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The Coffee Shop Girl


Author's note: Well, this started out short and dirty, and then it turned into whatever it turned into. In a way it works as a "Part 2" for my other stories "The Lipstick Test" (especially) and "Gretchen in Suspension" (kind of) so please have a look at those through my profile. Please take the time to vote and comment, because it's good to know if I'm doing things right or not. I'm craving criticism as well, so if there's anything you think I can improve (I'm sure there is), again please comment. Thanks for reading.

- - -

For their first date, Bethanie and Maddy went to the cinema. It was early on Thursday evening and the movie, some blockbuster or other, had been playing for some time so the screen they were in was almost empty.

Maddy had been worried that, put in the situation of an actual honest-to-God date, Bethanie would be tense, nervous and self-conscious. But as soon as they met at the station she had been relaxed and flirtatious, often touching Maddy or taking her arm as they walked. So when Maddy lost interest in the movie on the screen she quickly turned her attention to Bethanie.

As Bethanie brought popcorn to her luscious (now recovered) lips Maddy tickled her and tugged at the hem of her short skirt, pulling it from under her so that Bethanie's backside, bare but for her panties, was against the rough cinema seat.

"What are you doing?" Hissed Bethanie.

"Shhh, watch the movie." Scolded Maddy, slipping her arm under the arm-rest and tracing her fingers delicately up her date's thigh and under her skirt. Ten minutes later Bethanie couldn't stop squirming in her seat and she jumped up and dashed from the screen.

Her panties had been crudely pushed aside, the tangle of her hair had been tugged maddeningly, her pussy had been rubbed slowly and unbearably until she felt herself starting to open and then she had been gradually, seductively penetrated.

The worst thing had been how slow Maddy was moving, sliding her finger in at a glacial pace that brought Bethanie to the point of screaming - not in arousal, but in frustration.

Maddy pursued her into the (luckily deserted) ladies room, almost tackling her into a cubicle and locking the door.

"Don't make a sound," the petite blonde advised. She span the taller girl around, bending her over so that her hands were resting on the toilet cistern. Bethanie's panties were off before she knew it, and just as quickly Maddy was squatting on her haunches, her face buried in the brunette's pussy, using her experienced lips and tongue to full effect.

Maddy made Bethanie climax for the first time in a cinema bathroom, bent over, knees shaking, clutching onto the toilet for dear life as fingers, tongue and lips blended into some kind of pleasure-giving machine that she was completely powerless against.

"I was kind of enjoying that movie y'know," she said as she was trying to pull herself together and working out whether her panties were worth putting back on. "We'll have to rent the DVD when it comes out."

"I can't promise I won't spoil it again." Maddy answered cheekily. She slipped out of the cubicle, washed her face quickly and waited for her date in the lobby.

* * *

Their second date was at the zoo just outside the city, and as they left the tropical bird house Bethanie glanced around conspiratorially and pulled Maddy around the side of the concrete building into the unused space between the wall and the trees that surrounded the zoo.

Completely unseen, but tingling with the excitement of the fresh air playing across her skin she planted Maddy's hands on the wall and told her to spread her legs as if she were a cop about to pat down a suspect. Instead she quickly stripped her date from the waist down, pulling at the tight jeans and boyish cotton underwear that Maddy had been wearing and exposing her pussy - already getting wet she noticed, Maddy got aroused so quickly - to the fresh air.

"Arch your back and push that ass up," She whispered harshly. Maddy let out a little gasp of surprise as Bethanie wove the fingers of her left hand into her hair, and gently, but firmly pulled her head back. Kissing her neck she added, "This is for the cinema."

"But I thought you liked the cinema?" Maddy whined.

"I did, and I'm sure you'll like this." Her right hand curled underneath Maddy's body and rubbed quickly and roughly at the girl's defenceless pussy until she was satisfied Maddy was completely under her control, then she fucked her forcefully with her two middle fingers.

"Come," she said, when Maddy was fucking her hips back onto Bethanie's fingers just as hard as the brunette was fucking them into her, and the blonde girl was having trouble not crying out, and Maddy obediently did so, soaking the hand that fucked her.

* * *

For their third date they went out to dinner to an expensive French restaurant. But for the twenty minutes they were there, Maddy's foot (perfectly concealed by the low-hanging tablecloth) was working away wickedly in her girlfriend's lap and they left after the starters and ordered pizza later that night from Maddy's apartment.

