tagLesbian SexThe Convent Ch. 02

The Convent Ch. 02


They finished cleaning out a room for Moira after a week. They slowed the task as much as they could, not wanting to give up the secret pleasures they had at night, but there was only so much that Sister Seetha and Sister Moira could do, and when the task was finally done, they moved Moira's bed into her new room.

They had planned out how they would get away with it after not sharing a room. They'd found a dusty but functional wind-up alarm clock while cleaning out the room, and using that, they'd set it early and sneak into each other's beds at night, have their fun, then fall asleep in each other's arms.

It wasn't long before they settled into the two roles of the relationship: Seetha, being a few years older and much more experienced, was the dominant one; and Moira, with her naiveté and virginal looks was the submissive. Their roles were easily found in the ways they chose to sex. It was more like Seetha was bending Moira to her will than a communal act.

Two nights after finishing cleaning, Moira snuck quietly into Seetha's room and set the alarm for five in the morning. She lifted the covers to get into bed when Seetha stopped her.

She was sitting upright in bed, the covers crumpled at her waist. Moira could see that she was naked, her dusky skin standing out against the white sheets in the darkness.

"Take off your nightgown."

Moira obeyed without question. The winter storm that had brought them together had passed, but it was still cold out, and much of the snow still hadn't melted. Moira's nipples began to harden in the chilly air, until they were puckered and almost pained by their firmness. Moira looked at her lover, and noted that her nipples were hard too, sticking out of her breasts like dark little ziggurats.

"Take off the panties..." Seetha said, trying to keep her voice level. Seeing Moira this close and not touching her was torture for both of them. She watched as Moira unquestioningly slipped off her plain grey panties. As she bent over, her thick, wavy red hair fell past her shoulders, so long that it was easily brushing against the floor. She stood upright again. Seetha allowed herself a few more moments to take in her beauty. Her skin was so pale and creamy that it became luminous in the night. As opposed to shining, it seemed instead to soak up the moonlight and then glow. Her pink nipples were pale, perfect smudges on her small but perfectly formed breasts. Not for the first time, Seetha felt a bit jealous of her. Moira's body seemed to be all willowy gracefulness and slender lines, while Seetha thought of her own womanly, curvaceous hips and swelling bosom as awkward and top heavy.

Seetha lifted the covers. "Get in, quickly."

Moira jumped eagerly into the warm bed, giggling like a little girl under her breath. Seetha quickly wrapped her arms around her and rolled her onto her back, straddling her and kissing her without hesitation. Their tongues met and fenced briefly, until Seetha slipped past Moira's teeth to explore. Cupping Moira's cheek with one hand and her left breast with the other, Seetha began to grind against her trapped hips. She could feel the sparse, crinkly hairs and Moira's generous mons rubbing against her exposed labia. She kissed her more deeply and angled her hips back. Slipping one hand between them, she peeled herself back, exposing her own clit. She then rubbed hurriedly against Moira, pushing her swollen clit against her flesh and relishing the sensations it brought her. She knew that Moira wasn't getting much out of it right now except for the kisses and fondling, but Moira's turn would come later. Right now, Seetha needed to come.

When she felt it building, she brought her hand up, still wet with her own juices, and pressed it against Moira's mouth. She used the other to hold the girl still, then bucked her hips quickly, but with complete control, for a few tense seconds, using Moira's body as a warm object to grind on, moving like an animal: pure instinct. Her aching clit got her going, and the orgasm came crashing down onto her. She froze, her ass in the air, her back arched down, pushing her breasts against Moira. After a few motionless seconds, Seetha exhaled slowly and collapsed onto her girlfriend. They lay quietly under the covers for some minutes.

Seetha suddenly rolled over to her side and pulled Moira into her lap, spooning and pulling the covers tight around them. Moira sighed and snuggled back against her, enjoying the feeling of Seetha's soft breasts pushing against her spine, and her knees tucked up under her thighs. Even if she didn't come tonight, Moira thought this would still be a night well spent, cradled like this.

Fortunately, Seetha wasn't done. She slid her left arm in the space between Moira's head and the pillow, then hooking it around to squeeze her breasts. Her left hand stroked Moira's back and then worked it's way lower, teasing her buttocks, and finally slipping between her thighs to cup her sex.

