tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Concert Ch. 02

The Concert Ch. 02


Tina's eyes flew open, something having jolted her out of her deep sleep. Her senses were slower to awaken and it took her a moment to realize that she wasn't alone in her bed. A moan slipped through her lips as she felt a tongue slipping through the wet folds of her pussy. She was lying on her back and in the dim light in her room she could barely make out the head that was nestled between her spread thighs.

The mouth wrapped itself around her clit and sucked, causing her back to arch and a louder moan to rumble from her throat. Her hand clumsily landed on the man's head and she heard him chuckle as she wound her fingers in his hair.

His tongue began to alternate between suckling her clit and tongue fucking her, driving her over the edge, the orgasm tearing through her body. Her fingers clenched tightly in his hair pushing his face into her quivering pussy.

"Oh Tyler," she murmured.

He added his fingers to the mix and soon he was roughly finger fucking her and sucking her clit at the same time, causing another dynamic orgasm to tear through her. She clamped her hand over her mouth to muffle her passionate cries. "Oh God, Tyler, yes!" could be heard from behind her hand.

Through her spinning senses she heard him chuckle again. "I'm not Tyler," he told her. "It's Rick."

It took her a moment to process this information, before she tried to pull away but he had wrapped his arms around her thighs holding her tightly. Unable to stop him, she could only whimper, "no, no..." as he lowered his head and again directed his attention to her throbbing clit.

She writhed on the bed, trying to wriggle away from him, her legs kicking in the air as her passions betrayed her and she could feel yet another orgasm building. "Stop, please stop" she whispered, tears threatening, even as her back was arching and she was thrusting her hips upwards, grinding her pussy into Rick's face.

He sucked her clit hard, flicking it with his tongue as Tina cried out loudly, another orgasm shuddering through her body.

Before she could recover, he rose up and pulling her ankles up to his shoulders, drove the full length of his cock into her still quivering pussy. She cried out loudly again, her back arching up off the bed, her full breasts standing up against her taught body.

"No," she whimpered, tying to protest as the most exquisite pleasure coursed through her body. Rick began to fuck her hard with deep rhythmic thrusts, his cock plundering her body.

He ignored her feeble objection and continued driving into her. "God, you feel good!" he grunted, his hands gripping her hips, pulling her to him.

Tina lay beneath him, unable to think clearly, knowing she shouldn't be fucking yet another of her brother's friends, but then again, it felt so damn good. His cock was thick and long and was making her feel so hot, so naughty and sexy.

She gave in, unable to make sense of her jumbled thoughts and joined the rhythm of Rick's pumping cock. "Oh yeah baby, that's it Rick, give it to me, give it to me," she groaned.

He chuckled as he continued plowing into her. "That's better. Feels good, doesn't it baby?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" she grunted.

Abruptly he pulled out and before her head could clear, her rolled her over and pulled her hips in the air. With a loud groan, he drove his cock back into her, pushing her head down onto the bed.

He was suddenly driving so much deeper into her, Tina turned her face into a pillow and screamed, as several orgasms tore through her body simultaneously. She lay trembling and shaking as Rick slid a finger into her pussy alongside his own cock, wetting it with her flowing juices.

She jerked and pulled away when she felt his finger pushing into her ass. Tyler was the only one who had fucked her there and she wanted to keep it for him. Gripping her hips hard, he held her in place, forcing his finger inside her. "What are you squirming for? I know you like this," he told her, slowly finger fucking her ass.

She froze at his words. Had Tyler gone and told everyone that he had fucked her ass? Was he spreading it around that she was into anal?

As if Rick could read her thoughts, he continued, "Don't worry, Tyler didn't tell anyone he's done you," he soothed, slipping a second finger into her ass.

Tina gasped at the additional finger sliding in and out of her ass, but instead of protesting, only asked, "How do you know, then?"

"I saw you, you dirty slut, at the concert. I saw Tyler fucking you," he hissed in her ear as he slid a third finger inside her tight ass. "And then earlier tonight when he came up to get the CD and took so long coming back, I knew that he had fucked you again."

"That doesn't mean I want you to do it," she grunted, trying to suppress the feelings his fingers in her ass were producing.

"Oh but you love this baby," he crooned, pushing his fingers in deep. "I saw you at the concert. You didn't want Tyler in your ass at first but after he started you only wanted more." He pumped his fingers hard and fast, causing Tina's resolve to crack, as her breath burst through her lips in a low moan.

Keeping his fingers in her ass, he reached over and pulled open the drawer of her nightstand. "Let's see, what have we got here?" he muttered as he rummaged through the contents, his fingers closing around her dildo. "Aha!" he said triumphantly, as he withdrew it from the drawer.

Tina froze, knowing what he had found. "Do you fuck your ass with this?" he asked, flicking the switch on the bottom, causing it to vibrate.

