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The Cruise

byEnglish Bob©

Judy and Roger were preparing for their holiday. They had been married for three years. They were both in their early thirties and considered themselves to be an attractive couple'. Judy had been married before, but only briefly. Roger knew why her first marriage had failed, it was because of Judy's appetite for sex. Judy and her first husband had been members of a swingers' circle, this was her idea, not his, and after only a few short months, his jealousy had caused them to split.

Roger was fully aware that his wife intended to continue what she referred to as 'The Lifestyle' and reckoned he could cope. It was not as if they were out swapping partners every night, they weren't. But every month or so Judy would go out with her group of select friends and not return until the following morning. She had tried to get Roger to attend one of the parties, but Roger had always refused. He said he would be too embarrassed, too shy to have sex with a lot of other people around. But Judy hoped that this trip would change all that. She had booked a three day mini-cruise with a firm that specialised in Lifestyle parties, and Roger was going with them.

As the taxi drove along the quay side, Roger was feeling extremely apprehensive. He loved Judy dearly. He knew that she had sex with other people, but rationalised that as long as he didn't see it, it would be OK. But this was different. Judy had begged and pleaded with him to come on this trip, telling him that she loved him so much and that she was sure that he would enjoy himself. Well Roger liked sex, liked it a lot. Making love with Judy was always fantastic. She always seemed to know exactly what turned him on, where to touch him, where to kiss him. Maybe he would enjoy this, and Judy had said that if he was prepared to try, but didn't like it, then she was prepared to stop herself and settle into a monogamous life with him.

Eventually the taxi pulled up beside a luxurious looking yacht. This was to be their home for the next few days. Judy had told him that the party consisted of twelve guests only. Like them, all professional couples and all in their thirties and forties. Grabbing two small cases from the taxi, Roger paid the driver and followed his wife onto the yacht where a suited aide showed them to a sumptuous cabin. As they unpacked, Roger could sense that Judy was becoming more and more distracted, more excited.

"You OK hon?" he asked as he hung shirts in the closet. "You look a little flushed!"

"Yeah, I'm OK. I'm just feeling really horny!"

"What already!?" he replied with a mock sigh. "We've only just put to sea and the pool party's not until tonight!"

Judy had told him about this activity several nights ago. It was supposed to be a sort of introduction thing, but as they all knew each other, with the exception of Roger, it usually just turned into one big orgy. Judy had said that the best way to get him involved, would be to throw him in at the deep end, so to speak!

"Yeah, I know" Judy continued "but I can't help the way I feel!"

"Well, perhaps I could help you out a little then!" Roger walked towards his wife and took her head in his hands. Their lips met in a slow lingering kiss

"Mmmmm...that's nice" murmured Judy

But kissing wasn't what Roger had in mind. He knew what she needed and dropped to his knees in front of her. Judy was wearing a short pleated skirt and, if Roger knew his wife at all, he doubted that there was anything underneath it! As his hands slowly moved up her long slender legs, he knew he was right. No panties! Roger bunched the skirt up around her waist and nuzzled gently into the light fuzz of her mound.

"Mmmmm...ooo that's so nice" mumbled Judy.

As his tongue slipped out towards her already wet slit, the lips unfolded before his eyes revealing her hard little clit. Roger proceeded to lick the length of her pussy lips, pausing every now and then to suck and gently nibble on the clit. Briefly he looked up. Judy, with eyes tight shut was massaging her large breasts through the thin material of the blouse and moaning her encouragement. With a smile, Roger went back to his task. He loved eating pussy, especially Judy's. She appreciated it so much and gave so much in return. Up and down her slit he lashed his tongue becoming more fervent more impassioned, more intense. He sucked her clit, using his teeth to bite gently the way he knew she liked it. It wasn't long before he felt her legs tremble and her hands push his head further into her cunt.

"Aaahhhhhhh yessss.....ooooohhhhh..I'm gonna do it...yessssssssss" cried Judy as the orgasm crashed through her lithe body.

Roger took one more swipe with his tongue causing her legs to buckle slightly and pulled away dropping her skirt as if nothing had happened.

"That will have to do you until later!" he said smiling as he turned back to the unpacking.

Dinner that night was a formal affair. The men wore suits and their partners all wore evening gowns. The meal was pleasant, but Roger could detect a feeling of expectant excitement in the air. He was nicely surprised by the other guests. They were warm and friendly and all quite good looking and they welcomed him into the conversation with a graceful ease. As soon as the meal had finished, however, the mood changed. The guests all started to leave their tables and make their way up on deck.

