tagBDSMThe Christmas Present

The Christmas Present


"Hey gorgeous, I'm at the airport and on my way home. I should be there in about an hour," I said into my cell phone as I flagged down a cab in front of the main terminal.

There was a soft laugh and then my girlfriend said, "Then look over your left shoulder. I'm on the second plane to the left and on my way to China."

"You're kidding me! I bust my ass to get home and they send you out? I'm not sure whose company is the worse, yours or mine."

"Poor baby," my girlfriend Shellie said. "I'll have to see what I can do to make it up to you when I get back." She paused a second and then added, "Or maybe I can make it up to you even sooner, since I left you a Christmas present at my apartment."

"You know it's always more fun to unwrap our gifts together," I said as I got into the cab.

"That's good since I've already partially unwrapped this present and left it tied to the wingback chair in my bedroom," Shellie whispered. "You remember Casey, don't you?"

"Casey? Redheaded Casey, as in your assistant, Casey?" I said with amazement in my voice.

"The one and the only," Shellie replied with a laugh and then added, "You do know she's a virgin, right?"

"Uh, no, I didn't know that."

"It's oral only, I'm afraid. That is, unless you wouldn't mind fucking that luscious ass of hers," Shellie said and then made a soft whimpering sound. "Remember the first time you tied me up?"

I chuckled and said, "That is something I will never forget. You naked with nothing but a blindfold on tied to that old wooden chair. I'm not sure who was driving whom crazier. You with your arms tied behind the chair so your breasts stuck out. Your knees wide apart with that beautiful pussy of yours on perfect display. Your ankles tied to the outside of the chair legs." I paused to sigh.

Shellie was silent for a few second and then whimpered softly. "I want to touch myself so bad."

"What would you do if I set up the web cam so you could see what happens to Casey?"

There was a soft moan and then Shellie said, "I won't be in Peking until tomorrow. It's thirteen hours at the very least."

"Then I'll capture it to a file and send it along."

Shellie laughed softly. "You were going to save it to a file anyway. You always do and did even that first time. I still get off watching myself."

"No touching until the file gets to you and you had better start the web cam before you open it so I can watch you as you watch Casey."

Shellie moaned and whispered, "Yes, Master."

"Does Casey have any idea of what is going on and why isn't she with you?" I asked sharply.

"She dyed her red hair with green streaks for Christmas and that wouldn't go over too big in Peking, I'm afraid," Shellie said and then was quiet.

"And?" I asked.

She whimpered softly and I could mentally see her squirming in her seat. "Well.... Uh.... You see.... She...."

"Out with it," I commanded.

Shellie groaned and then whispered, "She found a couple of our home movies on my laptop a while back. Since then, she has been asking all kind of questions about the lifestyle and how things work. I always thought she was a submissive but now I know for sure. She got all excited when I told her she had to be punished for missing this trip and making more work for me."

"Then you should wait until you get back and Top your own sub," I told her.

There was soft whimpering moan on the other end of the call. "I wanted to but I didn't have the time. Plus I was kind of testing her out to see if she really wanted what she thought she wanted. I had her strip and then put her in my dark green corset and laced it up. She got so wet."

"And you got even wetter," I said.

"Yes, Master. Wet enough that I had to change panties before I left for the airport. Tying her to the chair was very exciting for both of us. That was as far as I was going to go and started to untie her. She looked so disappointed and unhappy, so I retied her and told her you would be home soon."

"And what did she say to that?"

Totally out of character, Shellie giggled. "Not much, I had the stick gag in her mouth. Her eyes got big but she didn't shake her head or fight the ropes."

"What if I hadn't come home tonight?" I asked.

"I called your office to see when you would be home. They said you were in the air as we spoke."

"I definitely see a spanking in your near future when you get home," I said softly.

"Yes, Master. If you please, Master," Shellie whispered demurely.

"So, lets see if I have this straight. You've left an untested, unknown sub, naked except for a corset, bound and gagged in a chair in your apartment while you fly to China. And now you expect me to give her what she wants, without so much as talking to her."

"Yes, Master," Shellie, whispered.

