tagHumor & SatireThe Coma Patient in Room 319

The Coma Patient in Room 319


©2010 by Ron Den (Special thanks to Kirk for editing my story.)

(M/F nc, oral hospital nurses penile erection problems)

--- --------------------------

Morris Crinshaw sat in his office and read the report concerning the young man in room 319. As the chief administrator for the Greenville Hospital, it was his job to be aware of all that went on in the most modern of all of the city's hospitals. He read about the patient:

Name: Michael S. Robertson, Age: 35, Hair: brown, Weight: 175 lbs., Height: 6 ft. Status of patient: In a partial coma, having overdosed on Viagra. He can respond to sounds but cannot move or speak. He has developed a PRIAPISMIC side effect, and, although his body is semi-paralyzed, his penis has remained in a fully erect state. To complicate his condition, his semen output has tripped and MUST BE DRAINED every 6 hours or he will develop another condition known as: "Azure Testeses" or "Blue Balls" a most painful and potentially terminal condition."

Morris re-read the last paragraph and didn't know if he should laugh or curse!

"A permanent hard-on? Blue Balls? My Gauddddd! What a mess! The poor guy!" Morris thought.

Then he remembered the nurse that was constantly on his mind, the blond with the big tits and the fine round ass. Her name was Mona Darlington, a nurse that he had hired about a year ago, the one he had to talk to in his office about her two top buttons being left undone on her uniform. Any other woman he would never have noticed, but Mona, with her magnificent 36DD sized boobs bulging out in such a swelling mound of eye popping, mammalian wealth, was causing a disturbance among the male staff. She was constantly giving Morris an embarrassing hard on whenever she passed him in the halls or was in his office for over a minute or two.

He remembered well the day that she sat before him, clad in the tight white nurse's uniform with her deep blue eyes, full pouting red lips, and that Marilyn Monroe look alike face! Her blonde hair was pulled back in a French twist adorned with the white nurse's cap. He eyed her long shapely legs encased in white shiny nylons. Her round bubble butt was begging to be held, and then there was those two full, thrusting, mouth watering boobs.

They were man magnets that drove him wild as she maneuvered about the hospital. They bounced just so, advertising to him and everyone else that they were firm to the touch and heavy but yet not drooping. He wondered if the tips were pink or brown? He wondered how they would feel in his mouth? How would her nude, warm body feel under him as he pressed his stiff member, balls deep into that steaming muff? He could imagine her screams and moans of delight as he made love to her all night.

"Who am I kidding?" he muttered to himself. "She would never be under me. I didn't have a chance of ever getting her in my bed or even in the back seat of my Caddy!"

Morris had seen the young doctors drive off with a smiling, laughing Mona on many occasions, and there were many other handsome men in her life. He was sure of that. The only advantage he had was that he was her boss and this little bit of information. Near the bottom of the report he saw this note: Nurses assigned to patient Robertson are: Ally Cummings, Norma Peters and Mona Darlington.

It would be advantageous for Morris to keep an eye on Nurse Mona and the activities in room 319. The words "must be drained every six hours" kept running through his mind and who would be doing this? He had never heard of this patient's condition - permanent erection?

"My Gaud, that would certainly come in handy if I ever had a date with Mona!" he chuckled at the thought.

Then he saw the letter reminding him that the Hospital Director and a team of people would be touring the building today, an inspection team of damn busybodies!

"Just when I thought I might have some time with that sexy female, they have to come and mess things up!" Morris grumbled to himself as he finished up the mess of papers and mail on his desk.

Three floors up in room 319 Nurse Mona was being introduced to a new piece of equipment. Head nurse Angie McMasters was taking the object out of the cardboard box and showing it to the three young women.

"This is probably the only time you will ever see one of these, ladies. The patient's condition is very rare and usually this never happens. This is a 'Vaccu-Jack' pump!" She said, holding up a large, clear plastic tube-like item.

It was closed on one end and had a red plastic hose running from its tip to a black box, the electric pump unit. Mona thought it looked like a large hot-dog with tubing.

"This part will go over Mr. Robertson's erection, and, after his sperm is detected and begins to ejaculate, you switch the pump on and it will draw off his excess build-up of sperm!" the head nurse explained.

