tagInterracial LoveThe Cleaning Lady Ch. 04

The Cleaning Lady Ch. 04


Please read chapters 1, 2 and 3 before reading this one.


On Tuesday, Nicholas was lying back and watching television. It was close to eight o'clock and he was not expecting guests. When a knock on the door came, he was quite surprised.

Dressed in his black fleece shorts and a loose T-shirt he went to the door and opened it. He was beyond surprised to see Ping standing in the hall. He invited her in and she smiled shyly. He led her to the living room and she sat on the couch looking at him with trepidation. He offered her wine which she gratefully accepted and then sat opposite her.

"What brings you here Ping?" he asked her as his stomach did a couple of somersaults in anticipation.

She blushed and looked at the floor and then looked up at him.

"Good evening Mr. Nicholas," she said diffidently. "I hope you are not disturbed that I come to see you."

Nicholas smiled and shook his head.

"No, that's okay Ping," he said as he looked at her hungrily. "I don't mind you coming to visit."

She was wearing a form-fitting black skirt that went past her knees and a light blue blouse. Nicholas wanted her desperately but he was still having difficulties reading her. The look she was giving him right now could be construed as anticipation, extreme shyness or even downright fear; it could as easily be something he hadn't even considered and he was frustrated at his inability to guess her mood.

"I am glad," she said with obvious relief. "I was uncertain if you would consider my visit to be an intrusion."

"Not at all!" he said with a scoff. "I like seeing you Ping. You should know that by now."

"Thank you Mr. Nicholas," she said as she looked down. "I enjoy seeing you too."

She looked up again and tittered quietly as she met his eyes.

"Was there a reason for your visit tonight?" he asked her. "Or is this just a social call?"

She blushed again and looked down.

"I am here," she said slowly, "because I am... I wanted to say to you..."

She frowned and continued to stare at the floor and Nicholas could see she was having difficulties. He just didn't know why.

"Is there something wrong Ping?" he asked as he moved to sit beside her on the couch.

She looked at him as he sat and then looked down once more.

"What I have to say is... difficult," she said slowly.

Nicholas immediately thought that she was about to tell him she and her sister were angry. He was convinced they were upset about how things had escalated. It had started with simple views of their nipples while they cleaned to giving him hand jobs and blow jobs; he had even fucked the two of them, one after the other on his bed. He frowned and looked down sheepishly.

"I'm sorry Ping," he said sadly. "I hope you and Minh are not too angry with me. Just don't stop coming to my house to clean. I promise I won't touch you or even look at you."

Ping looked at him curiously and knitted her eyebrows in confusion.

"Yes, I know things have gone too far already, and I'm sorry!" he said quickly, "I have the utmost respect for you and your sister and I only hope you can forgive me."

"I do not understand," she said.

"I want you to forgive me," he said. "I don't want you angry with me."

"Angry?" she asked. "You are angry?"

"Me?" he said, blinking in surprise. "I'm not angry. I thought you were angry."

"I am not angry," she said.

"You're not?" he said with a sigh of relief.

"No," she said. "I am very happy. My sister very happy!"

"You are?" he said.

"Yes," she said. "I am trying to say this, but it is difficult for me."

"You're happy?" he asked inanely.

Ping looked at him, cocking her head to one side in confusion.

"I am very happy!" she said.

"Oh," he replied and then sat back awkwardly.

"Mr. Nicholas," she said, laying a hand on his knee. "I am very happy to know you. Since my sister and I have been cleaning for you, you have been most kind to us. We are very grateful to you. The reason I have come here is to tell you how happy I am to know you. I would like to visit you more than once in a week if that does not disturb you."

"Really!" Nicholas said with his eyes wide. "You want to see me more often?"

"Yes," she said and then stared at the floor. "Unless I am imposing on you."

"No," he said. "You're not imposing at all. I'd like to see more of you too!"

"Yes?" she said, looking up and smiling.

With her almond shaped eyes and her full lips surrounding her smile, Nicholas found it hard not to scoop her up in his arms and ravish her on the spot.

"Oh yes!" he said as he put one arm on her waist and drew her closer to him.

He put his lips to hers and kissed her. She sighed softly and then willingly gave in to his kiss. He lifted her and set her on his lap and hugged her closely. She put her arms around his neck and moaned as their kissing became more passionate. She hooked one foot behind his calf and snaked her tongue into his mouth with abandon.

