The Club


It was known as "The Club". No, not the contraption which saves your automobile from being stolen. Not a book of the week, panty of the month or basket of cheer club.

Just "The Club".

There were three members of The Club: William, Danny and me, Jonathan. Three teenagers

who met it high school and then moved onto the local community college. We were buds, we drove to Fort Lauderdale for spring break, we traded stories and dreams. That was a long time ago, 23 years ago.

I hadn't thought about The Club in years until scanning the local newspaper and noticing an eye-catching story. A local janitor had been arrested and convicted of improper behavior at a local college, having been caught in the act of viewing young ladies in various stages of undress through a peephole in his office.

As bad as it sounds, I felt bad for the poor guy. Heck, what guy doesn't want to be a voyeur, "looking behind the curtain", as it were, watching the beautiful young women bare all in front of his inquisitive eyes?

Since the statute of limitations is long gone, I can confess to you that The Club was formed just for that one voyeuristic reason --- to spy on young ladies.

It happened by accident during our freshman year at the college. The three of us were looking to get involved into a school activity, but nothing sounded good until Danny mentioned the basketball team. Now, mind you, none of the three of us were basketball team material, but one of his jock friends mentioned the team needed managers, and we thought that hanging around the sidelines might just give us a bit to talk about when we attended parties around campus.

We'd become hangers on, but knowledgeable hangers on. As part of our duties we were in charge of the equipment room, the place where the ball cart and extra practice jerseys were held. It was also the location of the excess football and other sports equipment, but in the late fall it was vacant in the evenings while the team was practicing.

On one of those nights the coach asked me to check around for a new clipboard, as he was unhappy with the play of the team and broke his current one over a chair in disgust. While Danny and William entertained themselves with shooting free throws at an unused part of the gym, I strode back to the equipment room to see what I could dig up. Opening the door with my master key, I began hunting through the room. I didn't find a clipboard, but I did hear what sounded to be females laughing in the room next door before being drowned out by a shower.

I stared at the wall, then realized it was the girl's locker room! Immediately my mind wandered as my eyes darted around the wall, wondering...

Ok, ok, I'm a lousy pervert. I slipped over to the door, closed it, locked it, then went over to the wall separating the equipment room from the locker room. I checked that wall from stem to stern, looking high and low for any sign of eye entry into the nirvana which lay behind the wall. I wanted to look, I needed to look, and voila, while standing atop a table in the corner of the room I found it: a small, three-penny nail-sized hole in the wall about seven feet off the ground.

What drew me to the area was the appearance of two picture-hanging nails separated by about two feet, but no picture. It appeared there had been a picture there at one time, but it had been taken away. In the middle of the two nails was this small hole, and upon closer inspection, I noticed it there was indeed a small glasslike nob on the opening. It was some sort of a wide-angled glass, because looking at it opened up a large piece of the girl's showers in their lockerroom next door!

My eye was glued to the viewer as I watched two, then three, college girls washing off the sweat and grime from whatever activity they were involved in. I didn't recognize any of the naked girls, but my eyes were opened wide as I saw the soap and suds and breasts and pussies and asses and oh la la!

Instant hard on.

I watched for several minutes then vacated my spying location --- once my hard on subsided --- and went back to practice. There, greeted with catcalls of "you couldn't find your ass with both hands", I admitted I hadn't been able to find the clip board. But I must have looked guilty, because after practice Danny pulled me aside with William and popped a question.

"What the heck got into you, Jon? You were acting weird out there," asked my friend Danny. One thing I found from my friendship with these two guys is that we prided ourselves to have a little of the Three Musketeers, All for One, One for All philosophy. After a bit of prodding, and with their assurance that whatever I told them would be our secret, I took them to the equipment room.

The air conditioning unit was going full blast, so there was no sound of laughter like earlier, but when I related my story they laughed and told me I was nuts. That's when I showed them the peephole. And while there wasn't a soul in view, they surmised, as did I, that someone had rigged up a neat little spying point. After the discovery we spoke about the find. We agreed that if someone else, anyone else, knew of the peephole, word would get out and we'd be caught, expelled, or worse. We talked about how we would have to be discrete. Rules made, the next 24 hours were quite exciting for each of us. We wanted to test our new discovery, yet we didn't want to do anything that would be deemed suspicious behavior.