* * *

About a month later Bethanie and Maddy were sitting in the Commie Coffee Can - famed for amazing coffee and ill-thought-out Marxist decor. They were on a small, threadbare sofa, sitting close, thighs touching, each nursing a vast, luxurious cappuccino. On the wall above them Stalin looked disapprovingly into the distance.

"You know real communists would never drink coffee like this." Maddy felt warm and comfortable and safe. The city had taken a dive into the chill of fall just a week earlier, and she was already craving the comfort and shelter that only a coffee shop could provide.

"Don't stereotype communists Madeline," Bethanie scolded. She sipped long and slow at her coffee and Maddy couldn't stop things happening inside her as she watched Bethanie's lips pout and press against that lucky coffee cup.

Her thighs were tensing, she realised after several seconds of watching. Her body was remembering how those lips pouted and trapped her throbbing little clit, how they sucked and applied pressure and pulled and teased and wouldn't let go even when it was too much and she was just squealing and trying to flip over and crawl away for a moment's rest...

Bethanie hadn't been the world's greatest oral technician that first time, but she'd been pretty damn good and she'd paid a lot of attention to what Maddy did to her. Maybe she'd been looking things up on the internet too? Maddy gasped as the thought dawned on her. That this gorgeous girl would research ways to make her scream and beg her to stop!

"What? What's wrong?" Bethanie glanced at her.

Oh! She'd gasped out loud!

"Nothing!" Maddy yelped and squeezed Bethanie's thigh. Just a small touch, except that for a moment she found that she couldn't let go. When she did Bethanie sent her a long, soft smile and leaned back into the half-sprung sofa.

"It's a little odd, sitting here drinking coffee under a mural of a mass murderer." Bethanie murmured, looking up at the moustachioed visage above them.

"I, um, don't think most people think about it as much as you do Bethy."

"Maybe they should." Maddy watched Bethanie's gaze lower as she looked intently at something on the other side of the long room. The Commie Coffee Can had been converted from some kind of workshop and it was a pretty sizeable place - the winter heating bills must have been a mean overhead. "Hey is that the girl you were telling me about?"

"What?" Maddy couldn't stop her face flushing a little, and for a moment she couldn't pull herself together enough to follow Bethanie's eyes. "Who do you mean?"

"Jesus Maddy, you're about as subtle as a brick." Bethanie sipped at her drink again and Maddy fought not to get distracted. She was remembering two nights ago, tangled in the sheets, telling Bethanie it was ok to stop, no really, she already came, she could stop now, oh god please stop, stop, oh Jesus please God just wait a second, just a second, she wasn't just going to come again, just like that, oh god, oh no - "You're not even looking."

Maddy looked across the room and, of course, it was the Coffee Shop Girl. That's what she had always called her in her head, ever since the very first day she had seen her. And she had been coming here regularly ever since then, probably, if she was honest, as much to ogle at her over the rim of her chalice of coffee as to enjoy that coffee.

It was strange to see her now that her other crush had developed in the best possible way. Her infatuation had never been that serious, had never developed beyond a simple aesthetic appreciation of the Coffee Shop Girl's effortless beauty, and ethereal sexuality. Those being the sort of phrases she used in her head to make her pure, dirty lust sound... nicer somehow.

She had even used those kinds of descriptions when she was lying face down on her bed, face buried in the sheets, both arms squashed into the bed under her, both hands working hard between her thighs, picturing herself pushing the Coffee Shop Girl back onto a sack of coffee beans behind the counter and splitting those long legs wide open then licking, lingering, the smell of the Coffee Shop Girls arousal mingling with the bitter aroma of coffee beans... Every now and then she would hear herself groaning through gritted teeth: "effortless, unselfconscious beauty..." or something equally ridiculous.

"Yes," she dragged herself back from that dangerous pit of lust, turning back to Bethanie, "yes, that's her. What do you think?"

- - -

It was just a stupid little crush, she'd never even had the slightest inclination to act on it, and had happily confessed it to Bethanie when the two had been in an aching post-coital daze a fortnight before. Bethanie had been running her fingers lazily across Maddy's thigh, smearing the fluids that she had so recently coaxed out over the blonde girl's smooth skin. Maddy couldn't have lied if she had wanted to.

"So, you had a crush on me since...?"

