tagGroup SexThe Couples Club Ch. 01

The Couples Club Ch. 01


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Sex with Mercy was still good. It was just boring and infrequent. I spent more and more time on the internet, and more and more time fantasizing. When Mercy was away on business I would look at the ads on the internet, go to BDSM chat rooms, and play in the virtual Red Light district of Amsterdam, hooking up with other women.

One Friday night when I was particularly horny I saw an ad for the "Couples Game Club" on the web. I fired an e-mail shot in the dark and asked for more details giving my special Roddywarrior e-mail address I used for this kind of thing. I surfed a little more and checked my e-mail and was surprised that I already had a reply.

Dear Rodwarrior,

Thank you for you interest in our club. We have many active couples who will be in your area who would like to meet you. We would like the opportunity to discuss this with you. We are very discreet.

We have a special website. Your temporary password is 7g7HFg66. It will expire in one hour or after one use, whichever comes first. Please feel free to dial the number listed or go to the private chat room inside the website.


I was startled and nervous. Now that this was a reality I was having second thoughts. I ignored the e-mail.

After five minutes of surfing and the e-mail calling me I went to the web site. Their was nothing overtly sexual about it. The first paragraph said:

The Couples Game Club is a cooperative club for attractive couples who want to put a little spark into their lives. We offer a variety of memberships to fit your lifestyle. Couples who apply to the club are interviewed and vetted to make sure they meet the standards that the other members expect.

Their were pictures of couples playing tennis, golf, cards, going to shows together, and things like that.

I scrolled down and entered the password in the appropriate box, and a whole new website opened up. This one was different. There were couples in tastefully compromising positions, in threesomes and foursomes.

The Couples Game Club is for couples who want to get together and play with each other. All meetings will be anonymous. All couples will be certified to be DD free, attractive, and fun. All couples applying will go through an extensive interview process.

Questions? Call the number below or enter out chat room where someone is always standing by.

I opened another window and surfed for another 10 minutes while I worked up the nerve to enter the chat room. I closed the extra window.

RW: Hello

CC: Hello, how are you.

RW: A little nervous.

CC: That's understandable. J. Let me first assure you that we are totally above board. Check out our review on Jane's List. We do not track or harass people. We have very high standards. What else can I do to put you at ease?

RW: Tell me how this works

CC: If you want to proceed, you fill out an application. We will process that application and if you are selected, we will arrange a time for a full interview. If we recommend you for membership and you accept, you will pay a non-refundable membership fee. We will do a background check as well as blood tests and extensive interviews. If all goes well you will become members and we will proceed from there.

RW: How do I know this isn't a scam

CC: You can check out our references on the web. We also have couples who are willing to be called as references. We charge the application fee to cover our expenses, As long as you are honest on your application if we go choose you the chances are very small that you will not be rejected.

RW: What happens after that?

CC: There are different kinds of memberships. You let us know your availability and how often you want to have meet-ups. We select another couple who we think will be compatible and arrange an anonymous meeting at a neutral site. We will have selected a game for you to play that evening to get things rolling. After that it is up to you.

RW: Then what?

CC: You will see a different couple the next time. You will never see the same couple again through our club and we strongly discourage meeting up on your own. We feel that is not in the spirit of the club and can lead to uncomfortable situations. Violation of this rule can lead to expulsion.

We try to select couples who are far enough away or visiting out of town that they are unlikely to see the other couple again.

RW: Sounds interesting. Thanks

CC: Have you discussed this with your wife, or are you just playing?

I hesitated.

RW: Just playing

CC: Are you planning on bringing this up with her?

RW: I don't know

CC: A lot of people don't know how to bring this up to their spouse and are scared about ruining their marriage. A lot more women are into this than you realize. But for an extra fee, we will arrange for an outside party to befriend your wife and then bring the subject up with her. She will not know you were involved in any way.

RW: I'll have to think about that. I won't take any more of your time. Thank you.

CC: Sleep well.

