tagGroup SexThe Contraption

The Contraption


Terry couldn't move. She couldn't see. She couldn't hear. She was bound tightly. She was also completely naked. But, she could feel, and, ooohhh!, what she felt. Terry moaned. There was a mouth at each of her breasts, kissing and suckling, with intervals of nibbling and not quite gently biting and tugging on her nipples that sent delicious arrows of pleasure into her vagina. Another mouth was between her wide-spread thighs, helping to accentuate those arrows of pleasure by doing wonderful things to her pussy.

She was bound in a strange kind of chair, a special contraption made for sex. It supported her weight mostly by her thighs. The small of her back was supported also, as well as her arms.

Terry's legs were bound just above her knees to the horizontal thigh pads, which stopped just short of her buttocks. Her legs bent 90 degrees at her knees, with her calves pressed to a vertical piece of the framework and her ankles tied securely to it. There were small platforms upon which her feet rested. Her upper body made a cross, with her arms supported and bound straight out to either side. The frame of the contraption was made of tubular steel, with various flat surfaces welded or bolted as necessary. The contraption was well-padded where it needed to be.

Terry was in a sitting position with the leg parts of the "chair" opened to an extremely wide angle and locked into place. Her thighs were stretched wide open, but not painfully so. Being naked, Terry's sex was completely exposed.

She had been tied with soft, velvety straps everywhere. One wrapped around her waist, tying her to the back support. The back support was small and thin, with adequate padding, and it comfortably pressed into Terry's lower back. The braces for the back support arced left and right, then curved in to meet the main frame of the sex chair, where they were welded. This configuration left Terry's ass completely exposed, like her pussy. She was tied to the contraption at ankles, thighs, waist, elbows and wrists. She was helpless and vulnerable.

Terry moaned again as the mouths at her breasts and pussy continued to administer oral pleasure to her. She also felt hands caressing her ass, her breasts, her stomach, and her thighs.

The height of the arm supports, which were adjustable, caused her to be held quite erect, with her chest and breasts thrust somewhat forward.

She was comfortable, overall. The contraption supported her weight well. Bill, her husband, had designed and built this "sex chair," which Terry had christened the "contraption." He had done a good job.

In preparation for this night, for this bondage and group sex event, Terry had been blindfolded. A soft black cloth wrapped three times around her head and over her eyes. It was a dense material. She could see nothing.

Bill had also gently pressed a soft, putty-like material into her ears. Terry could hear her own breathing and the thud of her heartbeat, which, as the mouths and hands plied her flesh, increased noticeably. She could hear damned little else. Those who were giving her pleasure didn't speak.

All Terry could do, really, was feel and smell . . . not that there was too much to smell, however. She could smell a couple of colognes or perfumes, shampooed hair, and clean skin. She could not touch with her hands. She could only feel what the others were doing to her, when they touched, where they touched here, and how they touched her: a caress here, a kiss there, an almost painful bite somewhere else, and delightful little nibbles everywhere.

Hearing nothing. Seeing nothing. But, ooooohhh!, feeling everything so exquisitely . . . and imagining more.

Terry gasped as a mouth firmly bit into her left nipple and pulled back carefully, stretching her flesh tautly. She loved that. Bill knew she loved that. It made her vagina contract with several little spasms. Another mouth moved from her right breast and traveled, slowly, grazingly, to her right ear. It bit gently and tugged on her ear lobe before nibbling around the outside perimeter. The warm breath in her ear gave her goose flesh on the right side of her body.

The mouth between her thighs nuzzled more deeply, licking and sucking all around and between her labia, then over her clitoris. There, it carefully, but strongly, bit her several times. The teeth never touched her clitoris directly, but the tongue flicked in and out quickly and softly right on top of it.

Terry gasped again, then shuddered in a surprising, and a surprisingly intense, little orgasm. Her breathing became ragged and she moaned loudly with pleasure.

Terry guessed there were two men from the feel of their hands and mouths and cheeks—a slight whiskery roughness. They also smelled lightly of what she took to be men's cologne. Of course, one of the men was Bill. At least she thought one of them would be Bill. She had no way of knowing for sure. He had suggested the activities for the night, had arranged them, had prepared her for this event, all without telling her exactly who would be participating, or what would happen.

She had agreed to do it because, well, she was excited at the idea of being tied up and blindfolded—the earplugs had surprised her—and being naked, exposed, and at the sexual mercy of , of, of whoever. She had also agreed because she knew Bill so well. They had been happily married for nearly twenty years. Terry loved him deeply and trusted him implicitly.

Of course one of the men was Bill. Could he just stand around and watch his bound and helpless wife being fucked by three strangers? Well, yes, Terry decided, he might do just that, getting really turned on by it, then, later, participating in the fuck-fest.

He had told her that all the fun would not be had on the contraption, just several opening activities, so to speak. And, as to the strangers, they might not be. Terry might know them, and they her. But, without being able to see or hear them, she couldn't know. They might as well be strangers.

She didn't know which turned her on more, the thought of complete strangers fucking her pussy, her ass, her mouth, or the thought of people that she knew, but had never had sex with before, doing it. Bill and she had moved to a new city a few years ago. Where they had come from they had been part of a tight-knit band of swingers who had met and had orgies at least twice a month. Bill and Terry had not re-started their "swinging" way here, yet.