He placed his hand on her midriff and pushed it up inside her blouse. She sighed as he cupped her breast and then whimpered softly. He pinched her nipple between his fingers and she opened her mouth and kissed him fiercely.

She put her hand on his groin and squeezed his cock softly. She stood up and quickly unbuttoned her blouse. Nicholas watched eagerly as her bare breasts came into view. She dropped her blouse on the end table and motioned him to stand.

She fell to her knees and pulled his shorts to the floor. Then she took his swollen cock between her lips and proceeded to give Nicholas an inexperienced but very enthusiastic blow job.

He held her by the hair as her mouth moved back and forth. She sucked his cock as far into her mouth as she could take it and made love to it with her tongue. She cupped his testicles with one hand and placed her other hand on his buttocks. As she sucked she traced her finger lightly over his perineum and all around his anus.

She wet her finger in the saliva that was pouring out of her mouth and all over his cock and then gently pushed it just past his sphincter. She continued sucking, laving his cock with her tongue and sucking it with fervor as she wet her finger some more.

Nicholas was moving his hips with her, pushing into her mouth and then drawing back until just the head was between her lips. He felt her push her finger to the knuckle in his anus and then she was tickling his prostate.

He cried out and then he came. She gripped his cock and held the head with her lips. The sperm shot into her mouth as she stroked him with both hands.

She hummed as he filled her mouth and then looked up at him and grinned around his cock. She swallowed his semen, savoring the white sticky fluid as a small stream drooled down her chin.

Nicholas fell back into his chair and Ping smiled at him. He was drawing his breath in gasps and he felt like his testicles had been completely drained.

Nicholas reached forward and pulled her into his lap. She sighed and whimpered a little as he parted her thighs on either side of his hips. Her form-fitting skirt was now bunched up around her waist and Nicholas gasped when he saw she was not wearing panties.

Ping settled into his lap. She put one hand on his shoulder and the other on his cock, coaxing it into hardness once more. After just a few strokes, it began to grow again.

She was still very tight. She stared him in the eye as she swiveled her hips. She held his cock fast against her opening and closed her eyes from time to time as it slowly eased inside.

Nicholas put his hands on her tits and kneaded them as she coaxed his cock inside her. She muttered something he didn't understand and then gasped sharply. She made a series of "Oh!" sounds and clenched her eyes shut. Nicholas put his hands on her hips and held her steady. After about a half a minute, she sighed deeply and opened her eyes.

"I do not do that with my husband even before he left," she said with lidded eyes. "I give sex with him and he give me sperm, but I do not feel the same way. He has finished and I think it is the way of things. My sister tell me I can feel like this too, but I do not believe her."

She leaned forward and groaned as his cock slid more deeply into her.

"She tell me she feel like this many times," she went on. "I think her husband was better lover maybe."

She straightened herself and moved her hips from side to side a little and sighed again.

"Since Saturday, I can feel what my sister say," she purred happily. "She tell me she feel like this before, but not like this with her husband. She tell me you are more manly than her husband. When I tell her I want to see you tonight, she is happy. She tell me I should feel good just like you feel good. You feel good?"

"Oh yes," he said. "I feel great!"

"Good!" she said with a swirl of her hips. "I feel good too!"

Nicholas watched her as she moved. Her bare breasts jiggled as she fucked him. Her nipples were swollen to a deep crimson color.

He smiled and put his hands on her tits. She sighed and then began moving up and down on his cock a little more rapidly. He looked down and saw his member sliding in and out of her. The flesh of her lips seemed to grab at him as his cock moved out and was then pushed in as he moved inside.

She was dripping wet and his cock felt like it was inside an oven it was so hot. She started moving ever faster and she whimpered with every thrust.

Her wetness was now soaking both of them and her skin slapped against him as she moved. She moaned again and began making another series of "Oh!" sounds. Each time she sank on to his cock, she squealed her "Oh!" and he smiled at how she must be enjoying it. He gripped her hips and helped her with her movements lifting her slightly on every up stroke and then letting go as she sank down again.

She was literally bouncing in his lap now.

Nicholas picked her up off his lap and set her on the floor. He positioned her with her tummy on the couch and her knees on the floor. He knelt behind her and lifted her skirt clear of her pussy and then just admired the view for a moment.

