tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Court Ordered Exam

The Court Ordered Exam


My name is Justin. I'm just your average guy in my mid twenties who recently found himself in a rather sticky situation. An accident had left me with some expenses that I was trying to recover from the company that was responsible for the accident. With the help of my attorney we were hoping to recover enough to pay my medical bills. I was sitting in a doctors office with my attorney waiting to be examined by the defense's medical experts as my attorney was trying to prepare me as best she could.

"Justin, I think you should know that the attorney for the defense is a very difficult woman to work with. She's made a reputation for never losing a case for her clients and prides herself with doing just about anything she can get away with to get the plaintiffs do drop their cases. I expect she's going to make this medical exam as unpleasant an experience as she can in order to get you to refuse to complete the exam. Keep in mind that if you should decide to stop the exam at any point you will be in contempt of the court order granting the defense a chance to have a complete exam preformed by their own medical specialists. If that happens then you will really have no chance to collect the compensation you're due."

"However, they do need to stick close to proper medical guidelines. They'll probably start with the doctor and perhaps the lawyer taking a medical history. There may also be a court stenographer present to record your answers. I'll be there with you to see that you don't answer anything that I don't think you should. After the history is complete and the doctor is examining you I'll be right outside. If at anytime during the exam you feel that you are being asked to do something you're not comfortable with you only have to ask to speak to me and I'll advise you about what to do."

At that point a nurse came into the waiting room and called us in to see the doctor. As I walked down the hall with my attorney I was worrying almost as much about her as I was about me. She was a very kind and gentle person. Someone I couldn't imagine going into the aggressive world of law. As we reached the door I turned to look at her and she gave me a last smile of encouragement.

The doctor's office was a very richly appointed space with a huge oak desk dominating the center of the room. Seated behind the desk was the defense lawyer, a young, aggressive looking woman who seemed like she might eat lawyers like mine for breakfast. Next to her was the doctor who, to my surprise, was also a rather attractive young woman. Both women were well dressed in outfits that expressed power and authority,

Sitting next to the desk was another even younger woman who was chewing gum and looking at me with the strangest smirk. Her expression seemed to say, 'I know something you don't, but you're going to find out'. This was the stenographer.

We took our seats and the defense lawyer began by informing me that the doctor would be asking me questions about my injuries and my general medical condition.

The questions began innocently enough with a rehash of what I'd testified to in court. Soon they changed to things about my health and before long she began asking me about my sexual activity. My lawyer objected on the grounds that that had nothing to do with my injuries. That was when the defense lawyer stepped in for the first time. She informed us that the court had granted a full medical workup and that it was up to their medical personnel to decide what was pertinent and what wasn't and that if I was uncomfortable with any questions I could stop the exam at any time and she would report my refusal to her company.

After a series of really embarrassing questions about my sexual history and habits, throughout which the stenographer kept grinning at me, we were told that we would all now move into the exam room to begin the exam itself. My lawyer immediately jumped up and asked the defense lawyer what she meant by all of us.

She responded, "By all of us, counselor, I mean all of us. It's my right as the defendant's attorney to be present throughout the entire examination. As the legal representative for our company I must witness everything that's done so that I can be satisfied that everything our company requires is completed to my satisfaction. The stenographer must also be present to record everything that is said and in addition there will be a nurse present to assist the doctor."

My attorney protested that she wasn't going to allow her client to be questioned during the exam without having his own lawyer present.

The defense attorney smiled and said that my attorney was more than welcome to watch as well.

"The more the merrier." She added as she walked out of the room.

My lawyer took me aside and told me that it was obvious that the defense attorney was trying to make this as embarrassing as possible with the hope that I would refuse to continue. She also said that she was really sorry that she would be in the room as well, but that she didn't want me to be alone with that horrible lawyer. So it was up to me. Did I want to proceed?

I didn't see that I had much choice.

I was led into the exam room by the nurse, who looked like she was about the same age as the stenographer. For the moment she was the only one in the room with me as the lawyers and the doctor continued to argue out in the hall.

The nurse handed me a little cloth gown and told me to take off all of my clothes and put it on. She went over to the corner and began preparing some equipment. I asked if she was going to leave the room while I changed and she told me that for court exams I was not allowed to be alone in the exam room.

I went over to the corner and started to undress. Just as I was taking off my pants the door opened and in walked the stenographer. She smiled mischievously and said. "Don't mind me I'm just going to get set up."

I hurried to get changed as quickly as I could with the two of them watching me. After I had the gown on I realized that it was really short and barely covered me, so I stood in the corner trying to hold it down as much as possible.

The door opened again and in walked the two lawyers and the doctor. My lawyer truly looked like she was as embarrassed as I was and I was getting more and more embarrassed by the minute.

So here I was in a small room with five women about to undergo a medical exam that was probably designed to be as embarrassing as it could be.

And it was. The first thing the doctor did was to tell me to stand in the middle of the room and take off my gown.

My lawyer immediately objected, but the doctor informed her that she needed to get an overall impression of my body and the nature of how my so called injuries had effected me and my agility and coordination and that the only way she could do that was to see all of me and how each part of my body reacted.

