tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Concert Ch. 02

The Concert Ch. 02


This story follows the events of the first chapter and assumes that the reader has read it. Although I hope each chapter is able to stand up on its own, I strongly recommend starting at the beginning if you have not already done so. It will just make more sense that way. This story will also make references to the A Gift Amongst Friends storyline, and although it is not essential reading, it does provide some additional context.


Classes were almost finished for the semester, and exams were still over a week away. With nothing else to do but study for finals, Jess' days were mostly spent in her room, alone. Aside from quiet and inconspicuous visits to the meal hall, she hardly interacted with anyone anymore—she was too embarrassed that somebody would recognize her...

It had been days since her life took a dramatic change, and she was still coming to terms with what had occurred at last week's concert. Part of her still wondered if this was all an elaborate dream, and soon she might wake to find everything had gone back to normal.

As time passed, her recollection of the evening grew blurry. Certain details faded from her memory, while others came to her intermittently. Soon, she could not even be certain that the chain of events replaying in her mind were the same ones that had actually unfolded.

Some details were undeniable. Her clothes had certainly been removed, and along with them, several personal items had gone missing. By the midweek, Jess was forced to cave in and purchase a replacement cell phone. The keys to her dormitory had been easy to replace, and the cash in her pockets was a relatively insignificant loss, all things considered.

What had transpired after she was stripped was less concrete. In the end, I guess the details aren't that important, she thought. There was no way to know exactly how many guys had used her in the dense crowd, but it did not really matter if it was ten or a hundred.

Needless to say, she could not show her face for the last week of classes. Assignments were handed off to teaching assistants in their offices rather than risking further humiliation in the classroom.

Thanks Jess! See you at class on Monday! The last words she had heard at the concert echoed in her head. Someone had obviously recognized her, but without her glasses she did not see any faces. The only safe bet was to avoid everyone until this hopefully blew over.

No doubt rumors were spreading behind her back. Even Raven, recently one of Jess' closest friends on campus, had severed communications. This came as no surprise. Raven was the strictly conservative daughter of a minister. There was no way that she would be associated with anyone even accused of such debauchery.

Moreover, Jess knew that there must be countless pictures of the evening floating around the internet. She remembered a sea of cell phone cameras, but at the time, they had seemed like the least of her concerns.

She spent the days following the concert scouring internet forums for any discussion of the event. Several pictures had found their way onto university discussion forums and in the fan forums of the performing bands. So far, from what Jess had seen, not many pictures showed her face clearly. And for those that did, she looked somewhat different without her glasses and with her hair in such a tangled mess.

However, one picture did send shivers up her spine. It showed her on her knees, naked, staring up at the camera with cum on her face. Behind her, she could see the lower half of a male stranger pushing his body against her own. He was clearly fucking her. The most terrifying part was her face—she looked like she was moaning in pleasure. The girl in the picture was enjoying herself. Jess could only hope that this girl would not be recognized.

So far, Jess had only confided all of this in Mandy—a neighbor from her dormitory. She was still not entirely certain why, but she trusted Mandy. Their newfound friendship seemed to be founded on nothing but the knowledge of one another's dark secrets. They had caught each other in compromising situations, and that shared secret brought some comfort to one another.

The two girls had gone out for coffee the day after the show, and Jess opened up almost immediately. Her trust was reciprocated, and in the days following, she learned a bit more about Mandy. Jess found Mandy's stories of exhibitionism terrifying. She could not imagine herself doing anything of the sort, but she enjoyed listening to them. In some ways, she wished that she had the same courage that Mandy did.

But with nobody other than Mandy to interact with, Jess was starting to feel a little isolated by the midweek.

Fortunately, she received a pleasant surprise in the form of a text message on Thursday night. Apparently Robert, Jess' friend from back home, would be in town for the week, and he hoped to get together with her during that time.

