tagRomanceThe Crimson King Ch. 09

The Crimson King Ch. 09


Her voice sent him hurtling into the vortex, shredding his last bit of self-control and he swabbed a soft throbbing circle of her sweet flesh and slowly, surely bit down. The purity of her blood took his breath away, just as it had before, but this was much sweeter. His lips covered the wound and he drank deeply, reliving her life memories and reveling in her triumphs. The anguish he'd felt over taking her was quickly washed away, replaced by an exhilarating feeling of possession.

Sammi felt the razor-sharp puncture of his fangs and her body went rigid with pain. "Sto … " The utterance stuck in her throat, deftly lodged there by the sensual suction of his lips. Her toes began to tingle first, the sensation sweeping like a tidal wave over her body, leaving an icy wake. Her head felt like a lead weight, tied to a floating fishing buoy. When she managed to raise her head, she immediately caught sight of his burning eyes and went limp again. Her body shivered as she felt his hands move through her hair, supporting her skull and he relinquished the flesh hold that he held on her, his bloodlust burning free.

"Your turn, sweet."

The world swayed and swung before Sammi's unfocused eyes. She felt herself being pulled upright, watching as he unbuttoned his shirt and prepared to feed her. "Thorne?"

"Yes, sweet?"

"May I choose where to feed from you?"


"Unbutton your pants and lay back on the bed." Thorne paused for a long moment, staring down into her eyes. "Strip for me."

He could not deny the passion in her green eyes. He knelt beside her, his burning eyes focused on hers as he unbuttoned and spread the silk aside, baring his golden-haired chest and hard muscles. Her arms raised, her hands meeting his flesh and stroking his nipples. Her touch brought irresistible sensations to him. He quivered like a young boy, his every breath and reaction dependent on hers. His hands shook as he unbuttoned his pants and he suddenly felt shy under her ardent gaze.

Sammi nearly smiled at his hesitation. How could such a handsome, virile man be so bashful? She sat up and stilled his fumbling fingers, her eyes meeting and holding his. Very slowly, his hands fell away and she unbuttoned the top button, then leaned forward, pressing a kiss to the newly exposed skin. She smiled at the catch in his breath and undid another button, applying her soft lips and searching tongue. He groaned and the muscles of his stomach fluttered under her mouth. When she reached the last button, she pressed the pants down and nearly gasped at the thick root that sprang from a sparkling bed of golden-brown curls. So beautiful. Without a second thought, she lowered her mouth to its quivering tip.

Thorne fought the urge to shout. Her mouth was so warm and so wet and her tongue … "Oh, Sammi." Her hands pulled him down onto the rug and she followed, her mouth attached to his rod, lovingly sucking and licking, making him impossibly hard. Her tongue traveled his length and found his soft sac, nuzzling the sensitive skin. The pain was sudden and quick. She had bitten the side of his penis and was suckling at the wound, drinking down his blood and drawing a deep growl from him.

A strange sensation enveloped Sammi. Her eyesight dimmed, faded, then returned with such startling clarity that she gasped aloud. Her hearing seemed to follow the same pattern but she greeted this metamorphosis with absolute silence. She could hear Thorne's breathing and the thump-a-thump-a-thump of his heart beat, elevating as she let her gaze graze him from head to toe. Her nipples tightened at the smell his arousal, the slightly sweet scent of the semen roiling in his heavy balls and suddenly, she was thirsty, yearning for a taste of him.

She sat up, her lips ruby with blood and her eyes filling with its dark beauty. "You belong to me now." She whispered huskily, energized by the blood in her veins. She bent and inhaled his sensual mixture of musk and sweat, baring her fangs lustily at the thought of fucking him.

"Drink more, my sweet." Thorne reveled in the strength of her bloodlust, trembling with its force through the connection they shared. He growled deeply, wincing as she punctured his carotid. His dick hardened, exhilaration rushing through his body as his blood married with hers and in an instant, it happened: they crossed the threshold together.

"Thorne!" Sammi didn't know what was happening. Her nipples felt super-sensitive, rubbing against the flimsy material of the robe and her bald pussy oozed clear, sweet honey. "What's happening to me?"

"You've crossed the bloodlust threshold." He grasped the front of her robe, effortlessly ripping it from her slim shoulders. Bathed in golden light, her porcelain skin glowed warmly, enticing his touch. She shivered. "Tonight, we fuck."

