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The Contest

byLittle Johnnie©

"OK., I'll bite. What's a toilet roll test?" I asked. Little did I know what fate asking that one question would lead me to. My name is Charlie, and that night I found myself at a party with my girlfriend and three other couples. We had been drinking all night and the conversations had gotten onto the topic of sex. Just prior to asking that question, we had been talking about bachelorette parties, and Rose, relating what she thought was a more disappointing experience, had just said, "Yes, he took it all off, but I couldn't believe it! He wouldn't have passed the toilet roll test!" At which point all of the girls dissolved into laughter, while us guys all looked on mystified.

Rose looked at me, "You don't know what that is?" I shook my head. "What about the rest of you guys?" she asked, looking around. Again, more negative responses. "Well," she said dramatically, "the toilet roll test is what separates the men from the boys. Basically, you take a toilet roll and try to fit it over the erect penis. A MAN's penis will be longer than the toilet roll and too thick for it to fit, a LITTLE BOY's penis will fit inside completely." At this point she lost her composure and dissolved into giggles with the rest of the girls.

After the usual responses, "She said penis, heh! Heh!" all of the girls started talking about 'packages'. Not particularly to our liking, we quickly got obnoxious and started talking about 'hooters' and 'hot chicks'. At this point, the girls had moved into the living room, leaving us in the kitchen talking. After a few minutes they all got very quiet. Of course, we didn't notice right away, but then Tony called out, "Hey! What's going on in there?" Rose replied, "Tony, you and everybody come out, we want to talk to you."

Grumbling about being ordered around, we all traipsed into the living room, where the four girls sat on the couch. Judging by the looks on their faces, they had been conspiring. Now Rose, Tony's girlfriend was the ringleader, she was a Hispanic gal, about a C cup, with a large butt. Laurie, my girlfriend, was also Hispanic, but she only had A Cups and a more slender, almost boyish build. Lisa, Tim's girlsfriend, was almost six feet tall, with a bigger frame, blonde hair, and generous, D cup breasts. Rounding out the group was Mary, Ed's girlfriend, also blonde, with C cup breasts.

"We're having a contest." Rose announced. "What kind of contest?" I asked. The other girls started giggling, "A penis size contest." Rose stated. Boy did that get our attention! "And what if we think that's a load of crap and we won't do it?" asked Tim. Rose looked at the other girls, who all gave her the thumbs up, "Well, she said, then none of you get sex for a week." At this point we all erupted into the conversation, but no matter what we said, our girls remained firm. After it had died down, Rose continued, "but, if you all do it, then I guarantee you will all get at least a blow job tonight, in this house."

"Well, hell, then I'm in!" shouted Tim. Not wanting to show any hesitation and matching his bravado, I seconded his motion, with the other two following suit. "Great!" said Rose, "now here are the rules. Each girlfriend will take her respective man into the bedroom where the length and circumference of his erect penis will be taken." In response to our questions, she added, "each girl will need to take a digital shot of the measurements to make sure nobody cheats. After that, each man gets a blow job from her girlfriend." Rose had to stop for a minute due to our cheering. "Are you finished?" she asked, continuing, "OK. The blow job is necessary so you guys will return to a normal state so we can measure you flaccid."

Ed spoke up, "So, what do we win?" Rose smiled, "Well, we will be measuring you flaccid, erect length, and erect thickness. The winner will be the smallest in each category. By doing the three categories, we will probably have three or two winners, so you get to share the glory. The one, or ones, who don't 'win' any categories, get another blowjob from the girlfriends of the losers, one blowjob per man." Rose paused, "Now, the winners, well, the smallest flaccid guy has to wear panties for a week, the smallest in length gets his pubic hair shaved, and the smallest in thickness has to wear a buttplug for a week, but, pardon the pun, only when he's at home."

By this time we were all surreptitiously checking each other out, wondering how big we all were. Tim was the biggest guy, standing well over six feet and built. I was probably the next biggest, much broader but only about 5'11". Tony was about my height, but a bit skinnier, and Ed was the smallest, sporting a tight wiry frame. I figured I'd lose to Tim for sure, but didn't think I would be on the short end of the stick, pardon the pun, for any of the measurements.

We all filed into the bedroom, one couple at a time and did the deed. I must say, I think we all enjoyed the blowjobs very much. After we came out, Rose took all the slips of paper and announced, "Drum Roll please!" Amid much fanfare, she continued, "I will read off the results, and my able assistant Laurie will tabulate the winners. As an added bonus, pictures will be taken of all the winners showing off their, ahem, attributes!" We all stood, I suspect somewhat nervously, awaiting.

