tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Coming of Doug Priaps 03

The Coming of Doug Priaps 03


Chapter 03: A Blast at the Beach

Early one morning that strange summer I got a call from Doug. He wanted to take a ride north to Gunnison Beach on Sandy Hook to explore the naturist resort there. Although my wife Rose was going to be around all that day, I agreed to go with him.

I agreed partly because I knew going would keep Doug away from Rose, even if only for a short time. It was a difficult period for me, as I was contending with jealousy in the wake of Doug and Rose's encounter a few weeks earlier. Two other times since then I had returned to the house to find Doug there. Both times he was sporting a monstrous erection and seated on the couch in our living room directly across from Rose. I was never able to prove that there'd been any back-door hijinks, however Rose eventually admitted to me that she'd carried on a fling with Doug that lasted for many years. But that's a different story altogether. The issue ultimately blew over and Doug, Rose and I are all on good terms today.

I rolled out of bed that particular day ready for a change of scenery. After more than a month of being constantly naked, day in day out, I found it a little unsettling to have to don clothes to make the hour or so trip to Sandy Hook. I dug out some khaki shorts and vest and donned my usual safari hat (probably one of the reasons Rose felt free to cheat on me was because, nude or no, I was always wearing that ridiculous thing). Doug said he'd drive, and soon rolled up in his small Italian roadster.

While I had gotten dressed for the trip, Doug was wearing barely anything at all. The only thing he had on was a strange, loincloth-like piece that barely covered his enormous penis. One of his female aficionados at our club had devised it for him. It consisted of a snug piece of cloth and several straps that held Doug's humungous member to his left leg, and that was basically it. One tug on the straps and the cloth would instantly detach to reveal Doug's cock in all its gross, resplendent glory. I wondered if police officers would feel it even met the legal criteria for clothing, if it came to that. It was so tight fitting I didn't see how he could possibly get hard and keep it on.

We set off on the trip, driving north on Route 9 with the top down, passing through the various Jersey Shore towns. It was a fantastic day outside, cloudless. Since it was the middle of the week there was little traffic, so we made good time to the park gates.

As we rolled up, I realized the gate attendant would be staring directly down into Doug's crotch. He seemed unfazed, and pushed his idiotic-looking wraparound sunglasses back on his nose.

The attendant was a young woman who resembled Doug's occasional flame from the club, Elaine. She glanced down at Doug's strong physique as he sat impassively, half-nude in the car. Her eyebrows shot up when she saw was between his legs. "Hello," I called across to her.

We paid the toll and she raised the gates. She gave us a sly grin. "I know where you guys are heading today. Great day for the beach. The water ought to be fine. It'll be uh, hard...finding parking down by Gunnison. You fellas have fun."

Doug gave her his typical unreadable smirk and we took off.

"How nice. She thinks we're a gay couple," I said jokingly. "Look Doug, while I appreciate your huge dick, getting hands on with it is another matter entirely." And it was true. I was perpetually aroused by seeing women's passionate reaction to his improbably gigantic schlong and their inevitable, adoring capitulation before it. That summer so far I had personally witnessed more than a dozen women desperately beating him off and sucking at it, including my own Rose, and it was always amusing. It still is.

The road to the beach was virtually deserted. Heat steamed off the blacktop of the four lane highway that ran down the peninsula to the beach. On one side was the Atlantic, the other the bay. Sailboats drifted in the distance. The cliffs of the Atlantic Highlands rose off to our left. Before us there was the rough scrubland of Sandy Hook, with its aging war base and--somewhere out on the far side of those wilds--public naturist resort.

We hadn't gone further than a half-mile from the gate when Doug single-handedly yanked on the straps attached to his "loincloth." It came off immediately and he tossed it out the window. I watched in the rearview mirror as the tiny cloth fluttered in the wind, quickly lost behind us. His incredible penis unfurled, wobbling and vibrating with the car's motion, its head drooping off the leather seats and down toward the floor.

I had known Doug to be an exhibitonist par excellence, but this made me a little anxious. Though we were off the beaten trail, we could still encounter police and uptight drivers who might report us. And there was always the possibity of a crash. I could see the headlines now: Naked Man Arrested Driving; College Professor Rode Shotgun. Any way you sliced it, it didn't look good for my career.