A low moan escaped her as he threw her onto her back, raised her knees and went right for her weeping prize. His tongue swept upward through her slit, capturing her thick juices and swallowing them. She tasted different this night; maybe because of the transformation, but she was no less sweet than before. He ran his tongue over her soft, hairless flesh, his hands splayed over her abdomen in an attempt to keep her still. Her hips bucked and her pussy muscles flexed under his tongue. "Thorne, please … "

He knew what she wanted, what she craved. He lazily dragged his tongue along her glistening pinkness, limning each petal with the tip of his tongue, then diving under her fleshy mound to find her clit. The tiny organ throbbed with blood and he tenderly wrapped his tongue around it, molding his lips to its contours and sucking. Sammi screamed with pleasure, mashing his face into her pulsing quim and he let his tongue dip into her honeypot again, licking, sucking and devouring. She was so wet, so ready …

Thorne couldn't stand it any longer. He had to have her.

Sammi didn't protest much when he moved up over her and the tantalizing head of his penis scrubbed up and down her soaked gash. She growled her subservience to him, welcoming his thick tube of flesh into her body and gasping at the sensation of being penetrated and filled. "Oh, yes." The words degenerated into a long hiss as he sank in to the hilt, then slowly pulled out, coated with her thick and copious juices. With each stroke, she felt the nectar slip between her swollen lips and leak down onto her asshole. She reached beneath herself and pushed her finger against her wet pucker, triggering an orgasm that made her see stars.

Thorne grimaced, feeling her pussy muscles clench around him like a vise. He didn't want to cum just yet but her responses and the bloodlust was making it hard for him to hold himself back. He leaned down and caught her mouth, carefully avoiding her sharp fangs as his tongue slid within and found hers. The caress of her mouth fed his fires and he roughly sucked on her tongue, slowly plunging in and out of her. Her whimpers grew more urgent, signaling her second orgasm and he bucked his hips, driving into her quivering body and hurtling toward his own release.


His bellow mingled with her scream as they tripped together, his scalding seed jetting into her spasming cunt. She wiggled her finger in her ass, prolonging her own climax and whimpered at the force of their joining, his tongue ravaging her mouth. His body collapsed on top of her, his shoulder bearing most of his delicious weight, his mouth sliding from hers. Almost at once, the buzzing sensation of urgency began to depart, leaving her exhausted and sated in his arms.

"Is it always like this?"

"When vampires mate? It can be." He pushed up and gazed into her eyes. "If you cross the threshold with your soulmate."

Sammi's heart slammed in her chest, seeing the love in his eyes. She was almost afraid to speak. "Is that what I am? Your soulmate?"

"I would not have made you a vampire unless I was certain. I've been drawn to you since that night near the alley, Sammi, and I can't imagine an existence without you." He wiped the escaping tears from her eyes. "I love you, Sammi Glass."

Sammi closed her eyes, letting the tears stain her cheeks and cleanse the loneliness of her heart away. "And I love you, Thorne ... "


Her smile warmed his heart. "I love you, Thorne Halsbury."


Pieter awoke slowly, his sleep dreamless and deep. As he stretched, he couldn't remember the last time he'd slept so well and a big smile creased his lips. Jacob. God, what a night! He hadn't had sex with someone so stimulating in such a long time. Neither had he been as blown away by someone as he had been with Jacob.

After their first quick tryst, they moved to Pieter's more secluded room and Jacob had proved to be a worthy opponent. He had left the bed, heading for the shower and had whispered, "Bet you can't force me to suck your cock." Pieter was already hard, but those words turned his rod into granite. He waited until he heard the water running before entering the bathroom. Jacob was in the glass-walled shower, his back to Pieter as he stood under the steaming jets. Heated water traced slight muscles and a tasty ass that dimpled nicely on the sides. Pieter's mouth watered. As quietly as possible, he pulled the magnet-held door open and slipped inside, managing to re-close it and melt away in a billow of steam.

Jacob heard something; he was sure of it. He whirled around, blinking the water away and scanned the misty room. Clouds of steam rolled around the enclosure, obliterating his view but he was sure that he'd heard something. When Pieter's strong arms wrapped him in a steel bear hug, he was so stunned that his reaction was slow. He fought against the hold, dismayed once again to find himself immobilized by Pieter's strength.

"Got you now, don't I, pretty boy?"

"Fuck you!"