"No," she said, her voice quivering. "Put it back," she stated, trying to sound firm, but knowing her voice sounded weak.

"Don't worry, baby, there's only one thing I want to put up your ass and it isn't this," he purred in her ear. He pulled his cock out of her soaked pussy and slowly slid the vibrator in her. Her head tipped back and she groaned as he began to gently pump it in and out of her cunt.

His cock was wet and glistening with her juices as he pulled his fingers from her ass and spread her cheeks wide, pointing his dick at her slightly spread hole. "Tell me you want this. Tell me you want my cock in your ass," he urged her, his cock head gently pushing at her opening.

Her ass felt suddenly empty without his fingers and she yearned for that full sensation again. She had made no promises to Tyler, although, hadn't he said something about her being his private ass slut? The vibrator in her pussy combined with his cock pushing at her ass hole was clouding her mind, making it very difficult to think.

"Tell me you want it," Rick again urged, pushing harder.

She gasped as his cock head began to spread her hole, so close to actual penetration. "Yes, yes, I want your cock. I want it deep in my ass," she finally relented, her desire to be double penetrated overriding everything else.

Her pillow again muffled her cries as he pushed in, biting his lip to keep his own declaration of pleasure quiet. "God, you feel good!" he grunted, pushing in further.

His balls slapped against her pussy just as her orgasm exploded within her, the double penetration being too much for her. She flung her hair back, her back arching.

Rick grabbed a handful of her thick blond locks and leaned back, riding her ass hard, slamming deeply into her. Tina pushed back, wanting every inch of his cock inside her.

"Oh yeah, give it to me baby, ride my ass, fuck it good and hard," she panted. This being the third assault on her ass in the last few hours, she was sore, but it was the best pain she had ever felt and she was loving it.

Rick suddenly leaned forward, reaching for her nightstand. The dim light from her bedside lamp shone across the bed as he knelt between her thighs. He spread her cheeks and watched his cock sliding in and out of her beautiful ass. The sensations from the vibrator could be felt in her ass and he didn't know how much longer he could last.

His strong hands gripped her soft cheeks, covering the line between her tanned skin and the pale white that the world didn't get to see. With a sudden, wicked thought, her plunged in deep and slapped her ass hard, leaving behind a red handprint.

Tina gasped loudly at this new punishment. She had been fantasizing about being spanked and wanted more. "Oh yeah, baby, spank my ass," she urged him.

He needed no more encouragement and began raining slaps down on her ass, covering every inch of flesh. "You're a filthy slut who deserves a good spanking. Such a bad girl," he teased.

Soon she was begging him to stop, but he was enjoying the punishment. Pushing her hands away, he growled, "You deserve to be punished for being such a slut and you will be. You've fucked two of your brothers friends in the same night. You're a dirty whore and I'm going to treat you like one." She began to whimper and he finally relented, giving her just a few more slaps before resuming his fucking of her ass.

He could feel the heat of her ass on his stomach as he plowed back into her, pushing in deeply. "Tell me you're a dirty whore," he grunted.

"I'm a dirty whore," she whispered.

"Say it louder," he commanded, plunging deeply into her.

"I'm a dirty whore," she gasped. "A filthy slut for you to ass fuck."

"Tell me you want my cum in your ass," he said through clenched teeth, holding back his orgasm.

"Give me your cum, you bastard. Fill my ass with it. I want you to shoot it in deep," she obeyed, telling him as explicitly as she could.

With a loud groan, he gripped her hips hard and drove in deep, his orgasm sweeping him away. All he was aware of was his cock pumping a heavy load of cum deep into this girl's tight ass.

"Oh yes, baby!" she cried out as her own orgasm matched his, her ass squeezing tightly, draining every drop from his dick.

They both froze, their bodies tense as they crested their climaxes and then together collapsed on the bed, breathing heavy, their bodies slick with sweat.

Rick lay panting on top of her, his dick still buried deep in her ass. "God, that was good," he gasped, his limp cock slipping out of her as he rolled away. Sitting up, he spread her cheeks, watching his cum ooze out of her gaping hole.

Lazily, she reached beneath herself and turned off the vibrator, slowly pulling it from her drenched pussy.

"I should go," he murmured, rising from the bed and pulling on his clothes. "All the guys are downstairs, passed out drunk, but I don't want one of them to wake up and find me gone. Especially your brother," he explained.

He quickly kissed her before heading for the door to her room. "Such a fine ass," he whispered as he left.

Tina caressed the dildo, wondering how it would feel up her ass. Not tonight, she told herself, her ass had seen enough action for one day. After returning the toy to its drawer, she snuggled beneath her covers and slid back into sleep, feeling Rick's cum dribbling out of her well fucked ass.

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