The Coach

byPandoras Desire©

It was late one fall afternoon, and it sure was cold. So I put on my coat, and left the dorm.

I was walking across the campus, as the coach had said that she wanted to see me.

It is a pretty big campus, as well as a big school. One of the top ranked colleges in the country. I was the star basketball player on the women's team. Averaging at least 22-24 points per game. I was also a sophomore and known as everybody's All American.

The other girls on the team, or should I say women on the team, were almost as good as me. I guess that's why we're ranked number 1 in the SEC, and coming off a nine year drought, we were last years NCAA Champs. As I walked up to the athletic building, shielding myself from the cold, I climbed the steps, and reached the door. I took out my hand from my coat pocket and reached the door handle, I pulled the door open and walked inside. The door closed behind me, as I was glad, the blast of cold air felt like I was up north instead of being in the mid-south. I walked the halls of the athletic building all the way to the back, I finally found the coaches door, and placed my hand on the handle. I turned the knob and opened the door. As the door opened I said, "you wanted to see me Coach Summitt?"

"Yes, Candace," she said, as she lifted her head up from her desk, and placed her pen down in front of her. She then folded her hands together and propped her chin upon them.

"Please, won't you sit down," said Coach Summitt.

I dropped my book bag onto the floor, and sat down in the chair directly across from the coaches desk. Coach Summitt got up from behind her desk and walked around it, and behind me, she placed her hand on the door and shut it. Then she turned around and looked at me, and said, "take your coat off, Candace, it's pretty warm in here."

Coach Pat Summitt, her 33nd season, with 7 NCAA, 913 wins, 17 Olympians, 19 Kodak All Americans, 13 SEC Champs. 12 Tourney Champs. 16 final 4's, and appeared in every NCAA Tourney accredited to her name. She also made over a million dollars a year. And she was worth EVERY penny.

I mean, Coach Summitt will probably go down in history as one of the best basketball coaches of all time. She not only cares about the game, she cares about the school, as being a former student here herself, and she cares about each and every player she's ever had. She's also like a second mother to her girls.

So as you can see, with her bein' the boss, I did as she instructed. I undid my coat, and then wiggled my right arm out of the sleeve, then the left. I let it drop on the chair behind me. Coach Summitt was still standing behind me, with her hands folded underneath her chest, and her feet at a stance. She took a hold of my coat, and tossed it on top of my book bag. She then Undid the button on her blazer jacket that she was wearing, then took it off and tossed it over her desk, making it land in her chair. She then placed her hands upon my left and right shoulders. Then began with, "Candace, I like you. You're a bright student here at UT, and the best basketball player I've had in a long time. You're qualified for the WNBA in 2008, and I hear you're thinking of taking the offer. I was hoping I could change your mind on that issue."

"I..I..," was all I could get out of my mouth. When Coach Summit turned my chair around, she bent down and with arms extended and her hands on the arms of the chair, she stared point blank into my eyes. She always had that warmth to her smile, except when UT was on the court and the ref's made a bad call against us. Then her smile wasn't so warm, she was out of her seat, and in the ref's face faster than Superman or Wonder Woman could fly. But today, she had a warm smile. One that was staring right through to my soul. She placed her hand under my chin, and lifted my face. I greeted her with the same warm smile that she had givin' me a few minutes ago.

She then said, "on your feet Parker."

I stared into her eyes, as she backed away. I then got up on my feet. She took her hand and cupped my face, then leaned in and gave me a tongue filled kiss upon my blush colored lips. My mind was racing, tryin' to keep up with my libido. But as that was happening, I broke the kiss, and all I could say was, "Coach Summitt.."

Coach Summitt looked at me, with wanting desire. In fact, with the look on her face, and the look in her eyes, she wanted to ravish me. She then spoke up and said, "Parker, you are my thrill of the game. Those other girls are good, but they don't have the body that you have. The one I have been longing for. Kiss me."

