tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Course of the Pharaoh Ch. 01

The Course of the Pharaoh Ch. 01


The heat was sweltering, and Akriel let out a heavy breath. She wondered if she was going to keel over. Shading her eyes, she squinted up into the sun and tried to peel her shirt away from her chest. The cotton wasn't being very cooperative. It seemed to think that being so soaked with sweat that it was now almost transparent meant that it should cling to her for dear life so perhaps it would be mistaken for skin and not sweated on any more. Blinking wearily, she tried to remember how long they'd been out here. Then, glancing back to make sure the latest tidbits were safe with the rest, she brushed some damp strands of long, black hair back over her shoulder and made her way back down the long hallway under the earth and into the tomb she'd been helping excavate.

"At least," she thought as she wandered past the hieroglyphs, "if I do keel over, I'm in the right place for it." She never saw the dark eyes watching her from under heavy brows as she vanished below the ground.

Ferris Lapointe licked his lips as the young woman disappeared again, but it wasn't the swell of those tight buttocks straining her khaki shorts he was thinking about. He cursed under his breath.

"Damn them. Damn them!"

He took off his hat and ran his fingers through his wet, blond hair. This should have been his dig! He just knew there was something important in this one. He was sure of it. And they stole it right out from under him. Stalking angrily over to the table, he browsed through some of the pieces they'd brought up already. They weren't spectacular, but they weren't too shabby either, and they were just the first, the tip of the iceberg.

Glaring towards the tunnel, Ferris wedged his hat back on his head. Well, he'd show them. He knew that they'd hit some sort of impasse and that most of the students working the site were in town, some 30km away; only the professor and Akriel were in there. And professor Stanley wasn't really too bright. He relied on his attractive student. Hand straying to the waist of his pants, fingering the butt of his gun, an evil smile crept over his face. Well, he'd have the glory one way or another... and perhaps the girl as well.

Peering through the gloom, the brunette stumbled along, idly staring at the carvings and ancient paintings lining the walls. With only every third or fourth light on it was almost creepy. She could hear the professor up ahead, the faint sounds of him still trying to figure out the bizarre puzzle that would open the door to the (suspected) great chamber beyond. Suddenly she felt a sharp stab of pain in her foot. With a gasp, Akriel hobbled to a stop. Wincing, she pulled her shoe off and dumped several angular pebbles out of it. Sometimes she regretted her interest in this stuff. Pulling off her other shoe while she was at it, her eyes caught the pictures on the wall and the stone floor beneath her bare feet was momentarily forgotten.

"How could anyone draw in this light?" she wondered, eyes narrowing in puzzlement as a set of characters held her attention.

"In this light that looks almost obscene," she mumbled, peering closer. "Is she...?"

Brushing her hair back over her shoulder, Akriel was almost sure that a priestess was making it with... a bodyguard standing up. Finding that the artists, like artists everywhere seemed to have a sense of humour and had hidden pieces that turned a scene of every day humdrum into a page from the Kama Sutra was odd enough, but, why was she doing it with a guard and not the pharaoh? A spiked circle was drawn around the guard and in the semi-gloom the priestess looked like she had her legs wrapped around his waist and was hanging off him, clinging to his shoulders with her head thrown back in ecstasy. Her thoughts drifted to the two bodyguards that stood facing each other in the main room; stone guardians in eternal watch. But, that didn't make any sense, unless... . She ran, not walked, to the main room, cursing herself for forgetting her shoes as she found some stray bits of rock.

As she burst breathlessly into the chamber her eyes instantly fell on the professor. He was sitting on the floor, slumped in the corner. Throat tightening, she cautiously approached him, all kinds of fears leaping to mind. You couldn't put her relief into words as she got close enough to see his chest slowly rise and fall and heard his light snoring. Crouching beside him to make sure he was all right, the cute brunette smiled; he'd probably just worked himself to exhaustion. Eyes drifting up to one of the room's silent sentinels, she was glad this meant he wouldn't see her about to make a fool of herself.