When the coach told the team to knock off early, we began shelping equipment to the

room down the hall. Once inside the locked room, I glanced through the peephole, and while

nobody was in the shower there were girls in various stages of undress in the background.

One girl had humongous tits, a fact I mentioned to the guys before being shoved out of the

way for them to view.

"My god, it's Cathy Gallagher, what knockers," said Danny. "She's a friend of my sister and a real bitch. Stephanie says she's a real cock-teaser, and that she runs through guys like water down a mountain. Everyone puts up with it because they want a chance at feeling those melons!"

Those untouchable boobs were right before my eye in all their glory, bouncing as she washed herself. I hate to admit it, but each rock and roll of her breasts sent shivers down my spine and blood into my dick. It was so wrong, but so very right. Over the next several weeks we paid a great deal of attention to the girls sports teams, observing the faces of the women and making mental notes of the girls we'd like to see in the altogether. And spy on them we did, even going so far as designing a little rating scale for each, Imagine that, three geeks who wouldn't stand a chance at dating some of these women seeing them in the nude.

There was something special about watching the girls sports team practice, isolating our attention on a couple of the best-looking women, and then retreating to the privacy of our equipment room to spy on our favorites. It wasn't always a cornucopia of flesh. Many times we spied and saw nothing, other times we were at the tail end of things and the girls were mostly dressed. But on those

occasions --- timing is everything --- we got to see a strip show and shower by some of the

college's finest ladies, and no dollar bills changed hands.

There were a few embarrassing moments, like the time Danny and I couldn't find William

and decided to head over to our secret spot on our own. We entered the dark room only to find William pulling up his jeans after polishing his knob to the tune of those in the shower next door. That embarrassment changed when each of us finally admitted to having done exactly the same thing in the past.

Another unexpected jolt came in our second year at the peephole when Patti Nace entered

the locker room view. Danny was glued to the peephole and watched her undress, never saying

a word. Patti, you see, was dating me.

"So, Jon, do you like Patti's tits?" asked Danny out of the blue.

I looked over at Danny and told him to keep his thoughts away from my girl. "She's

sweet, be careful what you say about Patti or I'll belt you one," I jested.

"Ok, ok," murmured my friend.

Seconds later he let out a gasp! I pushed him away from the peephole and spied, not

believing my eyes. There was Patti, naked as the day she was born, in the shower, with water

cascading down her soapy body. But there was more, she had a finger in her hairy slit and was

ferverously fingering her clit. I watched as the girl --- my girl --- had an orgasm right in front of my eyes.

William pushed me out of the way to get a few of the action, as my mind couldn't believe what I had seen.

I had touched that same pussy the night before, but couldn't get her to cum until she began helping me by moving her hand over mine, guiding my finger against her slippery slot in a way that got her off. Patti and I didn't make love until about a month after this discovery, but in the meantime kept ourselves satisfied by hand. On this day, both Danny and William knew first hand what a cute, sexy woman my girlfriend was.

As mentioned, not all of our visits were jackpots. There were many times when we went away without a wisp of flesh. But other times were wonderful. My particular favorite was watching a girl get dressed, especially if she was going out on a date. One could tell since they came in grimy but left clean, fresh, powdered and provocatively dressed.

Jenny Connors was my favorite, because she would don wispy red or blue undies which left little to the imagination under miniskirts and tee tops. A picture of perfection, and I was jealous of her boyfriend.

As accidental as my finding of the peephole was, it was William's discovery which went down in our Hall of Fame as the biggest find since gold in California.

It was late on a Friday night, the team had won its game and the guys were clearing out as we put away some equipment. We knew from experience that it was too late to spy on any sweet young things, but William took a look anyway.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh!" was all he said. We looked at our friend like he had gone over the deep end, but one look at his face told us something was up next door.