Rose began, "Tim! Flaccid, 4 inches, Erect 7 inches by 5.5 inches. Tony! Flaccid, 4.5 inches, Erect 6 inches by 5.25 inches. Charlie! Flaccid, 3 inches, Erect 4.75 inches by 4.25 inches." I winced, I guess I was smaller than I thought, but I was still confident about beating Ed. I paid attention as Rose finished, "And finally Ed! Flaccid, 3.5 inches, Erect 7 inches by 4.75 inches."

I couldn't believe my ears! Laurie looked up at me in embarrassment, and I felt my face turning red. Rose picked up the notepad and looked at it, and then looked at me, smiling, "Well! We have a result no one expected! It seems Charlie won all three categories!" I could feel everyone looking at me, and I heard at least one of the girls snicker. "As a reminder, this means that little Charlie gets shaved bald, AND has to wear panties and a buttplug for a week, and Laurie owes our three guys blowjobs."

As I stood there, absorbing this turn of events, the other three guys were high-fiving, and Tim turned to me, clapping me on the back, "Hey there Charlie! Thanks for taking the hit on this one, we all appreciate it." Judging by the looks on their faces, it was already obvious that my peer status has dropped among the guys. Looking at the girls, they weren't saying anything, but the looks on their faces said it all. Rose and Lisa both had openly condescending smiles, Mary was trying not to smile, and Laurie wouldn't look at me.

"OK." Began Rose, "let' start with a group photo, guys, if you could please strip." All three of them dropped clothing like it was on fire, while I slowly peeled off my clothes. Finally naked, I got a good look at them, and everyone was checking out my equipment. To add insult to injury, I was so nervous, my dick was still flaccid and had shrunk up even more, with my ballsack pulled tighly against my body, forcing my flaccid penis to stick straight out. All the other guys, however, were all sporting what seemed to me to be huge erections and smiling broadly.

Lisa spoke up, "My, my, you ARE a really tiny guy, aren't you Charlie? You look about the same size as my cousin's toddler." She paused, smirking, "and in a few minutes, you'll look JUST like him, all small and hairless." To my horror, I felt myself getting hard. Lisa's eyes widened, and Mary gasped, "Oh my gosh! He's getting turned on!" Looking at Laurie, he mouth had dropped open and I could tell her mind was working furiously to digest this new twist. Lisa continued, "Hmmm…does Charlie like getting teased about his small pee-pee? Is Charlie excited about being shaved and showing all his friends how small he looks without any hair?" My ever stiffening erection betrayed my true feelings.

Rose flashed a predatory smile and picked up the digital camera, "Well, that's good, now we can have a true comparison photo, our three men next to the little boy with his baby pee-pee all stiff." I couldn't believe how this humiliation was turning me on, I was now as stiff as a board, but looking down, it was obvious that I was much smaller than anyone else. There was a flash as my lack of size compared to everyone else was recorded on the camera. Rose paused after taking the photos, "You know, maybe we shouldn't be so harsh, after all, maybe our three guys are just exceptionally large, we should check little Charlie against an objective standard."

Laurie suddenly stood up, "I know, let me go get a toilet roll." Looking at her, our eyes met briefly, and I saw, to my chagrin, that even Laurie was now sporting that condescending smirk. As Laurie went to the bathroom, Mary spoke up, "Now don't lose that little hard on of yours Charlie, although a tiny little pencil like that probably doesn't take much effort to maintain." Laurie quickly returned, toilet roll in hand, and walked over to me. "OK, my baby, time to see how tiny you really are." She said, and then she started lowering the toilet roll over my erect penis as Rose snapped pictures. "Hmmm," said Laurie, "it just slips right over it, no trouble at all, and here we go, all snug against the base….whoops! You're pee-pee barely even sticks out the end! I guess this confirms it honey, you have a little boy penis." After this announcement, the room erupted in laughter and cat-calls. Rose made sure to get good photos of my predicament.

"Well, it's time to start awarding prizes," Rose said, "Shall we start with the losers?" All the guys, except me, let out a big hurrah. "Laurie, I believe that this is your cue?" Laurie stood up, smiled at me, and walked into the bedroom. One by one, the guys went into the bedroom, with Tim being the last, while I waited outside. Each guy came out with a big smile on their face as they looked at me. I was beside myself with humiliation, yet through it all I kept my erection.