Moira sighed and pushed her head back. Seetha lifted her own head, and brought it down, resting cheek to cheek on Moira. She began slowly rubbing, pushing her fingers against Moira's swollen lower lips. Eventually she was flicking her fingertips at the top of Moira's slit, gently coaxing her clit out of hiding. When she slid her middle finger in, Seetha matched the motions with her tongue in Moira's ear. She squirmed under all the stimulation, and Seetha tightened her grip against Moira's breast. She put her right hand on autopilot, slowly and evenly sliding her middle finger in and out of Moira's now dripping pussy, and concentrated on her ear. She probed the upper folds of it with her tongue, explored all the whorls and delicate furrows, and ended by biting and gently tugging at her lower earlobe. Moira squealed and giggled throughout, but definitely enjoyed it.

Returning her attention to the matter at hand, Seetha slipped her ring finger in as well and increased the speed of her thrusts. Moira began to sweat. She was bucking her hips against Seetha's hand, and getting the best out of the aerobic nature of sex.

Seetha wanted to posses her, to fill her completely. She slowly began working her a third finger in as well, but Moira gasped and quickly reached down, pushing her away.

"It's okay," Seetha breathed into her ear.

"No," Moira replied. "It's too much. Not yet. I'm not ready."

Seetha sighed and squeezed Moira's breast tightly in her hand. Since their first night together, Seetha had taken great joy in pleasuring her lover, but her fear to let herself be taken any fuller than she already had was frustrating, to say the least. She resumed with just two fingers, thrusting quickly until she'd brought Moira to orgasm.

Snuggling tightly together, fitting like two holdout pieces from a complex puzzle, the girls fell asleep.


The Mother Superior smiled, looking over the room they'd cleaned out for Moira.

"You did a wonderful job, girls," she said. "You'd never know this room was only just recently unopened for a solid decade."

"Had it been that long?" Moira asked. She was genuinely surprised.

"Yes, but that's nothing. Parts of the cellars haven't been opened in centuries." The Mother Superior was silent then, lost in thought. "You know... it's not as if there's anything else for you to do... Sister Seetha, Sister Moira, I'd like you to clean out the cellar. With this cold winter, I can't think of a better task to keep you indoors. Besides, you've proven yourselves to be a great team."

Seetha almost laughed at that, but felt a small pang of guilt. She knew the Mother Superior was such a trusting, sweet old woman, that the thought that anything untoward might be happening would never even cross her mind.

"We'll do our best, Mother Superior," Seetha said.

She led Moira down the long empty hall of the castle turned convent. They went down the broad, winding stairway, when they passed the door to the ground floor, it got suddenly colder, but then warmed up again. Moira had never been to this part of the castle before. Seetha opened the cellar door and turned on the lights. The cellar was not spacious, but it was warm, hot, in fact, due to the furnace that sprawled like an iron monster against the central wall of the room. Moira tugged at her cuffs, unbuttoning her sleeves to try and cool off a bit.

"This room looks plenty clean..." Moira said. It was true, as the room was almost bare.

"Yeah, this is just the furnace room," Seetha said. "It's clean because we wouldn't want anything down here to accidentally catch fire from that thing," she explained, pointing at the central heating unit. "Not that the castle could exactly burn down, but, y'know, better safe than sorry," she explained.

She walked across the room to where a solid, ancient door hung to the left of the furnace. It was dusty and groaned as Seetha began to tug on the handle. "Come help," she called to Moira. "I don't even know when the last time this was opened was."

They gripped the ornate iron handle and heaved with all their might. After a couple of seconds, the door made a popping sound and pulled out for them. "I bet it's been a while. I think the castle had settled this door into it's frame," Seetha said.

The next room was dark, lit only faintly by the glow of the furnace. They went back and got some flashlights and candles, then went back in. This room was almost as hot as the boiler room, as the furnace's back side was up against their shared wall. They played the beams of light over everything, but it was hard to get a good feel for the room. They lit as many candles as they could and put them on a couple of large candelabras that stood by the door. "No lights?" Moira asked.

"No, I think they passed this room over when they wired the convent for electricity."