Ally, a slim brunette, spoke up.

"One question, Miss McMasters, how do we get the patient err his sperm to be detected? How do we get him to ejaculate, I mean? After all he is in a coma, right?"

"Ladies, you all are women with some sexual experience, I assume. Just do the same thing that you would do with your boyfriends on a date!" she said with a straight face as she headed for the door.

The three young red-faced nurses were speechless as they stood close to Mike Robertson's bed with his nude body covered with a single white sheet. His huge erect cock created a most prominent "Tent pole effect" which left them in awe.

"Oh by the way, Miss Darlington will have the first six hours of duty today. You others have been assigned to follow her. Check the duty roster at the nurse's station," the head nurse added as she left the three young women to contemplate their fate.

They stood there with their mouths agape. They had so many questions that were left unanswered. They were literally left holding well not the bag but the 'Vaccu-Jack.'

The other nurses left, whispering to themselves and glancing over their shoulders at Mona, holding the plastic "Hot Dog" and standing by the bed looking lost. A card that had been given to Mona read: "Patient must be relieved every six hours. The next SDP (semen draining procedure) should be administered at 9:00 AM."

It was 8:55 AM now. She had five minutes to go. Mona was biting her lower lip and her heart was speeding up as she moved closer to the bed and began to pull the sheet down. Mike Robertson was on his back, face up, eyes open, staring at the ceiling. His breathing was regular, and the only other sound in the room was the steady beep-beep of the heart monitor coming from the device set into the wall next to the bed.

Mona pulled the sheet pulled all the way down to his ankles. She gasped when she saw his monster size cock which was now prominently erect, standing at attention. It was absolutely huge with a large purplish-red head. It throbbed and strained upwards as Mona eyed the engorged blood vessels that ran the length of his shaft.

The shaft was approximately twice as big as any cock that Mona had ever seen, and it pulsated with every breath he took. His testicle were so taunt that they appeared to be one rounded mass of taunt slick skin about the size of a large orange.

She slowly put out her index finger and touched the pulsing tip and then gently ran her finger down the full length of his shaft to find his ball sac which she gently squeezed. Mike never blinked an eye but as she pressed his nads, a tiny moan escaped his lips.

It was exactly 9:00 AM, and Mona obediently began the task. Grabbing his erection with one hand and placing the other on his chest, she began to pump his massive cock up and down, mentally urging him to help her. His penis began to grow larger, and she felt it fill with more blood as she continued stroking him.

After eight minutes, Mona's hand was getting tired, and she wondered if she was doing something wrong.

"It always worked with Jerry and Leo," she thought as she brushed the stray wisps of hair away from her forehead and remembered the last date she had with the young doctors. "Maybe, this guy is more visual than most and needs some more stimulation."

Mona slowly unbuttoned her blouse, feeling the heat build in her own loins as she started at the massive tool.

"Oh well, I might as well go all the way" she thought as she stepped out of her uniform and carefully lay it on the table next to the wall.

Now Mona's full, firm bosom was exposed. Her clean white bikini panties and matching white lace bra were quickly removed and placed on the table. Another pair of eyes besides the prone patient's were glued to the now nude young nurse's body and her fabulous bust.

Inside a secret observation room next to room 319b was Morris Crinshaw with his mouth drooling and his eyes ogling the young naked nurse through the one-way mirror. The special glass allowed him a perfect view of room 319b. He was in sexual bliss as Mona disrobed and began to lean over the man's nude body, rubbing herself on him as she continued to grasp and squeeze his cock!

Morris was beside himself as the spectacle continued. His pants were off in a flash, and he was stroking his cock as Mona unhooked the tight back strap of her bra and removed the garment. She was now totally exposed. Her full, lovely tits with the erect pink nipples were now swinging free, and she was slipping her panties down with one hand as she continued to stroke the patient with the other!

Mona had the "Vacuu-Jack" tube positioned on the bed, ready to slip it over his monster cock at the first sign of a pearly-white drop should it appear, and God how she wished it would as her arms were beginning to tire.

