tagRomanceThe Clown Ch. 01

The Clown Ch. 01


This is a story about a south Indian family in which the incest runs very deep. Sushmita is a very beautiful 22 year old girl with amazing curves which can make any man go crazy for her. With 36d size breasts and a round ass she was every man's fantasy to fuck the shit out of her, but she was too shy and naive that she wont even talk to boys in her class. Every boy in the class made moves to try and get into her panties but only to fail miserably, she had no idea how her life is going to change her in so many possible ways that no one can imagine.

Sushmita shares her room with her two younger siblings named pranitha and kavitha who are as beautiful and curvaceous as their elder sister. Pranitha is a 20 year old girl in her final year of graduation and kavitha, a 18 year old girl in her first year of graduation. The three sisters were raised very strictly by their parents which made them nerds. But they were too hot to be termed as nerds.

They always dress loose clothes to hide their curves which they are so ashamed of because of the attention they get from the boys in their classes. The three sisters were very close to each other and share every thing right from clothes to share their own personal secrets.

It all started on a fine evening, classes were over and everybody was leaving. sushmita felt the urge to take a leak but she was already halfway down the college building so she decided to use the old bathroom nearby which nobody use anymore. she wasn't aware of a guy following her as she rushed into the bathroom, she doesn't wanted to get late and forgot to lock the door in a hurry. As she started pissing while holding her long skirt with both hands and her panties down to her legs. Suddenly, the door opens with a bang which made her jump in horror and she was so scared that she closed her eyes at once.

For a moment, there was an awkward silence and all she can hear is someone breathing quite heavily. she was too scared to open her eyes and see whats happening around, she felt a hand on her head caressing her hair while she went completely mute. An unknown man feeling her and sushmita couldn't scream for help, she can't believe herself. Before she can gain her energy and scream for help, the man put a tape on her lips and grabbed her hands. With in a minute she got her hands tied and feeling helpless as she starts sobbing like a baby.

She opened her eyes to see a guy standing with a clown mask cut open to expose his eyes and lips. He grabbed her out of the toilet cabin into the huge bathroom and tied her up to the shower handle with her hands high in the air. All she can hear is herself sobbing quite slowly looking at the guy who is licking his lips while staring at her, she was pleading with her teary eyes and sobbing sounds which were too low to reach outside the bathroom.

The clown just stood their staring at her for a while before moving closer to her. As she saw him nearing to her, she increased her efforts to scream loud for help only to fail miserably as the tape over her lips was too firm. The clown now was standing so close that both of them can feel each others breath, as she was wondering why its happening to her then suddenly the clown ripped her shirt off exposing her big beautiful breasts covered in a black bra. Sushmita was going nuts and trying to scream her lungs out, she felt a pair of hands slowly running over her breasts. The horror she was going thru is unimaginable for her as she never ever thought things like these going to happen to a girl like her.

Next moment, the clown ripped off her bra to expose the naked pair which were unseen to the whole world other than herself. Tears were running down quite heavily by now and dripping on to her big beautiful breasts. The clown started rubbing those tears on to her breasts slowly and passionately. His hands were freely roaming all over her breasts feeling them and squeezing them gently. He moved to her back and stood quietly which made her feel more scared as she couldn't see him and couldn't imagine whats next going to happen to her.

Sushmita was continuously sobbing and feeling so ashamed to stood their half naked and a stranger molesting her very badly.As she was getting relaxed and thinking that its all gonna end now, she suddenly felt two hands approaching from behind to feel her breasts. He grabbed her boobs from behind and started squeezing them quite gently.

She can feel his whole body behind her back while he was busy with her breasts. To her much horror she felt something poking at her ass which scared her even more. He was rubbing and forcing his body into her now while he was continuously playing with her breasts, after a while for the very first time he pinched her nipples so gently that it sent shivers down her body which she actually enjoyed and let out a joyful moan without even knowing what she just did.