"This should be very interesting and could go very well or very bad. Maybe I should just untie her and postpone things until you get back. That way I could start her off by letting her watch you get a spanking."

Shellie whimpered softly and said, "Yes, Master. Please."

I had to take the phone away from my ear as I tried to hold back a chuckle. Shellie came hard from being spanked over my knee and she would come even harder with Casey watching. She had strong exhibitionist tendencies but was afraid to let them out except when we were out of town together, which was seldom.

Putting the phone back to my ear, I said, "We will see how things go when I get to your place. I'll have to play it by ear. Either way, I will call you later."

"Yes, Master, I love you."

I grinned as I replied, "I love you also. So be careful over there."

"I will," Shellie whispered and broke the connection.

I dropped my phone in my coat pocket and tapped on the glass between the front seat and the back. A few seconds later the cabbie asked on the intercom, "Yes, sir?"

"A slight change in plans," I said and gave him the address of Shellie's apartment building.


I went over what I knew of Casey in my mind as I rode the elevator up to the twenty second floor. Petite and slender with small breasts and a nice ass from what I had gathered from Shellie and from what I had seen of her in business suits. She was shy and retiring for the most part, blending in with the background except when she was needed.

She had to be in her mid to late twenties. She was a college graduate in business and stayed on top of things where her work was concerned. I knew little about her other than that. That she was a virgin was interesting but not unheard of in these days. Shellie had mentioned anal, which made me wonder.

I took out my cell phone and called Shellie. She answered on the second ring and I asked, "Which of our movies did she watch and did she just watch and nothing else."

"She watched the one of my first time and she was masturbating as she did," Shellie whispered. "I caught her in the middle of things and that pushed her over the edge into a monster of an orgasm."

"What do you know about her and anal, since you mentioned my fucking her ass."

Shellie whimpered softly. She loved a dick up her ass after a spanking while her ass was all hot and red. "She had a finger fucking her ass while she rubbed her clit like mad and she jammed the finger deeper when she came," Shellie reported.

"I'm in the elevator and I should be at your apartment in a few minutes," I told her. "I'll call you later."

"I'm so horny," Shellie whispered.

"It serves you right for making this mess and not being around to fix it," I said and then added, "Anticipation makes all things better. Just think how hard you will come on cam for me when you get to the hotel."

Shellie groaned with a mixed note of frustration and anticipation in her voice. I closed the call with a smile on my face as I pictured her squirming in her seat. I wondered who was sitting next to her and if they had heard any of the conversation. That also would keep Shellie on a razor edge.

The elevator stopped and the door opened. I rolled my suitcase out and headed down the hall toward Shellie's apartment. The hard-on in the front of my pants showed I was anticipating things to come myself.


I walked across the living room and down the hall with slow measured steps. As I passed Shellie's bedroom I glanced to my left, took two more steps, and stopped. Casey was magnificent the way she was tied to that old wingback chair. I straightened my suitcase and stood it up before I removed my laptop.

Taking two steps back, I stopped centered in the bedroom door, my eyes exploring Casey's lush little body with leisure. Her hands were tied high over the back of the chair which lifted her small cones shaped breasts even more than the corset and thrust them forward. Her knees were over each arm of the chair, her ankles tied to the back and the front leg. Shellie had done a masterful job.

Casey shiver as I looked at her breasts and then try to close her knees as my eyes centered on her sex and the little puff of fine carrot red hair on her mound. I licked my lips and asked, "Now what do we have here? A snack after a long flight or maybe a Christmas present from Shellie."

Casey's eyes got big and she squirmed in the chair, not pulling at the ropes as much as moving from uncertainty and anxiety. I smiled as I moved to Shellie's makeup table and placed my laptop on it. I spent several minutes getting it set up and recording.

When I turned around and walked back over to the door, Casey's eyes were flicking back and forth between the laptop and me. "Yes, it is on and yes, you are being recorded in all your glory. And yes, I will send it to Shellie as soon as she lands in China."

Casey made a soft muffled whimpering moaning sound and squirmed even more than before. "Do you like that idea?" I asked.

She looked at me for a moment and then shook her head slightly and then nodded quickly.