CC had given me plenty of raw material for my fantasy mill. I used it and slept very well.

Saturday morning I awoke chastened. What had I been thinking? Mercy would probably divorce me if she discovered what I was up to. She had always said fidelity was very important to her and a deal-breaker. I vowed not to revisit the site. Then I ate breakfast and worked on several projects that Mercy had had on her list for some time.

I accomplished more than I had hoped and rewarded myself with a couple of drinks before dinner. I showered while drinking and then wrapped a towel around myself and prepared dinner while I threw a secret copy of Barbara Broadcast into the DVD player. I ate dinner in front of the TV with wine and then drank some more afterward.

I was randy. I pulled out my laptop and surfed the web while the movie played on and the towel was stirring near my crotch. It wasn't long before I was back at the Couples Game Club web site.

I entered my permanent password Cici had given me and accessed the secret site.

A window popped open on my computer and there was an IM from CC.

CC: Welcome back RW!

RW: Hey

CC: Have you thought things over?

RW: Some

CC: What do you think?

RW: I am interested, but it is a big step.

CC: Let me check something. I will be right back.

I went to some other sites while I was waiting. The window popped open again.

CC: RW – I have good news. My manager has authorized me to offer you a free outside party contact. This is offer is only good until 11pm tonight and will not be made again. The fee for this is normally $100 minimum.

RW: This sounds like a formula come on.

CC: It isn't. We do not make this offer for most couples. I did a little research on you and Mercy today and we think you would be a great addition to our club. Your response to this offer will help us determine if we were right.

RW: What's the catch?

CC: There is no 'catch' per se. We do require that you commit pending Mercy's response. We will take your credit card information but only process it if Mercy comes on board.

I thought for a minute. I had a card I had had for a long time and never had a problem negating false charges with this credit card company. CC seemed trustworthy. Mercy would never say yes. I was drunk.

RW: Yes.

CC: Great! I just need to get some information from you.

I gave her my credit card number from a special card I now only used only for things like this, my contact information, and a basic schedule for Mercy so their operative could make contact with her. CC said she would keep me posted as to how that was progressing.

I closed up my laptop and went straight to fantasy land and then to slumber land.

I awoke in the morning with a slight hangover and immediately regretted what I had done. All my doubts and fears raced through my synapses sending my brain into overload. What if Mercy found out what I had done?

After a while I accepted it as a fait acompli and moved on to finishing more projects, perhaps in a vain hope that that would make up for my sins if they were discovered. I ran to the store and bought roses, wine, and the makings of a nice dinner. I had everything ready when she came home.

It was apparent right away that nothing was amiss. She smiled at me as she got out of the car and I greeted her with the bouquet in one hand and a godfather in the other.

She sipped her drink and kissed me on the mouth and then stepped back.

"What's all this for Rod? What have you done...Did you have an affair?"

Before my heart dropped into my stomach I caught her tone of voice and it was apparent she was joking. I brushed it off and led her into the house She saw everything I had done, the house sparkling clean, and dinner laid out for her and she was mine.


I had pushed the Couples Club to the forgotten regions of my brain by the following Thursday when I received an e-mail from CC.


We have made contact with Mercy. Our contact is cautiously optimistic. We will keep you informed.

"You were in good form tonight," I said.

She didn't say anything for a minute.



"Remember I told you I always wondered what it would be like to lick another woman's pussy?"


It had been several years ago when we were sharing our fantasies and telling each other which ones we were really interested in and which ones were pure fantasy. I had mentioned swinging in the pure fantasy department, she had mentioned having sex with another woman as something she would want to try one time.

"I think I might possibly get that opportunity with Cindy and I would like your permission to explore that if it does."

I tried to hide my excitement. The idea of Mercy with another woman made my insides jump. I wasn't threatened in the least and didn't consider it 'cheating' as long as she told me.

"What makes you think that?"

