The Crush Ch. 02


Donato's is an Italian restaurant frequented by the high-brows, the power brokers including the Mafia and Milo chose to go there because of its juiciest steaks, legendary Martini, red-leather booths and the dim-lighting of an old social room.

Charlize was groomed to the eyeball in a plunging satin burgundy sheath- a Collette Dinnigan creation. Milo was in dark Armani suit jacket and midnight blue shirt with narrow red leather neck tie. His handsome face was a tad touch of Jan-Michael Vincent in the younger years. What a dashing couple they made. They caught admiring glances and stares as they made their way across the room following the maitre 'd. Recognizable faces like Muhammad Ali and Eric Clapton stared. Well, let them drool over her mini dress that displayed her endless legs. She had a penchant for rockers but right now Milo is thee 'man' of the hour.

Milo and Charlize settled in a booth exclusive for couples. In the background, the diners chatted amicably and there was the sound of jazzy piano music. Milo ordered Porterhouse steak and Chateaubriand for her and foregoing red wine chose champagne. It was a hearty dinner topped off with strawberry ice cream for dessert.

After dinner, they checked in at the plush Ocean View Hotel. In the room, Charlize examined the view from the panoramic window. It was a star-studded night in the heavens, and the glimmering water was filled with bobbing little boats from afar.

"Like the view? Asked Milo, cuddling up behind her.

"I love it," she said throwing a side glance and then looking back to the view.

Milo was already shirtless, barefoot and in his Hugo briefs slipping his hands by her waist feeling the satin texture of her dress across her tummy. He breathed in the scent of her, fluffed her foxy blonde hair in his hand and waved it aside to drop kisses on her shoulders.

"Hmmm, I've been thinking of you all day," he said kissing her up along the neck. Charlize's heart pounded, then the pounding spread throughout her body like a jungle tattoo, setting up a resounding echo in that other heart between her thighs, eventually moistening her wine-colored silk panties.

"So am I," she said curling her hand across his cheeks inhaling his manly scent and swiveling her head to meet his kissing lips with her own. She welcomed his kiss as well as his hand that groped her breasts through the neck opening of her halter dress. Her creamy breasts trembled against his hand as her heart fluttered like a butterfly trapped in a flower cup. The tense taut nipples expressed an overwhelming passion boiling deep inside her, demanding release.

"You're so beautiful, Charlize." The right hand slid down to the center of her and slowly rubbed the mound of her pussy up and down. Through it's tender softness he could feel the hardening of her clit. So his hand moved further down to the hem of her dress which cut at the mid thighs. It slipped inside the hem and ran up along her inner thigh until it cupped her pussy through the silky underwear. He felt the warmth and the wetness under his fingers and ventured to find its source by slipping his hand under her panties. Cupping the warm, moist fleecy pubes for a motionless moment, then grasping its heap of tender flesh, his middle fingertip that found the furrow slid up and lightly tapped her sticky clit. She thought she would explode with pleasure.

Her hips gyrated against his palm and surprising herself with her boldness, she snaked her free hand to feel his aroused manhood through his briefs. She took it out and let it slide up her ass seeping its warmth through her panties and to her skin. She let it slide up higher, climbing the small of her back rubbing it gently against her smooth skin. Giving in to the urgency that flared within him because of that friction, he hunched down on his heels dragging her panties to her feet. He did it slowly, taking his time whirling his face at her luscious bare bottom as she raised her dress up her waist. As she bent slightly to step out of her weightless panties, Milo's tongue found its way grooving along her butt crack, tasting her and searching for her moist folds. "God, the best tasting pussy I've ever tasted," he said to himself. After retrieving the panties, he balled them in his fist, stood up and sniffed them.

"Charlize, oh, sweet Charlize," he whispered thick with lust.

She turned around to face him wriggling away her dress and kicking it aside with her high-heel metallic sling-back. Her willful passion raced wild and free. Milo rid off his briefs to get it over with his stiff pecker. Quickly their lips fused like magnets and only a laser beam could cut through the thick sexual tension that filled the room. Milo flexed his knees slightly and drove his pecker between her legs just under her vulva. He slid back and forth rubbing against her dripping vulva and coating his joystick her slippery juice while he cupped her perky boobs and twiddled her pale tea rose nipples already hot and distended.