Swallowing hard, she stood and crossed the room, eyes fixed on the guard as though he would spring to life and do something terrible to her just for looking at him. He was tall and powerful, features stern and forbidding. All they'd given him for clothing was a kilt, sandals, and a pair of bracers. They hadn't even given him a weapon, not that he looked like he really needed one. Licking her lips nervously, Akriel felt this must surely be one of the most idiotic things she'd considered doing recently. But, she had to try it; the professor sure wasn't getting anywhere fast. Glancing anxiously up at the guardian's face, she stepped up onto the pedestal with him and slipped her hands over his shoulders. Taking a deep breath, the student hopped up onto the unresisting statue, wrapping her legs around his waist. She let out a surprised shriek and almost lost her grip to tumble onto her ass on the hard stone floor as the whole thing shifted slightly. Hanging on as tight as she could, she peeked down towards the floor. She couldn't see anything out of place. Swallowing her heart, she bounced firmly down against the statue, driving her crotch against the unyielding stone. Nothing happened. Giving it another fierce hump, her eyes flew wide. She was sure she felt something that time! The statue had shifted slightly beneath her. Looking down at the floor, she saw some dust gather in a ring around the base of the pedestal.

"Yessss!" she hissed.

Mind racing, Akriel started vigorously bouncing up and down on the statue, thrusting herself against it like she hadn't seen a man in months. Panting, she soon found herself beginning to tire, but every other bounce drove the pedestal that much lower into the floor. Sweat dripping from her forehead, the young archaeologist leaned back, hanging at arm's length from the stone guard. She stared at the ceiling and felt she knew exactly why the priestess was drawn in this position: because she thought she might die before ever getting this thing to budge more than an inch. She wondered whether she'd have enough energy to actually see what the whole point of this was, and her movements slowed to grinding her hips against the stone. To her surprise, it dawned on her that this was working a hell of a lot better than bouncing had been. She didn't know why, but every wriggle of her hips eased the statue that much further into the floor, where trying to force it had barely helped at all.

Fired with new resolve, she hoped her arms held out. Black hair swaying with her movements, Akriel squirmed against the rock. Her breath drove through her deep and slow, and despite herself she soon became aware of her pussy rubbing against the sentinel's stone kilt. A warmth spread through her that took her mind off her arms, and she started to see some fun in her experiment. As the dampness spread through her shorts and moistened the stone she forgot about everything except her need. She hadn't realized how horny she'd been until the sound of her own whimpers penetrated her ears. The coolness of the tomb was glaring as it touched the building heat of her body, the bulge beneath that kilt as she ground herself against it was so delicious, the strong hands gripping her ass amazing. Strong hands!? Her eyes sprang open and she screamed, throwing herself backwards onto the floor. She wound up doing a somersault and landing face down on her belly. Pulse racing, she groaned and slowly looked up strong legs, over a blue and gold kilt, across a rippling belly and the heavy pads of a tough chest, into deep, dark eyes. He grinned at her. Akriel could only stammer incoherently.

"Stand up girl," he commanded. His voice was as smooth and deep as a river.

She didn't know why but she obeyed, too dumbstruck not to.

"Who are you?" she finally managed, fidgeting as his eyes roamed freely over her. "How...?"

She became very aware of the fact her nipples could clearly be seen through the sweat-soaked shirt, and of how stiff they were. The warmth in her chest and what she'd just been doing to him played on her mind even as it struggled to come to terms with all this. He gestured with his finger for her to turn around. Filled with disbelief, she hesitated. He stepped down from the pedestal, now sunk almost to the level of the floor. With a nervous squeak, Akriel quickly turned a circle. Looking at him expectantly, she huffed as he gestured once again.

"Slowly," he ordered.

Once again she did as instructed. This time the sentinel grinned an unmistakable grin.

"Very nice," he commented, though she saw no point in acknowledging the compliment. "I am the guardian of the pharaoh's remaining earthly possessions here, and of his holdings elsewhere. It's as well you summoned me rather than attempting to steal from the pharaoh; I'd have had to destroy you."

She shrank slightly as he reached towards her, but held her ground.

"To destroy beauty such as yours would be to destroy art," he said, taking hold of the front of her shirt between thumb and forefinger. It was a bit cheesy, but he actually sounded sincere.

