tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Church Audit

The Church Audit


Chapter 1 - - The Board Decides

Several years had passed since St. Mark's books had been subject to an outside audit. Over the years, the board had been reluctant to spend the funds required for an outside report. However, in 2010 a few new board members were elected. The new members were inquisitive about the cash flow, the investments, the designated funds, and the levels of expenditure in the various categories. The board was swayed by their questions and it was agreed that an outside auditor would be engaged to review the records and report on the state of the church finances.

That's where I came into the picture. The board asked for quotes from a few accountants, and my price apparently attracted them. I was introduced to a few board members, and they in turn directed me to the treasurer.

Harold Koch was a respected elder, and had served as Treasurer for nearly eleven years. Harold was well known in the community. He ran a mortgage placement business and was also active in municipal politics. Harold was, in fact, looking to move up the political food chain. He was already the deputy mayor of the community, and his first step upward would be to run for county council. That move was often the conduit to becoming a candidate for the legislature, and Harold had his mind set on the legislature as a long term goal.

Being busy with his municipal duties as well as his business, Harold relied largely on his wife, Ellie, to handle the treasury function of the church. After all, she had been a bookkeeper before they were married. All Harold had to do was submit her monthly statements to the board. To simplify the job, Harold had made arrangements with the bank to have Ellie become a signing authority. He didn't really have to spend much time on the books, but he garnered a lot of respect from the members of St. Mark's in his role as treasurer.

It didn't take long for Harold to turn me over to Ellie in order to commence the audit. She was a pleasant woman to deal with, and our initial meeting went well. Ellie brought me her statements for the last two years. I asked for the cancelled checks for the last three years as well. At first she wasn't able to locate them, but I persisted in my requests and gradually she located the bank records. She delivered them to me one year at a time, about a week apart.

"Can you walk me through the investments," I asked.

"Well, there's the building fund, the missions fund, the emergency fund, the benevolent fund, the hospital fund, and several specified bequests from members' estates."

"Good, can you show me the debits and credits to these fund accounts?"

Ellie looked a little puzzled. "It's hard to remember all that activity, it took place over several years. We may have to go back a few more years than the three years that we pulled the records for."

"Yes, we will," I agreed. "Can you bring me all the bank records and cancelled checks that you have in your possession? I'll need them by the end of the week."

As Ellie seemed a bit unsure of the financial transactions, I decided to review the bank records rather carefully. I was amazed to see numerous checks written to Ellie, all of them being balance sheet items that didn't appear on the monthly and yearly profit and loss statements. When Ellie came to my office with a few more records, I decided to broach the matter with her.

"Ellie, can you explain these entries to me?" I asked. "It appears that you have written numerous checks to yourself and to Harold. So far, it looks like twenty thousand dollars or so, and I'm only part way through the analysis. It seems rather odd. What's the explanation for this?"

Ellie looked shaken. "It started with the election expenses. We had to have some cash quickly and we anticipated that the fund-raising and donations would easily cover it, so we just borrowed it from one of the designated estate funds. There's tons of money at St. Mark's and a lot of it's just sitting doing nothing. Most of those estate funds have so many conditions imposed by the will or the estate that it's hard to spend them."

"How much was involved that time?" I inquired.

"Thirty two hundred was the amount. We anticipated that we could repay it in a few weeks, but the donations just didn't come in as we expected. We were only able to pay back about two thousand, and that took us two months."

"Then what?"

Ellie's lips quivered. "Well, we seemed to need cash for a lot of things. It was a lot easier to borrow it from St. Marks than to deal with the bank. It escalated. Harold isn't really all that aware of what took place, except for the election expenses. He just knows that I borrow when I need to."

"Ellie, I'm sure you know that this is illegal. Not only that, Harold can kiss to his political career goodbye once this information goes to the board. Even if you find a way to pay it back, it's sure to get leaked to the press and likely to the police once I submit my audit report. I can't do anything but tell the board that there's money missing and explain where it went."

"I'll do anything to resolve this," said Ellie. We can mortgage the house. That should easily cover the debt."

"What is Harold going to say when you tell him about your continuing theft?" I asked.