"Since you started working at that place." Maddy said, clearing her throat, her breath still irregular from the two-handed fucking that Bethanie had given her. He skin still felt like it was fizzing. Every touch Bethanie made was amplified tenfold.

"That's cute, but who else have do you have a crush on? You know I had a crush on Seth..." Bethanie's fingers made another long, sticky stroke. Maddy moaned, aroused but annoyed that her girlfriend would bring up a guy she had fancied.

"Oh... nobody really." Maddy was lying on her back looking up at the ceiling and she could feel Bethanie - lying on her side, her head propped up on her hand, her soft breast resting on top of Maddy's slender arm - pressed against her. Her free hand was lazily playing between Maddy's sore thighs but her eyes were fixed on her girlfriend's face.

"Don't bullshit me Madeline," Bethanie smiled. This time her finger pressed harder, curving and pressing lines into Maddy's flesh. Maddy was focussed on the beautiful swell of Bethanie's breasts; soft against her, and resting on her arm with a heady, feminine weight. "Come on. 'Fess up."

"OK! Jeez! There's a girl at a coffee shop..."

"Which shop?" Bethanie interrupted.

"The Commie Coffee Can..." Bethanie pressed hard and stroked again. Two curves and one straight line.

"She's cute?"

"Of... ow! Of course she is. What are you doing?"

"I'm writing 'B' of course," Bethanie giggled, "I'm branding you. Don't forget you're mine now, no matter how cute that girl is."

- - -

Bethanie scrutinized the Coffee Shop Girl with cool, disinterested eyes. She was devilishly enjoying torturing Maddy, and loved the way that her petite blonde girlfriend didn't seem to know which way to look. Maddy was such a bundle of contradictions: a lifelong lesbian who was either a powerful, composed priss (as she had first thought when she started working with her) or a dizzy, lust-addled schoolgirl when she lost the initiative. She always called Bethanie a "goof" when she was playful, but after she got under her guard Bethanie had found Maddy to be at least as goofy as she was.

The Coffee Shop Girl was cute, that was clear enough. She was tall and curvy, with gorgeous shapely legs (shown off, surely not accidentally, by a simple grey skirt today) and a relaxed, thoughtless grace. She was barely wearing any make-up, but her complexion was wonderful and her face was enticingly animated, making it always look like she was engaging with the customer she was talking to. Even the deep red of her apron and headscarf, which was pushing her long chestnut hair back, suited her.

"You like leggy brunettes then?" Bethanie observed dryly.

"Oh, so you'd call yourself leggy would you?" Maddy shot back, her smile still a little nervous.

"Well, I'd say me and her are about the same height, similar hair colour, neither of us are too thin..."

"Stop it! Anyway, you keep avoiding any mention of whether you are actually... y'know..."

"Maddy," Bethanie made big innocent eyes, "what are you getting at?"

"Well have you ever had a crush on a girl? Do you ever see a girl walking down the street and want to, um, 'do her'?" As the words left her lips Maddy looked around quickly, remembering that they were in a public place where interrogations about lesbianism might raise a few eyebrows, but it was clear no one had heard her.

"I only have eyes for you baby." Bethanie made a finger pistol and shot Maddy through the heart.

"Avoiding the question!" Maddy avoided the butterflies that Bethanie's gesture had released inside her.

"Well, since we've started going out, have you imagined me and that Coffee Shop Girl getting it on?" Bethanie had leaned into Maddy now, the side of her body pressing against the shorter girl's slender arm, and she had lowered her voice now, to avoid being overheard. "Two tall brunettes for you to play with?"

Maddy's mouth opened and closed twice, like a goldfish. Her eyes were caught somewhere in the air between the Coffee Shop Girl in front of her and Bethanie pressing against her right arm. Her brow was furrowed as if she was tackling some horrendous mental arithmetic. In a way she was: if the three of them were in bed whose tongue would be where? Whose fingers in who? Who would come first? Would they race?

When she finally spoke her voice cracked and whined as if she was trying to keep from squealing, and blood rushed to her face.

"Well I hadn't before but I am now!"

Bethanie chuckled and sipped her coffee again, and at the sound Maddy found her eyes snapping of their own accord to that soft pout.

"Relax girl, I can't help teasing when you're in this kind of mood."

Maddy didn't answer, just gave a short harrumph of annoyance and leaned back into the dying sofa, trying to lose herself in what was left of her coffee.