"Oh, I could already get off on that," she murmured.

"Say it again, baby I love that," he crooned.

"Oh God, pinch it hard Milo....ohhh there," she gasped, the trick sending her to climax.

With that he pushed and pulled some more before he lifted the back of her thighs and wrapped them around his waist while her arms quickly clasped around his powerful shoulders. Hotter than hot, she guided his joystick to her sopping pussy and it blazed inside her prompting her to move her hips in rhythmic motion.

"Oh God this is great," he croaked seeking her parted mouth probing wetly, grasping her lips with his until their tongues tangled in frenzy. Holding her bottom Milo walked over a few steps and backed her up against the wall and drilled her mindlessly. "Don't close your eyes Charlize, look at me," he ordered. Charlize complied and wailed like she never heard herself before as each thrust gathered a firestorm of exquisite pleasure deep within her loins. Milo shuddered against her, and so did she joining him as their spirits soared to the hidden heights reserved for lovers.

"Oh God, that was quick," she panted like a sprinter.

"We could do that in the elevator sometime," he said planting kisses on her.

"You're crazy," she giggled.

Moments later, she had to pee. "I wanna see you do that," Milo said and she agreed.

Milo preferred that she do it on top of the bathroom marble sink. So she climbed over and squatted down to the sink facing him. For awhile Charlize felt self-conscious for she had never done this before to any human being.

"It's hard to pee at once after orgasm and you clogged my puss with your semen," she laughed dryly massaging her pubes with her fingers. Finally, there was a fountain of squirt from her gaping pussy which then dribbled down in double stream into the oval sink.

"This is embarrassing," she said wiggling her hips when the last drops trickled down.

"Coming from you to me it's fabulous," he said and she pressed the faucet to flush her golden shower. .

"I thought you're gonna shave your snatch," he said.

"Oh I will in fact I brought my razor so you could watch me do it," she said. "You go get my bag and I'll do it now."

"All right," he said and went to look for her bag in the room.

"Here you are," he said placing the bag beside her. She knelt for awhile and opened her bag to retrieve the razor.

Charlize leaned on one side against the mirror. She raised her knees, spread them apart and edged her pussy in position at the oval sink. She swiped her pussy with water from the tap and then squirted shaving foam liberally all over it.

"I've never done this before," she said as she took the razor from her bag.

"Are you excited about that?" Milo asked glued to his newly-found center of the universe.

"Yeah. It's trendy anyhow I know," she replied.

"Thanks and hey, take care not to nick yourself."

Without any further hesitation, she immediately proceeded to do what he had wished. She carefully began shaving her honey brown muff, pulling and maneuvering her lips around in such an expert manner that it looked like this was nothing more than an often practiced procedure. She even asked him to get the magnifier to hold it for her so that she would be able to shave right underneath herself a bit easier. Milo handed her a small hand towel to wipe the clogging blade on and when she had finished, she used it to wipe away all traces of the shaving foam and hair residue. Amazingly, she didn't nick herself, quite unlike Milo who once in while would nick himself while shaving his face.

"Smooth as a baby's ass," he said feeling the soft skin almost pinching the lips.

"Now it's your turn," she said. "Want me to do it for you?" He looked at her hesitatingly. "Hey trust me, you want me to go bald I'd like you to be the same."

"Okay do it to me," he said and leaned back on the counter. She hopped down from the sink and dropped to her knees and started spreading shaving cream around his flaccid cock. Like she did to herself, the shave was nick-free and smooth.

Later they soaked themselves on the bathtub while drinking their champagne and chattered about mundane things and finding out common things about themselves.

Later on the bed the stars in the heaven watched over them as they languidly caroused at each other's bodies on the bed. Her hands were over the back of her head pinned down by one of his hands. He was kissing her smooth armpit while his other hand searched up along her thighs for her moist, secret places that will give her pleasure. His middle finger grooved on the cleft of her cunt gently rubbing up and down teasing her clit to hardness. Charlize mewled with pleasure shutting her eyes with bliss on her lips. Milo leaned on her breasts and sucked her nipples and nibbled his way back to her luscious lips. When he kissed and probed her mouth with his tongue his finger also slid into her warm pussy. In and out in a steady pace, his thumb nudged on her engorging clit stirring her delicious arousal.