"She is always telling me how good I look even though she is the sexy one with the perfect round boobs. I catch her looking at me in the way a guy on the make would. Yesterday after our tennis match she suggested we take a sauna together. We were both wearing towels, but after we got in she let hers fall loose. She kept asking me if I was too hot and I finally got the hint and let mine fall too. She definitely checked me out."

I was the one getting hot.

"All right, but I'd like to meet her first. And you have to promise to tell me all about it afterward"

"All right."

At this point I was ready to go again. I rolled over on top of her and made love to her as I imagined Cindy fucking her with a strap-on dildo.

A couple of days later Mercy told me that we had a tennis date with Cindy and her husband Dave on Saturday morning. I acted nonchalant but I was excited.

Friday night I arrived home from work to find the house lit with candles. Mercy greeted me wearing for only the second time a push-up teddy I had bought for her for Valentine's Day five years ago. She handed me a bourbon and coke and then started to slowly strip off my clothes. She massaged my shoulders and then my back. I could smell something good in the oven. I threw her joke back at her.

"What's all this for Mercy? What have you done? Did you have an affair?"

I thought I caught a flash of panic on her face before she ignored me and smiled seductively and continued to go to work on me. When I was down to my pants she knelt down in front of me. She unfastened my belt, stealing glances up at me the whole time, and then undid my slacks and slowly lowered them. She gasped at my bulging jockey shorts she had seen so many times before, and then began to eat my cock through the cotton fabric.

I wanted to ram her mouth or throw her down on the floor and fuck her but I wanted to enjoy what was coming more. She glanced up at me again and then ripped my shorts down and sucked my cock ravenously. I was ready to explode.

She guided me gently down on one of our wooden dining room chairs with round slats in the back and no arms. She took my wrists and fastened them behind my back and secured them to one of the slats. Then she knelt down in front of me again and took my shoes and socks off before securing my ankles to the respective chair legs.

She slurped up my cock again, bringing me close to the edge before quickly retreating. Then she straddled my legs and began to rub her pussy on my raging cock, her erect nipples swaying tantalizingly in front of my mouth.

"I have a confession."

I gave her credit. She could have told me she had been in a gang-bang at her office that afternoon and I'm not sure I would have cared at that moment.

"Go ahead," I said, trying to clamp onto her nipple as the word left my mouth.

"I went over to Cindy's for lunch"

"And?" I caught her nipple but it slipped out, "I thought you were going out to eat."

"We were but the wait at DeFonzio's was almost an hour. We had a cocktail at the bar. I had already told the office I was leaving for the day. When we checked back in the wait was still over 45 minutes so Cindy invited me over to her house instead."


I was still trying to wrap my lips around her nipple but I was also wondering where this was going. She sensed this and slowly moved her groin down on me, making my cock disappear into her. I groaned with pleasure.

"She brought out some cheese and bread and a bottle of wine. We sat at her kitchen counter and talked while we slowly drained the bottle. After it was done she asked me if I wanted to try something different and she pulled out a joint.

"I hadn't tried marijuana since college and never liked it that much but I had always wanted to try it again. I accepted the joint from her and inhaled deeply."

Mercy was slowly picking up the pace as she got deeper into the story. I finally grabbed one of her nipples with my lips and sucked into my mouth where I bathed it with my lips, teeth, and tongue.

"She tactfully turned the conversation towards sex. We talked about all kinds of things. She asked me if I had ever had sex with another woman, and when I said no, she asked me if I had ever wanted to.

"I was careful with my answer. I knew you said you 'would like to know beforehand' but I also wasn't sure I would get another chance. I said that I had thought about it occasionally.

"She took a big hit off of the joint and put it in the ashtray. She then stood up and pulled me to her, locking lips with me and inhaling in my mouth before she started to kiss me passionately."

I let go of Mercy's nipple and looked into her eyes. The look on her face was full of pleasure that went straight to my heart. She continued to ride me slowly and methodically. I could tell that I was going to last for a long while.