But there was nobody in sight on the road ahead. We drove on in silence for awhile. Then out of nowhere I spotted a Jeep coming up quickly from behind. It contained a pair of young women. The Jeep slowed behind us for awhile, then made a move to pass on the left. The vehicle came up alongside us and matched our speed. The woman were laughing and looking down at us.

They cheered and waved. It wasn't clear to me that they were reacting to Doug's nakedness specifically, or even if they could see the coiled serpent in his lap.

Doug glanced up at them cooly, his expression betraying nothing. Then, as if on cue, his dick sprang to life. It jerked sideways and bounced off the back of the steering wheel until it stood straight up like some massive transmission stick. Without exaggerating, the head rested on the center post of the steering column. Doug could've used it to beep the horn.

I could just about see the woman in the passenger's seat. Her face lit up, and she tapped the driver, who turned to look once, twice, three times. Both of their mouths hung open, and then they began cheering and beeping. After a few moments of this they sped off in front of us and disappeared around a curve up ahead.

"They seemed to have some effect on you, eh?" I said to Doug. He didn't responded. Eventually his cock settled down and went limp.

After a few more minutes of driving through what seemed like a dense jungle brush, we arrived at the parking lot for Gunnison. It was indeed crowded. People were milling about the lot in various states of undress. I wondered if Doug intended to walk fully nude from his car all the way to the beach, a distance of maybe a quarter mile. No sooner did the thought cross my mind than Doug stood up out of the vehicle, his hideous, magnificent prick waving shamelessly in the breeze. He locked the door and trotted off ahead of me, keys jingling in his hand.

People immediately took notice of him, though no one made too much of a fuss. An elderly woman being helped out a car by a nurse raised her hand to her mouth and they both broke into a grin. One man nudged a friend who was lounging with him against the side of a car. All eyes were on Doug as he sauntered toward the beach.

I had seen enough of Doug those past few months so that I was usually unfazed by it, but at that moment it struck me once again how singularly huge his penis truly was. It swung down from his crotch like some rude, fleshy belt, slapping up against his thighs with each step. It was dark brown, almost purple, almost a different color entirely from the rest of his tanned body, and his pubis and the huge testicles that descended below it were covered with coarse black hair. It looked almost like some dwarf leg that had been grafted onto him, but I knew from the gallons of semen he'd expended since the time I'd met him that it was all too real.

The prick garnered its fair share of gasps and stairs and we moved steadily closer to the ocean and people became less and less clothed. We approached a sign that warned of "nude sunbathers ahead," and I readied myself to remove my outfit.

Just then, a chunky, red-faced young woman in a ranger outfit came stalking up behind Doug.

"Sir!" She shouted in a strident tone. "Sir! You need to be clothed in this area..."

Doug whirled, and his dong followed in a blur, whipping around his hip before settling down directly in front of him again.

The ranger stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes bulged as she beheld the monstrous thing.

"Oh...okay...I..." the woman stuttered. She was at a loss for words. She took a tentative step forward, and for a moment I actually thought she was going to fling herself down in the sand and begin sucking away at it, as so many others so often did.

The ranger regained her composure, and wrenched her eyes away from Doug's huge tumescence and up at his face. He gave her his patented smirk and said nothing. "Sir, the clothing-optional area is over there." She pointed behind Doug, but he didn't turn away from her. She glanced down again involuntarily, then up at Doug's face. "Please...it's fine this time, but please make sure you're covered up when you come back this way to the parking lot."

Doug still didn't move, and I could see the poor woman's breathing begin to increase steadily. Other people watched the confrontation, alternately concentrating on the pair and Doug's preposerously massive cock.

Finally I stepped up and thanked the woman, and Doug and I turned and marched off past the sign.

There were rows upon rows of naked bodies laying the sand and playing about. It was far more crowded and lively that the beach back at the club. We made our way past the lifeguard stand and finally found a small section where we could carve out our own spot to sit down.

It was set back away from the more crowded area. Some people had set up windbreaks for privacy. There was a tent nearby that was bouncing suspiciously. Couples of various orientation were scattered about us. Birds hunkered down on the closed off sand dunes to our back.

I set my things down, unrolled a blanket, and began to disrobe. Doug, naked now for some time already, tossed his keys to one side and sat directly down in the sand. His giant prick sunk into it like an ostrich burying its head, his huge balls burrowing in beneath it.