"Nod your head for yes, shake your head for no, and shrug your shoulders if you don't know. Nodding your head and then shaking it means yes and no." I told her. She nodded and then shook her head.

"You watched the movie of her first time tied up, why shouldn't she see yours. Maybe she will masturbate to it like you did hers." Casey's eyes got big at my last statement.

"Ok, you think about it while I go change clothes and mix myself a drink. Then we will see what we have here."

She made the whimpering moaning sound again as I walked out the door.


I returned to the bedroom wearing a pair of soft cotton shorts and a t-shirt. I had a glass with three fingers of bourbon over ice in one hand and a glass of water with a straw in the other. I sipped my bourbon as I let my eyes wander over her exposed body again. She did not shiver or squirm, her eyes were on the glass of water.

I sat my drink down and walked over to stand in front of her. I held the glass out in front of her as though she should take it from me. She looked up at me and then back down at the glass of water.

"Power and control, that is the name of this game," I said softly. "I have the power and control, you have none. I am the master and you are the submissive." I paused a second and asked, "Are you a submissive? Shellie said she explained the term."

Casey shrugged her shoulders a few seconds later. "I think you are and Shellie said she knew you were, so the only one who doesn't know is you. In any case, I don't know of many dominate types that would allow someone to strip them naked, put them in a corset, and then allow themselves to be tied up like you are."

Casey's eyes kept going to the water. "Yes, I know, you're thirsty but there are a few rules you must learn first. I am to be called Master or Sir; Shellie is to be called Mistress, if she decides she wants to Top. You remain silent unless asked a direct question or you feel the need to use your safe word." I paused a moment and asked, "Do you have a safe word?"

Casey shook her head and I sighed deeply. "That's two spankings Shellie has coming. The first for leaving you here alone and the second for not giving you a safe word."

I sat the glass of water on the side table and reached forward with both hands to remove the dog bone shaped gag. "Hold you head in place while I remove this." I told her. She pulled her head back and the gag came free enough for me to slip it down around her neck.

Casey worked her mouth for a moment as I noted the thin lines of drool at each corner of her mouth running down on each side of her chin. "Shellie choose an interesting gag for your first time. Normally a ball gag is better on first timers, it doesn't strain the jaw as much."

When Casey licked her lips, I retrieved the water and stuck the straw in her mouth. Her eyes were on mine as she sucked the water down. After the third long pull, I took the straw away from her. "Too much water and you will have to pee. Peeing in the position you are in is tricky and very messy."

"I.... Uh.... I...." She stammered for a moment and then leaned her head back and closed her eyes. "I think I've made a big mistake."

"The only mistakes were made by Shellie and she will be punished for both of them." I paused a moment and looked at Casey. If she was having doubts then.... "Ok, I'm calling a time out."

Casey opened her eyes and looked at me as a grin slowly spread across her lips. "I've heard of standing in a corner or sitting in a corner for a time out but this position leaves something to be desired."

"Left to yourself you can't get in any trouble like you are, as you found out when Shellie left," I reminded her.

She shivered and then whimpered softly. "When she was tying my feet, her head was only a few inches from my sex several times. I've never been with another woman but...." She left the sentence hanging as she whimpered softly.

I went and got the chair from the vanity table and sat down in it in front of Casey but over enough so I did not block the camera. I let my eyes wander over her lovely body openly. After a minute or so, she squirmed and whimpered.

"Do you like to be looked at?" I asked.

"I.... Uh.... I...." She stammered and then she nodded her head. "I like the way you look at me and the way Shellie looked at me. Both make me wet and horny. I feel so helpless the way I'm sitting and I can't cover up. Normally, I don't like to be looked at even when I have my clothes on. I've always been shy."

"It is the same reason why Shellie being so close to your pussy made you want her to lick you. You were not in control and could not stop her if she did. Giving up control means you can do things and have things done to you without the normal guilt associated with those things. All you have to worry about is enjoying what you do and what is done to you."

Casey squirmed and flexed her hips. "I.... Uh.... I...." She stammered and then moaned softly as her hips flexed even harder.