Jess' friendship with Robert had always been complicated. They had gone to high school together, and Robert had obviously had strong feelings for her. Jess thought that he was a nice guy, and they had hung out several times. However, Jess' close friend Alice had been obsessed with Robert since middle school, and her jealousy towards Jess was starting to form a wedge between the two girls. Jess had decided that the best way to handle the situation was to back off with Robert and keep things at a friendship.

At the time, the whole ordeal had seemed so dramatic. Now, it seemed silly in retrospect. Alice was in a long term relationship with another guy, and apparently Robert had not forgotten about Jess.

Normally, Jess was not particularly interested in boys and dating, and after everything that had happened last week, a date seemed like the last thing that she needed or wanted. However, it was so nice to hear from somebody from her hometown, completely removed from this school and knowing nothing about her recent humiliation. Perhaps an evening out with Robert was exactly the distraction that she needed right now. After some hesitation, she agreed to see a movie with him on Saturday.

The last day of classes passed quietly alone in her room. Mandy had invited her to a party at the boys' dormitory, but Jess quickly declined. She desperately wanted to get out of her room, but she had not been interested in parties even before last week. Instead, she spent the better part of the evening in bed with a book.

The following day, she was nervous about her date.

Is it a date, or are we just getting together as friends? We don't even live in the same city anymore, so how could we be dating? She took a deep breath and tried not to overthink it.

By the time Robert arrived, Jess was having second thoughts about the whole affair. What are his expectations after the movie? Will he make a move on me, and will I be ready if he does?

She pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind and told herself that she was being ridiculous. She had known Robert for five years, and they were just getting together for a movie. He was harmless, and he had known her long enough to know better than to expect sex. She hardly gave her attire any thought as she threw on a t-shirt and jeans.

She greeted him with a friendly smile as he picked her up in the dormitory parking lot. "Hey Rob!"

"Hey Jess, how's it going?" He responded as she got into his car.

She had no intention of answering that question honestly. "Not bad. Done classes for the year and just waiting for exams. What about you?"

"Pretty good. Just visiting some friends and family in the area. Hadn't seen you in a while so I thought I'd give you a call."

They caught up on the last year as they drove to the theater. Jess began to feel uncomfortable any time the conversation lingered on her for too long, and she frequently asked questions to shift the focus away.

Apparently Robert was working at an office back in their hometown, still living with his parents until he could afford his own place. They talked about their graduating class, and Jess listened to stories about her former schoolmates. The conversation took an awkward turn as Jess learned that Alice had gotten engaged.

"Haven't they only been dating for a few months?" Jess asked, dumbfounded.

"Yup..." Robert responded, eyes on the road ahead of him.

"Wow... I mean, good for her I guess."

As they pulled into the theater parking lot, Jess was starting to relax. It had been so long since she had hung out with anyone from her old life. It was comforting, and it almost felt like she was back in high school.

They bought their tickets and found some seats in the back of the cinema.

"I guess it's pretty dead in here," Robert said as he looked at all of the empty seats around them. "I hope the movie's good. The reviews were pretty solid."

"I'm sure it'll be fine," Jess reassured. She looked at her phone. "It doesn't start for another half hour. It will probably fill up by then."

Aside from Jess and Robert, there were only a handful of other people in their theater. Admittedly, Jess was glad and she hoped that the crowd did not grow. Even just the few people around her made her nervous, and she reassured herself that soon the lights would be dimmed and everything would be okay.

She stirred in her seat. Several rows down were seated an older man and woman. In front of them were a group of young adults—Jess saw five guys and three girls—that looked university-aged. Off to the side was a loud group of teenage boys that she watched suspiciously.

She started to sweat as the anxiety overwhelmed her. I need some fresh air.

"I'm going to get something to drink and stretch my legs," she said calmly.

"Do you want me to get it?"

"No." She answered abruptly. "No, that's okay, I got it. Do you want anything?"

"No, thanks. Want me to come with you?"

"Nah, that's okay. You hold the seats."

He smiled and nodded as she squeezed her way to the aisle and briskly made her way down the stairs.