Her tiny bum framed her pussy beautifully. He held his cock head with one hand and guided it to her entrance. He opened her lips with his fingers and pushed forward slightly. Then his head was nestled just inside and she looked over her shoulder with wanton desire.

"Please Mr. Nicholas," she panted. "Please take me!"

He pushed and she squealed loudly. With her tiny body he felt like he was splitting her apart.

"Oh yes!" she screamed. "Take me Mr. Nicholas!"

With that he shoved himself all the way in. She squealed again and he felt her shudder. He started pounding her as hard and fast as he could. She started chanting again, squeaking a high pitched "Oh!" each time he thrust into her. Her vagina clenched down on his cock and he thrust two more times before he came.

He pushed in hard and held still as his semen filled her channel. She groaned as she felt him shoot and then sighed in contentment as his cock shrunk and fell out of her with a wet plop. Some droplets of cum oozed from her pussy and she moaned as he leaned forward and breathed heavily.

"Oh Mr. Nicholas!" she gasped. "You make me feel good!"

"Me too Ping," he panted.

"My sister is right!" she whimpered. "You are very manly!"

Nicholas chuckled and fell to his side and sat next to her on the floor. He grinned at her and she smiled languidly, trailing her fingers along her pussy lips and coating them with his semen which was still dribbling out of her vagina. He put his own fingers there and scooped up a small amount and put it to his lips. She watched him in amazement and then took his finger and put into her own mouth.

"Thank you Mr. Nicholas," she said slowly. "I feel good."

Nicholas smiled and kissed her.

"Thank you Ping!" he said. "You can surprise me like this any time you want."

She smiled again and lay back staring at the ceiling. Nicholas put his hand over her mound again with his palm cupping her clitoris and his fingers teasing her lips. She sighed and spoke in Chinese and then turned toward him.

"Feel good," she whispered.

He smiled and put his lips over her nipple. He poked at it with his tongue and sucked it into his mouth. She sighed and giggled and he pushed his fingers into her tunnel. She gasped and then he started pushing his fingers in and out of her while he suckled her. She gasped again and soon she was squealing and trembling through another orgasm.

She lay back once more and then reluctantly pushed herself to her feet with a sigh. Nicholas looked at her questioningly and she gave a rueful smile.

"My sister," she said hesitantly. "She wait for me at home."

Nicholas nodded and pushed himself to his feet. He grasped her hand and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her deeply and then let her go. He sat back in his chair and watched as she adjusted her skirt and pulled on her blouse.

"I'll drive you home," he said.

"That is most kind Mr. Nicholas," she said.

She walked toward the door and bent down to pick up her purse. Nicholas put his hand on her skirt and squeezed her bum. She gasped and looked back at him with a giggle. He slipped his hand under her skirt and up her thigh and she gasped again. When he trailed his hand up the inside of her thigh, drawing her skirt up and over her buttocks with the other hand, she sighed and leaned one hand against the wall.

Nicholas swished his fingers around in her pussy. He shoved them here and there inside her and up and down her lips. Ping moaned and pushed back against his hand.

He pulled his shorts down to his thighs and lined his cock up with her vagina. He shoved it inside and she gasped again. He held her firmly as he moved. He was in no hurry. He slipped into her more loosely than he had the other day, but she was still incredibly tight. He moved slowly back and forth and Ping moaned and sighed.

"I want to cum inside you again Ping," he said fiercely. "I want to shoot right up inside your pussy when I cum!"

"Oh Mr. Nicholas," she whimpered. "I feel good!"

He moved his hips slowly and steadily. She pushed back against him and looked over her shoulder.

"Maybe you put sperm in my mouth?" she asked with a lick of her lips.

"Do you want me to cum in your mouth?" he said with a groan.

"Oh yes Mr. Nicholas!" she begged him. "Put sperm in my mouth!"

Nicholas grunted as his balls tensed and Ping whirled around and mouthed his cock. She held it firmly between her lips and used one hand to knead his balls and another to grip his cock at the root. She tickled his anus with one finger and stroked his shaft as she sucked on the head.

Nicholas grunted and came. It was a weak orgasm in that he didn't have a lot of semen left in him. It still made his eyes cross and his knees almost buckled with the intensity.

Ping had no trouble taking all of it in and didn't lose a drop. She grinned and smacked her lips as his cock shriveled while still in her mouth. She licked it lovingly, ensuring it was clean of any trace of cum.

She stood up, swallowing his load and then beaming up at him with her broad smile.