Laurie finally came out, looking a bit disheveled and beckoned me into the room. I went in, and she said, "I am so horny, I need to fuck you." With that she proceeded to drop her pants and panties and turned around, "Take me." Needing no encouragement, I immediately walked over and thrust into her, getting a big surprise! Laurie was very wet and loose, so loose I almost couldn't feel myself inside her. Laurie looked over her shoulder at me, "Are you in yet? I don't feel you." In reply I started thrusting. Laurie's eyes widened, "What's the matter hon? Don't I excite you? When are you going to put it in? Oh wait. I know the problem." Her voice sunk to a whisper, "When I went to give Tim his blowjob, I was so turned on by his huge cock that I let him fuck me instead. It is so big, it almost hurt getting him in at first, but then it felt soooo wonderful being stretched out like I never had before." I had stopped pumping, feeling totally shocked. Laurie continued, "I guess he stretched me out so much I can't feel your little tiny thing at all. My poor baby and his little pee-pee, sloshing around a loose pussy in another man's cum." When she said that last part, I couldn't help myself and started cumming.

As I started jerking involuntarily, Laurie pulled away and turned around, causing me to slip out of her and finish shooting in the air. Laurie was looking at me with a strange smile on her face. "Wow, that really turned you on, didn't it?" Sheepishly I nodded, unable to speak. Laurie looked down at my rapidly shrinking penis. "Hmm, I never realized that you were small, but now that we have compared it to real dicks, and even a toilet roll, you seem so small, I don't know what I was thinking before." She smirked, "but the really exciting thing is how turned on you get over being humiliated about it! You know, everyone saw you get hard when Lisa teased you about being small, you know they are all talking about it right now, while you are in here." I gulped, thinking about it. Almost involuntarily, I began to get another erection.

Laurie reached down and caressed my dick, "Hmm, already getting hard again, but not quite as hard, and it looks smaller, could you be getting a little tired from all this stimulation of your tiny pee-pee?" she asked. My penis throbbed in response. Laurie smiled, "I think it's time we rejoined everybody, after all, it's time for you to be shaved. I think I'll invite all the girls in to watch. You don't mind do you? Having the other girls watch as you shave all that man-hair off your tiny boy pee-pee? Hearing all their comments about your lack of size? I'll bet that really turns you on, doesn't it?" I nodded again. Laurie moved to the door, "I can't wait to see you without any hair, and for everyone else to see you too. I think you are going to look like a little baby boy without any hair." And with that Laurie opened the bedroom door and pulled me into the living room.

As we came into the living room, all conversation stopped. I could tell everybody had been talking about me, because everyone turned to look at me. I immediately noticed that was now the only one naked. The other guys had all gotten dressed. Somehow it made feel even more ashamed. Laurie spoke up, "Ok, it's shaving time! I was hoping that, if you guys didn't mind, that all the girls could come in and watch with me while Charlie shaves off all his man-hair." Tim replied for the group, "No, we don't mind at all, You all go take care of business, after all there's nothing big to be concerned about." Everyone got a good laugh at his play on words and then I and the girls all went into the bathroom.

Once we got into the bathroom, all the girls started talking, telling Laurie what a poor thing she was to have to put up with such a tiny penis. To my continued humiliation, Laurie told them how she couldn't feel me in her when we were having sex, that the only way she knew I was done was when I got off of her. They all laughed, consoling her and telling her she was very nice to put up with me. Turning their attention to me, Rose said, "OK little boy, it's time for you to do your duty and start shaving." One of them handed me some electric clippers. I paused, took a deep breath, and start cutting off my pubes with the electric clipper. When I turned on the clipper, all the girls let out a shout and started cheering me on. Pretty soon I had reduced my bush to mere stubble. Laurie made me stop so Rose could get some pictures. Looking down, I already looked smaller, even though I still had an erection. Lisa and Mary kept giggling and sing the short dick man song while this was going on.