"Oh no!" Ellie moaned. "He'll divorce me, and Harold has a terrible temper. Can you give me a little time to mortgage the house? Please, I'll do anything to get out of this mess that I've created."

"How much time do you need?"

"I'm not sure, a couple of weeks, less than a month I hope. Please, don't tell anyone. Give me a chance to make this right," Ellie pleaded.

An idle thought entered my mind as I looked at Ellie. She was pretty good looking at forty-two. I ran my eyes over her, and tried to imagine what she would look like without clothes.

"What are you thinking?" she asked. "I see that look, and I think I know what's going on in your mind."

I asked, "What do you mean?" as innocently as I could.

"You're undressing me mentally, I can tell." Ellie replied. "Normally I'd be annoyed, but right now I'm not. If I surrender myself to you, would you consider holding off on reporting to the board until we can pay back the borrowed funds?"

"There's no one left in the office," I said. "Why don't you show me what surrendering means?"

Ellie meant what she said. She knew the fix she was in would ruin both her and her husband. She took a deep breath and unzipped her skirt. She looked shaken, but she was determined to work her way out of trouble. Next, she pulled down her panties and stood in front of me.

"See, I'm not just playing you," she said.

With that, she sidled up to me and sat on my lap, facing me with her legs apart.

"Go ahead," she said, "I'm all yours."

Ellie was so tense that she was trembling. I saw a little tear fall from her eye.

"This is a nice handful," I said, and cupped her womanhood in the palm of my hand.

As my fingers explored her pussy, she seemed to calm herself. I rubbed her clit and parted her little lips.

"Let me have a better look," I asked.

Ellie leaned back a bit and scooted her bum forward so I could see her goodies.

"Looks good enough to kiss," I told Ellie.

"Let me get up on the desk here," she answered, "kiss away!"

As I went to work with my lips and tongue, Ellie was busy opening her shirt and unclasping her bra. She was a good looking woman.

"Oooh, oooh," she exclaimed, "That feels good – suck on it a bit."

I licked and sucked until Ellie was nicely relaxed, but I could tell that this was all too sudden for her to reach a climax.

"Nice tits," I said as I played with her breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingers. "Let me have another good look at that nice pussy of yours."

Ellie looked concerned. "Again?" she asked. "You've already seen it and licked it."

"Yes," I replied. "Open wide. Remember that I own your pussy now. I'll look at it when I want and play with it when I want."

Ellie sighed, spread her legs, and said, "Sorry, I'm just not used to showing off my girl parts on demand."

I parted her lips and pulled up the skin above her clit so I could see her nice pink bud.

"Can't resist giving that nice little thing some more attention with the tip of my tongue," I told Ellie, and swirled my tongue around her bud.

"I haven't done anything like this since I was in college," she told me. "I can do it again, but it might just take a little while to readjust my mind. I'll do my best to satisfy you. I'm going to try to enjoy it. I may as well, I guess."

"It's nice to see that you mean what you said," I told her. "How about tonight, can you come to my apartment? The bed there is a lot softer than this desk."

Ellie looked resigned, and nodded.

"Okay, I'll be there. About seven, I think. I have a feeling you're going to fuck my brains out!"

"You're right on that one," I told her.

"That tongue felt good," said Ellie. "I'll be ready for you. Thanks for giving me a chance."

Chapter 2 -- Ellie Does Her Best

Just after seven, Ellie arrived. She opened a little bag she had with her and brought out a nice peignoir. Going into the bathroom, she changed and came out wearing it. Ellie showed a lot of leg, it was nice and short.

"This could be fun," she said. "It's not as scary as I thought. But when I undressed in your office today I have to admit I was shaking."

"Don't worry," I said, "I won't do anything to frighten you. After all, I'm hoping that you have a nice time. That makes it nicer for me."

"I'm okay now," Ellie said. "I'm up for it. Actually, I've often daydreamed about getting it on with another man, but I've never done it until now."

"Good," I said, you are a nice woman. Over the next few weeks you can likely work your way out of this mess, and all it will take is your willingness to have fun. But you may as well enjoy the experience."