"What's up, Billy Boy?" inquired Danny.

"Yea, what is it, a couple late showerees?" I hopefully added.

His eye was glued to the peephole, and he muttered something about us not believing what he was seeing. We quickly sped across the room and took turns at the hole. I couldn't believe my eye!

Mrs. Johnson, the girls' physical education teacher, was clearly sucking face with Mr. Laughlin, the history teacher. Both married, but not to each other. Both had been at the game that night. Both didn't leave right away!

What happened next can only be described in bits and pieces, as each of us could only watch for a minute before being shooed out of the way by one of the others. This was too priceless to miss. Mr. Laughlin was fondling her breasts while vigorously kissing her, but Mrs. Johnson wasn't shy about having one hand around his neck and the other playing with his bulging trousers. We soon got into the rhythm of switching places to ensure each of us got a view of the action.

The woman soon unzipped the man, pulling out his hard cock from his underwear. She kicked off her shoes, then knelt down on the dirty locker room floor in front of him. I saw her open her mouth and slowly slip the shank of meat between her moist professor lips. We each took turns watching her suck the man, and we more than once mentioned that she was quite the cocksucker. Her head bobbed on the knob, alternating slow stroke with long ones, and soon Mr. Laughlin's hand caressed her head and helped guide the woman's face up and down his throbbing dick.

He sort of rocked his mid-section as his cock was being worked on by the teacher like a

pro. She had her hands on his ass, and was pulling him toward her face, all the while working her mouth and bobbing her head. It appeared as if the man would soon shoot his juice into her willing mouth, but the couple had other ideas.

After a bit more rocking, Mr. Laughlin finally pushed the woman's head away, and Danny said she smiled and said something, laying back on the floor. She lifted her flowing skirt, slipped down her french cut panties, and spread her legs open for the history teacher while he was dropping his pants and undies to the floor. Our second discovery of the night was that the blonde teacher had a dark, neatlyt trimmed bush. It was an inviting target for the man of history.

He knelt, then slid down on top of the woman, rubbing his blood filled dick up and down her downy slit for nearly a minute before slowly entering the woman. Once firmly packed inside the gooey hole, the two kissed for a bit before then man began pumping into her wet, horny slot. While we wished we could magnify the action, it was clear how hot the coupling couple were as they rocked on the locker room floor.

A few minutes into the action the air conditioning unit subsided, and through the newfound quiet we could hear --- barely but more than enough to know it was the sounds of lovers --- the humping horny twosome moaning and groaning.

"Oh yes, Craig, yes. Fuck me," said the schoolteacher. "Do me hard."

The man did, rutting into her pulsating pussy while holding himself above her body with both hands. It appeared he was doing pushups on the woman, and not the Marine kind. After a bit more rutting he pulled out of her willing pussy. He turned the woman over, helping to her hands and knees, before once again slipping his dick up and down her gooey hole. She wiggled her butt at him before he finally slipped his hardness back inside the warm receptacle.

If catching them in the act was hot, this action was red-hot, because not only was Mr.

Laughlin pounding against the woman from behind, but he alternated those doggie strokes with strokes of his hand against the woman's bare ass. All the while Mrs. Johnson's head was extended toward the ceiling as she took the cock from behind while rocking hard back against the married man.

I was on watch when the two broke their embrace and the woman knelt over her now prone

lover. She quickly sucked his dick back into her mouth and began blowing the teacher for the second time that night. Seconds later her cheeks bulged as the man filled her mouth with sticky man sauce. It was incredible, and while the other guys only caught the tail end of the exhibition nobody complained.

"She swallowed it all," advised William. "No doubt about it! She swallowed his cum."

We watched as the two held each other for a while, talked, kissed, and finally got dressed. It was so very exciting to watch Mrs. Johnson perform her reverse strip. Soon they were out of sight, but definitely weren't out of mind, as each of us admitted to jacking off a large load back at home that night.

I have to admit I looked at both teachers with a whole different viewpoint whenever I saw them.

