tagRomanceThe Crimson King Ch. 10

The Crimson King Ch. 10


"Are you sure this is where she is?"

The private detective Chambliss had hired shook his head as they sat in the limousine, staring at the huge mansion with its imposing dark windows. "My source says that the cameraman, Leon Antonidas, bought some maternity clothes and had them delivered here."

"That doesn't necessarily mean that she's here."

The detective tossed a manila folder into his lap and Chambliss extracted a sheaf of photos. The subjects were enjoying a picnic on the side of the mansion, feeding each other what looked like salmon and crackers. The blood rushed to his face as he gazed at Mary accepting a mouthful from the cameraman, her joy evident. Bitch.

"These were taken earlier today. She's so big that it's hard to miss her."

Chambliss nodded, tucking the photos back into the envelope. He extracted an envelope from her breast pocket and handed it to the man. "Thanks for your help, Rich."

The man grinned, chewing on the unlit cigar that perched at the corner of his mouth. "Never a problem for you, Mayor."

The detective left the car and scuttled away in his own vehicle. Chambliss leaned forward and knocked lightly on the separating glass, watching as it hissed downward. "She's inside. Take her alive."

* * * * *

Thorne crouched on the corner of the roof, watching Sammi and Leon filming a story down below and his nerves were buzzing and tingling with the anticipation of the arrival of the 'Crimson King'. He knew something was going to happen because his hackles had been on end since the filming started and that always signaled a problem. And he never ignored his hackles.

A thick wad of clouds coasted across the dark sky, partially obscuring the half moon and plunging the area into temporary gloom and bathing Sammi in nothing but the harsh camera's light. He saw something out of the corner of his eye but when he whirled around, nothing occupied the roof save himself. The longer he stared, the more uneasy he felt. Something was here. Something ...

The first blow took him by complete surprise. A solid fist connected with the side of his head, throwing him off-balance and propelling him sideways. Before he could adequately react, he received another strike, this time to the stomach, driving the breath from his lungs and leaving him gasping, crawling toward the parapet. When he turned to face his assailant, the moonlight-spotted roof was empty.

What the hell? Thorne stood, rotating his jaw joint and wiping his slightly bleeding nose. He glanced over the side and saw that Sammi and Leon had wrapped the story. Just as he turned, a heavy body bowled him over the side and only by his quick wits did he manage to catch himself and swoop to a standing position. His attacker landed across from him, eyes twin flames, boring into him.

"Jacob?" Jacob Whiting stretched upward, his black cloak swirling in the breeze. The front of his button-down shirt was black with coagulating blood and his chin was slick with the dark liquid. "We thought you were dead."

"That was the idea." The being known as Jacob Whiting rasped, throwing its head back and laughing hysterically. In that instant, Thorne knew that the news director was in the throes of bloodlust. "I ate the rest of the roast, by the way. The extra bloody one. Pieter cooks as good as he fucks."

"He thinks you're dead, Jacob. He was crying."

"Crying? That old queen?" He laughed again, licking his lips and enjoying the taste of the clumpy blood. "What the fuck would he be crying about? We only met yesterday."

"Something happened between the two of you last night and you know it. Even I felt it. You and Pieter had a connection in the midst of your fucking. Something that transcended the sex. Why are you so quick to dismiss it?"

"There was nothing there. It was just fucking. Good, hard, hot fucking. Him nutting in my mouth or in my ass. That's all it was."

"Sounds like you're trying to convince yourself."

"Fuck you, Halsbury. I don't need to convince myself because I don't need anyone."

"Everyone needs someone, Jacob."

"Not me."

Thorne watched as Jacob started circling him, his fangs bared and glistening. "Why not you, Jacob?" He said softly. Jacob charged him, shoving him backwards into the brick-and-cement parapet. Chunks of masonry rained down on the parking lot below, just missing Sammi and Leon. Thorne grimaced as he stood, unable to dodge the next belt that sent him somersaulting across the rooftop.

"I don't need anyone." Jacob growled, advancing on Thorne and tossing large pieces of brick aside. "Now shut the fuck up and die."

His fist caught him squarely in the stomach, catapulting him over the edge. Tentacles of pain snaked through him and he crashed onto the ground below, six stories down, his back and legs screaming. Thorne rolled to his knees, only to find himself flying through the air, compliments of Jacob's foot. The side of the building buckled and sparkling shards of glass rained onto his back.

Sammi crept from her hiding spot in the shadows, her eyes focusing on the man fighting Thorne. "Jake? Is that you?"