"Perhaps he would cum if I were to use my lips?" she wisely thought.

She leaned closer to his straining cock head, the full lips opening and her eyes closing. Her warm wet mouth closed over his maleness, and she strained a bit to accommodate all of him. She was a little surprised at its girth and texture and somewhat turned on as she swirled her tongue around his gans and then began to slide down lower over the head. She continued to lower her mouth over his hot shaft as she herself got wetter and wetter. She imagined that massive cock buried in her cunt!

As she felt the head of his cock touch the back of her throat, she began to pull up, but stopped abruptly. The lust building in her own loins spurred her on as she continued to go down on him, taking him deeper. Her nostrils flared and drool dribbled from the corners of her lips as she worked the huge cock in and out of her mouth.

In the next room Morris was going crazy with an insane desire for the voluptuous nurse!

Just as Mona was about to stop, she felt the patient move and his balls twitch and become even tighter. She removed her mouth from his throbbing organ and reached for the plastic pump device, just as a completely NUDE Morris Crenshaw sprang from a hidden panel in the wall and leaped upon the startled nurse!

Mona attempted to slip the "Vacuu-Jack" on the patient and switch on the electrical pump when Morris landed on her and grabbed her two, large, round, slightly pendular breasts. As she screamed and tried to shake off her attacker, Mike was starting to come out of his 6 day old coma, and his erection was acting like a miniature fire hose! Streams of white cum spurted out, hitting Mona and Morris in the face and all over their bodies. It shot as high as the ceiling, and Morris was being drenched in the man's hot semen. As he was attempting to penetrate Mona's slick pussy lips with his most rigid hard on ever, the door to the room swung open and a tall man dressed in a very expensive suit along with three ladies strode into the room!

"CRINSHAW! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?" HAVE YOU GONE COMPLETELY MAD! MY GAUDDDDDD!" the Director screamed, hoping that his eyes were playing tricks on him.

He prayed that the three naked people were not in the throes of a SEX ORGY in his hospital. The three ladies that had accompanied Director Brunson all fled down the hallway screaming for help.

Mona, covered with cum, tried to get up, but Morris captured both of her breasts in his hands and knowing he'd never have another chance like this, inserted his stiff cock into Mona's slick ass. As he plunged his rod balls deep into her wet bottom, Mike, the coma patient was overjoyed to have Mona's superb pair of tits pressed into his face and was busy sucking on one and then the other! His giant and still erect cock was positioned so that it penetrated her slick, tight cunt.

Mona was being double penetrated as she gasped and choked on the sperm she had swallowed. She tried to scream but all she could manage was a moaning, mewing sound.

"Aahhhhaahhhaheppp mufffffmmmmmmmffffffggggggmmmmohhhh ..oh oh!"

This whole time the director, Mr. Brunson, was yelling and trying to pull the three people apart on the overloaded hospital bed.

"Get off her, you scum! Release her! Stop! Damn it! Morris, are you crazy! STOPPPPPPP!" he yelled at the trio of humping, cum splattered bodies, but he slipped on the slick floor and fell on his butt sliding under the bed!

Just as the three were having a powerful orgasm , two husky black orderlies rushed into the room and successfully separated the three. Mona, clutching a damp sheet to her cum dripping body and gasping for breath, was helped out of the room. Morris was arrested by hospital security, and the patient was taken to another room while the room was hosed down and sanitized. Morris, with a big smile on his face, was handcuffed and led away, mumbling about how great Mona was and it had been worth it!

The patient was cured of his condition and had a stream of nurses coming into his room to check out his relaxed penis, telling him it was their duty to check on him. They measure his length and monitored any build-up of sperm, in case he should have a relapse and again be subjected to the terrible pressure and the swollen testes. Some of the nurses even started calling it the "BABY BATTER AFFAIR."

Several weeks later a hospital board (of all men), decided that Mona should not be fired and because the patient's problem was so unusual and Mona was simply trying to follow orders, there would be no disciplinary action. Crinshaw was censured, given another job as vice-administrator in another hospital. The young patient, Mike Robertson, fully recovered and is now head of a nudist colony in southern California.

Mona changed jobs and is now CEO of a female escort service.


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