The air in the lobby was warmer than the theater, but it came as a relief nonetheless. She slowly made her way to the concession stand and looked up at the menu. It's pretty dead out here too. She did not really want anything, but it would look strange if she came back empty-handed.

I guess I will just get a Coke and...


The voice startled her and she spun to find one of the young guys from the theater.

"Hi," she responded meekly, feeling like a deer in the headlights.

"How's it going? You're in my English class, aren't you?" He seemed to ignore Jess' anxiety and smiled warmly.

He does look familiar, she thought. "No...I don't think so."

"Sure, you always sit in the back row, don't you? Jessica, isn't it?"

"Yeah..." There was no point in trying to lie. His questions were apparently rhetorical. "Sorry, I just had my schedules mixed up." She knew it was a poor excuse of a lie, but she simply wanted to be left alone.

"No problem. How do you feel about that final paper?"

"It was okay," she responded, turning back towards the concessions menu. She did not want to seem rude, but the whole point of this date was to escape from school and all of her distractions for an evening. "Anyway, I should probably get in line. See ya."

She started to step forward, but he interrupted. "Sorry, I just wanted to let you know that you dropped this."

Jess looked at his hand, confused. After a second to process, her eyes shot wide and a chill crawled her up spine. Between his fingers was her old student ID card—her full name, her student number, and her picture, all displayed on one small piece of plastic.

"But...how did you..." She trailed off, knowing that she would not like the answer.

"I was at a concert last week and I found a pair of pants in the dirt. This was in the pocket. Weird place for a pair of pants to be in a crowded place like that." His grin was no longer warm.

"I don't know what you're talking about," She answered dismissively.

"Really? You're going to deny it? You don't remember having my dick in your mouth? Because at the time, you certainly seemed to enjoy it."

"Fuck you," She said angrily, keeping quiet to avoid attention. "Give me that." Jess reached out and violently grabbed the card from his hand and put it in her pocket.

"Take it," he said without a fight. "Your driver's license was in there too, and that one has far more information. Like your home address."

"Give it to me, now!" Jess was getting furious with his games.

"Well, I don't have it with me."

"Then just fuck off."

"That's not very nice," he said, feigning hurt feelings.

"So what? Everyone already saw what happened last week. You have nothing to gain from harassing me. In fact, if you don't leave right now, I'm going to call the police." She took out her cell phone, desperately hoping that he would fall for her bluff. There was no way that she wanted to have this conversation with a police officer.

"Okay, okay. You're right. Everybody already knows. I'll leave you be." He turned back towards the theater and Jess let out a sigh of relief. He took a step and stopped. "So, I guess he knows too?"

"Huh?" Jess was caught off guard.

"Your boyfriend. He must know too, right?"

"He's not my boyfriend," she stammered. "Just a friend."

"Whatever. He knows?"

Jess stared back in a total loss for words. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out.

"Well, it seems like he should, doesn't it?" He stepped close to Jess and whispered in her ear. "I would certainly want to know if my girlfriend fucked half of the school last week."

"We're not... Don't..."

"Don't what?"

"Don't tell him." She could hardly think in full sentences. If Robert found out, so might everyone else in her hometown. She did not want to lose the respect of a longtime friend.

"You haven't really left me much choice."

"It's your word against mine. There's no way he will believe you over me," she threatened.

"Well, it's your word against mine, but I think this makes my word a little stronger." As he spoke, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone.

Jess stared in shock as he started fiddling with the device. She knew what was coming. "Okay, fine, I get it."

He ignored her, tapping his phone for several more seconds. "There." He turned the device towards Jess. Against her better judgment, she looked at the screen. There she was, naked, on her hands and knees in the dirt. One hand was wrapped around a cock, and her tongue was tracing the underside of its head. "There is my word against yours."

"Why can't you just leave me alone?"

"Well, it's not too often that a strange girl gets naked and sucks my dick at a rock show. Seems like a waste to let that go."

"It's not like I had a choice. The crowd made me."

The stranger let out a mild laugh, looking again towards his phone. "Oh yes, it sure looks like they are making you."

