tagLoving WivesThe Cuckolds Retreat Island Ch. 01 Pt. 01

The Cuckolds Retreat Island Ch. 01 Pt. 01


His home away from home:

Here I sat in my business office of Taylors IT Inc. ruminating over the news that I found out by accident of my wife's betrayal by her indiscreet cheating. I guess I should start by telling you my name. My name is John Taylor and yes I own the company that I worked in. My business isn't anything large but I do make a fair living by doing it. My business deals in computer IT maintenance for the local companies in my county and just a few outside of it. I only have 2 that are out of state but they basically are family owned by my relatives.

One of them is my grandfather on my Dads side and the other is an Uncle on my Moms side. Both were fairly well off financially however how well off I wasn't aware of at the time. My grandfather, Carl Taylor was into buying and selling land, property and buildings. While my Uncle, William Tagert was into high finance banking. He was some sort of CEO of the bank that he worked in. Also both were really close and did a lot of things together, which is something I'll let you know about latter on in my story.

Well, anyways back to my problem of my wife cheating on me and me finding out. I'm not going to bore you with a lot of details about how we met or our dating habits and the like but just give you the skinny of the thing. My wife's name is Rose Hashman of course now Rose Taylor. We met at Sinclair College she was a Junior as was I at the time. She was studying for a liberal arts degree and I of course was into computer technology courses. We bumped into each other (literally speaking) at the student union and from about that time onward were joined at the hip so to speak.

Two months after our graduation we were engaged and 6 months after that we were married and began our married life. She decided that we should wait before starting a family and get ourselves financially situated first before going that route which at the time I agreed, and thank God that I did. Basically that's the skinny of my story. I just wished now that I had been more observant and more inquisitive of my wife's past relationships.

We, up until this point, had been married for 5 years and the last six months or so I've noticed some peculiar things about Rose, that was just things I couldn't put a finger on, but knew something wasn't right. It all began as it usually does in such cases, I know its sort of a cliche type thing, but I came home early because I had become ill at work. As usual as it goes, I noticed a strange car in our drive way. I just figured at the time that it was one of my wife's girlfriends that stopped by to visit for a bit. Not wanting to disturb their visit, I entered the house quietly planning on going to bed in our bedroom. And as usual in such times I heard moans and groans going from our bedroom. At which I slowed my progress and tipped toed closer to the bedroom door.

On instinct I peeked around the corner of the door hoping not to be seen or noticed by the occupants, one I knew for a fact was my wife the other turned out to be her immediate boss at her job. Then I heard my wife utter the words that struck hard to my soul, " Fuck my harder baby that tool of yours is doing wonders for me, I may never allow that shrimp dick husband of mine to fuck me again." like I said that really took the wind out of my sails to hear her say that to another man.

I then got angry and was about to go in and beat the son of a bitch to death and then start on her, however reason took over thankfully at that time. I suddenly realized that I needed some kind of proof of her betrayal. I took out my cell phone and was going to stick that around the corner and video what was going on but canceled that idea for a better one. As I had stated I'm into computers and stuff so I buy a lot of electronic gadgets. One of which is a drain camera lens attached to device much like what doctors use for lower tract investigations except on a smaller scale. I mounted the device to my cell and bent the imbecile cord so that I could video the scene without being observed. They were going for round 2 it seemed when I felt I had enough video as well as being humiliated by my wife's words and actions. I slipped out of the house as quietly as I could and left not quite sure where I was going but I had to get away. I knew I wasn't going to take a chance of going to jail and do bodily harm to them but one thing I definitely knew they both were going to pay and big time at that. I wasn't sure at the time how I was going to make them pay but I knew that I would come up with something.

Going back in time to our wedding day I remember that my grandfather pulled me to the side and told me to watch myself around Rose. He said he had an bad feeling about her and he didn't particularly trust her for some reason. At that time I was in love and blind and most likely stupid because I didn't pay much greed to my grandfathers warning. Unfortunately my Uncle did basically the same thing after the wedding vows and at the reception dinner afterwards using almost the same wording. Again stupidly I didn't pay attention nor heed his warning either. To my great relief, I'm glad to say it didn't affect our relationship in the least.

Coming back to the present time, I realized I might need some help in determining my situation. Here I sat at some local dive drinking a Bud Light thinking of all that's transpired in the last few hours. Today was Friday 8 PM at the time, my first thought was I'd probably need to see a divorce lawyer to see what my rights were if any at all. I thought of a friend of mine that had gone thru a nasty divorce and he had a fairly good lawyer so I pulled out my cell and punched in his number. I rang twice when he picked up.

"Hey Hiya John what's cooking my friend?" James Carter my friend quipped.

"Yeah, not so well at the moment James." I stated.

"Huh, what do you mean by that John?" James questioned.

"I just caught my wife cheating on me with her boss in my bed at home."

"Your kidding me right? You and Rose are like the tightest couple I know."

"I thought so too James but I have video proof that I'm telling you is fact and not fiction."

"I'm so sorry John, I wouldn't wish that on any good man, what are you planning on doing?

"That's the main reason why i've called you to see if I could use your lawyer in this."

"To be honest John, you might be better off using the she shark my wife used, that shark. as you know ripped me a new one so to speak. Where are you at now? I'm also supposing it's not at your house with what's going on there."

I half half heartedly laughed, "You're right I'm at some dive bar about 2 miles from my house called Jaspers Bar and Grill."

James dryly laughed, "Yes I know exactly where you're at. Don't leave I'll be there in 10 minutes and I'll bring my wife's lawyers business card. See you in 10 and don't get to drunk yet my friend." At that point he hung up on me.

