tagErotic HorrorThe Cult of the Lamia Ch. 03

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 03


Michelle shook her head; he caught her denial. No way, she thought, he's shitting me. He couldn't be. But... he is completely, unbelievably hot, and it's more than that- he's not even my type. When he went down on me, I came like it was my first orgasm again. And he knew what I liked. And I feel... a little weak. She did not need to think about how he already knew what she was going to say before she said it.

Mark had to hold in the eye roll he wanted- some people will believe anything. He couldn't help laughing at the irony of that thought, though. Several days ago, he would have been one of those who laughed at the concept of there actually being anything supernatural, completely aside from himself being one. Much less being a demon that women could not resist, that he could have sex whenever and however he wanted. He felt a spike in his heat, and noted its effect on the woman; she breathed deeply, and her cheeks grew red. She leant at him, her body language positively screaming at him. He could hear nothing from her, all thought gone in an instant, replaced with desire and wordless need. Her mouth was open, her tongue running across her bottom lip lightly.

He focused on her, his eyes on her body, drinking in her looks. She really was quite beautiful, the red in her hair a good fake- a deep maroon shade, faintly metallic- and it was completely straight, down to her shoulder blades. She was slender, almost too thin, but her hips flared out, and her thighs filled out her stockings perfectly. Her breasts were small, just over A-cups, but they were perfect for her size and shape. Her face was unassuming, but not unattractive. Her lips were just a bit too thin, but the nose ring and the multiple piercing in her ears gave her an assertive look. And her skin was pale without being pallid, almost translucent. He longed to touch her, to mould himself around her body, to sink himself into her.

She launched herself at him, her mouth fierce. She pushed him hard against the wall, his body hitting it in a dull thud. Before he knew it, she had turned around, and her stockings were down. She impaled herself on his cock, forcing his whole length inside her as fast as she could. But she was tight, despite her orgasm earlier, and her frantic thrust only took him half way.

He took over, and eased himself into her fully. He willed her to the brink, driving her insane with his hands on her body; massaging into her shoulder blades as she liked, pulling her upright so he could kiss her collarbone. His thrust built up momentum, and he felt her tighten around his cock. He held back her pleasure, revelling in his new abilities. He could control her orgasm however he willed, and he wanted her to erupt in the greatest orgasm of her life.

"OH GOD, PLEASE LET ME COME!!" she said in a ragged whisper. Every thrust made her want more, felt the pleasure build. She should have come already, but she somehow hadn't. The tension was almost painful.

He turned her around, and picked her up, holding her legs wide, his hands on her ass. He rammed into her, his cock leaving her body completely before plunging to its roots again, faster and faster. He let her build even higher, leaving her on the pinnacle of pleasure, coming harder and harder. She jerked and writhed on his cock, her orgasms all blending into one, erupting over and over and over. He couldn't help himself; he had to taste that bouquet, feast on her desire. He fed on her life, on her soul, on her orgasm.

She slumped on his body, her weight limp in his arms. She was breathing, but only just. She was conscious, repeating the words "Oh my god" over and over. He sat down, pulling her with him, and he held her while she recovered.

She leant against his chest. "Holy fucking shit, that was the best sex ever." He smiled modestly. "Thanks."

She turned to look at him, her arms barely strong enough to hold her weight. "Before that, I wasn't sure, but now I am; you are a fucking incubus."

He was silent, watching her. "I suppose I am."

"What the hell do you mean by that?! I just had sex with you, and came like, twenty times, and you're like, I 'suppose I'm an incubus?'"

"Well..." Mark said, and he told his story; what had happened to him, how he had died. She was silent throughout all of this.

"Holy fucking shit- I should probably stop saying that, now that I know there's a hell to go to. So, what are you going to do? I mean, you fed on me, right? That's why I'm so weak right now." He nodded. She half smiled, then slapped him across the face. Hard.

"Bad Mark! Do not ever feed on me again."

"Would it help if I told you I could feed off anyone at any time?" he said, rubbing his cheek.

"Are you serious? Then why did you just fuck me? Not that I'm complaining, but..."

"I dunno- I was just checking you out, then you jumped me."

She frowned. "I got really horny all of a sudden. Did you not want to have sex with me?"

"Hells yeah, I did. I just didn't want to turn you into a succubus."

She was silent for a bit.

"So... am I a succubus now?"

He shook his head. "If you were, we would already be having sex. I dunno how I know, but we would be fucking faster than you could blink, only stopping to eat."

"So, by eat, do you mean food, or..."

"Do you really think that I would forgo the chance to eat steak, just because I can suck my energy from other people?"

"So you can eat... Hang on, weren't you reading my mind before? How come you aren't now?"

"You want to talk, not be talked at. I can listen, both to your thoughts and to your words, and respond to both."

She frowned, and hit him again.

"Ow! If I knew you were going to be this violent after sex, I wouldn't have slept with you!"

"That was for reading my mind at all. So, how would you make a succubus?"

"You know what, I don't know. I suppose that, when I fuck someone until they die- and it will be when, I can't fight my urges permanently- they may come back as a succubus. It has to be their choice; I can't just bestow it on people."

She pouted. Then she smiled. It was a wicked smile, lighting up her face.

"How do you go about stealing energy from others without sex? If it is how I think you do it, I want to watch."

He popped his head out of the doorway, and saw the snooty doctor from earlier. He focused on him, thinking of the sex he had just had with Michelle, just with the doctor in his position.

The doctor stopped walking, his body going physically rigid. His face became flushed, and he came almost immediately. He sipped the orgasmic energy, trying to ignore the flavour, while Michelle giggled behind him. The doctor went bright red as a group of nurses walked past, a few of them looking at him oddly. Michelle was trying to be quiet, but it wasn't working.

Mark looked about the room, and found some hospital clothes- orderly fatigues, green pants, green shirt. Putting them on, he turned to Michelle.

"Could you locate my patient files? I dunno what they're called; the files I had when I came in, they detail the way I was found, and that sort of thing."

She nodded, not quite over the laughter, and still quietly chuckling. "Yeah, that's no problem; I'm the Medical Examiner for the local police, and I was going to perform an autopsy on your body. Seeing as you're alive..." She shook her head. "I wish I could have. I wonder what I would have concluded from your body. What can you remember of your state, before you died?"

"I was completely, ridiculously weak. I had come multiple times, but my cock was still hard. I was- bizarrely- thin, I wasn't before, but I was after the sex."

Michelle checked herself. "You know what, I think I may have lost some weight- maybe one or two pounds." She smiled. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it."

"So... what are you going to do? I mean, now that you're, well..."

He was determined. "I'm going to find them; those that made me like this, those who don't possess the courage to die for their own religion, and I'm going to end them; whether by killing them, or by merely exposing them, I will put an end to the way they obtain victims, or even if those chosen have to die at all."

He looked at him, her eyes alight. "Wow. That's awesome. Can I help?"

He looked at her, not in sexual terms for the first time. "Sure. Why not?"

Her smile lit up the room.

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