"I hope my visit tonight has not disturbed you," she said.

"You can visit me whenever you want to Ping!" he gasped as he awkwardly pulled his shorts up.


On Saturday Ping and Minh showed up as usual. They were both grinning as he invited them in, also as usual.

"Good afternoon Mr. Nicholas," Ping said. "We will clean fast today."

"Okay," he said. "So you don't want anything to drink?"

"No thank you Mr. Nicholas," she replied. "We will work very fast today."

Ping was wearing a blue denim miniskirt and a white short sleeved sweater. She pulled the sweater over her head and Nicholas blinked as her bare tits came into view. She was about to pull off her miniskirt but Nicholas lifted the hem to see she was not wearing underwear.

"Wow!" he said. "That's very sexy!"

Ping blushed and translated for her sister. Minh giggled and put her fingers to her mouth shyly.

Minh was wearing a white knee length cotton skirt with blue flowers printed on it. She lifted the front of her skirt showing Nicholas her bare pussy and then spoke in Chinese.

"My sister say she maybe look sexy too?" Ping said.

Nicholas stepped over to Minh and dipped his fingers in her vagina. It was wet and slippery.

"Yes she is!" he said.

Minh and Ping both smiled and then Minh unbuttoned her white blouse. When both girls were topless Nicholas sat on the couch and watched them. They slipped their skirts off, both of them smiling and giggling as he watched, then they went to begin their cleaning.

They worked quickly and efficiently. Before one hour was done the apartment was clean by anyone's standards.

As Ping was finishing the dusting of the living room Nicholas moved behind her and brushed her bum with one hand. He had discarded his own clothes shortly after they began cleaning so his erect cock was quite visible to her when she turned and smiled at him over her shoulder.

He pressed himself against her and he felt her wetness on his penis as he pushed it between her bum cheeks. She grinned again and spread her thighs a bit wider. He bumped against her opening once more and then she was reaching her hand between her legs and guiding his cock inside her.

She put her hands on the end table and bent forward. He slid into her slowly; at least as slowly as he could. He wanted her so badly it was hard to hold back.

She grunted when his head pushed past her lips and spread her legs wider still. He shoved again and she moaned softly. By the time four inches were inside her he felt Minh press her naked tits against his back. She reached around his waist and held the base of his shaft as he entered Ping.

Minh got on her knees behind him and started licking his testicles. She cupped his sac with her hand and ran her tongue over it. She moved her tongue a bit and started teasing his anus. She snaked her tongue past his sphincter and tickled the inside.

Nicholas groaned and started thrusting into Ping. Ping sighed and raised her bum to give him unfettered access.

"Oh!" she gasped in response.

Minh spoke in Chinese and Ping replied. Minh reached around Nicholas and gripped his cock. She spoke in Chinese again and Ping cried out and thrust her bum back at Nicholas rhythmically.

Ping started gasping "Oh!" repeatedly as her orgasm approached. Every time Nicholas' cock slid into the hilt, she cried out. Their hips were slapping together quickly and Ping chanted her mantra at least twenty or thirty times. Suddenly she stiffened and Minh tickled Nicholas' perineum. Nicholas gasped too and then he shot his cum inside Ping as she shuddered through her own orgasm.

Minh went to her knees once more and urged Nicholas to turn. When his cock slipped out of Ping's pussy, Minh gripped it with her lips and sucked him to the back of her throat. After she cleaned it thoroughly she let it flop out.

Ping sighed heavily and smiled.

"Oh Mr. Nicholas," she said breathlessly. "You surprise me! We have not quite finished yet."

Minh spoke in Chinese and Ping's smile grew wider.

"My sister say we have finished for today," she said.

"Good!" Nicholas said. "Then we have time for other things."

"Oh yes!" Ping said as she straightened and stood up. "My sister is eager for you to take her. It has been one week since last time and she has feelings."

Minh smiled and nuzzled the back of Nicholas' neck, pressing her hard little nipples into his back.

"I think we should do something to help her out," he said with a grin.

He took Minh's hand and led her to the couch. He sat down and pulled her up until she was standing on the couch and facing him with her feet on either side of his legs. He cupped her bum with his hands and pulled her close. She fell forward against him and he buried his face against her mound. He growled softly into her pussy and smacked his lips. He pushed his tongue inside her and he heard her giggle and gasp. He pushed further and she sighed in contentment.

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