Jess' face burned with humiliation at his sarcasm. The most shameful part of the whole ordeal was not that she had been stripped and fucked—it was that deep down, part of her had not wanted it to stop. She had initially been afraid when she had been at the mercy of the hands groping at her body. However, the adrenaline that had pumped through her veins had been like nothing she had ever experienced before. She could deny it all that she wanted, but she had been a willing participant in the whole affair, and this guy obviously knew that.

"What do you want?" Jess looked him over for the first time since the start of their conversation. He did look mildly familiar, but she would not have recognized him from her English class if he had not said anything—the class had over a hundred students, after all. He was not particularly handsome, nor was he ugly. He had a rather plain look to him, with dark hair and shorter than average height.

"Come here," he said as he started walking.

Hesitantly, she followed. "I have to get back before Rob suspects something." In retrospect, she regretted using his name.

"Don't worry, you'll be back."

"How did you know I was going to be here tonight?" She asked as they walked past the concession stand and towards another side hallway.

"I didn't. That's the funny part. I've had your ID in my pocket all week. Was planning to talk to you after class, but you never showed up. Just luck I guess that I found you here."

Yeah, lucky me...

Jess froze as he stepped into the men's washroom. A second later, he came back out.

"Alright," he said, "it's empty. Hurry up."

"I'm not going in there."

"Just hurry up if you don't want your boyfriend wondering where you went." He grabbed her arm and gave it a light tug. Looking around her to make sure that nobody was looking, Jess ducked into the washroom.

They stepped past a row of urinals and he guided her into the last stall on the left, the farthest from the door, closing it behind them.

He wasted no time, grabbing her breasts through her t-shirt. He lifted the thin material, exposing her orange bra. The garment hung loose around her small breasts, offering an easy view down into the cups. Rather than unhooking the bra, he pulled it upwards forcefully, causing her breasts to spring free. Her small pink nipples hardened immediately, and Jess told herself that it must be the cold air.

The stranger—Jess still did not know his name—unzipped his pants and gave her shoulders a not-so-subtle push downwards. With her shirt and bra bunched up under her armpits, she obliged.

I don't have time to argue about this. Robert will soon be wondering where I am. I sucked this guy's dick once...it's not a big deal to do it again.

"That's a good girl," he said condescendingly.

Jess ignored the comment and focused on the task at hand. Reaching into his pants, she pulled out his semi-erect cock and quickly began stroking it to the best of her abilities. It had felt so natural in the heat of the moment in the sweaty crowd last week, but now it felt awkward as she fondled his manhood.

She had not done this many times in her life—with the exception of the concert—but she slowly got into the hang of it. His dick was not particularly large, and she guessed it was maybe six inches as it swelled to fill her two small hands.

"Use your mouth."

Unquestioningly, she opened her lips and soon felt the head of his cock pressed between them. It was warm and soft, and instinctively, her tongue followed its contours. Maybe I am better at this than I thought.

Opening her jaw wider, she allowed more of him into her awaiting mouth. Soon, she felt his hands on the back of her head, pulling her deeper with each thrust. She could not fit all of him in her mouth, but it seemed like he was enjoying it regardless.

She hardly cared when he took out his cell phone and snapped a new picture of her pretty face wrapped around his cock.

"Where is that ID card I gave you?"

"Why?" She asked before returning to her work.

She offered no resistance as she bent over and reached into her pocket, retaking the item. "Don't worry, I'll give it back. Just want some insurance."

Before she could understand his meaning, he held the card up next to her face and pulled up the phone. Click.

"I like it," he said as he admired his work, before turning the screen towards Jess. The picture showed her face and exposed tits as she blew him. Even worse, the ID was in clear focus, showing her name next to her sinful acts. "Don't worry, I'm the only one that will see it unless you give me any trouble."

I wasn't going to, Jess wanted to say, but she remained silent. The sooner she finished, the sooner she could leave. They had only been in the stall for a couple of minutes, but it already felt like an eternity.

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