The defense lawyer once more announced that if I didn't want to proceed we could stop at any time. My lawyer looked at me and said, "Justin, do you really want to go through with this?"

I looked down at the floor and slowly walked to the center of the room. I stood there for a minute until the doctor told me again to take off the gown and hand it to the nurse. Still looking down I slowly untied the gown and took it off and handed it to the nurse. I quickly covered myself with my hands, but the doctor said, "Hands at your sides."

I was standing there completely naked in front of everyone. I didn't dare look up and the silence in the room seemed to go on forever. No one said a thing until I finally heard the doctor walk toward me. She walked up and stood right in front of me.

"I want you to put your hands on top of your head and move your feet apart so that I can look over your body for scars and any other evidence of your injuries."

I slowly complied while still looking down at the floor.

She put one finger under my chin and pulled my face up so that I was looking her right in the eyes.

"Keep your chin up and look straight ahead I need to assess your posture."

She smiled at me and began to walk slowly around me. As she moved off to my side I realized I was looking directly into the face of the stenographer who was still chewing her gum and smiling wickedly. I immediately blushed and looked back down at the ground.

"Keep your chin up and look straight ahead" the doctor once again ordered. As I did so I was again looking into the face of the stenographer who now looked me right in the eyes and then dropped her gaze down to my groin which she stared at for several seconds then looked back up into my eyes and covered her mouth with her hand to suppress a giggle.

As all of this was going on I could see that my lawyer was doing her best to avoid looking at me, but the room was arranged in such a way that from the position she was in she couldn't really avoid it.

It was then that I realized that I couldn't see the defense lawyer. As I tried to turn my head I noticed that she was standing behind me with the doctor and slowly circling back around to my front with her.

In a moment they were both standing right in front of me.

"So doctor," said the lawyer, "do you see anything that might be related to the injuries this person is claiming?"

"Not yet, but we'll be taking a closer look."

The lawyer was looking me over from head to toe as the doctor continued her inspection. The lawyer looked me right in the eyes and then slowly squatted down so that her face was inches from my belly.

"Is this a scar doctor?" she asked as she pointed to my groin. The doctor squatted down next to her, reached over and with her fingers gently parted my pubic hair and looked at my appendectomy scar.

The sudden touch of her fingers was like an electric shock. I must have jumped a foot.

"Please try to hold still while I examine you." said the doctor as she ran a finger slowly up and down the scar.

Of course this prompted the other people in the room to look over to see what was going on and when I looked up I noticed the nurse and the stenographer and even my lawyer were all looking at my groin.

The doctor looked up at me and asked, "Is this scar in any way related to the injuries you are claiming?"

I quickly stammered, "No."

The doctor stood up and said, "Stenographer please note that the plaintiff reports that the scar in his right groin is not related to his claimed injuries."

The doctor and the lawyer were now once again standing in front of me. The doctor then informed me that she would now like to assess my coordination and balance and that she would like me to pick up one foot and hop around the room.

My lawyer again objected. The doctor asked her if she was a qualified medical practitioner. My lawyer responded that she was not. The doctor then assured her that this was an accepted means of assessing balance and that she would prefer to continue the exam without further interruption.

She turned to me and told me to please begin. I was completely humiliated by having to hop around on one foot and then the other, but it got worse when she told me the next thing she wanted was for me to do some jumping jacks.

As I began I couldn't help looking up and seeing that the stenographer was grinning from ear to ear as she watched my penis bounce up and down. When she saw me looking at her she once again covered her mouth to stifle a laugh and with her other hand held up one finger and moved it up and down in imitation of my penis.

At that point the doctor told me to stop and asked the nurse to take my vital signs while she and the lawyer took some notes.

They went over to a desk in the corner and spoke quietly to each other as the nurse got the blood pressure cuff. My lawyer walked over to me and asked if I was okay and did I want to continue. I told her that I had gone this far and I didn't want to let them get the best of me.

I think this short conversation suddenly embarrassed me more than anything so far when I realized that I was standing there stark naked talking with my lawyer. I blushed bright red and I guess she realized what I was feeling because she suddenly blushed as well and excused herself saying she wanted a drink of water and would be right back.

The nurse checked my pulse and blood pressure and listened to my heart. She then put on a pair of exam gloves and picked up a thermometer. She walked over to me and told me to turn around and bend over the exam table. I started to protest but the doctor spoke right up and informed me that this was the only way they took temperatures. She also told the nurse to be sure to lubricate my rectum well.

I happened to glance over at the stenographer at that moment and she was now covering her mouth with both hands as watched and laughed behind her hands.

I turned around and did as I was told. The nurse told me to reach back and spread my buttocks so she could lubricate my anus. I was once again blushing as I did what she asked while knowing that the stenographer was getting a full view of my open bottom. The nurse stepped aside for a moment to get the lubricant and I could hear the stenographer giggling openly.

The nurse finally came back and said, "Okay, try to relax. I'm going to put some lubricant on your anus and then I'm going to put my finger in you."