Nude I resembled most of the men on that beach: somewhat portly, with rounded shoulders and of average endowment. There were several skinny guys, and some with athletic builds. Doug would have fallen into the latter category, but the sheer enormity of his member made him unforgettable.

The sun beat down on us. Doug was soon laying down and snoring quietly away. I rubbed sunscreen everywhere, and another slightly obese fellow with a pork pie hat invited me to play volleyball. I trotted off to join the game, leaving Doug and his sausage to roast. I played with a group of guys and gals for almost an hour, then we broke and took a dip in the sea.

I returned to my blanket to find Doug had turned over. His bronzed backside was caked in sand, and he was still asleep.

"That's a recipe for sun poisoning," I said aloud as I dried myself off and sat down on my blanket next to him.

I intended to doze off myself, but suddenly a shape whizzed by my head. I turned to see a frisbee take a bounce off Doug's sandy ass and land a couple feet away.

Doug awoke and pushed himself up. A pair of woman strode over.

"Oops," said the first one. "Sorry 'bout that."

Doug was a little over six foot tall, and this young lady had a couple inches on him. She had a formidable physique and a guitar-shaped figure. Her skin was a light olive color, and black ringlets covered her head. She had a high forehead, a petite, upturned nose, and pencil-thin eyebrows; her eyes were shaded by a pair of large brown sunglasses. Her wide mouth smiled to reveal a set of small, symmetrical teeth. Her tight breasts jutted out fiercely. The only thing she wore was a lime green bikini bottom. Her shadow towered over us both.

"Watch where you're throwing," Doug growled, turning over. His immense tool tumbled into view. It was dusted over with sand.

"Madre de Dios," the tall woman said. "Delores, take a look at that huge fucking dick!"

The second woman she called Delores was much shorter than her friend. She was compactly built with big curves, large breasts and a copious ass. She had nut-brown skin, and her dark brown areolae were the size of small pancakes. She had large, innocent, doe-like eyes and straight, black hair that fell to her shoulders. A pair of blue trunks covered her womanhood.

When she beheld Doug's oversized gonads she emitted a high-pitched whistle. "That's the guy we saw in the car back on the highway," Delores said.

The tall woman smiled at me and said, "You are one lucky man to wake up to that cock every morning."

"Ah," I said, "No, we're straight. Just friends. I'm married actually. Wife is back at home today."

They both laughed. "Whatever you say," Delores said. "That true, big boy?" said the tall woman, grinning. "You like ladies?"

Doug looked at her, more coldly than usual, I thought. "Some of them," he said.

The women laughed uproariously, and Delores pushed her friend. Then the tall woman knelt in the sand to get a closer look at Doug's cock.

"So what do you call it?" she asked Doug. "All guys name their dicks, right?"

Doug said nothing. He was as annoyed as I'd seen him. He lay on his back looking up at her. The tall woman pushed closer to his prick. The organ seemed to stir slightly.

"What's your name, handsome? I'm Erica," she said, speaking directly to the phallus. Doug's dick lurched to life. In seconds he was at full mast. His massive cock head resembled some ancient, horrible leviathan that had landed on the beach. It throbbed with excitement, and sand flaked from the folds of skin under his naked glans.

Doug had a strained look. I could tell he was struggling to get the raging boner under control and having no success.

"I think he likes me," Erica said, brushing sand off the shaft.

"Go Erica!" Delores urged, bending over to pick up the misguided frisbee, her swimsuit perfectly framing her strong, beautiful buttocks. "You ever seen a cock that big?"

"I've seen a lot of big dicks," Erica said as her hands continued to caress Doug's trunk, "but this one takes the cake."

Doug's erection was thundering. Then Erica did what no other woman I'd seen do up until then: she took Doug's shaft, wider than a beer can at some points, in one hand. Doug laid back in the sand, his chin aimed skyward. His hands sought purchase in the sand. Erica pumped his cock a few times.

"Miss," I said feebly, "public sex is expressly forbidden, here as much as anywhere else." I scanned the beach: there was no sign of the ranger, and the lifeguards weren't paying any attention. None of the sunbathers around us seemed to notice what was happening. "Please...we could get kicked off, or even locked up, if the authorities get involved."