"She was unbuttoning my blouse while we were kissing. I think she was planning on seducing me but she triggered something inside of me and I attacked her. I ripped her shirt off as I stuck my tongue deep into her mouth. My hands found her bra clasp and unsnapped it quickly.

"Her breasts were even more gorgeous than in the locker room and her nipples were pert. I had seen plenty of women naked before in locker rooms and such but never is a situation like this. I think I felt like a man would feel. I attacked them with my hands and my mouth. She ran her fingers through my hair as she enjoyed the sensation.

"I finally latched on to one nipple with my mouth as my hands were drawn down to her crotch. I undid her slacks and pushed down her panties. I straightened up and seeing the couch behind her I pushed her gently so she fell into a sitting position. I fell to my knees and attacked her pussy with my mouth while my hands wandered up her torso back to her breasts."

Mercy was almost in a trance. She was staring into my eyes but not fully seeing me as she slowly rode my cock.

"I always thought I would be a great pussylicker because I know what I like and I was right. I had Cindy figured out in five minutes. I brought her to edge and back so many times – I see why you like doing it to me so much – until finally she begged me to let her come.

"Her orgasm was a lot different than mine, almost like a man's. She ground her pussy against my face and held the back of my head and roared at the top of her lungs. Her juices were flowing into my mouth and I was so horny I was lapping them up.

"She slowly subsided, throttling back halfway before she just shut down, letting go of me and falling against the back of the couch. The look of serenity on her face was priceless. I stayed motionless for a few moments until I felt her juices starting to run down my face. I grabbed my panties and wiped myself off.

"The motion triggered her. She startled me how quickly she revived and leapt into action. She pulled me to my feet and kissed me hard. Her hands roamed my body and I pressed myself against her. I felt her arms on my wrists and then they slid down to my hands. She grabbed my wrists together with one hand. She was strong."

I felt myself building towards an orgasm ever so slowly, I was trying my best to maintain the momentum without going too fast.

"She silently herded me down the hall and into a bed room. She lay me on the bed and straddled my torso. She grabbed my wrists in turn and secured them to the headboard, and then did the same with my ankles. Finally she put something over my eyes and then she began to tease me.

"She teased me better than I had teased her. Within two minutes she had made me. She was definitely experienced. I didn't care. I loved it. She brought me to the edge of the precipice and back down over and over again. Finally I felt her ratchet up a different way, like a roller coaster when it first starts out. It was then that we heard the front door open."

A jolt shook me. This story was going somewhere different than I anticipated.

"Cindy stopped and jumped off of me saying she would be right back. I felt her throw a sheet over my body I knew it had to be Dave but I didn't know what she would do. After a couple of minutes I heard the bedroom door open.


"'Just a minute Mercy.'

"After a minute Cindy removed my blindfold. I look over and saw Dave sitting in a wooden chair next to the bed in his jockey shorts. She had secured his wrists and ankles to the arms and legs of the chair..He was wearing a blindfold like mine,

"Cindy said. 'Dave knew I have been trying to seduce you. He wasn't crazy about it, but said he would agree if he could be in the room. I said he would have to be tied up, blindfolded. and naked and even then you probably wouldn't agree to it. I tried to sneak this in, but he came home early today.

"'If you want to leave now, I understand. Just say the word and I will let you go and never bother you again. I'm sorry, I should have told you.'

"I thought about this for a minute. I was really horny and I didn't think I would ever get a chance like this again. As I thought about it more I was turned on by the fact that Dave was there and would hear me having an orgasm. I only wished there was some way you could be there too but I knew that wasn't practical. I nodded to Cindy indicating I wanted to continue."

I processed everything she was telling me on a time delay, but ultimately it excited me. I felt my balls starting to get more active.

"Cindy smiled which let me know she was pleased. I think she got the answer she expected. 'One more thing to take care of before we resume'. She said, and pulled out a pair of scissors from a drawer. She stretched Dave's jockey shorts away from his body and cut through the fabric. His cock sprung out ramrod stiff"

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