"Get back, Sammi! He's dangerous!"

Jacob picked up Thorne as if he was a toy and tossed him onto the roof of a parked sedan. The windshield fractured, splintering under his weight and Thorne groaned, blood trickling from a corner of his mouth.

"Jake, what are you doing? Why are you fighting with Thorne?" She strode forward, moving closer to Jacob.

"Don't you get it, Sammi?" Thorne wheezed, painfully rolling onto his feet. "Jacob is the 'Crimson King'."

"What?" She couldn't help but laugh. "Jacob's the King? Oh, that's funny!"

"Quit laughing." Jacob snarled, turning his back on a limping Thorne. "I am the 'Crimson King'."

"Oh, give it up, Jake. You're no more the King than I am. Now quit fighting and explain why you did that this morning."

"Sammi ... " Thorne gasped, standing behind him.

"Pieter's worried sick about you. He thinks you're dead!" Sammi was too close when she realized that Thorne had been telling the truth. The elongated canines couldn't be ignored. Jacob was definitely a vampire. That in itself was a shock. She sensed great power emanating from him and the clumped blood on his shirt nearly made her vomit. "Jacob?"

His hand easily enclosed her bird-like neck and he lifted her from the ground, his flaming eyes locked onto hers. "I'm all powerful, Sammi. I don't need anyone."

"Oh, thank God you're still here!" Jacob released Sammi at the sound of Pieter's voice. The older man landed near Thorne, news on his lips until his eyes fell upon Jacob. "Jacob?"

"What's wrong, Pieter?"

"Chambliss has Mary."

"What?" Leon shrieked, nearly falling out of the van. "How did that happen?"

"I was downstairs in the lab. When I came upstairs to check on her, she was gone."

"How do you know it's Chambliss?" Sammi asked.

"He left this on her pillow." Pieter held up a baby rattle. Leon recognized it as one that he'd bought for Mary. Every baby needs a rattle. Mary had been overjoyed at the idea of a first rattle and had gifted him with a soft kiss, their first. A first rattle, a first kiss. And now ...

"We've got to get her back!"

"Yes, Leon, we do." Pieter turned to Jacob, frightened of this person who was nothing like the man he'd fallen in love with a few hours ago. "Jacob, we need your help."

"Are you kidding?" The vampire laughed heartily. "You must be out of your mind, old man."

"No, Jacob. You're out of yours. You've fed so much and so often that you're out of sorts. I can help you with that."

"What, are you going to fuck my craving away?"

"No, but if you trust me, I can help you."

"And you can help us." Sammi said, helping Thorne stand. "Chambliss has Mary. Now I know that you like Mary, you've said as much to me. You can help us save her."

"I don't care if she lives or dies."

"Yes, you do." Sammi's soft voice began to pierce the buzzing in his head as the bloodlust started to wane. "You don't really want a solitary life, Jake. You don't want to be alone any more than the rest of us."

Jacob's eyes fell upon each of them, examining them and allowing himself to explore his own feelings. He'd been alone for so many years and only the grip of bloodlust had allowed him to function, to survive each night without feeling. Thorne had been correct that he'd felt something with the old man but he hadn't wanted to believe him.

"Help us, Jake."

"Help me!" Leon pleaded, his dark eyes filled with tears. "Please, Jake! Help me!"

* * * * *

Richard Chambliss looked down at the bound body of the girl and delighted in his handiwork. Almost every inch of her alabaster skin was marked with welts from his cane, giving her a beautiful pattern of pain. Even her leaking breasts bore the marks and he greedily bent and sucked, enjoying the tangy milk and coppery blood. She chose that particular moment to come to, moaning as she unconsciously worked her wrists against her bonds and found no purchase.

"Ah, you're awake." The mayor wiped his mouth, hovering over her. "Your mother's milk is quite tasty."

"Let me go, Richard. I'll leave town. You'll never see me again."

"You're right about that, little one." He started to peel her panties off. "No one will ever see you again."

"Please." Her eyes widened and filled with tears. "I have someone that loves me."

"You had someone that loved you." He bit the words out angrily.

"But you wanted to hurt the baby!"

"Damn right, I want to hurt the baby! I didn't want a fucking baby!"

"Well, it's too late now."

Richard laughed at her soft reply. "It's never too late, little one."

Mary began to shake nervously, fear ruling her senses. "Wha-what does that mean, Richard?"