"You have to earn that privilege, pretty boy." Pieter lowered them both to the floor, his cock straining to enter the warm flesh that was so near. "Right now, I have something else in mind." It took him several minutes before he could maneuver Jacob into position and smiled down into his eyes. "Suck my cock."

A malevolent sparkle lit Jacob's eyes but he continued with the pretense, his prick hard as a rock. His arms were pinned to his sides and Pieter's lovely monster of a cock was bobbing just inches from his mouth. "I'll fucking bite you."

"Try it … " Pieter reached back and grasped Jacob, giving him a long hard stroke and pinched the fat head. "We'll be dickless twins." He smiled at the painful expression on Jacob's face. "Now suck."

And suck he had. Jacob was so adept at cocksucking that before Pieter knew it, he ended up on his back with Jacob deep-throating him and a shout so loud that he thought the entire house would come running. Fortunately, the only thing that came was him. He pumped Jacob's mouth full of cum, then accepted Jacob's own hard cock, swallowing every bit of his jizz.

Pieter sighed, his cock tingling at the night's memories and he reached across to touch Jacob's back … and found an empty sheet. He immediately rolled over, threw on his robe and strolled down the hall to Jacob's room. Something stopped him from knocking. It was a pool of liquid that glistened dully in the muted light of the hallway. He raised a foot, swiped a small amount and sniffed the coppery solution. Blood!

He pushed the door open, his hackles rising uncomfortably as he surveyed a blood-ridden bed that dripped onto the parquet floor and pooled under the door. For the first time in his life, Pieter felt the cold hand of fear wrap its determined grip around his heart, freezing the breath in his throat and rendering his skin numb.

All Pieter could do was scream.


"We can't call the police!" Thorne stomped back and forth, wearing a path into the Oriental carpet. Sammi sat next to Pieter, holding the distraught man's hand. Leon and Mary were outside, enjoying a bit of air and watching the sunset.

"Then what are we going to do, Thorne? It's obvious that Jake's been killed."

"We don't know that."

"How can you say that? You saw the blood! No one could survive that amount of blood loss."

"Then where's the body?"

"Did they ever find all of the ‘Crimson King's' victims?"

"No, but I don't believe that Jake was killed by the King."

"Why not?"

"Why would the rest of us be alive?"

"Because we're vampires."

"What about Leon and Mary?" Thorne had no answer for her question and Sammi turned back to Pieter, smoothing the hair from his forehead. "And you heard nothing, Pieter?"

"No. We went to sleep and he was in my arms … "

"Pieter, is it possible that you did this to him?"

The older man looked hurt, his bottom lips trembling as he fought back tears. "No!" He spat angrily. "I fought my urges to bite him. I would never do that to him!"

Pieter's adamant response made Thorne feel uneasy because of what he'd done to Sammi. He looked over at her but avoided eye contact, his innards curdling at the thought of an interloper, of someone trespassing in his most private of places. "So, Sammi, what should I do?"

Sammi thought for a long moment. "I agree that we can't tell the cops, Thorne, but we can't let this go. We have to find Jake and the ‘Crimson King' ourselves. We can't wait for anyone to do it for us."

"Do you know what you're saying?"

"Yes." Sammi had thought long and hard about what she had planned to propose ever since her thoughts had cleared. "We set a trap."


Leon watched as Mary moved about the room, putting her things away after showering and slid into a pair of silk baby doll pajamas, then sat on the edge of the bed, tucking the covers in around her.

"I don't want you to go, Leon."

"I have to, Mary. We've got to catch this guy. He killed Jacob, remember?"

She shook her head, her doe-like eyes filling with tears. "What if … what if he kills you next?"

"He's not gonna get me, love." His thumbs brushed her soft cheeks and he leaned down to kiss the tear tracks away.

"Leon, make love to me before you go."

Leon pulled back, examining her pixie-like face with the love that he felt. "Mary, I can't."

"Why? Don't you love me?"

His heart leaped at the word love. He certainly had feelings for her but he wasn't sure if he was ready to call them love, nor if he was ready to confess the depths of those feelings to her. She'd hooked onto him and he'd provided an anchor in the rough oceans that had threatened to sweep her away but she had been too eager to go back to Richard and he was afraid that she wasn't as into the relationship as he was.

"Mary, it's not as simple as that."

"Of course it is."

"Maybe for you, but not for me." He stood up, pulling his shirt on. "I'll be back later."

