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The Cuckold's Clinic



I am an extreme lifestyle cuckold. My wife Lucy has a regular black lover, and regularly parties with others, at home an at the club. All her friends do too. We don't have time for a life outside cuckolding, except I go to work to pay the bills during the weekdays. I never make love to my wife. In fact she never touches me in a sexual way at all. We love each other very much and are both very satisfied, but we achieve that in an unconventional way. She has her lovers and we are members of an interracial club where she gets big black cock on tap. Sometimes I go with her to watch, sometimes she goes alone.

,Personally, I'm not allowed to put my penis inside anyone. When we stopped making love, Lucy did miss the intimacy at first and tried to replace it by introducing a strap-on to my behind. After a while she accepted that any kind of sex with me was beneath her, and now the closet we get is when she watches me masturbate.

Two Wednesdays a month I make a visit to the Cuckold's Clinic. It's kind of my evening class. I learn about how to be a good cuckold and why women prefer black men and need to cuckold us in the first place. It's run by a middle aged woman called Dr Ward and her assistant Cara, a shapely young red-head in a nurses uniform I'd caught myself fantasising about recently.

The clinic was held at the local college in a hired classroom. By the time I arrived the room was full of posters of interracial sex, charts highlighting the size and performance difference of black and white dicks, large black dildos and all sorts of embarrassing paraphernalia.

The first time I visited, I looked around wide-eyed, not listening to Dr Wards introduction when she abruptly asked me to strip.

"If you will please remove your clothes."

My hesitation was met a stern look of impatience.

"Come on, we haven't got all day!" she snapped.

I began to remove my clothes helped by Cara who took them from me and folded them on a desk.

"Let's have a look at you," said Dr Ward, "stand with your legs apart and put your hands on our head."

I did as instructed and she proceeded to inspect me, running her hands down my sides, pressing my thighs, peering into my mouth, prising my butt cheeks apart far enough to be painful and blowing air on my anus. She started handling my penis with her latex gloved hands.

"Let's have a look at your willy," she muttered, lifting it to inspect it from every angle. She squeezed my balls and started to ask me questions about my relationship with Lucy. I was asked how many black lovers she had been with (I'd lost count), If she enjoyed group sex, how often did I masturbate? I confirmed that she did enjoy anal sex with black men, thinking back to only last night when she had been ass fucked hard by a black bull with a cock that looked more like a nightstick without the handle until she was sore and messy, but tired and satisfied. I realised I'd gotten hard.

"Let's see how little you are then" said the Dr as Cara moved in with a tape measure, pinning it firmly to my pubic bone.

"5 inches," she confirmed.

"Not too bad for a white boy," said Dr Ward, "but of course well short of what's required to keep a woman happy. But that's to be expected."

They measured my height and weight and I was given a white t-shirt with cartoons of big black cocks and small white dicks on it, with Highton cuckold's clinic written on the breast.

"Put this t-shirt on to keep warm, but stay bare bottomed for now," said Dr Ward, "Sit down and we'll begin."

Cara turned on a large TV and a film came on showing a petite blonde woman surrounded by four muscular black men with impressively thick cocks.

"In comparison to your wife's lovers and the men in this video, you are a little boy." remarked Dr Ward dryly. "Little boys play with themselves. That's your role in our relationship, at least when it comes to sex."

"Sometimes they play with each other," Cara giggled.

"That's their own business," said the Doctor, "now I want you to watch this film and observe the woman's capacity for pleasure. You will see how futile it is for someone such as yourself to attempt to satisfy her. Instead you should content with frequent masturbation to remove your urges.

The film showed the woman being gangbanged by her studs. She was a frantic mess, covered with sweat and spunk. She took three cocks at once and still managed to give the spare guy a hand job. Cum matted her hair, her cunt overflowed with sperm and still she relentlessly called on them to fuck her harder and give her a black baby.

"Well you should have been taking notes, but I see you enjoyed he film at least" said Dr Ward, glancing at my erect cock. Cara giggled again.

"Yes Dr. Ward," I replied.

She turned off the TV and moved the table I was sitting at back.

"OK, play with your willy," She commanded.


"You heard me. Stand up and orgasm for me."