"It means that after I give you one last fuck, I'm going to carve the baby out of you." His eyes sparkled with hatred as he spread her legs, quickly tying them open at the ankles.


She opened her mouth to scream and the mayor stuck a ball gag into it, chuckling at her discomfort. "Shall we begin?"

"Don't touch her, Richard." Ellen Chambliss strode into the room, her honey-blonde hair mussed and her robe askew.

"Uh, uh, Ellie! What are you doing down here? You know the basement's off-limits." His prick was hard in his pants as he watched her move around the end of the table, peering into the girl's face. "Why don't you go upstairs and lie down?"

"I've been lying down too much, Richard. But I understood why. Especially when I found these." She flung a brown prescription bottle at him. Valium. "I thought it was really nice when you started volunteering to make me a pitcher of martinis every day." Her smile was tremulous. "So this is what you do once I'm knocked out? Rape innocent women?"

"Ellie, you don't understand. She's pregnant with my kid."

The mayor's wife looked down at Mary with stricken eyes, then turned back to Chambliss. "That's no reason to hurt her."

"I don't want the baby, Ellie. I can't afford it. It'll ruin my career."

"So you're willing to take a human life, two human lives to save your career?"

"Yes, Ellie. This is our future."

Ellie shook her head, moving over to Richard's side, touching his cheek. "You're not the man that I fell in love with, Richard, and that's very sad." She stepped away. "And because of that, I can't be with you any more."

"Be careful, Ellie. You don't know what you're saying."

Ellen heard the warning in the tone of his voice. "What, are you going to kill me now, too?"

"If you're not going to be part of my future, I have to protect my career."

"Poor, poor Richard." She said softly, pulling the edge of her robe away and revealing a black wire, taped to her chest. "You can come in now."

The blood left Richard's face as Thorne, Jacob, Leon and Sammi waltzed in, surrounding Ellen. Leon and Sammi moved to cover and unbind Mary and Leon carried her out with Thorne and Sammi following close behind.

"Goodbye, Richard." Ellen smiled as she turned to leave the room.

Mayor Richard Chambliss, youngest mayor in the city's history, stood silently, stunned and completely overwhelmed by what had just happened. His entire world was crashing around him. Ellen would file for divorce. Mary would have the child and name him as the father. And his career would disintegrate overnight. A slow smile spread across his face. There was still a chance, he surmised. Hadn't he just told Mary that it was never too late? He could kill the lot of them, play the widower to the hilt and continue with his secret life of debauchery.

"Something funny, Mayor Chambliss?"

Richard Chambliss turned, not realizing that Jacob was still present. The news director returned the mayor's easy smile, uncovering his canines. Richard's smile quickly faded. "Uh, no. Not really."

"Good because I'm going to give you a choice. You can die cumming or you can just die."

Chambliss stared at the young man, not quite comprehending what he was saying. "Wha-wha-what did you say?"

"I said, you can die cumming or you can just die. Which do you choose?"

Chambliss tried to speak but the breath was frozen in his lungs as twin flames slowly blazed into life in Jacob's eyes. "I ..." He swallowed past the lump in his throat. "I guess I want to die cumming."

"Then whip it out and start stroking."

A hard tremor started in the base of the mayor's spine as the stark realization of his impending death really hit home. With trembling fingers, he unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his snap and lowered his zipper, reaching inside and pulling his hard cock out. The young man watched intently, his hand lazily stroking the outline of a thick prick in his own pants. Richard's mouth suddenly and unexpectedly watered. "Why don't you join me?"

Jacob gave him a strange smile and pulled his cock out, giving it a few long, loving strokes. For a few minutes, the two men stared at each other, admiring each other's drooling tools until Jacob spoke, "Get on your knees and suck it."


"Suck my dick."

"No. I'm not gay!"

Jacob bared his fangs, the fires in his eyes burning fiercely. "Then you die." Releasing his rod, he moved closer to the mayor, the bloodlust rising in his veins.

"No, wait!" Chambliss swallowed uncomfortably, eyeing the huge prick swinging between the other man's legs. "I'll suck it."

The vampire took his cock in his hand, giving it a few wake-up strokes and watched as the mayor slowly bent and very reluctantly took Jacob's tool into his mouth. The taste of the pre-cum turned him off and he immediately gagged at its taste, sitting back indignantly and glaring up at Jacob. "What's the matter, mayor?"

"I'm done. I'm not sucking that."

