tagMatureThe Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady


I wanted to get to the house but it was Friday and I also didn't want to worry about leftover work.

As I filled in all the blanks on the forms that I was working on I noticed that the cleaning lady had arrived. Had I been here that long? Oh well better than facing this mound of paperwork come Monday.

I continued on and after awhile was left with waiting for the computer to send everything to the main printer.

While waiting I went online to my favorite story site, Literotica.com, and perused the stories. I got up and went to the bathroom and as I returned I saw Brenda, the cleaning lady in my office dusting the desk.

My heart jumped into my throat. My screen saver should have kicked in and covered up my reading material. I settled down and entered my office.

"Good evening Mr. Phelps" Brenda said to me as I entered. "Good evening Brenda. How are you this evening?" I responded as I rounded my desk. The story I was reading on a girls first experience with anal sex was still on the screen. I looked at her and she looked quickly back at the shelves she had moved to dust.

Knowing that the screen saver should have been on and the way that Brenda was watching me when I got behind the desk I was sure she had been looking at the story.

I thought Oh well what's she going to do tell someone. I watched her as she dusted the shelves and then went into the adjoining conference area from my office.

Brenda was in her late 40's and not unattractive. She could probably fix up real nice given the opportunity. She was only 5' if that and she was plump but curvy and very top heavy.

Suddenly my mind was undressing her and I felt my dick start to strain against my pants. I began to fantasize about her kneeling before me naked accepting my cock into her mouth and the eventual eruption covering her face and mouth with my cum.

I looked down to see my pants tented in front of me.

Suddenly her voice came from the conference room "Mr. Phelps. Mr. Phelps would you mind giving me a hand with this." She stood next to a chair and I couldn't imagine what help she needed.

I walked toward the double doors and remembered my erection. Well to late now I'm almost into the room. I try to walk behind the other chairs as I approach her.

She says " Mr. Phelps if you don't mind I need to reach these lights above the table. They are in dire need of cleaning but I'm afraid the chairs are a little to wobbly to get up on."

I reach for the chair pulling the back towards my crotch. She puts a foot into the seat and hiking her skirt puts her other foot onto the table. She stretches and stands up on the table and then turns toward me. "Thank you Mr. Phelps you can go back to your story until I'm through and then help me down if you don't mind."

I am taken aback by the manner in which she says this and I just stare at her.

"Its Ok Mr. Phelps I know you like to read those stories. I've read some myself, your secrets safe with me."

I turn to go not knowing what else to do and as I enter my office she says. "And by the way Mr. Phelps that's a nice package your sporting. That story must get better as it goes on."

I turn and look at Brenda and suddenly I want to fuck her more than I've ever wanted another woman before.

I walk back toward her and sit down in the chair she just used to mount the table. I slouch down into it and looking up at her say "Now how do you know that my reaction is not from being near you."

She turns on the table to face me and placing her hands on her ample hips says "Well if that's from being near me how will it get when its in me."

I'm in disbelief. How can something change so fast. My mind is racing. Just 10 minutes ago I was finishing up work and headed home and now I'm sitting in a chair looking up at the cleaning lady with my cock about to burst out of its confines and she's telling me she wants it.

She slowly sinks onto the table and laying on her belly motions me to stand and approach her.

I unzip my pants and as I take the two steps to near her she reaches and grasps my cock through my boxers.

"My my what have we here is this something that needs cleaning."

I am sucked into this spiral. "Yes Brenda I think there might be a mess on the way. Do you think you can clean it up for me?"

She smiles and lowering her face to my crotch pulls my cock through the fly and swallows half my meat. She moans her pleasure as I do mine. She slowly strokes the underside of my balls as she strokes and sucks my dick in and out of her mouth.

I am lost in my lust and reach for her head. I force her deeper onto my throbbing organ. She accepts the whole thing and lustfully tugs at my balls.

"Oh God, Here it comes. AHHhh ohhhhhhh......"

I empty my seed into her waiting mouth. Loads of cum roll out of my cock smashing into the back of her throat. She sucks harder milking every drop into her mouth.

I pull away and as I relax back into my chair she wipes her lips of the last remnants of my cum and smiles.

She stands without saying a word. She undoes her blouse and skirt. She stands before me a vision. Plump rolls of flesh peek around the bindings of her bra and panties. The dark outline of a forest of hair stains the vee of her crotch.

She reaches behind and undoes the clasp of her bra and frees her pendulous breasts. They sag and sway, large orbs with hardened large brown nipples.

She caresses them and they respond, puckering and darkening in color. My crotch stirs.

She moves her hands across her belly and under her panties. She hooks her thumbs into the sides and looking me in the eye bends and sheds the garment.

As she steps from them a vision lost appears. As if a Ruben-esque painting has come to life. I stare, now fully erect.

She stands with legs parted and the faintest hint of her cunt peers through the mat of hair between her legs.

I feel a need to be there. I rise and approach her. She steps to the edge of the table and I am face to face with her cunt.

I lean forward and extend my tongue into her. She pushes her hips forward and down onto my face and I am greeted by her ample cunt.

I eat and suck on her meaty lips and probe her endless folds with my tongue. She places her hands atop my head and moans deeply.

I reach around and cradle the orbs of her ass in my hands. I spread them and search deep between them for her asshole. Rewarded I push my finger against the hairy opening and it passes into her hole.

She squirms with delight. My face and neck now dripping with cunt juice I search out her clit.

My chin now covered with her folds my mouth finds it and sucks the thumb like organ. She cums hard against my face. Thrusting and spreading her cunt across my face.

I bury my finger deeper into her asshole and suck harder on her clit. She screams and collapses.

I help her down to her knees still fingering her ass.

Face to face now we kiss. Our tongues dance around each other's mouth searching for a taste of all the sex we are enjoying.

Looking into each other's eyes we know we must go further into our lust for satisfaction.

To Be Continued...

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