I knew I wanted to kiss her, but my mind was telling me, 'this is the coach, my coach.' But my body was telling me 'go ahead, Candace, go ahead. Its been a while since your last fucking, just go ahead a kiss the woman.' So with those thoughts roaming through my head, I leaned up on my toes and cupped the coaches face, and leaned in and kissed her. Not just a kiss, but a tongue filled kiss. Just like the one that she first gave me. With that tongue filled kiss, my body was on fire. I was in my basketball jersey and sweats, both marked UT with my number on them. My sweats were beginning to get damp, as I didn't bother to waste time putting on panties. 'When the coach calls, you answer. And I was about to answer. And answer in a BIG way.'

My breasts were a full 34B, and I guess at that moment, the coach knew that they needed attention, and she definitely obliged me. She placed her hands upon my shoulders, and quickly turned me around. Then her hands fell upon my globes, as she began to massage them, through my jersey. My head leaned sideways, and against the coaches chest, as she bent her head down and began kissing the side of my neck. I arched my neck in further acceptance. Then the coach took her hands from my breasts, and instructed me to take off my jersey, as she wanted full attention on my breasts, without restriction.

I did as I was told. I took my arms and held them into the air, and waited for the coach to lift my jersey over my head. She then tossed it aside. She then took off her own top, and tossed it aside. At that moment, I was in awe of her. Or at least her breasts. They are truly amazing. Just two milky white breasts with just a few freckles, sitting cradled by a hot pink lace colored bra. As I wasn't wearing one, she quickly removed hers, and let it fall to the ground. She quickly turned me around again, and then instructed me on how to fondle her breasts, and make them bigger than they were. She then instructed me by saying, "take your tongue and bathe the nipple. Then after a few licks, cradle your tongue underneath its crest, and your mouth over the top."

I began doing as the coach told me to, then I began sucking earnestly. After all, she was like a second mother to me.

Coach Summitt instructed me on 'going from one tit to another.' Not leaving anything to the imagination. Then after a few moments, the coach said, "come Candace."

She then grabbed me by the hand, and led me to the couch in her office. 'I guess the coach sometimes took a nap in here,' I thought. Then when she instructed me to get out of my sweat pants, I thought, 'maybe not.' But I did as I was told. Once my sweats were off, the coach grabbed them from my hands, and tossed them on the pile of my book bag, coat and shirt. She then told me to spread my legs a little. I did. And as I did, she placed her hand on my clean shaven mound. Then said to me, "what's this, Parker?"

Then took her hand and brought it up to her nose and smelled my aroma. Then took her fingers and sucked my juices from them. "Mmmmm."

"Lay on the couch, Parker," she said.

So I laid on the couch. The coach shed her dress pants, and tossed them onto her chair behind her desk. Then as she saw a little fear in my face, she said, "you need not be afraid, Parker, everyone knows that 'The Coach' works late. No one will come 'round."

My fear turned into a smile, as the coach instructed me to burry my head between her legs and give her a good fucking.

She spread her legs, as I sat up on the couch. She had one leg on the floor, and the other placed up on the couch. As I leaned forward, she cupped my head and looked down into my eyes, with a deep smile. Then she said "fuck me, take your tongue and delve it deep into my darkness."

As she let go of the back of my head, I could still smell her sweet aroma, emanating from between her legs. I licked my lips, then delved into her sweet wetness. Her lips were already glistening. I ran my tongue along her lips. Up and down several times, when the coach speaks up and says, "common Parker, fuck me good. Or I'll make you run thirty laps around the gym naked."

So then, I quickly began running my tongue along the inside walls or her cunt. Savoring every juice it could find. The coach started moaning, as she placed her hands on the back of my head, like she was holding a basketball. It didn't take her long, as her body was writhing in motion with my tongue. We stayed like this for what seemed like an hour, but maybe only a few minutes. When I felt she was ready, I fastened my lips to her clit and began to suck it into my mouth. I then took my hand and cupped her body just above her ass, with one hand, and the other I took two fingers and placed them insider her hot wet cunt, and began twisting them around inside her. All the while, still sucking her clit into my mouth. Within minutes, the coach began to flow. Her juices came into my mouth, and rushed down my throat. I swallowed every drop the coach had to offer me. When she was done, she said to me, "on your back, Parker."