"Are you on the edge of an orgasm?" I asked sharply. Casey moaned loudly and nodded hard and fast. I leaned forward and ran my tongue along her inner thigh. Halfway to her pussy, she gave a soft yell and bucked her hips up hard several times. I could see the opening to her vagina opening and closing as a few drops of lubricant rolled down into the crack of her ass.

I chuckled and sat back in my chair. "Your first orgasm tied to a chair," I whispered. "When you get your breath back, tell me how it was to come with no one touching your pussy."

Casey groaned and flexed her hips hard several times. "Is that a second or is the first one still going on?"

"I.... I.... I can't.... stop," she said loudly as her hips continued to flex and jerk.

A smile was on my face as I sat there watching her. It was several minutes before her hips stopped moving. "I take it you have never come that hard or long before," I said as Casey got her breathing under control somewhat.

"Never. Nothing like that, before," she said and groaned softly.

"The brain is the biggest sex organ in the body and if you feed it little tidbits like I was doing to you then wonderful things can happen." I told her.

"You sure hit the right buttons," she whispered a moment later.

"That's my job as the dominant one or at least one of them. Normally, I would have told you to hold it back for as long as possible but in this case, letting it go was best for you. I have to know you and your limits as deeply as you know them and sometimes I have to know even more than you do."

"Hold it back?" Casey asked.

"If you hold it back, it builds in strength and intensity. If you can get to the point where you are right on the ragged edge and can stay there, some say it is even better than having an orgasm."

Casey moaned and flexed her hips. "If that orgasm had been anymore intense, I would have exploded."

I chuckled and stood up. "Little One, you haven't felt anything yet."

Casey's eyes were on mine and then they grew wide as they dropped down to the tent in the front of my shorts. "I.... I.... I...." She stammered.

"That is something you need to stop. You can say anything to me or Shellie that you can think of. Is that understood?"

She nodded and then whispered, "I was going to remind you I am a virgin."

"I know you are a virgin and that you want to stay that way but that doesn't mean I can't stick my dick down your throat or up that beautiful virgin ass of yours."

Casey's eyes got wide and her mouth worked but nothing came out. I grinned and said, "I take it those ideas hadn't crossed your mind yet."

Casey shook her head quickly and whispered, "No, they hadn't and the fact that I can't do anything to prevent either just hit me."

"Do you remember that red butt plug I put up Shellie's marvelous ass her first time tied to a chair?"

Casey nodded sharply and then moaned long and loud.

"Are you coming again?" I asked sharply.

She shook her head. "Not yet but it's getting close. That's the part Shellie caught me watching."

"You mean, she caught you masturbating to that part," I corrected.

Casey moaned and flexed her hips. When I gave her a light slap on the inside of her left thigh, her hips flexed even harder. A slightly harder slap to the inside of her right thigh had her hips jerking and bucking as she gave a soft yell and pulled her butt off the towel she was sitting on, with her arms.

"How long has it been since you've had sex with someone else?" I asked a few moments later. Casey yelled again and then went limp.

"I think you've had too much of a good thing," I whispered as I set about untying the unconscious woman in the chair.


I carried Casey over to Shellie's bed and laid her down on her stomach. Her breathing was still a little fast, as was her heart rate. I went over to the vanity and opened the lower left hand drawer. I took out a set of padded handcuffs and a small black butt plug. I moved the laptop so the camera now covered the bed.

The cuffs went on Casey's wrists with them behind her. The small butt plug was in my mouth. Casey moaned as I slipped my left arm under her hips and lifted her ass up in the air. Her anus was a dark shade of pink. Not a good sign for anal play in my experience. The darker brown the better, is what I had found over the years, although there are exceptions to every rule.

Shellie had said Casey was fingering her ass so now was the time to test the waters, so to speak. The butt plug was slick with my spit as I pressed it to her asshole. It slipped in half way with ease and then moved slowly a little more. Casey whimpered loudly and flexed her hips. The butt plug went home suddenly.

Casey kept flexing her hips slowly as I lowered her back to the bed. I checked her breathing and heart rate, they were almost normal. I pulled the comforter up over her, got my drink, switched off the camera in the laptop, and went to the living room.


I was dozing in the recliner when Casey came in the room. I woke up to her loudly asking, "What the hell did you stick up my ass and why won't it come out?"

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