As their eyes slowly adjusted to the dim but brightening room, they began to pick out the details. The room was cluttered, to be sure. Not as cluttered as the rooms in their hallway in the dorms had been, but still messy. Their were easily paths to walk around in here, whereas the unoccupied rooms had presented a solid wall of impenetrable junk. Piles of artifacts of unknown origin seemed to have accumulated like sand dunes in parts of the room, giving the place an almost organic untidiness. It wasn't as dusty as they'd feared it would be, Moira sneezed once, but didn't feel the urge again after that. They spent a few minutes just wandering around the wide room, examining the objects that had arrived there over the centuries of the castle's existence. Much of it seemed impossibly old, older even than many of the things they'd found in the upstairs rooms.

"Well," Seetha said finally, "I guess we're just putting off the inevitable. Let's get to work." They started pulling the piles apart, trying to organize them into groups of useful objects, things that could possibly be worth something, and rubbish.

"We need trash bags," Moira said, after they been working for an hour. hey were both sweaty now, and slowly losing energy. It was only mid afternoon though, and they had some time before supper would be called.

"Let's get some." They ran upstairs and headed towards the kitchen, but Seetha tugged Moira's hand towards the back door instead. "Let's get them from the shed. After all that hot work, a few seconds in the cold should be refreshing."

They ran outside through the path in the snow towards the work shed, giggling. The cold was still intense, and they could feel it hitting their bare legs under their dresses, a pleasing draft, to say the least.

Inside the shed, the bags were on a high shelf. Seetha moved a ladder over and climbed. They were high up, and she had to stretch hard to reach them.

Suddenly, it felt much draftier than it had previously. Seetha swiveled her head around to see that Moira had lifted her dress and was looking underneath. Seetha laughed as Moira's hand tickled her panty-clad bottom. Seetha turned around so she was leaning her back on the ladder and lifted her dress. Looking down, she could see the large black snow boots she was wearing. Against her bare legs, they made her look like, well, a dyke. Moira seemed to be having the same thoughts as she tightened her fingers around Seetha's leather encased ankles. She let her hands travel up Seetha's legs, stroking and lightly pinching as they went. Seetha grinned down at her.

Moira's face was only a few inches below Seetha's pussy, and reaching up, she peeled the cotton down, revealing the ever-ready folds beneath it. Moira leaned forward and inhaled deeply. She hadn't yet eaten Seetha out, but it seemed right to both that now was a good time. She let her tongue flick lightly across the quickly warming slit. She teased her like this again, but didn't have the patience to manage this for long, and she was soon buried in Seetha, her small nose pressed just above her clit, her tongue buried as deep as she could get it.

Seetha loved it. Her young lover's inexperienced but enthusiastic tonguing was hitting all the right spots, and the extreme heat building in her pussy was contrasted by the cold air that surrounded her bare legs.

Moira greedily drank in all the musky juices that Seetha could give her. She was so wrapped up in the joy of pleasuring her that when Seetha's orgasm came it caught her completely off guard. Suddenly the girl-cum was just pouring out of her. Moira opened her small mouth as wide as she could and put it over as much of Seetha's convulsing cunt as possible, sucking furiously. Seetha slid down the ladder, and wrapping her arms firmly around Moira's neck, kissed her deeply, tasting her own flavour on the lips of her lover.

Her arms lowered, holding Moira's waist tightly, and lay her down on the freezing cold hood of the old station wagon parked in the shed. She lifted Moira's dress and crawled up on top of her. She pushed her panties to one side quickly and began to frig her with one finger. Not for the first time, Seetha marveled at the sheer wetness of this girl. On her best days, with her best orgasms, Seetha never got half as wet as Moira did when she was just a little bit aroused. Her finger slid inside easily, and Seetha kissed her passionately. She pumped in and out for a few minutes, occasionally flicking Moira's clit with her thumb, then carefully worked in another finger. Moira winced, and Seetha could feel her tightness closing in on her. Seetha readied a third finger, but when she tried to push it in, Moira's hand was suddenly there, stopping her. "Not yet," she whispered into Seetha's ear. "I can't."

Seetha sighed dejectedly, then continued with the two fingers already inside her. She quickened her pace, and pressed her body close against Moira's, penetrating as deeply as she could with just those two fingers. Moira's face was tightened with pleasure. She wrapped her hands around Seetha's shoulders and buried her face in her neck. She cried out when she came, and the sound was muffled against Seetha.