"Right here?"

"Of course here! Stop answering back. Tug your little white worm, Cara, give him something to help."

I stood up and Cara held up a picture of a woman sucking a powerful black cock. I began to masturbate as told. Dr Ward looked straight at my dick intensely. Cara broke out in a mischievous grin.

"If your willy was the size of that black cock it would take you three times as long to stroke it along the whole length," she said.

With that, I was being ordered to extend my stroke to about three times the length of my dick with each movement as though I was jerking a bigger cock. This meant I was effectively being forced to pause a few seconds after every stroke, while making an embarrassing wanking action in thin air in front of me. Despite this I came after only a few minutes, Dr. Ward squatting beside me for an extremely close view of my ejaculation.

"Nice action. Good technique, good quick orgasm. Very little emission."

I realised Cara was jotting down notes and turned bright red at Dr. Wards words.

After I had showered and changed they gave me a copy of the DVD and ordered me to watch it all the way through whilst masturbating as homework before my next visit. If I came, I could press stop if I wanted, but must resume later at that exact point and had to reach the end of the two hour film over the next fortnight.

I did this during my mandatory 9pm masturbation session each night, but needed to fit in double duty on four occasions just to get it done. I'd come roughly every seven or eight minutes of the movie. Lucy said I'd become obsessed with the thing. I admit I quite hoped Dr Ward would give me another to watch this week but Lucy reminded me I was coming with her to the black cock club that week. And no doubt there would plenty to keep Lucy, and my hand, busy there!


I was dressed in my cartoonish black cock t-shirt with yellow pyjama bottoms to match on my second visit to the clinic. I looked ridiculous. I looked around at the posters of interracial sex that surrounded me. Lewd, rude scenes of lust, ruined white pussies dripping with cum, sore stretched white assholes and impossibly hard black cocks jutting up proud angles, smeared with the juice of white women on black cock heat. One in particular caught my eye, a woman breaking off from sucking a black cock, cum jetting straight into her waiting mouth from quite a distance.

Dr. Ward told me that I was to pay more attention to this lesson and not become aroused uninvited. Cara appeared beside me and pulled the front of my pyjama bottoms out, reaching in with the other hand and slipping something over my dick.

"That's a pink bow," she said snapping my pyjamas back in place, "if you become erect it you will display it as a punishment."

The lesson was all about how women suck black cock. A video was put on, with Dr Ward pausing it frequently to point out the techniques these women were using to lick, kiss, suck and choke back their black bats. She handed me a dildo and asked me to show her I was paying attention by copying these techniques. This would certainly have stopped me getting hard without permission under normal circumstances. Unfortunately my technique was poor and Cara kept taking it off me to show me how she would do it. These little demonstrations soon had me crossing my legs to hide my little indiscretion. Cara's elfin eyes peered down and straight at me as she tossed her red hair down her back and deep throated the plastic cock.

"I see you will not do as you are told," said Dr Ward. "Get up and come and stand over here."

I followed and stood in the corner like a naughty child, only facing into the room so that I could still see the TV. She unceremoniously yanked my pyjama bottoms down revealing my hard dick with the pink bow proudly tied on the end.

"Maybe now you will concentrate."

I remained rock hard in the corner throughout the remainder of the film, watching seemingly endless scenes of cock sucking, load after load of black seed deposited in the hungry mouths of middle aged white women with wedding rings on show as they gripped the dark cocks, teenage girls working in pairs, every possible size and shape of cum splattered white slut. Red heads, blondes and brunettes, all with cum matted hair and splattered faces and tits.

After a while Dr Ward told me to come forward. Cara took my arm and walked me to the centre of the room in front of the TV and untied the bow.

"You may now masturbate" said Dr Ward, "there are only four minutes of the film left. That should be enough for you, if not it's just too bad."

I sheepishly began to masturbate, but quickly forgot myself at the sight of a attractive young woman sucking a massive cock while riding another black pussy stretcher.

"Continue wanking," the doctor ordered, "but I want you to use one finger of the other hand to trace light circles around the tip of your willy. You may find that this produces a stronger, more intense orgasm than usual."