Once on deck, Roger could not help but be impressed. In the darkness the stars shone and twinkled brightly. The sea was calm and the air was warm and humid. Several of the guests had congregated around the deck-top pool and were in the stages of getting undressed. Roger guessed that there would be little use for swimming costumes tonight! As he stood looking out to sea, a tall blonde that he had talked to at dinner appeared beside him.

"Beautiful isn't it?" she whispered softly

"Yes it is" replied Roger "you're Mary, right?"

"That's me! It must be quite hard to remember all the name here" she said as she gently nuzzled the side of his neck with soft lips.

Roger jumped as he felt her had fall across the bulge that had begun to develop in his suite trousers.

"Mmm...and that's not all that's hard by the feel of it!" she giggled "you like to go for a swim?"

Roger was about to say that he was still a little uneasy about this whole situation, when Mary took his hand and placed it firmly over her breast still covered by her cocktail dress.

"Er..well..I..I..I'm not sure" stammered Roger

"You're not sure?" cooed Mary encouragingly as she slipped the top of the strapless dress down and returned both of Rogers hands to her naked breasts.

Roger was finding it difficult to think straight. He looked around briefly for Judy but could not see her anywhere. He was suddenly aware that his hands were gently squeezing Mary's large naked breasts and that she was mewing encouragement for him to go further.

"What the hell!" he thought "I guess this is what she wanted, so enjoy yourself!"

He returned his attention to Mary and smiled. His fingers continued to knead her large left breast and squeeze the hard nipple as his other hand wandered down her body and lifted her skirt. As with Judy, Mary wore no underwear beneath her dress and Roger was treated to the feel of a silky wet pussy on his fingers.

As Mary's hand was busy lowering his zipper, a man nude man and woman walked casually past them.

"Nice to see you're enjoying yourself Roger" called the man as he passed him "Mary will certainly treat you well!"

Roger watched the two briefly as they sat on the edge of the pool and the woman proceeded to give the man who had spoken to Roger a deep long blow-job.

Apart from the odd porn movie, Roger had never seen anyone have sex in front of him before and caught himself staring at the couple. As he watched the man's hard penis slowly disappear into the girl's throat he knew that he was becoming more aroused. He could not drag his attention away as he heard the man moan deep in his throat and slide two fingers straight into the girl's open and wet pussy. He was close enough to be able to see the moisture on the girl's pussy lips as the fingers ploughed deep and long into her depths.

"Hey, are you still here baby?"

Mary's voice was light and giggly as Roger realised that he had been unintentionally ignoring her. Roger looked down and saw that she had been slowly massaging his prick which was now throbbing to attention.

"I'm told I'm quite proficient at that as well" said Mary with a grin, glancing at the girl giving head and slowly dropping to he knees in front of Roger.

Roger didn't know which way to look, as he felt the delectable touch of Mary's lips on the tip of his cock. Her tongue swirled around the head bathing it softly with her saliva and then licking in long slow strokes up one side of the shaft and down the other. She repeated this process several time as Roger felt his head spin and the blood pound through his erection. The next thing he felt was a warm wet mouth envelope his hard prick. Further and further into her mouth she took him building up an exquisite suction with her cheeks. Just as Roger assumed she would stop, she tilted the angle of her head and he felt his hard cock slide gracefully into her throat. With a blow job like this, Roger knew he would not be able to last long. The friction from her throat was teasing him beyond control. He drew in his breath and held it, he knew he was about to cum. Not wanting to choke the poor girl with his imminent ejaculation, Roger reluctantly pulled his cock from her throat. As his erection appeared with a soft pop, Mary licked her lips and looked up into his eyes.

Cupping both her large breasts in her hands she spoke softly "mmmm..cum for me honey..cum on Mary's tits...I love to feel it on me..do it now baby"

Pointing his tool at her perfect suntanned tits, Roger let out his breath and stroked his cock with swift jerks.

"Ahhhhhh.oh god.....I'm cumming on your tits baby...ooohhhhh... all over your big sweet tits"

Rogers hips bucked as his cum poured from his cock in strong, regular bursts, coating Mary's breasts as she used her fingers to massage it in.

"Mmmm..lovely honey..that's it ..cum for Mary!"

By the time Roger had recovered from his orgasm, Mary had already stripped of her dress. Standing naked in front of him save for a pair of expensive stiletto heels, she quickly helped his out of his suit, tie and underwear.

When they were both naked, she kissed his lips softly. You know, there's little point in wearing underpants on this trip, they only get in the way!" she laughed.

"Now, lets see if we can find that sexy wife of your's. I expect she's getting fucked by my horny husband somewhere, but I really need her to eat my pussy for me. Oh look! There they are in the pool. Come on lets get wet!"

Grabbing his hand Mary and Roger jumped into the deep end!

To be continued...

* * * * *

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