His other hand came up and he brushed her nipple with a fingertip. A hot shudder ran through her. Releasing her shirt, his arm slipped around her waist and abruptly pulled her to him. Her body held tight against his, she found herself staring at the swell of his chest... the tan, dusky tone of it, the smoothness of the skin stretched taut over firm muscle, the soft dark nipple. It captured her fingertips as they glided across his flesh. The slightly musky, masculine scent of him teased her. Reaching up, he took hold of her shirt and with a sudden yank held it at arm's length and dropped it on the floor. He didn't tear it, didn't pull it off her, just gave a tug and it was in his hand. With a startled gasp, Akriel's eyes flew from the shirt to herself and found her naked breasts crushed against his belly, her hard nipples digging into his skin. Looking up into his face, she found his eyes searching hers.

"Don't tell me you don't want me," he said; she knew she couldn't without lying.

Fear and pride held her back, uncertain and wary. And then he kissed her. It wasn't rough or forced, it was warm, lingering, deep. The desire not just for sex, but for her poured from him into her through his kiss; passion and need, demanding but not taking. As their lips parted he released her and she stepped back, breath heavy in her chest and thoughts spinning. After only a moment's hesitation Akriel undid her shorts and started to work them down her hips. His face broke into an enormous smile and he tore his kilt off, flinging it across the room.

As she stood, her eyes drifted to what was in store for her, and found it somewhat darker than the rest of him, like his nipples, thick-veined, stiff and waiting for her. Licking her lips, Akriel was just about to sink to her knees in front of him and see if he tasted as good as he looked when he stepped forward and slipped his hands under her arms. Pulling her to him, he kissed her again. His strong hands caressed her back, squeezed her ass, massaged her thighs. Their kiss broke just as his fingers explored the damp crevice of her buns. Pulse burning, she licked his chest, running her hands up his sides and over his muscular shoulders. She couldn't help but squirm against his hard body, so conscious of the thick dick that was trapped between them and rubbing against her belly. Suddenly he cupped the cheeks of her ass and scooped her upwards. Her legs instinctively twined around his waist and she clung tight to him as he lowered her down on his waiting cock. The stiffness filling her was so welcome, and she hissed in pleasure.

"You are as much a delight inside as out," he managed to gasp as his tough arms began to ease her body up and down against his.

Akriel could hear the need in his voice, the distant tone, and knew he wouldn't possibly last long he wanted her so badly. She focused on the feeling of him inside her, the energy pouring from him, and the tightness building in her belly. His chest pounded and his heart sounded like a hammer. Suddenly he froze and his arms and legs shook as his lust overtook him. Akriel grinned broadly as she watched the reactions crossing his face. Breath catching in his throat, the guard shuddered as the last of his cum pulsed up inside her. Then, after several long seconds, his eyes focused on her again as he came back to earth and he set her down.

As soon as her feet touched the floor, the diminutive brunette sank to her knees. She took one look at the wet, shiny cock, then closed her mouth over it. Sucking hard on him, she heard the powerful panting of his exertion ease to a slow, steady heaviness. Letting him slip from her lips, she wrapped her hand around it. Peeling back the thick hood and exposing it's soft, flared head, Akriel fluttered her tongue over it and lightly raked it with her teeth. As he softened in her hand, her tongue explored around and over his lightly-fuzzed balls. She toyed with them, pulled at them with her lips, massaged them, then returned her attention to his damp cock. Back into her mouth it went, and her cheeks pulled at it's silky skin. As her head slid back and forth along it's sturdy length, it wasn't long before she'd brought it back to life. Pausing to admire the reaction she'd caused in him, she smiled to see the sentinel's 'spear' once again firm, eager and ready for battle. She brushed her hair back over her shoulder and beamed up at her new lover.

"You are heavenly," he said, caressing her cheek. "I wish I could bring you back with me."