"I will," she said. "I won't hold back. I'm giving myself to you completely.

She looked a bit pensive, so I asked her, "What's on your mind?"

"Well," she said, "I'm willing to do anything you want, but I was hoping that you wouldn't shoot your semen in my mouth. I've never done that before."

"No problem," I said, "I'll warn you when I'm going to squirt, so you can pull off. Anyway, I'd rather squirt in your pussy than in your mouth. Just get ready for me to stick it in your pussy quickly when I'm almost there."

"Oh good," she said. "I was worried about that. I've never done anal either. I'll try it if you want to, but it's new to me, so be patient please."

"I'm not big on anal," I said. "That nice pussy of yours is just two inches away from your bum, and I'd just as soon stay with a nice clean place."

"Thank goodness!" Ellie replied.

"But I like to explore and look. I'm a 'lights on' kind of guy, and I'd love to play with your goodies."

"That's what goodies are for," she said with a chuckle. "I even brought a vibrator with me, in case you'd like to use it on me. Actually, I've secretly wanted to show off my pussy, but my husband isn't into that. He likes it in the dark."

With those words, Ellie slipped off her peignoir, threw her shoulders back, and stuck out her tits. I smiled at her.

"They aren't very big, but I love it when you look at them," she told me.

I couldn't resist taking a breast in each hand and rubbing her nipples. Ellie responded with a deep kiss, exploring my mouth with her tongue.

We got onto the bed and for a moment Ellie tensed, and trembled a bit. I held her quietly.

"All of a sudden, I realized that this is it. I'm giving myself up and you own every little bit of me," she said.

"Well," I joked, "If I own every little bit of you, how about we put a pillow under your bum so I can kiss one of the little bits that I own?"

That seemed to calm Ellie, and she lifted her rear so I could put a pillow under her, and she spread her legs.

"So how many of my fingers do you think will fit?" I asked her.

Ellie looked concerned, but she swallowed and said, "Depends on how big your hands are. Two fingers for sure, go ahead and try."

I put in one finger, then another, and spread my fingers apart a little.

"Room for one more? I asked her.

"Not sure," she replied. "Maybe if you take them out first and put the third one in me to get it wet, then they will all be more slippery and slide in together."

I tried again, adding fingers one at a time, but the third finger couldn't find a home. Ellie looked concerned. I think she was expecting me to force all three fingers inside her, and she was wondering if I was going to hurt her. She spread her legs wider, pulled the edges of her pussy as wide as she could, and we tried again. Ellie still didn't have room for three fingers. She didn't know that I was only testing her willingness, and she was passing the test.

I began to suck on her clit and rub her G-spot at the same time. Soon Ellie was more than willing to fuck, and pulled me up on top of her. "Give it to me," she urged. "I want you."

Ellie held my cock at her opening so I pushed in and out several times, relishing the feeling of entering her over and over.

"Deeper, please," she groaned. "I hate it when you pull out. I want you in me, all the way."

I gave in to her desire and drove in as deep as I could, then started to pound away. Ellie reached her climax fairly quickly, and I kept on pumping until I came to my own orgasm. She had a peaceful and relaxed look on her face, and she kissed me.

"Nice," said Ellie. "Really nice. I think I'm going to like you owning me."

For the next two weeks I took Ellie to bed almost every evening. She always seemed to be available as Harold was at some kind of municipal or political meeting on a steady basis. She knew I was in charge, and she became more and more compliant.

"Ellie, let's try it with you on top," I suggested.

"Okay, want me facing you or turned around?"

"Ellie, I'd like to try doggy style, bend over the end of the couch."

"Alright, tell me if you need me higher or lower and I'll move my feet where we need them."

"Ellie, how about a bit of suction to get me hard again?"

"You'd like it the sixty-nine way again, I guess."

"Ellie, lets' try that vibrator of yours. I want to see how it makes you wiggle."

"That will be fun. You're going to see me go a little crazy when I go over the edge."

And so it went. One evening she was lying between my knees sucking my cock to get me hard for another fuck. Ellie was getting pretty good at oral, and had tuned in to my rhythm. I felt a sudden buildup and I knew I was going to squirt, and quickly. Before I could climb onto her and deposit my semen in her pussy I erupted in her mouth.