For the next year-and-a-half The Club continued its voyeuristic activities. Somehow, we never let on to anyone what we had found, nor what we had seen. To ensure we had access, and weren't rousted for our behavior, we volunteered to help with some of the other teams, sort of becoming professional equipment managers.

I have to admit that over time our interest moved on, especially when we found women who liked us and, ahem, we had our way with them. But from time to time we'd slip off to our secret place to spy on a girl we wanted to see or to watch the teacher's adulterous behavior. Yes, Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Laughlin would rendevous in the locker room from time to time and be caught in the act by spying eyes.

Knowing what we did, it was easy to spot and then anticipate catching the two in action. It was only after nighttime games or activities, and they never stayed more than 45 minutes...probably to avoid spousal suspicion.

One ball-breaking night we sped out of the room after we caught the two balling after a school play. By this time we had caught on to all their secretive pre-sex behavior, and we were there when they arrived to screw. But on this night we were onto a special treat, as when Mrs. Johnson came into view she was dressed in a cheerleader's outfit, while Mr. Laughlin was in a partial football uniform.

Must have been Fantasy Night for Teachers.

This occasion was similar to the others, in that the couple progressed from kissing to her sucking to the two of them fucking, with a twist. We couldn't hear what was going on, but we could tell they were in heavy discussions, sort of like a young couple in the back seat of a car where the guy is begging and the girl is defending her honor. He pleaded, she declined, he kissed, sucked and nibbled and she finally relented with a wry smile.

On this occasion the man slipped a condom onto his rock hard dick while Mrs. Johnson

was rubbing something along her ass cheeks. At first we thought it would again be doggie action, and it turned out it was.

He lifted up her cheerleader skirt, placing it on her back, then began delicately pushing his cock against... her asshole. We hadn't considered that orifice when thinking of the two in heat, but it was clearly the place where the action was that night. We could clearly hear when he hit paydirt as the woman let out a scream before Mr. Laughlin's hand capped her mouth. It was incredible watching them fuck and suck in the past, but this was an unbelievable sight.

He couldn't get as deep, as we only saw three-and-four inches sticking into her behind while a couple of inches of dick meat remained outside the warm, tight hole. But the two apparently loved the action, because once they got the feel of things they slowly moved in tandem, head rocking separately but clearly turned on. Soon Mrs. Johnson sort moved one hand down to her pussy, balancing her head and other hand on the ground while her ass was high in the air. Mr. Laughlin's slowly ass fucked the woman while she began fingering her greasy slot.

Watching the two ass fuck was a sight etched into my mind to this day. Her groans, his pumping, and the shaking of their bodies while they rutted in the naughty place was priceless. While we couldn't tell for sure, it appeared the woman reached climax at least twice, maybe three times that night.

They must have been at it 15-20 minutes before slowing to a stop. We sort of figured he had cum, but his cock was rock hard as it emerged from her well-fucked ass. What was unbelievable was watching the woman remove the condom from her lover after having been screwed up the ass with it, then moving her head down to suck off the history professor.


To this day I've wondered if she had a special thing for oral fixation of cock, because she always ended their sessions with his dick spurting in her mouth.

About a year after our graduation I noticed that the cheating couple were getting married. Apparently they had been caught in the act by a janitor, who told someone who told someone who ratted them out to a spouse. I heard their divorces were not pretty, but for me, I could care less. They provided voyeuristic content that was as hot as all get out.

The Club had it's main attraction for nearly two years, and to this day I can recall many of the naughty sex acts we'd observed from that equipment room wall.

I always wondered what happened to that peephole, and couldn't help myself one Saturday

afternoon when waiting for my nephew to get dressed after his college baseball game. I was strolling the halls when I noticed a youngster leave the equipment room and head out the doors toward the ballfield.

Acting as inconspicuous as possible, I slipped inside the room and looked around, asking if anyone was present. My eyes immediately went to the wall where The Club had spent so much time, and was disappointed to see a bookcase where once a desk sat. Still...

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