But, of the three people, one was a woman. Of that Terry was sure. Soft cheeks against her skin. A very light scent of a good perfume. And, the suggestion of longer hair, something that was not stylish with most men today. The hair had brushed silkily across Terry's shoulder when the unknown woman had nuzzled and nibble on Terry's ear and neck.

After her quick little orgasm, all the mouths and hands withdrew. Still no talking. Blind, deaf, and helpless, for several moments Terry felt nothing. Had they deserted her? Had they gone to fix themselves a drink, leaving her alone and bound?

Suddenly, she felt a presence behind her. A hand placed itself on her left hip. Then something cold and wet surprised her as it was pressed against her exposed anus. A slick finger carefully explored her there. It was the sudden application of the cold wetness, obviously a sexual lubricant, that had surprised Terry. More lubricant was spread in and around her anal area.

When she had seen the finished sex contraption, Terry knew that it was made not only for a man to stand in front and have vaginal sex with a woman, but also anal sex from the rear, that a woman sitting on the contraption could be fucked in the pussy and the ass at the same time. As part of her fulfilling sex-life with Bill, Terry occasionally enjoyed anal sex, to the point of orgasm. And even though they had been "swingers" some years ago, somehow she had never had been fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time.

Bill had incorporated three easily adjustable platforms into the design. One in front, one in back, and one on the right side. The position of a woman on the contraption was fixed. The platforms would allow different men to stand at just the right height in order to fuck a woman's pussy or asshole. The one on the side was made to allow a man to stand where a woman could, by merely turning her head, suck his cock. There was a raised part of the frame there, to allow the man to lean against or hold on to for balance.

By now, her anus had been well-lubricated and a rather large finger, that she assumed was a man's, was beginning to carefully probe her asshole. The other man positioned himself between her wide-spread legs. One hand gripped her thigh where it joined her body. then she felt the soft tip of his hard manhood moving up and down in the slick wetness between her labia.

Terry, being bound and helpless, could do nothing, indeed, wanted to do nothing but enjoy all the sensations she was being assail with at the time. She was at the mercy of her husband and the strangers by her willing consent. She trusted that Bill would not intentionally allow any harm to come to her, nor any unintentional harm either.

Bill was well aware of her proclivity for pleasure spiked with just the right amount of pain. Terry didn't know exactly what to expect tonight that might enhance her pleasure without actually causing her any real harm, or pleasure-deadening pain.

Feeling the fingers, which by now had become two of them, gently stretching her ass, and the head of the penis stroking the near dripping wet ramparts of her vagina, brought an aching desire to Terry. It seemed to well up from deep within her pelvic region. She was now in the higher stages of arousal. The quick, but delicious, orgasm had only whetted her appetite for sex . . .of almost any kind.

She was in great heat and lust. She wanted whoever was using his cock to play with her pussy to insert it boldly into her wet and wanton hole; to do it NOW and fill her cunt deeply with its thick, hard, manliness.

Terry moaned and moaned and tried to grind her pussy onto the teasing instrument of pleasure. But it was no use. She could squirm a little, but she couldn't move forward or backward one inch. Her efforts and her lust left her panting slightly, as she shivered with desire and anticipation.

Terry's lust and desire was so great and she had been so focused on the feelings of the fingers in her ass—now three of them—and the cock teasing her pussy, that she was not aware that someone had move up to her right side.

Small, soft hand turned Terry's head to the right. Terry felt the soft lips of the woman moving ever so lightly over her own. The tip of the woman's tongue gently licked between Terry's slightly parted lips. She inhaled the sweet scent of the woman's perfume and felt her long silky hair brush over her arm and breast.

Again, Terry moaned. She parted her lips even more and pressed them against the woman's waiting mouth. They kissed deeply, sweetly.

Terry was not particularly bisexual. When she was younger she had experimented with several different women, out of a natural curiosity, coupled with a strong and healthy libido. She remembered one woman in particular. Her name was Claire. She was a delightful, intelligent, attractive, and passionate woman. She had taught Terry much.

They had made love, tentatively at first, until Terry was sure, then passionately, with abandon, and with no men involved. Claire was not bisexual. She was a lesbian.

Terry remembered the days when they would spend hours kissing and caressing each other and touching their most sensitive spots, then licking and kissing and sucking those spots until one or the other came in great grimacing sobs of pleasure that would wash over her like a strong tide crashing onto shore, then receding in gentle waves, leaving an oh so warm and lovely heat. Then, after a few moments of cradling each other in their arms, they would begin again, with small, sweet kisses and fingertip caresses.

