sign for the seafood restaurant and pushed the small salon type doors open. As he held them for his soul mate to enter, something caught his werewolf senses as a small ocean breeze kicked up the scent.

He allowed Laura to enter as he scanned the crowded pier. With the breeze dying down, the scent subsided and he failed to pick up any other signs of danger. After another short scan, he followed her into the small establishment.

As the SEAL scanned the area, he couldn't decide on whether or not it was a bar or a restaurant. It had a lone L-shaped bar on one side with a few tables against the other wall. Most of the tables were positioned outside on a long balcony that over looked the busy beachfront. When he spotted his team leader and his wife outside, he once again held the door open for his lover, and the mother of his unborn child.

"It's about time you got here," Adam said as he stood up and gave Laura a soft hug.

"Don't come down on me Boss; it took a bit of convincing to get her out of the house without her safety net," Kevin shot back as he pulled a chair open for her next to Kristine.

Kristine put her arm around the nervous friend and pulled her towards her. "I think it looks fantastic Laura. I just don't understand how it could happen?"

Laura shot Kevin a questioning glance of how to answer the very capable Intelligence Officer. She knew she couldn't tell Kristine the truth about what Kevin had said. Even now, she had trouble coming to grips with the knowledge that the SEAL medic was, in truth, an angel. Kevin warned her about never telling a living soul about the real identity of John Henry Balch.

Kevin grabbed her hand. "I guess you can't keep true beauty hidden for long."

A pretty beach blond server walked up and interrupted the conversation. As the group ordered lunch and drinks, Laura looked out towards the open ocean in hopes of finding a way to tell her friends about the other bit of news that they decided to keep secret for a short while longer. The two of them had talked at great length about the repercussions of a werewolf fathering a child with a human female.

Her thoughts were torn when the server asked about a drink for her. "What -- oh sorry -- just water for me thank you."

Kevin saw the anguish in her eyes. "Good choice, that way you don't get tipsy and take advantage of me again. We're supposed to be resting."

Laura shot a stern glare towards him. "Kevin Dvorska!"

"I know how you feel little buddy," Adam added as he rubbed his sore leg.

Kristine leaned over to her friend while scowling at her husband. "Men, they're all the same; don't give them sex, they complain. When they do get it -- they still complain."

The small group shared a welcomed laugh after a rough mission. It was good to have the time off to heal and reconnect with the reasons that brought them together as friends in the first place. Kevin looked around at the smiling faces as the server brought the drinks out to them.

After she was gone, Kevin raised his beer in a toast. "To good times; good friends; and even better families."

The all touched in the middle and took a slow sip of the ice cold liquid. Adam set his beer down and leaned back in the weathered wood chair. "Speaking of family, when are you two going to stop screwing around and make it official?"

Kevin shot a look towards Laura who was playing with her water bottle. "I asked her when we got back Adam. You're now looking at the future Mrs. Kevin Dvorska."

Adam and Kristine both jumped in their seats as the news hit them. Kristine grabbed Laura and hugged her tight, while Adam grabbed his point man's hand and shook it with a firm grip while slapping him on the back. The pair of them smiled and thanked their friends for their well wishes, but Laura continued to stare at her water.

Kristine released her hold and placed her hands on the table. "Oh my God Adam we have so much to do. We need dresses; you two have to find a church. We gotta tell the rest of the team; they'll go ape shit when they hear this. We're going to have to get a big reception hall for all the..."

"I'm pregnant."

The outside deck was dead quiet except for the sound of the surf surging with ease against the beach. The bombshell news had taken the unsuspecting couple off guard as Kevin picked up his beer and took a long pull. When he glanced at his lover, she seemed to be in a fight or flight mode as she looked in haste towards the door leading into the other area.

Kevin wanted to join her in her escape but his training kicked in and decided to continue the conversation. "Well don't everyone jump for joy all at once, they'll kick us out."

"Holy -- freakin -- shit Kevin! Outstanding shipmate, just God dam outstanding!" Adam screamed.

Kristine grabbed Laura and broke down in tears of happiness as she rocked her with concerned care. "Oh Laura, you don't know how happy I am for you baby. If anyone deserved a gift from heaven it's you two."

When she let go of her, Laura picked up her water and brought it up. "Kevin and I have been talking about, you know, the gift. I don't know if it's a good thing or not," she said as she sipped her water.

Kevin leaned towards Kristine. "That small matter will have to come into play some time or another Kristine. Remember Kordic's daughter? She couldn't turn but she had the same senses, and then there's that little point of what happens at puberty."

Kristine took a hard stare at the human form of a very dangerous werewolf. "Don't you even start that with me young man! Everyone you have ever had to go up against was raised in some sort of violent upbringing! What about Jake Newton? He turned out as one of the good guys. So don't even go there!"

Adam leaned forward. "Okay everyone, settle down, that includes you Kristine. I thought you told me once that the gift might skip a generation? Have you two thought about that angle?"

"Sure I have Adam, but what if the opposite happens? What happens if he or she inherits my bloodline? Better yet, if the kid turns out to be pure human, how the hell do I explain what I am?" Kevin lowered his head. "Now I know what my own mom and dad went through."

"I can't answer that for you Kevin. What I can say is no matter what, that kid is going to have a hell of a lot of protection. Can you imagine if it's a girl and her prom date shows up to a room full of SEALs?"

Kristine shook her finger at her husband. "You clowns are not going to scare some poor boy to death because you're over protective!"

"Can we please stop talking about what might happen, I'm nervous enough as it is," Laura complained as the server walked up with their lunch.