Erica stared down at Doug's pounding erection, gently picking off bits of sand. "Delores, keep a watch for the cops and them."

Delores nodded and smiled.

Erica looked closely at Doug's humungous, knotted prick head, running a finger under the many fissures and layers of thick skin. The head wobbled ominously, red as a ripe tomato. It shone in the sun.

Without hesitation, Erica took Doug's thick dick head deep into her mouth. I had seen several women gag and fail at that task, yet this giantess had swallowed almost a quarter of Doug's foot-long-plus member with ease. She sucked at it long and slow. Another inch of the shaft disappeared down her gullet.

I looked around nervously. Across from us, a cute, zaftig woman on a blanket was watching. The man next to her slept on, heedless. Slowly the woman put a hand on her hairy mound and began to massage it in time to Erica's sucking.

Erica's nostrils flared as she dove down on Doug's penis. Her hands squoze his balls and pressed his perineum. I had seen several woman attempting to give Doug adequate head, including my own wife, but this was different--Erica was actually fucking him with her mouth. She looped an arm under each of Doug's legs and lifted them slightly, driving him deeper into her throat. Her suglasses fell from her face and plunked on Doug's belly, then slid off into the sand.

"Old man, watch and make sure nobody's coming," Delores commanded me, then grinned. "You know what I mean." She placed the frisbee on my blanket and lay down beside Doug. He was breathing heavily.

I stood up and surveyed the beach. The lifeguards were intent on the ocean. A pudgy man occupying a sheet nearby had his puny cock in his hand and was jerking it wildly as he watched Erica devour Doug. In a matter of seconds he had deposited his load in the sand and just sat there, panting and staring. Aside from him, only a few other folk were paying any mind to the scene, and all who did seemed pleased and fascinated. The zaftig woman who'd been stroking herself moaned aloud.

"It's okay, baby," Delores whispered to Doug, running her fingers through his greasy hair. "You say you like pussy? Well, how bout some of this?"

Delores slid up so her hips were aligned with Doug's face, then slowly pulled down her swimsuit. Her pubis was covered in thick, black hair. She was already moist. Doug gave her a weak nod. She stood, legs spread apart over him, her back to Erica, then lowered her cunt onto Doug's waiting face. He pressed up into her and her lips curled with delight.

By now my own cock was rigid and throbbing. I felt as if the slightest wind would have me spurting semen and battled to stay in control. Delores looked over at me.

"Grandpa..." she said as she bounced lightly on Doug's face, "viene aqui." She gestured for me to approach.

With one eye warily on the other beachgoers, I sidled over to the copulating trio. Delores immediately grabbed my prick and inserted it into her mouth. My balls slapped against her chin. I could do nothing but hold her head to me as she feasted, petting her lustrous hair.

We were all working in a rhythm, I realized: Erica deep-throating Doug, who chewed on Delores, who in turn fellated me. It was magnificent, but I knew I wouldn't last.

Fortunately Doug was the first to go. Erica's eyes got huge as what I assumed was the first explosion of semen fired into her throat, but she held on. A thin stream of white trickled out of the corner of her mouth.

His climax had a sort of domino effect on us. Delores flung her head back from my penis in ecstasy. She grunted heartily and laughed. I couldn't take it anymore. The orgasm was one of the most powerful I've ever had. I expelled a torrent of semen all over Delores's beautiful face and chest.

Finally Erica withdrew from Doug's dick, gulping down the last of his come. She kissed each of his balls in turn. Doug rested his head back in the sand, his cheeks wet with Delores's juice. He looked finished. His penis sagged and arched downwards.

"Now that's what I call a DICK," Erica said joyously.


Later on, the ladies walked with us back to the parking lot. Erica, Delores. And I were all fully clothed; Doug much less so. As we passed the ranger station, the woman we'd ran into earlier watched us walk by with a mixture of indignation and awe.

Erica Had fashioned a makeshift sling out of her bikini bottom for Doug's huge dick. The small piece of clothing barely concealed his drooping penis. She used the suit's ties to lash the prick tightly, then tied it around his hips right above his asscheeks. Holding the tie wrapped around his dong, she lead him to the car like a perverse circus performer leading an elephant by the trunk. She smiled victoriously.

And for the first time since I'd known him, Doug was genuinely smiling, too.

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