Akriel giggled as she thought to herself 'It's true, a good blow job rules the heavens'. Biting her lower lip, she obeyed much more enthusiastically this time as he gestured for her to turn around. Dropping to his knees behind her, the bodyguard lowered the head of his cock to her waiting pussy. She cooed as it parted the sticky lips and thrust herself back onto him even as he pressed towards her. Taking hold of her hips, he drove himself in and out of her in long, deep strokes. The young archaeologist let her moans spill out across the chamber. The lust swelled inside her almost instantly. Her long, swaying hair tickled her breasts as they bounced beneath her with each jab of his hips. Panting, eyes closed, she no longer noticed the slap of his hips against her pert backside or the moist sounds of his hard cock pumping in and out of her clutching body. And then she crested right over the edge and into a delicious orgasm that left her toes curling and body quivering.

But he wasn't done with her yet. Before she'd had a chance to come down, he began to shift positions. Lying on his back, propped up on his elbows, he wiggled a finger at her in invitation. He didn't need to ask twice. Smiling broadly, Akriel spun about and stalked over to him. Squatting above him, she lowered herself down onto him as he lay back and watched. She purred friskily at the sensation as his cock slid back up inside her hot flesh. And finally, settling herself fully, she sat on his hips and grinned down at him. His hands caressed her thighs, and she leaned forward, bracing her hands on his thick chest. Running her tongue over her lower lip, she began to bounce enthusiastically on her supernatural lover. Sliding in and out of her, his cock sent hot jabs of pleasure through her as she impaled her lusty pussy on it again and again exactly as fast and deep as she wanted. Broad hands gripped the cheeks of her ass as she wriggled, effortlessly helping her...

Lying atop her new lover, chin in her palm and using his chest as an elbow rest, Akriel smiled down at him and toyed with his hair.

"I don't know how you appeared, or really what's going on, but it's sure been amazing," she admitted a bit dreamily. "But, I have to know... what if I'd been a man?" she asked curiously, brain slowly prodding her into remembering they weren't alone. The professor let out a loud grunt on cue, then went back to snoring. She tried not to look at him and draw the sentinel's attention to him.

"I've been imprisoned for over five hundred years since the last time," he replied. "I wouldn't have cared what you were as long as you were warm and on two legs."

Now there was a comforting thought.

"But," he added, looking into her eyes and squeezing one soft cheek of her ass, "I'm very glad it was you."

Reaching up towards her, he pressed his lips to hers and ran his hands over her damp, contented body.

"Perhaps next time we should invite my companion," he suggested with a wicked grin.

Akriel's eyes widened, and she quickly looked over at the other statue as though he'd leap off the pedestal at the mere mention of him; she'd forgotten all about him. She gulped at the thought, titillated, intrigued and more than a little uncertain of that suggestion. Watching her reaction, and seeing her open her mouth unsure what to say the royal bodyguard burst into deep, hearty laughter.

"But for now, I'll show the two of you to the Course of the Pharaoh. It is an exit to this place, one which will lead you safely to the banks of the river eventually. If you are very nice the next time we meet, I may explain to you the purpose of the maps and stories the pharaoh left for future visitors on the walls of his private path."

Thrilling at the thought of such an archaeological windfall, handed down right from one of the people involved no less, the brunette's face almost glowed. Dressing at last, the two eventually roused the professor. Though it took considerable explanation, the two of them managed to get him beyond stunned at meeting the guard enough to usher him into the Course of the Pharaoh.

"What will you do now?" Akriel asked as the guard saw them off and made sure they didn't turn back.

"Oh, I have several hours of time left on this plane before I must return," he replied. "I'll just spend them here, thinking of you... and planning what to do to you when we meet again." He grinned at this, and the look in his eyes sent warm shivers through her. "You can be sure I will be giving it much thought," he assured her. And with that, he turned and vanished back to the main chamber, sealing the secret door leading to this place behind him again, and leaving the two archaeologists nothing to do but go onwards.

Having finally tucked the last of the dig goods away in the padded suitcases he'd brought for this very reason, Ferris turned his attention back to the tomb. All this time and not one sound from down below, and not one more thing brought up. They must be onto something big. Or perhaps, they've just stopped for lunch, or got caught up. Whatever the case, they were surely pre-occupied. This would be the perfect time. Pulling his pistol free of his belt, he stalked to the entrance of the tunnel. 'No one cheats Ferris Lapointe and gets away with it', he thought determinedly as he vanished into the gloom. He deserved this, and damned if he wasn't going to get what was coming to him.

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