After pictures had been taken, Laurie handed me the gel and a razor, "OK hon, it's time to finish the job. Make sure and get it all off." Rose piped up, "Also make sure to shave around your butt, remember, we need to plug you up, and I want a nice clean hole to work with." My hands almost shaking too much to do the job, I slowly proceeded to shave myself bare, including around my asshole. After I finished, Rose took a washcloth, soaked it in cold water, and washed me off. The cold water was a shock, causing me to partially lose my erection. Rose looked at Laurie, "I think I would like a photo of him totally soft and small, but this darn erection won't go away. Would you like to do something that should keep him soft for a day or two?" Laurie giggled, "I think that would be a great idea, what do we need to do?" Rose smiled, "Well, first, Charlie, into the shower." As I stepped into the shower, Rose turned on the cold water. Talk about a shock to the system! I felt totally cold and wanted to get out, but Mary and Lisa held me in the water. Laurie was looking at me, "Rose, it's not helping, I still see a tiny bobbing pee-pee, although it's not quite as big as it was, and not quite as hard."

Rose shut off the water. "OK Charlie, bend over and spread your legs." I bent over, facing the wall with my now shrunken ball sack tucked tightly just above my asshole which was facing the four girls. Rose reached between my legs and grabbed my dick, pulling it back towards them. I gasped as she did it, because it hurt slightly due to my hardon, which noticeably subsided with my dick in it's new awkward position pointing behind me. Rose turned to Laurie, maintaining her grip on me. "Do you have a condom?" Laurie quickly produced one, which Rose then took and rolled on my little dick. I noticed, as did the girls, that with the cold water shrinkage and only a partial erection, that I didn't come even close to stretching the condom. "Hmm, maybe we need to get some finger cots for this little guy, that condom looks like it could fit two of him." Mary said, producing a lot of giggling.

Rose then spoke in a tutorial voice, "OK. This is how we keep little Charlie from getting a unnecessary erection. It's called milking. First you put a condom on him to measure how much he is milked. You want to make sure and get enough semen to stop his ability to get an erection for a while. Second, you insert a finger into his butt." Saying this, I felt a finger slowly insert itself into my asshole. Involuntarily I clenched down on the invading finger, which ignored my attempts to expel it and started stroking along the base of my asshole in a back and forth motion. "What we are doing," Rose continued, "is stimulating the prostate gland. The prostate controls the production of semen and the movement of the semen into the penis." I noticed now that her other hand was starting a milking motion on my penis, which thanks to the awkward position, was unable to get fully hard. "After enough stimulation, I will have moved enough semen into the penis to cause him to involuntarily ejaculate. If we do this enough, we can empty him of semen, and until his body makes more, he won't be able to get an erection."

I couldn't believe my ears! Was this what they were going to do to me? I heard Lisa's voice, "How are you feeling Charlie, are you humiliated yet? Do you realize what you look like? Shaved little balls and pee-pee all exposed, bent over showing us your shaved asshole, and with Rose's finger in it." It was too much, between the constant anal stimulation and Lisa's words, I suddenly came.

Rose withdrew her finger, "OK, I'm done, I think we all should practice and make little Charlie cum, once for each of us." This drew a chorus of yes's from the girls, and one by one they grabbed a hold of my dick, stuck a finger up my butt and started milking me. Rose left, after taking a few more pictures, to go out and tell the guys to wait a bit longer. It took another 15 minutes, but eventually everyone else managed to milk me for a dose of semen. After it was finished, Laurie being the last, I felt exhausted, and my balls ached like mad from the over-stimulation. Laurie removed the condom from my now limp penis and showed it to me. "Wow, I'm kind of surprised," Laurie commented, "I don't think I've ever seen you produce so much cum." Mary looked over Laurie's shoulder, "Well, I've seen Ed produce that much before lots of time." Laurie looked at Mary and then back at me, "Hmmm, so this is what a man-sized penis produces. Just think, it only took you cumming four times to equal the amount from a normal sized penis."

Laurie then had me stand up, and called Rose back in to see what I looked like. Looking down at myself, I don't think I had ever looked this small. My penis had retracted so that my foreskin had almost closed over it, and I am cut! Also, due to the cold water, my balls were tight against my body. When Rose came in, Laurie had me turn around to show her and the other girls.

Rose laughed, "Oh my God! I can't believe how little he looks! Between the milking and the shaving, you really look tiny! We have to measure him again." Laurie got the tape and checked it, "Wow! He sure did shrink, now he is only sticking out 2.25 inches!" Amid the giggling and laughter, Rose got some more pictures, and then announced, "Well, I told the guys what we did, so now they want to see little Charlie. Shall we head out to the living room?" I was suddenly filled with dread. It was one thing to be seen like this in front of the girls, but to be seen like this by the guys, well that was something else! As we headed out to the living room, I could feel my face burning. I came in last, with the girls all flaring out to give me a runway.

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