As the plates were being passed around for the shrimp and crab, a small breeze picked up around them. Kevin once again caught the faint scent of another lycanthrope and he scanned the area with a trained eye, and then shot his vision towards the beach below. This time though the scent was even closer than before.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as he watched people walk around in the sand and along the boardwalk. Teenagers playing in the surf, loving couples walking along the boardwalk or leaning against the rail watching the open ocean; it appeared to be just a normal day in Virginia Beach.


Candrea Lacson and Eduardo Matos leaned against the rail that separated the boardwalk from the white sands of Virginia Beach. He had his arm around her as she leaned against him. Every so often, one of them would shoot a glance towards the outer deck of the restaurant.

"It seems as if we have some strange news to deliver during the next meeting," Eduardo said as he slipped his hand lower along the Australian woman's back.

"In deed we do. I've never heard of a chosen one bearing a child with a human. The other bit of news will be what happened to your arm if you don't get it off my ass and back on my shoulder." Candrea's tone left little to the imagination on how she felt about being pawed at.

Eduardo moved his hand back up and sighed. "I can see that he senses us when the wind moves the right way, but he has trouble picking us out. Maybe he's not the chosen one after all."

"Well that's why we're here -- Ed -- so we should try to find areas he's weak in so we can have a full report for Franklin."


Kevin continued to search the area, and once again, failed to come up with any clues as to why his werewolf side sensed danger. When he gave up his search, Kevin reached in a grabbed a crab cake and a few pieces of shrimp. He glanced over towards his best friend and noticed the stare he was getting.


"Don't what me Dvorska, I know that look when I see it, you smell something don't you," Adam replied.

"Just every once in a while when the wind picks up. I'm sure it's nothing to freak out about, okay."

Laura looked around with worried eyes. "Are we in danger?"

He watched as the three humans darted their eyes back and forth, looking for something that only he could pick up due to the area they were at. "Will you people try to calm down please, you three look like the place is on fire or something."

Kristine pushed her plate back and grabbed Laura's hand. "Yeah and what if the bastard tries something here?"

Kevin shook his head in vain. "Now that I know I'm not the only one in America with this -- talent -- I'd have to say it's probably some passerby who got the same scent I did and is running away as we speak. I don't know about you three but I'm hungry," he stated as he reached in for more food.

The two couples dropped the subject of werewolves and danger and feasted on fresh seafood and drinks. Kristine occupied her time with Laura going over ideas about gowns for a wedding. Kevin and Adam talked about sports, and trying to figure out what to do with all that time off. They both knew that their wives would fuck them to near death if they didn't have something to do outside the house.

When the server came to take the empty dishes away, they ordered another round of drinks and basked in the afternoon sun. Adam watched as Kristine and Laura went over baby names and health issues related to pregnancy.

He began to wonder in silence whether there would be a baby Adam or Kristine running around the house, then wrecking it. He studied the details of her face as she talked excitedly with her friend. "Yeah maybe someday it will happen."

"...names so far?" Kevin's voice brought his friend out of his trance.

"Um -- what?" Adam asked as he turned to his point man.

"You got any ideas for names so far, or haven't you decided to take the offer about the new team?"

"To be honest, I haven't had much time to think about work due to -- extenuating circumstances -- around the house."

Kristine stopped in mid-sentence with Laura to shoot her husband another glaring scowl. "Get off your pity party SEAL and suck it up."

The group laughed at the slap towards her husband and leaned back in their chairs as they continued to discuss matters other than work. In the backs of the two SEAL's minds, they both knew that the time would come when would have to return to being what they were trained to be.

After a long session of laughs and discussions, Kevin checked his watch and noticed that it was getting late and he should get his pregnant wife home to rest. After paying the bill, the two couples stood and made their way towards the exit.

As they walked down the pier, Laura grabbed Kristine's arm and walked with her towards the boardwalk as their husbands scanned the area. When they found no danger, Adam looked towards his friend. "The training never stops does it," he laughed.

"Jesus Adam, we got our first time off in a long time and we still can't let it go for an afternoon," Kevin replied with a smile.

Adam looked towards the large Ferris wheel at the edge of the parking lot. He laughed inside as he spotted Kevin's car parked next to his in the almost full parking lot. He was glad that the young SEAL could find a spot not too far away from the restaurant so Laura didn't have to walk much in her condition.

When they reached the cars, Adam placed his hand inside the pocket of his khaki pants and pulled the small set of keys out. After pressing the button on the key fob, the distinctive click of the locks could be heard snapping open.

Just as they were about to split up, something caught Kevin's attention out of the corner of his vision. Three men were walking straight towards them, but the thing that made his senses twitch, was that they were all smiling at him. "Adam."

Adam turned his head and noticed the men walking with a purpose towards Kevin. They all appeared to be in their mid-twenties with sandy windblown hair. Given their rather thin stature, he knew they were nothing more than a mere annoyance, but his training told him to be on guard for anything.

As they neared Kevin, the one in the middle spoke first as the other two remained a step off to the side of him. "Hey dude, I was wondering if you had change for a ten."

Kevin sniffed the air and discovered one of them reeked of fear. "Sorry guys, I'm all tapped out but if you go down on the pier I'm sure someone there can help you."

"That's too bad, maybe your dad there can break a ten for me. What do you say Gramps, got any spare ones on you?"

Adam walked around and stood near Kevin as he glared at the arrogant leader. "I really think it's a good idea for you three to head to the pier and get some ice cream. I would hate to spoil your afternoon."

Kristine walked over and put her arm around Laura as she stood on the other side of the car watching her love talk to the three men. "Adam we were having such a great day, don't spoil it by fighting."

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