Bethanie was calm and relaxed, she stretched her long legs under their table and rested her head back on the worn upholstery. After a moment though she became aware of a kind of controlled tension buzzing away in Maddy beside her.

"Madeline? I'm sorry, I was just goofing around."

"I know Bethy, don't worry, it's cool."

"Are you sure?" Bethanie sat up and leaned forwards so she could look back at Maddy. As soon as she got a look at her though, her body tense and fidgety, something occurred to her. "Oh my god. You're horny aren't you?" Her voice was a kind of awed whisper.

"Of course I'm fucking horny you goof. These days I'm always horny!" Maddy's voice was a tightly controlled whisper, she faced straight forwards, holding her coffee with both hands and avoiding Bethanie's eyes. "I was horny just from watching you drink coffee then you had to go tease me about... I mean I love it really, but I kind of wanted to come here to unwind, not get wound up."

"Oh baby!" Bethanie giggled and touched Maddy's knee sympathetically, "I'm so sorry!"

"If you were sorry," Maddy's face lit up a little and she finally looked across into Bethanies big brown eyes, "then you'd come to the ladies room in three minutes and say sorry there." She stood up quickly and shot Bethanie the most devilish of wicked looks over her shoulder as she skipped to the short corridor that led to the toilets.

Bethanie's heart was pounding. Here? Their relationship had started with steamy, semi-public encounters, but this place had to be the most brazen yet. There was only one cubicle for crying out loud! If two girls went in there for... however many minutes, they couldn't realistically be just using the toilet!

She looked at the clock on the wall. One minute had passed already! What should she do? She watched the hand of the clock crawling round... two minutes... two fifteen...

When it got to two minutes and thirty seconds her legs made the decision for her. She was pretty sure she hadn't told them to, but they got her up and walked her through the dozen or so other cafe patrons to the corridor that made a quick right turn to the two toilets. One room for boys, one for girls, each a self-contained cubicle. Her heart seemed to be pounding somewhere up around her collarbone, and she half expected someone to stop her and point out that it was occupied, but when they didn't and when she stepped out of sight around the corner she felt her confidence from before flooding back.

The boys' room door was ajar, the cubicle was empty. The girls' room door was shut but - she tried the door and it opened. She swung it inwards, and her jaw dropped.

Framed perfectly facing the doorway, Maddy sat slouched on the lid of the toilet her knees spread wide, her grey cotton panties a tangle around her ankles. She was still demurely clothed from the waist up, but her jeans were nowhere to be seen and both of her hands were occupied, two fingers of her left hand splitting the lips of her pussy delicately while two fingers of her right hand rubbed lightly and quickly, flickering over her clit. Bethanie felt that now familiar lightning spark off inside her as Maddy spread her hot, pink pussy open just for her.

"Oh thank God it's you," Maddy gasped, her eyes half open, lids drooping with arousal and her fingers not slowing at all, "get in here and close the door."

Inside Bethanie found that Maddy had made the surprisingly organised decision to hang her jeans on the hook behind the door. And inside the tiny room the fragrance of Maddy's girlish juice mingled with some kind of cranberry air freshener to dizzying effect. She was also overjoyed to see that the room seemed to be as clean as you could hope for a coffee shop bathroom to be.

Maddy was lost, she didn't seem to be paying any attention to Bethanie at all. Her two moving fingers were blurring, and her breathing was sharp and broken. The room was big enough to let Bethanie stand with her back to the door, but when she dropped to her haunches her knees were practically touching Maddy's.

She just watched for a minute, she couldn't resist. She loved the way Maddy had carefully taken off her jeans, but had seemingly impatiently shoved her panties down, so that they became twisted and tangled between her ankles. She kind of wanted to tug them straight so that she could see if Maddy had already been wet and ready before she had come in here (she sometimes did this when she was on her knees, pulling Maddy's cute little underwear off her slender hips, as the crotch passed her face she would kiss the inside of Maddy's thigh as an excuse to check for delicious looking stains) but she didn't.

Maddy's pussy was gorgeous, her neatly trimmed, downy bush above it had grown out a little in the last few weeks and the lips were of the most gorgeously suckable soft fuschia pink when she was turned on. And here she was, putting on easily the most explicit show she ever had for Bethanie, two fingers working quickly and efficiently at her clit while the other hand fluttered distractedly, teasing and tugging and stroking at her lips almost as if she were showing off for her girlfriend.

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