Sushmita cursed herself for enjoying that particular moment and was seriously wondering whats happening to her. There were too many questions arising in her mind about that moment. As the nipples pinching continued her sobbing was down and she was letting out joyful moans quite rapidly indicating the clown that she was actually enjoying the teasing.

Her nipples were hard now pointing out like a sharp pencil nib. She was feeling so ashamed of herself for enjoying all the nipple teasing, she can feel her body responding to his touch quite good by now. she had no control over her body or her new feelings which were developing at that moment, while she was looking at the fingers rolling on her nipples the clown slowly poked his head from the left side of her body to stare into her eyes. She closed her eyes the moment she saw his head and before she even think she felt a tongue on her nipple which created tremors all over her body and she was feeling weak in her knees unable to cope up with the pleasure she was experiencing with that wet touch. She was hurting her hands by shivering and letting her body go weak which in turn created more pressure on her tied wrists, the clown saw this happening and untied her hands from the shower handle but the hands were still tied together.

Sushmita fell on his shoulder the moment she was untied but she didn't made any physical move to hurt him. He laid her down on the floor admiring her beautiful body completely and he stripped of his clothes before going down on to her body. For the first time, she saw a cock at its full length which is about 9 to 10 inches just for a moment. She can feel his whole body on her half naked body, he was quite careful not to hurt her in any manner. She felt his head resting on her mighty boobs like a baby, he was clinging on to her body tightly like a little monkey clinging on to her mother.

Seeing this sushmita was a bit relaxed thinking that whatever happens today wont end up in any violent acts but she was still worried about her being raped. After few minutes, the clown slowly moved up to kiss her forehead very gently and then kissing all over her face so lovingly. Sushmita was feeling so good with all the kissing over her face that unknowingly her hands which were high over head wrapped around his head pushing him into her face more, with that sudden touch the clown stopped kissing her as he didn't expected her to give up so soon. The moment he stopped is when she realized what she had done and quickly pulled away her hands, The clown looked into her eyes only to find her staring back at him. The look in her eyes and the resistance long gone indicated that impossible happened, both were staring at each other for a while before clown slowly moved to kiss on her tape covered lips. The clown looking into her eyes and trusting his instinct pulled off the tape covering her lips very slowly.

Sushmita had all the time to scream for help but she didn't, all she did was licking her lips once and opening them slightly like it was an invitation for the clown to go ahead. Both of them staring at each other with all the awkward silence in the air, he made his move and untied her hands. The moment he united her, she wrapped her hands around his head lovingly. He slowly closed in to kiss her full on lips, with in a few moments they were kissing so passionately like eternal lovers. Lips smacking and tongues twisting like pro kissers, she was a natural kisser as she was so good at it. After few minutes of intense kissing, the clown broke the kiss and stood up to help her on to her feet. The moment she stood up, she hugged him so tight like she was madly in love with her. Both stood there for a while in each others arms before the clown uttered "I love you" in to her ears.

Hearing that she couldn't control her sobbing and looked up into his eyes with her teary eyes, she didn't said anything but he knows what she felt for him at that moment. He offered the clothes he brought in for her and asked her to leave early and be safe. She left the place before him and she was so quite all the time at house which left pranitha and kavitha wondering whats wrong with her. Both of them felt something strange and were very suspicious about their sister's behavior that night.

Next day, she went to college as she usually do but her mind was so occupied with all the things happened to her yesterday that she couldn't concentrate on her studies anymore. She went to the bathroom in a break to recall what happened to her and she was feeling quite horny as she remembers each and every single detail, she felt goosebumps all over her body. she noticed her nipples getting hard poking through her shirt, she squeezed her boobs and felt strange pleasure through out her body. she was enjoying all the changes happening in her and she was exploring her assets now, she ran her hands all over her body feeling her breasts and ass. She felt the heat in her panties all this long and pushed in her hand to check, the moment her hand touched her clit she felt so much electricity thru her veins. she fell with her ass down as she started rubbing her fingers all over her pussy, with in no time she was leaking juices. she felt so good that she kept doing it for minutes before finally erupting into an orgasm for the first time in her entire 22 years of life. she screamed in pleasure but was lucky enough not to be heard to the world outside.