I felt her spreading the cold jelly on my bottom. And then the tip of her finger began to probe around looking for the entrance. When she finally got the tip of her finger inside she suddenly pushed her entire finger rapidly into me.

I jumped and let out a gasp, but she just told me to hold still and stop squirming.

She slid her finger in and out of me about four or five times and then removed it just as abruptly as she had put it in.

I gasped again, but before I could say anything she was pushing the thermometer into my bottom. It was one of those electric thermometers with the wire going to the little box which gave the readout. She set the box on my back and told me not to move and not to let the thermometer fall out or she'd have to do it again. She walked away leaving me bent over with the thermometer sticking out of my bottom.

It was at this moment that my lawyer came back into the room. I heard the door open and recognized her voice as she said, "Oh my God." when she saw me like that.

The nurse came quickly back and removed the thermometer and told me I could stand up.

The doctor and the defense lawyer now returned and the doctor said we would continue with the exam.

She asked me to walk back to the middle of the room and once again put my hands on my head so she could examine me. I was again facing the stenographer and now realized that sometime during the temperature taking she had managed to quietly move her chair forward so that now she was only a few feet away from me and was once again looking at my groin and grinning at me.

The doctor sat in front of me and thankfully blocked her view, which caused her to frown, but then the lawyer pulled up a chair and asked the doctor to move over a little so she could observe the exam. When she did I was once again fully exposed to the stenographer with the doctor and lawyer sitting right up close to me.

The doctor started at my neck and began to poke and palpate every inch of me. She worked her way down from my neck to my shoulders, then to my arm pits and on to my chest. She asked me if anything hurt and if any spots were tender.

Her gentle caressing touch began to worry me, because despite the situation that I was in her touch was beginning to arouse me. The last thing I wanted was to become erect in front of all of these women. I knew the stenographer was hoping for something like that to happen, but it was the thought of my own lawyer seeing me like that that most terrified me.

When the doctor got to my chest she examined my nipples, first gently rubbing them and then taking each one between her fingers and squeezing them. First gently and then much harder, until I was wincing. Her manipulation of my nipples was also having it's effect elsewhere and despite my best efforts to control myself I could feel myself beginning to get an erection.

It was just a full feeling at first, but I knew I was going to lose control. Then just as I thought they would begin to notice she moved on to my abdomen.

I took a breath as I felt myself regain control and she began poking and prodding my belly and once again asking if there was any discomfort. All during this time she was reporting her finding to the stenographer for her to record for the court record.

Just as she was getting close to my genital and I was starting to worry again she stopped and told me to turn around. I once again let out a long breath, thinking that perhaps I was going to be spared the indignity of having my genitals examined in front of everyone to say nothing about what might happen if she touched me there like she touched my nipples.

She poked and palpated my back paying special attention to my lower back where most of my pain from the injuries was occurring. She finally seemed satisfied and asked me to turn around once more.

She told the lawyer that unless there was something else she felt that she had all of the information she needed.

I was so happy that it was over without me being really humiliated by what I was afraid might happen and I even looked triumphantly over at the stenographer because I knew she was going to be disappointed at not being able to humiliated me further.

The lawyer however was not satisfied. She informed the doctor and my lawyer that her company required a "complete" medical assessment and that she wanted the doctor the continue with the remainder of the exam.

The doctor shrugged and said, "Okay, well then let's continue with the genital exam. Her words sent a shock through me. My triumphant smile disappeared to be replace with a desire to crawl under a table and hide.

I was still standing there with my hands on my head and the stenographer was now the one with the triumphant grin. She scooted her chair a little closer and learned forward to get a better look all the while glancing up to watch my reactions.

I looked over at my lawyer and she looked as heartbroken as I felt. She looked at me and mouthed the words, "I'm sorry."

The doctor reached over and said, "Well lets begin with the testicles."

Without further ado she grabbed my testicles, one in each hand and started rolling them back and forth between her fingers. She reported her finding to the stenographer who typed rapidly away without taking her eyes off of me and my genitals.

It surprised me was that her manipulation of my testicles and her checking me for hernias did not have the effect on me that I was worried about. I once again thought that perhaps I might still make it through this without my worse nightmare coming true.

It was then that the doctor looked up at me and said, "And now it's time for a through penile examination.

She began dictating to the stenographer as she worked, "The patient's penis is uncircumcised and of slightly smaller than normal size."

At this point I was felling light headed and wanted only to be able to make it through this without paying attention to what the doctor was saying or doing. Strangely enough for some reason I ended up looking right into the eyes of the stenographer as the doctor was examining me. She stared straight back at me with the most mischievous look on her face and for some reason I couldn't look away.

"The shaft of the penis is normal without indurations or plaque. Palpation of the shaft reveals a normal urethra without strictures or other apparent constrictions."

By now I was starting to get that full feeling again and knew that this time I wasn't going to be able to control it.

"Moving on to the foreskin. I find that the foreskin if easily retractable and that there seems to be no apparent Phimosis."

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