"Leon, what's wrong?" Mary couldn't help but feel that there was something wrong. Whatever was inside his eyes when he looked at her wasn't the same. She caught his hand, giving it a gentle tug. "Please don't leave without talking to me." When he remained still, she released his hand. "Or maybe I should do the talking."

"Mary … "

"My parents got divorced when I was eight and I watched a steady stream of idiots come in and out of her life, always calling them ‘Daddy' until Bernie moved in." Her voice broke on the name. "When Mom left for work, Bernie thought that I should service him. He laughed when he took my virginity and threatened to kill me if I ever told Mom. That lasted two years, until I came up pregnant." Her throat ached with unshed tears and she swallowed hard.

Leon heard the pain in her voice and sat down on the edge of the bed, watching her face crumble as she fought tears. "What happened?"

"Mom accused me of seducing Bernie and she threw me out. I had no where to go so I slept in the library until the mayor held a staff meeting there one night and found me." She paused, sighing heavily. "Richard was so kind at the start. He paid for my abortion, got me a place to stay and even paid for a few weeks of therapy. It just seemed natural that we have a relationship. He told me that he wanted to marry me. I didn't know he was already married."

"You don't have to tell me any more, Mary."

"Yes, I do." She wiped her eyes, sniffling into a tissue. "I thought he was my knight in shining armor, Leon. I thought he was the answer to my prayers but when I told him I was pregnant, he freaked out. It was like being with my mother and Bernie all over again except he told me that I was going to get an abortion or he'd have me taken care of."

"Taken care of?"

"Killed." Silence rested heavy around that word. "So I ran away and worked during the day and hid at night. Until Sammi found me and I met you." Mary reached out and took his hand again. "I've made a lot of mistakes, Leon, but I know the truth of what I feel about you, of how I feel when I'm with you and I'm not just saying that because you've stuck around. Whether you know it or not, you gave me something precious. Your friendship." She caressed the back of his hand. "So, I'm asking, friend to friend, please make love to me." Her eyes met his, holding them. "And if you don't love me … "

"I never said that I didn't love you." He whispered, fear flooding his innards. "I just … "

"Because I love you, Leon. I love you." Mary leaned forward and pressed her lips to his, softly, gently and with as much emotion as she could will into it.

"Oh, Mary." Leon murmured her name as her lips opened under his, their tongues battling in a lover's duel. He pulled her close, taking care to protect the baby as their passion exploded, hot and heavy. He made quick work of ridding himself of clothes, then pulled her pajamas off, dropping them to the floor next to his and sat back, marveling over the beauty of her gravid body. Her breasts were huge, the nipples an almost angry red and covered with creamy porcelain flesh. Her distended stomach shaded a soft-haired pussy and he quickly slid a finger into her honeypot, sighing at the wetness that met him.

Mary moaned, pushing herself down onto his finger and begging for him to add another. He did so, pressing two fingers deep into her quim and she bucked against them, gasping in pleasure. His sure strokes brought her closer and closer, then the world exploded into a million beautiful shards when his thumb found her clit and applied circular pressure. Her creamy cum coated his still penetrating fingers and her outer lips, sliding into the crease of her ass.

"Leon, please." He pulled his fingers from her pussy and turned her onto her side, pressing his hard cock between her legs. Her warm fingers reached down and fluttered seductively against the thick head before seating him at her opening. In a slow movement, he pressed upward, his cock following the slick path into her velvety tunnel. Her body shuddered against him when his groin met her ass cheeks and he began to move against her, pulling his soaked rod out and pushing it back into her buttery hole.

She leaned back fully against him, feeling the heat of his skin and shivering at the sweep of his harsh breath on her neck. One hand snaked around her middle, his long fingers seeking her clit and applying pressure to the swollen bud. Her second orgasm slammed her with so much force that it drove the breath from her lungs. Her pussy muscles rippled around his cock, heightening her pleasure and she bent a bit more at the hips, giving him greater access to her womb.

He grabbed her hips and began moving faster within her, gritting his teeth in an effort to keep his release at bay but the sweet tightness of her muscles made it difficult. That and the sight of his glistening rod, shiny with her copious juices, brought him closer to tripping over the edge. He felt the tremors begin in her again, deep and spreading, spiraling upward from her core and undulating against him. He wasn't aware that he was growling until his climax rocked him, his roar mingling in the air with her cry of pleasure as she came yet again.

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