"That came quicker than I expected," I told her.

Ellie took a wad of tissue and spit into it. "It doesn't taste all that bad, I guess," she replied.

Chapter 3 -- The Mortgage

The time arrived for the bank to issue the mortgage. They needed Harold's signature. Ellie told me that she had explained the situation to Harold and he virtually exploded.

"Why didn't you tell me that we needed to mortgage the house before we got into this mess?"

"You always said that you didn't want to talk about it," she told him.

"You little slut," he yelled, "Whoring your way out of this had to be your idea, wasn't it?"

Ellie retorted, "What else could I do. I had to save your precious ass because you overspent on your political ambitions. And you are the one who told me just to borrow what we needed from St. Mark's. Don't blame me. You're just as much at fault."

Harold added, "You have been giving yourself body and soul to this dammed auditor. How do you think that makes me feel?"

"You ought to feel thankful, you bastard. If I hadn't been willing to shove my pussy in his face you would be in deep trouble by now. And it's not just this year's problem. He can hold this over us for years. I might have to fuck him for a decade, you dumb ass. I got a mouthful of semen just the other day, all to protect you, and now you give me shit. Where do you think you get off?"

"Let's go talk to this auditor prick. I've got a lot of influence. I'll put the run on him," Harold decided.

We met the next day. Harold blustered and swore, calling me every kind of asshole he could think of.

I asked him for a certified check for thirty-eight thousand, five hundred and ten dollars, and he handed it over. Ellie sighed with relief.

"You prick, I'll get you for this," Harold shouted.

"I don't like threats," I told him. "You just pissed me off! First of all, I'm going to keep fucking Ellie as long as I want. She's good in bed, so I might want her for several years. Whenever I feel the need she had better show up, ready for action. Don't forget, I have copies of all the records and the original checks made out to you and Ellie."

Harold swore at me some more, and called me a few more nasty names.

"Secondly, tonight I'm going to fuck Ellie and give her a big load of semen. You're going to watch, and when I'm done, you sir, are going to suck my semen out of her pussy and swallow it. Is that perfectly clear?"

Harold wilted. He knew he was beaten. His desire for his political career took hold of him, and it overpowered his anger toward me and his need to keep Ellie for himself.

That evening, Ellie and Harold showed up. I asked Harold to hang his coat in the closet, mostly to make sure he didn't have a pistol handy. I need not have worried. Harold's political aspirations were keeping him in check.

I walked up to Ellie and undressed her, kissed her, and played with her tits. Harold was having a hard time watching, and he began to look at the floor for the most part.

I told Ellie to lie on the bed, and I undressed and knelt between her legs.

I whispered to Ellie, "Make lots of noise, let him hear you like it."

She nodded, and a small grin crept over her face. I kissed her nipples and then sucked them. Ellie leaned forward and I kissed her deeply. She lay back, shoved a pillow under her bum, and spread her legs wider than I remembered her doing on other days. Ellie was getting a bit of payback now against Harold.

I spread her lips apart, and rubbed her clit with one hand while I felt for her G-spot with the middle finger of my other hand.

Ellie moaned, "Oh, oh, oh, oh."

Her hips bucked up as little spasms ran through her, and with each one she grunted and groaned. She made sure that Harold could hear.

I licked and sucked her clit to bring her to a nice strong orgasm. After all, we were getting pretty well synchronized after a few weeks of sex.

Ellie let out a near roar, "Oh, oh, oh, suck harder, suck me, suck my clit, please, lick me more.

She was louder than usual, and Harold shook with every moan from Ellie.

I climbed aboard her, and entered her easily as she spread her pussy for me with her fingers. Ellie continued to moan with pleasure as I stroked her to an orgasm. I followed with a loud snort and grunt as I squirted my seed into her.

Once I was finished, I told Harold it was time for him to vacuum out her pussy.

It was hard for Harold. He looked as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders as he walked across the room, knelt down, slurped at Ellie's pussy, and swallowed.

What some men won't do to save their ass and to make it big in politics.

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