Readjusting their undergarments, the girls picked up the trash bags and returned to the castle. The cold air helped them compose themselves after their tool shed quickie.

They were heading back into the musty room when Seetha noticed something. She'd been glancing the furnace, idly wondering how old it might be as they passed through the door. She suddenly found herself looking at a wall that was much closer than it should be. When the light had been poor at their first entrance, it'd been easy to miss, but now that she saw it anew, it was clear that the room was almost a third again smaller than the other. If the walls were even, their should have been another few meters of wall against the furnace, but their wasn't. True, this was an old castle, and floors didn't have to match up exactly... but Seetha couldn't shake the feeling that there was another room.

She shared her thoughts with Moira, and once they were in the other room, they went to the far wall. Seetha was half hoping for a hidden door, or a secret passage, but in truth, the door was there, and plainly visible. Well, almost. It was mostly concealed by a large pile of furniture the girls hadn't yet begun to organize. Most of it was chairs; huge, ancient, heavy things of oak and other imposing woods. They were ornately carved and decorated, and judging by the deterioration of the thin leather seat coverings, centuries old. If they were any indication, the door behind them, which was just as ornately carved, hadn't been opened in hundreds of years.

They heaved the door open and thrust one of the candelabras into the new room.

"Wow," Moira said. "This isn't a cellar... it's a dungeon."

It was true. The room was larger than they expected, and probably had a bit more of an underground system than they'd thought the castle contained. The far wall had a few more doors leading to smaller rooms visible through the barred windows set a foot from the top of each entrance. More than one of the doors had deteriorated almost completely. But the cells weren't really the interesting thing. The rest of the room was clearly a torture chamber. There were a few odd devices against a wall, things the girls recalled from history lessons as Iron Maidens and other paraphernalia. There was a raised fire pit on one side of the wall, and a rusted assortment of what had once been branding irons and the like were leaned against the bricks. There was a low platform there with thumbscrews, truncheons, flogs, and a whip that was so ancient it had cracked in two. The center of the room was dominated by an elevated table on a winch, which was resting at a forty-five degree angle. It was festooned with braces of iron and straps of leather that were surprisingly well preserved.

They spent a few minutes peering around before Seetha said, "Let's light a fire."

They gathered up the split pieces of wood from the fallen cell doors and piled them in the fire pit. Seetha went to boiler room, and using a hefty pair of iron tongs ignited a plank in the furnace, then brought it back to the torture chamber. The fire was hardly necessary for heat, as the furnace was close enough to provide the room with plenty warmth, but it did cast a good bit of light on the room, aiding their flashlights and candles.

Once the fire was going, the room grew hotter. Seetha unselfconsciously slipped her dress off, leaving herself only in a white linen shirt, panties, and her black snow boots. Moira followed suit, and once her dress was off, Seetha was upon her.

She wrapped her arms around Moira, kissing her passionately, and putting one hand in the small of her back to pull her close. They backed slowly across the room. Moira tugged at Seetha's shirt and lifted it off, revealing her plain white bra. They continued to move haphazardly across the floor until they were suddenly against the fire pit. Seetha sat down on the surrounding bricks, Moira in her lap. The hot stones were just on the verge of burning her bottom, and her back was quickly drenched in sweat from the proximity of the flames. Seetha loved it. Moira was soon tugging at the hooks of Seetha's bra, but she pushed her away, and rising her hips briefly off the rim, slipped her panties down. She pushed Moira off of her lap, gripped great handfuls of her thick red hair, and pulled her to her crotch.

Moira was obedient. She let herself be pulled into those waiting folds and buried her tongue without hesitation. Steadying herself with one hand, Seetha put the other on the back of Moira's head and pushed her, grinding her head hard. Moira fastened her lips around Seetha's waiting clit and sucked fiercely. Seetha jumped at the almost painful over stimulation, but then slouched a bit lower, letting her lover continue.

Moira, kneeling on the stone floor, ran her hands up Seetha's inner thighs to her open, waiting pussy and thrust two fingers in. Seetha gasped out loud, then muttered "Good girl," under her breath. Moira worked hard to please her, relishing the sounds of arousal she made.

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