At this point I figured no sense in doing much more that I could do about my situation until I had a chance to talk with this lawyer. To know for sure what I had to do to protect myself if that was possible. Sure enough about 10 minutes latter James came into the Bar took his eyes a few seconds to get used to the dim lighting before he saw me and ambled towards my table.

"John again I'm so sorry about what's happened to you, I want you to know I'm squarely in your corner." as he seated himself at my table. At which pointed he shoved over a business card over to me which read, SARAH THOMPSON /ATTORNEY AT LAW / DIVORCE SPECIALIST call xxx-xxx-xxxx.

"John,i think I should warn you though she's primarily a Women's attorney she doesn't normally accept men as clients. Though she does have a few but they have pretty good cases and she's all about winning."

"Well, I guess I'll have to call her tomorrow morning early and see if she'll even take my case hopefully with my video I'll have a pretty good case."

"John one more thing, your going to have to go home and act as if nothing is wrong until you get all your ducks in a row as they oft say. DO you think you could pull that off to some degree without going off the deep end before you can be prepared for the shit storm that's coming?"

"James I don't see that I have a choice at present, seeing how my business operated the same since we got married. I think she believes she's safe because she could literally set her watch by my schedule."

"John one more thing don't get sloppy assed drunk you need a clear head from here on out especially when you see that lawyer and especially so that you don't out yourself to your wife before your ready." At which point he started rising and said he had to get going he had someplace he needed to be. He also again advised me he thought I should do the same.

He was right of course but like ever deceived and cuckold man I had reservations as to how to or if I could maintain my cool around my wife knowing what she has been doing to me. As it turned out I didn't have to worry about that because when I got to my house the original bad feeling I had came back on me and the several beers I don't think helped matters much either.

As soon as I stepped into the house my wife Rose started questioning me why I was so late getting home. I must have looked pretty bad as I got further into the house where she could see me better and exclaimed, "Honey are you OK you don't look so hot."

At that point I made a mad dash to the bathroom before I puked my guts out. I'm not sure if it was the beers or the flu like symptoms I'd been having most of the day that sparked my vomiting... in my mind I felt it was all that plus the fact what I learned about my wife that helped make me sick at that time. With her innocent act as though everything was just hunky dory in the world.

After finishing what felt like hours puking on an off but really only just a few minutes she was standing at the bath room door looking at me as any woman might her husband who was sick. I shakily stood and washed my face in cold water and rinsed my mouth out with the same. I turned around and she ask.

"Anything I can get you or do for you Honey?"

I looked at her with dull red eyes and said, "No, not really, I need to rest I really don't feel so well but just to make sure you don't come down with anything that I've caught I'll sleep in the guest bedroom OK."

She looked at me with what I thought was supposed to be loving eyes but I knew better, "Well, I guess it will have to be, no sense in both of us being sick. However I want you to go see a doctor tomorrow and get better Honey."

I shrugged my shoulders and headed towards the guest bedroom. To be honest I really wasn't feeling that great so I wasn't actually lying to my wife. I stripped down and got under the covers even though it was warm in the house I felt cold. To say that I rested comfortably the inter night would be a blatant over exaggeration. However I did feel somewhat better than I did the day before, at least physically maybe not emotionally.

Rose had gotten up before me and was just about ready to leave for her job when she popped into the guest room.

"Honey are you better this morning or do you still think you might go to the doctors office?"

"I think I'll pop over to my doctor just in case," I answered. Least ways it give the the opportunity to be out of my office and also speak with that Sarah Thompson woman about my legal rights in a divorce. Fortunately I owned my business so there were no set rules for me when I had to show up or even if I had to. I trusted my employees and payed them accordingly which was basically better than they could get from working anywhere else doing the same job.

Maybe I should share some facts and a description of myself and my wife. Basically i'm right at 6 ft. with brownish blonde hair blue eyes i'm not muscle bound but neither I'm a skinny rail either. I'd consider myself average looking but a bit on the nerdy geek side if you know what I mean. On the other hand Rose is another matter she was extremely popular I've been told when in high school and just as popular in college. A true blonde blue eyed beauty, with C cups and hour glass figure which baffled me as to why she even considered going out with me or even sticking with me as long as she has. As I said earlier, I knew very little about her other than the very few things she shared with me before we ever met. Outside of knowing she was popular at the college I knew very little about her dating life while there in college. I guess, a big mistake on my part for not questioning that. At least now you know why she may have had a liberal arts courses and me the computer courses.

This is part one of a series of chapter, I've post this much to see if there would be any interest in the readers of me continuing this story.


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/08/18

Sorry but too many cliches

I really don't like to criticize, but in addition to needing editing and many grammatical corrections, so far this story is not unlike any other "loving wives" story: husband comes home early from work,more...

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by Anonymous08/01/18

If You Continue To Write

You desperately need the services of an editor or proof reader. Much of this chapter needed to be scrapped and rewritten. You remind be of my uncle, a great story teller, but with no concept of grammar,more...

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by Anonymous07/26/18

Let's see

He is in the bar 8pm Friday night the next morning g he and wife go to work and he's contacting a lawyer on saterday. Don't think so.

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by badkarma1st06/03/18

More, longer and harder

Your chapters are too short. You can not build characters and scenarios that are remotely believable with short stories. You CAN do it poorly, but not well. Define your characters more, build the situationsmore...

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by sbrooks103x05/30/18

Late Editing Advice

Just a tiny bit of editing advice, on the very first sentences.

"His (1) home away from home:

Here I sat (2) in my business office of Taylors (3) IT Inc. ruminating over the news that I found out bymore...

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