She cleaned up all the mess she made and hurried out of the bathroom to her class. she was wondering who the guy was, she turned around and looked at every boy in the class. She was looking into their eyes and trying to figure out who that might be but she couldn't make out anything. The college was over, everybody was leaving but sushmita stayed in the class pretending to be working on her notes for the next 30minutes.

When she felt that no one is around she slowly made her way to that same bathroom, she locked the door behind her as soon as she saw the clown standing there and waiting for her. she stood there silently staring at him with her back pressed on to the wall beside the door.she can feel her breathing getting heavy with every second passing by, she can feel her nipples getting hard and poking out.

Sushmita shamelessly started undoing her buttons of the shirt she was wearing, the buttons were completely off but the shirt was still on wide open to expose her naked breasts and her sexy waist. The clown was surprised that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath her shirt which she actually took off in her class before walking into the bathroom. she opened and held her arms wide open inviting him to embrace her, he took off his shirt before running into her and hugging her tightly.

It was pure love that's happening between them, they were kissing and hugging each other so lovingly and passionately. In that heat of the moment she confessed her love upon him which made the clown stop and stare at her for a while before pulling off his mask to reveal his face. He was looking younger to her but she never met him at all, he was a complete stranger to her but now she is in love with this stranger.

He got hold of her boobs and started sucking them like a baby hungry for milk. Sushmita was going crazy with all the tits sucking, she got hold of his head and kept pushing into her more. He kept sucking those enormous tits making her squeal in pleasure.

"Oh yes, do it baby..do it more. keep sucking them, they are all yours. I'm all yours," said sushmita.

"I love you more than anything in this world, I want to be with you and i will love you forever" said the guy before diving into her cleavage.

Sushmita was on cloud 9 hearing those words, she felt so special and was feeling so lucky to get a guy in her life who promises to be with her forever. The girl who never gave any attention to any guy in the world till yesterday is now having sex with a guy and she is already deep in love with this stranger.

After few minutes of the whole tit sucking, she pushed him away to take off her long skirt and revealing her not so sexy panty covering her honey pot. Meanwhile, he pulled down his pants to reveal a hard cock staring at her. She moved closer to look at the cock and she held it firmly to feel the heat it was emitting, she was so horny at that moment and he asked her to get down on to her knees which she gladly did.

Now the 10 inch hard cock was staring right at her beautiful face. As she was admiring the length and shape of his cock, the guy slowly moved his cock towards her hot lips indicating her to take it in her mouth. She opened her lips slightly suggesting that she is ready for this whole new experience, he pushed in two more inches forward and it touched her lips which opened up to accept its first taste of cock. She slowly moved her lips on the tip of his cock trying her best to please her man.

He grabbed her hands and asked her to stay still with an open mouth, he then slowly pushed in inch by inch giving her enough time to breath. He made sure to make her feel good about her new experience, sushmita was a quick learner as she started getting used to blowjob very quickly. She showed more enthusiasm in blowing her man's manhood and was very quick to pick up the pace as she gained complete control over his dick and started blowing him like a vacuum cleaner which led to a rocking orgasm with in minutes of her gaining control. The clown spurted loads of cum on to her face to which her initial reaction was to get surprised but in the end she was happy that she was successful in bringing her man to an orgasm.

He pulled her up and pressed her back to the wall before kneeling down to return the favor with such intense pussy licking which gave her back to back rocking orgasms but still she was craving for more and more. They kissed and hugged for a long time but they never had intercourse but the guy promised her that he wanted the night of deflowering her to be very special and on a very special occasion.

After 2 hours of fun, the clown gave her a ride home and kissed her passionately before she went in. Sushmita walked into the house with suspicious faces staring at her but no one asked her why she was late.

To be Continued...

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