It had been extremely pleasurable, very educational, and most rewarding. But Terry's stronger heterosexual feelings slowly moved her away from Claire, from a purely lesbian experience, to one including men. Claire had left then. No hard feelings, but she had no time for men, sexually. But Terry did. As much as she loved making love with a woman, she loved it more with a man. She thrilled to the lean, hard-muscled bodies of fit men and the feeling of their even harder cocks as they fucked one or another of her fuckable holes. And, with persistence and patience, she could train them to begin slowly, gently, letting their combined passions build up and up, until one or both of them came with body-shaking intensity. This could take the form of fast and furious fucking after nearly an hour of building up to it, with the man's hard cock pounding in and out of her pussy, or asshole. Or, orgasm could be brought on by a more sedate and steady fucking, a gentle rhythm that moved them like ocean swells, until the last waves dump them in crashing pleasure onto the shore of their fucking destination.

While the unknown woman and Terry kissed, Terry remembered Claire's kisses, how they had excited her, the pleasure Claire had given her orally, everywhere, but mostly between her legs, making love so expertly to her wet and dripping pussy. Terry also remembered how much she loved licking Claire's tasty, slick pussy and clitoris and making her come with her mouth.

Blindfolded as she was, Terry suddenly and vividly "saw" Claire's pretty little vagina, shaved and smooth, the delicate pink and wetly shining inner labia, as Terry gently opened Claire's "flower" before she tasted the nectar. She could almost smell her clean, womanly aroma and taste the sweet slickness of Claire's aroused and engorged flesh.

The memory brought back a lust that Terry had not experienced for years. She knew then, while kissing this woman, whoever she was, that tonight Terry would give serious oral pleasure to her, this woman who was kissing her so wonderfully. Terry also knew that, later, she would feel this woman's head between her thighs and feel her mouth and tongue give her the same pleasure.

Terry could hardly wait. She wanted to fully embrace and kiss and caress this woman and, finally, to spread her thighs widely, like Terry's were now, then to nuzzle, kiss, lick and nibble on this woman's sex until she arched her body and groaned out her orgasm.

Terry thrilled to the feelings her memories had evoked. Her pussy was totally wet and getting wetter. She was now lusting for this woman, and all the promise that held, as much as she was lusting for both of the men, and all that they and their wonderful manly bodies and hard cocks could do for her. Terry felt absolutely giddy. Excitement coursed through her like electricity.

The fingers in her anus had gently pressed in. They had slid in and out deeply, but carefully. They had pressed firmly all around her anal sphincter, stretching her, but without hurting her. As the man removed his fingers from Terry's asshole, he left it well-lubricated, inside and out.

Now, she felt the tip of that man's hard cock press against her slick anal opening. She felt his hands reach around and cup her breasts. He must have wiped the lubricant from his hand. Terry didn't feel any slickness on them as he strongly massaged her tits. She groaned in pleasure. His hands felt great. So did his big cock-head as he started to push it through her tight anal sphincter. His cock-head had just begun to open her lubricated little puckered hole, when he stopped.

The man in front stopped sliding the tip of his cock up and down her soaking wet vaginal crevice. He shifted his stance and pressed his cock-head more deeply between her vaginal lips. He was poised, but not quite ready yet to slide his hard cock deep into Terry's pussy.

Terry was quivering from frustrated pleasure and anticipation. She had to break the long, but ooh so sweet, kiss with the woman. She had to gasp for air. Her heart was hammering in her chest.

After catching her breath, Terry's lips sought out the soft lips and mouth of the woman once again, but more passionately this time.

The man behind Terry was squeezing her breasts and pinching and tugging on her nipples, giving her pleasure with just a little spike of pain. Terry loved it. The man in front leaned his head down to kiss and bite her neck, just below and behind her left ear, causing gooseflesh to appear down her side and back.

Both men shifted slightly. The tips of their cocks pressed more firmly into her vaginal and anal opening, not quite yet slipping into her body.

As Terry shivered in ecstatic anticipation—blindfolded, ears plugged, and tied down to the contraption; pressed between two men who were about to fuck her ass and pussy at the same time; and still deliciously kissing the unknown woman—she thought to herself, "This is going to be a long and delightful night."

Suddenly, both men slid their big, hard cocks deep into Terry pussy and asshole at the same time, filling her like she had never been filled before. She broke the kiss and cried out in tremendous pleasure as a huge orgasm wracked her body.

The men began fucking her with long, deep strokes. Both cocks were big, not too long, but thick. They were able to fuck her ass and pussy clear up to their balls. She could feel their cocks pressing against each other, separated only by the thin membrane between her vagina and rectum.

Her anal sphincter was stretched tightly around that cock, almost to the point of pain, rather like Bill's cock felt when he fucked her in the ass. The one in her pussy not only filled her beautifully, but it was just long enough to bang against the back of her pussy—a lot of pleasure with a little shock of pain. She loved it.

As the spasms of her latest orgasm began to recede, as she felt those two beautiful cocks fucking her front and back, Terry knew that when the men came, shooting big wads of their semen deep into her two fuck holes, she, herself, would come again. She was anticipating that. And later, sometime in the night, Terry anticipated sucking their cocks and swallowing their thick fuck cream down her throat.

She would also make love to the woman. Licking her delicious and wonderfully wet pussy, while being fucked from behind. Terry also anticipated watching Bill fucking the woman while she licked Terry's pussy . . . and so much more that two—or three?—men and two women could do to each other sexually.

Yes, it was going to be a long, but oh so pleasurable night. And it all came about because of the contraption that Bill had built.

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