Ever the master of pussy-pleasuring as he had learned from Amanda, his wildcat of a girlfriend before, Milo wanted her to feel his tongue and let her know she was wanted. So he opened her legs widely by slipping his arm in the crook of her drawn up knee, her heel resting above his head.

"Oh, my. This is good. This is very good," Charlize crooned as her hands clenching white-knuckled the sheet beneath her. Her head thrashed left and right.

"Gosh, I'm getting near and you haven't lick my clit."

"I will, I'm getting there," he said circling the tip of his tongue around the clit area. She began bucking her hips. He retracted the hood and exposed all of her clit, a glistening pink pearl. He dropped a saliva over it and watched it dwindled away to the side then with the trembling tip of his tongue started fiddling the sides like a Stradivarius string. "Oh my God, ohhh, I'm gonna die...I'm gonna die, Fuck, Milo I can't stand this," she shrieked arching up her ass.

"Cut the noise, I'm concentrating," Milo said.

"I'm not used to this, Milo, suck it Milo, suck it I don't want you tormenting me like this," Charlize wailed.

"It's about time you learn to take it slowly so you'll learn the difference between rough and gentle."

"Stop talking now go on, I'm sorry. Ohh my god, ohhh I think I'm always coming."

"Your pussy is supreme desert, best apple pie I've ever tasted. Are you flavoring your pussy?"

"No, no it's just soap and...Jesus you're tongue is too long."

"Squeeze it inside you," he ordered and she contracted her inner wall muscle.

"Oh god I thought I lost my tongue. That is some grip."

Milo changed position and scooted before her bottom backing down her knees to her breasts. "Spread your pussy lips for me, baby," he said and she did. He palmed her back thighs and snuggly fitted his mug over her pussy and through her open lips he plunged his tongue right through her fuck hole. As it retreated, his tongue would flick her engorged clit.

"Oh God I think I'm gonna faint or die," she said sucking her breath and groaning.

Sensing she had to be near her peak, he waved an aggressive hello over her clit until she screamed.

"Ohhhhh, Milo. Ohhhhh yes. Gosh! I'm blacking out, Milo, Ohhhhh!"

Milo felt her juice bubbled under his lips and chin as she reached the peak of her pleasure. He stopped licking but continued to hold her clit ever so lightly between his lips until her shuddering subsided.

"Ohhhh, that was unbelievable. Thank you." She said.

"You're welcome," he said and slithered beside her. She immediately reached for his cock and found it juicy as she stroked about it.

"Tell me Milo, are you fucking someone else besides me?"

He looked around. "I don't see anyone else around besides you," he replied dropping kisses on her forehead.

"Silly, I meant if you have a girlfriend, a wife or what?"

"I'm a bachelor boy and I intend to be one until my dying day."

"Is that serious?"

"Well, who knows life's full of surprises."

"I'm sure you have a girlfriend."

"Well my last sexual encounter was two months ago with a girl with whom I have a non-committal relationship that we've agreed upon. Prior to that last she seemed to have vanished on me. She's a jet pilot and always pursues dangerous sports. She's an adrenaline freak, travels a lot and I believe also fucks a lot more than me. Very fun-loving and intelligent too. The story of my life."

"Do you miss her?"

"When I'm horny, yeah."

"Do you call her?"

"No, we don't check out each other's activities. Hey, I'm glad I'm with you. I adore you're femininity. She's like as if I'm with a man, you know."

Charlize sat up on her heels between his legs and scanned his rugged features. His cock was straining upright in the air standing like a monument. He clasped his hands behind his head anticipating her performance, as they maintained eye-contact. She began to run her hands down on the tops of his thighs back and forth.

"Sex is still novel to me as I'm still so young. Though I've done this thing before once but it's unlike this situation. Since this morning when I got down on you it gave me confidence and now I'm more relaxed. I want to please you more as much as you've given me. So allow me to get the hang of it till I become an expert like you," she said now using her fingernails on brushing his inner thighs.

"God, I just met you, and I feel like I've been waitin' for you all my life."

Charlize felt hot and tremulous.

"Enjoy, I hope." she said in her sexy wicked way and reached out to grasp the shaft of his cock. She looked as if she's Whitney Houston ready to sing 'The Greatest Love Of All.'

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