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The Christmas Angel


I will never forget that Christmas. That was the Christmas that he came to me to awaken in me a fire and passion that I had never before experienced. And that was also the Christmas that I got my wings and became a true Christmas angel. For as long as I can remember I have lived among the earthbound humans as a comfort and a soft whisper of hope my name is Bella , and I loved bringing hope and comfort to those whose lives that I touched.

I whispered comfort to a child as they watched their Mother being lowered into the ground. I brought hope to a man who felt Loveless. I would hold him and stroke his skin and hair with a comforting touch. In his desperation to feel loved he would cover my naked flesh with kisses that for a few fleeting moments would create in me a heat that I so longed for. His hands would move over my skin in search of the love that he believed that I held for him. And because that is what he needed that is indeed what I held.

His touch moved swiftly down my body with surprising tenderness and skill. Soon his mouth was upon my black patch and his tongue was moving into the wet hot space that held so much. He worked swiftly and soon I was twisting and moaning in the pure pleasure of it, and soon almost to soon came the scream and release of climax. I smiled lovingly up at him and soon felt his body against mine and let out a gasp of pleasure as he entered me fully filling me up with the extensiveness that was he. Harder and faster did he move in and out again and again until I was arching to meet him and we came together in a culmination of ecstasy.

My days went on like this for years I would bring what comfort that I could to those that needed it and on occasion would see the one that I came to know as only the loveless one and we would make love sometimes for days. And it seemed that with each time that he filled me with his seed instead of feeling empty he would feel loved and I knew that soon he would no longer need me. And after a few years I was right. He was no longer the loveless one and he no longer needed me, and although I missed the sex that we had I seemed to feel the same detachment that I did with all of the others that I helped at his parting. He kissed me gently thanking me knowing what I was and that he would not see me again.

And then the snow of winter came. I was once again comforting young woman who had tragically just lost her first love when I saw him. It was not surprising that I saw him he was beautiful.

A tall dark and handsome specimen with flowing dark hair and piercing blue eyes and a chillingly unearthly quality. What was so startling was that he saw me. Now we all know that humans can not see our kind unless we choose for the to. And so I knew that he was of the spirit realm. And then he unfurled his wings and they came down around him in a rush of wings blacker then coal. I gasped knowing from where he came. But how could he posses such beauty? I did not care and turned away, away from that gaze that ignited a fire inside her that she had never know something so dark and evil yet something that I so longed for.

I returned to the woman the one I called Broken heart. She cried on my shoulder as I stroked her auburn hair and whispered words of comfort that she so desperately needed. I would be with her for a few weeks, almost until Christmas. On that day all of us heavenly beings would be before our king celebrating the day of his birth. I took her to her home and lay her softly in her bed. Singing her to sleep with words of hope and love.

As I left her home and headed for mine I felt him come up beside me. The very presence of him sent chills down my entire being. He gently whispered in my ear his soft voice filling me with heat and desire.

"My beautiful Bella you know that I need you to save me from the evil that I have within me. Please? In return I will show you a passion that you have longed for your entire existence."

" You may want to be saved from the evil but your salvation is even beyond my powers, and as for the passion that you speak of that is only a fleeting lust that will bring me no fulfillment."

" Now I am hurt you know that is not true."

" I do not!"

" Well you will learn in time my beauty, and I Lucias will be your teacher."

All that I could do was look into those beautiful blue eyes and feel the heat rise within me. Just as I felt myself fall I could feel his arms catch me and lay me down upon a bed of snow. His wings enveloped me and all that I knew was him. The lust burned in his eyes and as his hands moved upon my body I could feel it rising within me as well, all that I needed all that I wanted was him. And then I felt it a sharp hot pain and then the trickle of blood as his sharp white teeth penetrated my angelic white skin. But with this pain came a pleasure unlike any that I have ever known. He moved down my body and soon what seemed like his entire mouth was inside of me working me making me scream with pleasure. And just when I was about to cum his mouth leaves me and he moves me onto me stomach. He pushes me onto my hands and knees and his hands find my supple breasts as he enters me. He moves faster and harder working into a frenzy. His hands move down onto my clit and he works it with the skill of a master. And soon I am joining him in his frenzy, a mess of bodies, teeth, and hair. As I cum I let out the most unearthly scream. Soon he is right there with me at the height of passion. As our union comes to an end he smiles at me knowing . All that I can do is lie there know that he has won. Wanting nothing more then to save him to have this passion that he offers, needing it like some evil drug. He unwraps his wings from around us and stands to leave. Slowly I to stand and stand before him. Naked and covered in teeth marks my black hair flowing to my waist. He smiles and all I say is

" I will do as you ask, I am your humble servant."

" I know." and with that he turns to leave. As I lay in my bed that night all that I could think of was Lucias. Soon it would be Christmas and on Christmas as a gift to each angel our King allows us one favor of him. Save the request of an evil one. But I know that no matter what was to become of me the salvation of Lucias would be my one request. The next day and I went to broken heart once again. It was thanksgiving and she felt her lose now more then ever. Knowing that Christmas was just weeks away( it was their favorite time of year) and that she was all alone had become a harsh reality. As I came before her I saw to my horror that she held a knife to her wrist and was about to make the fatal cut. I reached for her just in time. I took the knife from her hand and laid it on the counter beside her. I turned her to face me and as she looked into my deep green eyes I said

" My beautiful child, I know that this is hard for you and that you feel lost but please this is not the answer. Look to heaven, know that your love is there waiting for you and that if you chose to take your own life you shall never join him there."

" I know, but it just hurts so much I so long to see him to know that he still loves me." as I hold her I give her a glimpse of heaven. And there before us stands her love with open arms. I release her and she runs to him. They embrace and he covers her with kisses. They make love slowly and as he releases he to go she smiles knowing what she so longed to know. And at last she was free to know that he waited for her and that she could live her life as he would wish her to until the day when they are once again united. I leave her knowing that she is happy and that she will no longer need me.

As I leave Lucias comes to me again, and again he shares with me the passion that I so long for, and this time it lasts longer then before. I smile knowing that I have all that I could ever want in him. His passion, his love, his fire. And as he leaves his last kiss he says

" soon my love we will be together in heaven forever then we can have that passion unendingly."

" I so long for it to be so my love." is all that I can say. And then he is gone into the night again and I am left once again alone.

The weeks pass quickly and soon it is the night before Christmas. The king of kings summons all of us before him and begins to grant our requests. Soon it is my turn he looks down to me and says " Lovely Bella what can I do for you most joyful of angels?" I look down knowing how my words will pain him and say

" My King I know of one of the evil ones who longs for salvation and it is my wish that he receive it." he looks at me the pain evident in his eyes and says to me

" I wish that you have asked for anything else for in grating you this wish I must take in return your salvation."

" I know my king and I will that it is so." the look in his eyes turns from pain to shock and just as I bow my head for the fall he lifts up my eyes and for only the second time I see tears in his eyes.

" My little Bella I have not known such sacrifice in so long, because of your willingness to sacrifice yourself for one of the lowest instead of throwing you from heaven I shall give you your wings!" and with that I feel a great warmth in my entire being and soon great white wings unfurl from my back. " and once more your precious Lucias shall receive his much longed for salvation." and there right before me stood my beloved Lucias with a halo and beautiful white wings of his own.

I smile and run into his arms my love, my passion. And just then the Christmas bell tolls and the heavens is lit up with a beautiful multicolored brilliance radiated from our very own Christmas tree!

And so now every Christmas holds a special meaning for my beloved Lucias and I for it was on that day that a true and passionate love was born, our love!

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