I did as instructed and did indeed find that after a few moments I was cumming harder than I'd experienced for a while. I'd beaten the end of the film and got my release and felt compelled to thank Dr Ward for her thoughtful advice, though immediately afterwards I blushed with shame.

Dr Ward regarded me with an expression of curiosity.

"Well done. Your homework for this time will be to keep a diary of your wife's sexual activity. If you are able to watch in person or on video fine. If not you will need to ask her for the details. We can discuss your thoughts and feelings on the subject next time."

I nodded and turned to leave. Cara stepped out of my way.

"Here you go," she said handing me the pink ribbon, "a souvenir. I can put it on for you again now if you like."

I was tempted to agree just to feel her touch me again but politely declined.


It didn't feel like two weeks since the last time I was at the Cuckold Clinic, surrounded by posters of interracial sex, and huge black dildos. There were cut away charts showing in detail how much further into a woman a black cock released it's cum than a white one, an evolution of man chart showing a well endowed black man in front of a small dicked white one and posters on the walls with messages like "White dicks are for wanking - always remember to wash your willy when you finish."

Today the room was a little different. The room was really a college art room used for evening classes which Dr Ward was hiring. The desks had been grouped together in the middle of the room and Dr Ward's young assistant Cara was putting a plastic sheet over what looked like gym mats on top of the desks. Cara was a redhead barely out of her teens but noticed the lustful glances I sometimes gave her. She wore a nurses uniform but the silver haired Dr Ward dressed casually as usual.

"Good evening Thomas," said the doctor as Cara handed my a bag containing the pyjamas I had to wear at the clinic. The top was basically a white long sleeved t- shirt. Both the shirt and bottoms were covered with cartoon drawings. An image of a big erect black cock and one of a flaccid white willy were repeated all over the pyjamas.

"Just put your top on today as we have a lot to do and we require you to be privates on parade this evening." She always used that silly expression but it always made me blush.

I changed into my top and came back in sheepishly. The floor was cold on my bare feet and I felt the cool air around my lower half. My dick had shrivelled due to the cold and I felt embarrassed. It hated it when it got hard in front of them but hated them seeing it so small too! I was glad of the top at least even if it did look ridiculous.

"Hop up here Tom," Cara cheerfully pointed to a chair arranged so that I could climb on the desk top mats. "Just kneel down on the mat for a minute. There you go." She placed her hand on the small of my back to help me up and I felt a tingle of unwanted excitement. I knelt on the plastic covered mats and sat back on my legs. Dr Ward returned will a box which she put on the chair on front of her.

"Today's clinic is about masturbation Thomas. It's an important part of a cuckolds life and it should be regular and enjoyable. I know that you have set masturbation time but of course there is nothing wrong with a bit of spontaneous fun if it's done correctly." She rummaged in the box. I did have masturbation time at home every 9 o'clock, unless there was nothing else happening, like a visiting lover for Lucy, a visit to the clinic here or hell, even a game I wanted to watch but I kept that to myself.

It wasn't too formal, but I was required to undress downstairs and go upstairs to my room naked. I would use a towel to catch my cum which Lucy called my cumforter and I'd bring it down for her to wash straight after and dress again. Usually I watched porn. Sometimes commercial, sometimes Lucy's small but growing collection of home movies. Always strictly interracial of course. I'd most often be back down in ten minutes.

Dr Ward handed Cara some booklets. "Pass him these please" she said and Cara handed them up as the doctor continued. The first booklet was called "Masturbation Time." It's cover showed a cartoon of a man masturbating while a fully dressed woman and black man looked on.

"The first booklet is about how you should feel about playing with yourself. Masturbation isn't to be ashamed of, it's part of a cuckolds life. The booklet describes how your masturbation is your wife's way of making love to you and she wants you to enjoy it as often as possible, as long as the rules are followed of course." The booklet was full of similar cartoons of the same man jerking off in front of the woman and a variety of different people, other women, other black lovers even other white men.

"It shows you that far from being a dirty secret it should be enjoyed openly. Little willies are for wanking. We all know you have one and we all know you do it."

I looked at the second book, to hide my red face as much as anything. It had a plain cover and was called the cuckold release handbook.