Jacob didn't argue. He simply placed his hands behind the mayor's head and thrust his hard prick into Chambliss' mouth. He choked and fought for a few moments before accepting his fate, pushing his tongue against the invading flesh. Jacob's warm cock rested easily on the tip of his tongue, pulsing with rich blood and dripping with sticky fluid. He flexed his hips, sliding the pole in and out of the cooperative man's mouth, pressing farther and farther in until his balls were banging against his chin.

Tears of anger and frustration ran down the mayor's cheeks and he shut his eyes, enduring the man's rape of his mouth and sobbing in thanks when he pulled the thick tool from his throat.

"Stand up and take your pants down."


"You heard me." This time, tears of fear coursed down his cheeks as he dropped his pants to the floor. "Turn around."

"No, please." The sight of the bared fangs strangled the plea in his throat. Mayor Richard Chambliss turned his back on the vampire, his heart in his throat and was surprised to feel the man's hand on his cock, stroking it back to life. Despite his disgust, the heat of his hand and his breath on his neck excited him.

"You like that, don't you?"

"Oh, yes." Chambliss hissed, the breath catching in his throat as he cupped his balls, giving them a gentle tug. "God, yes."

Jacob pulled the mayor's hips against him, letting his turgid cock ride in his ass crack. "I'm going to fuck you now, mayor."

"No ... " Chambliss protested weakly but sighed deeply as tremors of pleasure racked his body, traveling from his cock to his asshole. The tender stroking he was getting in both areas was making him light-headed and he unconsciously widened his stance, welcoming the thick intruder. He gasped as the slick tip found his pucker and slowly pressed inward. Pain warred with pleasure as his cock leaped in Jacob's fist while Jacob's stiff rod breached his ass. He wanted him to stop but his perverse nature took over, turning his grimace into teeth gritted in overpowering lust. "Yeah, fuck!"

Jacob hissed in pleasure as his shaft, inch by inch, disappeared into Chambliss' hot, tight hole. It had been quite a long time since he'd enjoyed a virgin and this one was extra sweet. The mayor's hands grasped his thighs, squeezing in abject desire as he slid in, resting when he'd reached bottom. He took Richard's hand and covered it with his own, stroking his cock gently. He waited a moment as Chambliss began to masturbate and placed his hands on his hips, slowly pulling out.

Richard nearly sobbed in delight as Jacob plunged back in, spreading his ass wide. He found a steady rhythm, his hand moving in concert with Jacob's movements and grunted loudly as his solid rod found his prostate, thrusting against the spot with fervor. He felt as if he was being electrocuted; his entire body was humming with sensation and he cursed himself for not trying this before. The feelings were so glorious, so strong that he thought he'd died and gone to heaven.

"Oh, God! I'm almost there!" He panted, fisting his cock faster and faster, leaning his head back against Jacob's shoulder and unwittingly offering his neck. He didn't know that Jacob could hear his blood pounding, that even as Jacob pounded his ass, his canines were elongating and

glistening with drool. "Yes. Yes!"

"Yes." Jacob's whisper would have scared the shit out of Richard but the mayor didn't hear the underlying menace. He only felt the knife-sharp pinch of the vampire's teeth puncturing his artery, the fleeting sensation of pain and the ecstasy of his release. His cock jerked in his palm, thick ropes of semen shooting across the room and he whimpered at the liquid heat that pumped into his anal canal.

"Please." The word drifted from his lips as his life drifted from his body. Mayor Chambliss heard his tendons rip and neck bones crunch as the bite turned into consumption but the sheer pleasure from Jacob cumming in him buoyed him, carrying him into the arms of death.

Jacob plucked his semi-hard cock from the dead man's asshole and stepped back, the bloodlust ruling his senses even as he wrenched himself away. He wanted more. He wanted to kill again. He wanted ...

"Jacob." Pieter's voice pierced the crimson fog and found what little soul he had left. "Come with me."

Jacob growled, displaying his fangs in anger. "You don't tell me what to do!"

"I'm not telling you." Pieter held out his hand, placing himself in a vulnerable position by facing an obviously stronger vampire without using his same powers. "I'm asking you."

The young man stared at the older man's hand, partly in awe that Pieter was still willing to care for him, even after he knew Jacob's secret and partly in curiosity, wondering what strings were attached to it. The human part of him tugged at the possibility of continuing the connection he'd felt earlier.

Pieter sensed the confusion in the young man and took another step forward. "I'm asking you as a friend, Jacob. Nothing more if you don't want it." He glared into Jacob's fiery eyes. "Just, please. Come with me."

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