I did as I was instructed to do. Then she says, "spread those legs wide, I'm gonna give you the fucking of your life. I bet you never had a REAL woman before Parker, eh? But not bad for your first time. Now I will show you how a woman takes another woman. C'mon spread 'em."

I laid myself down on the couch, and propped one leg on the back of the couch, and one leg bent on the floor. The coach got between my legs and then leaned herself up towards my face and began kissing me. Her lips were tender, yet firm. Her tits were touching mine, they were firm. I knew that the coach MUST work out. I mean, she had to, to keep her girlish figure. And at the rate she was going at me. I knew it was true.

The coach ended hr kiss upon my lips, but I wish she hadn't. It felt so good. The coach then traced her kisses down my face, to my neck and nuzzled her kisses there, then down to the hollow of my neck, you know, between the collar bone. Then her kisses touched the tops of my breasts one, then the other. My body was on fire. The coach was right, I've never been with a REAL woman before. Let alone, a woman. So as you can say, I was a virgin to this process. But I loved every minute of it. I've always thought that Coach Summitt was a beautiful woman. But I never thought anything more than that. Her kisses traveled from the top of my breasts, to my nipples. Her tongue bathed one then the other. She let her tongue swirl around one nipple, then graze it with her teeth. Then her tongue bathed the underside of my nipple, and her mouth clamped over the top and she began to suck. Her hand molding my other breast. After sucking one and molding the other, she switched breasts. The coach sucked like a hungry babe, latching on for the first time. She sucked my tits for what seemed like an eternity. Then she traced her tongue like an ice cube being washed down my body by someone, down to my belly button. She laved her tongue there, then traveled her tongue and her kisses down to the top of my clean shaven mound. She then kissed the top of my mound. Then she trailed her kisses down each leg, then back up again. Up to my mound. She then laved her tongue up and down my lips several times, before delving into my complete darkness. As the coach was probing my complete darkness, my hands seemed to wander to my breast. All 34B of them. I played. I pinched, I pulled, I twisted my nipples. The coach then took her tongue and traveled it along my inner walls. Caressing every inch along the way. I gasped when her tongue found that VERY spot. You know, the one that makes you wanna scream at the top of your lungs, but you can't cause someone might hear you.

Anyways, the coach continued caressing my inner walls, when she pulled her tongue out and noticed that my clit had swollen massively. She then cradled my clit between hr lips and began sucking on it, slowly at first, then as my hips began rhythmically moving in time with her sucking, she picked up her pace. I began to pinch my nipples harder than they'd been pinched before. I began to moan, tears began to flow from my eyes. They were happy tears. Yes, happy tears. I needed release, and as the coach put it in so many words, I needed to be put back in place where I belonged. Right here at UT.

But I couldn't think of that now. My body was about to go through an earth shattering orgasm. And all I could think about was 'damn, the coach is good.'

My body began to shake, as I was writhing in time with the coaches sucking of my clit. Her fingers twisting in and out of my complete darkness. I felt like Mount St. Helens, when she erupted emeralds. I felt so special at that moment. My body was glistening in perspiration, my complete darkness was bein' ravaged by another woman. But not just another woman. My basketball coach. And I was enjoying every minute of it.

I let my orgasm consume me, my body racked with pleasure, and I came like I never came before.

When my orgasm stopped, I laid there, emotionless. The coach fell atop me, then leaned up and kissed me upon my moist and tender lips. And when she was done, she said to me, "Don't ever mess with the coach. Do I make myself clear?"

"Ye-s-s coach," I said, breathlessly.

"Yes coach, what?"

"Yes, Coach Summitt."

"I have a 100% graduation rate here at UT, Parker, and you're not gonna screw that up for me. Understood?"

"Ye-s-s Coach Summitt.

"I'll see you at practice, go on now." So, Candace got herself up off the couch and quickly got dressed, as did the coach. Candace then gathered her coat and put it on, and grabbed her book bag, placed her hand on the door handle and turned the knob and opened the door an stepped out of Coach Summitt's office. Candace left the athletic building and went to her next class, but she could barely pay attention. The coach, finally clothed again, sat down in her chair and folded her hands and placed them folded underneath her chin and sat there for a while starring off into space, with a smile upon her face.

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