"That one has some information on how it should be done. You know you are a cuckold and why you are a cuckold. You already follow the black cock view rule don't you?"

"Yes Dr Ward." That meant I could only masturbate with black cocks, or images of them in view. That meant I could be watching interracial porn, Lucy with a lover, and could even get away with a realistic black dildo. In fact I had sometimes had to resort to placing one of Lucy's dildos on the dresser in front of my bed in order to be able to come when nothing else was to hand. On these occasions Lucy would sometimes watch to ensure my gaze was fixed firmly on the cock as I came. Of course, I preferred DVDs, especially those that featured her own hungry pussy being stretched out by a dark rod.

"You will find many useful rules and hints in there. Read it tonight. That is your homework. Also have a look at the last one in your own time if you wish."

The third booklet had a lurid full cover photo of a guy with his legs bent over his head in the air, a finger up his ass and his other hand on his dick which was ejaculating onto his chest. You could just see that he had a magazine next to him with pictures of a woman sucking a massive black penis. It was called the wanker's guide, and was illustrated with several full colour shots of the same guy masturbating in different ways, and line drawings highlighting techniques. I realised I'd got slightly hard. It wasn't the pictures it was all this talk of wanking while I sat here half naked in front of these women. I felt the rush of shame.

"Right," said Dr Ward, "you're going to have a little session here today. And as we have discussed, far from there being shame in finishing off quickly, that should be the goal. Tug tug, squirt squirt, clean up and off you go." Cara stifled a giggle. "But sometimes it's ok to keep playing and we'll do that today if we need to. Cara..." she motioned to the nurse who turned the lights down and I heard the hum of an overhead projector.

A picture appeared of the clinic logo. It was a cartoon drawing. Two figures were either side of the words Highton Cuckold's Clinic. They were displayed from just bellow the chest to just above the knee. A black man with a very large cock and a white man with a small flaccid thing. Underneath was a small photo of a woman kissing a black cock, her face covered in cum. It looked like Dr Ward, but younger. I couldn't be sure.

Cara spoke, a smirk on her face, "Lucy tells us your record when she has a lover is three times straight" she said. "We'd like you to try that for us here. But you'll need to be quick to fit it in. I hope you've been practicing," she grinned. Dr Ward had snapped on a latex glove and without warning her gloved hand was on my cock, rubbing warm lube into it.

"That doesn't take long anyway" she said to Cara. I was very hard despite a feeling of almost stunned embarrassment. The projector clicked and a photo of a woman riding a black cock came into view. It was a close up - her pussy was stretched around the shaft, which shined with her excitement as she prepared for the down stroke.

"Start to masturbate please Tom" said Cara. I did sheepishly - slowly. But Dr Ward was having none of it.

"Faster. I want you to look at the picture. I want you to cum quickly for us. Let's go through the drill. Black cock view - where's the black cock?"

"In the picture."

"Where in the picture?"

"Fucking that pussy."


"Maybe 10 inches?" It was hard to tell. You couldn't see it all.

"Spot on. Differential?"

"6 inches"


"6 inches bigger than me"

"Thomas, properly!"

"His black cock is 6-inches bigger than my willy Dr Ward."


"It's more than twice as big as me."

"Faster." She'd barely barked her command as I splashed the plastic sheet with cum. Cara moved in an quickly wiped me with tissue, but the projector clicked again and a picture of a woman appeared. She faced away from the camera and was getting up, having obviously been anally fucking a black dildo which was being held in place by the hand of another unseen person. It looked like a woman's hand.

"Black cock view?" barked Dr Ward. I realised I was to keep jerking. I didn't care, lost in raw experience of the moment.

"Big dildo in the picture."

"And is that acceptable?"

"As long as I look at the dildo not her when I Cum"

"Yes and in fact we will help with that. Tell us when you're close Thomas."

I rubbed my little dick fast, slightly overwhelmed. I occasionally glanced round to catch a glimpse of Cara but all I saw were more posters, images of Black cocks everywhere. My dick started twitching as I turned back to the picture of the woman's gaping asshole. "yes," I whispered, unable to manage more.

The Projector clicked and the photo zoomed in so that all that was visible was the top half of the dildo blown up huge.

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