tagErotic HorrorThe Cult of the Lamia Ch. 07

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 07


Cassie turned to him, smiling, her teeth glimmering in the morning light.

"You never told me that being you felt so good!"

He stared at her. She had changed after the first time, but he had been unable to stop fucking her, a slave to both of their desire, over and over, both of them perfect fucking machines. The sex all blended into one after the first time- neither of them needed sleep, and they just kept going, both fighting for control, for the most pleasure, neither of them needing to. They both felt tired in the morning, something that Mark found bizarre; he hadn't been tired ever since he had been turned.

He climbed out of bed, and into the shower. The room was a mess, the drapes and curtains torn, the holes in them flapping in the icy morning wind. He needed the hot water, now.

The hot water reacted to the freezing air of the bathroom, filling the room with so much steam as to be unable to see anything. Mark turned the fan on, and stepped in. He washed his body, running soap all over himself. The steam swirled around him, wisps reaching out, fingers in the mist.

He opened his eyes, and saw Cassie, standing across the bathroom, her body standing to attention. Her eyes gleamed with sheer need, and there was a movement in the air in front of him.

He looked down to see the steam collect, building into a shape that came up to his waist.

It was a woman, her entire body ethereal, her hair and body in continuous movement. She was shapely, but that did not matter as she was on her knees in front of him. She moved her head forwards, and her face looked up at him. He felt the mist envelop his cock, caressing, teasing, and was unable to help a moan. He could smell her; like the scent of a waterfall, in the middle of autumn.

He felt a touch on his shoulder, and he turned his head to see the water bend and shift over his shoulder, and caress his back. The water grew up from the floor of the shower, and he saw the upper body of a woman run her hands along the back of his legs, her touch wet, hot. She bent her head, and she began to lick at his ballsack.

Mark stood there, under this sort of scrutiny, as the mist and the water nymphs both swapped his cock between them. When the water nymph took him into her mouth, he felt the water whirl around his cock, jets streaming either side of him. The mist nymph ran her hands all along his body, caressing everything. He couldn't help it; he came hard, his come shooting through the mist.

Cassie was still standing there, and her expression hadn't changed, but now there was a satisfaction about it. He looked at her, and smiled; two could play at that game, and he had had more time to practice.

Cassie started as she was lifted off her feet, and, as she tried to move her limbs, she found that she was bound tight. She was whirled slowly, legs over head, her legs splayed, her pussy wide. She could smell her own desire, and she needed more. The last night had been the best of her life, but she found that she wanted more. Far more.

She ended up in the shower, her legs over her head, her pussy directly under the shower head. He held the water, collecting it with his mind. She forced her head up; he permitted it, and she saw the sphere of water hovering over her pussy.

It undulated slowly, the water inside swirling. It moved slowly towards her groin, every drop from the shower diverting towards the ball, making it larger. It enveloped her lower body, completely covering her lower stomach, all the way down to her knees. It was warm, kind of how she felt when she just entered a hot bath, but here the water moved, running against the grain of the small hairs on the insides of her thighs, raising goosebumps all over her body. She looked up, and could see the sphere shrink, as the water collected. She gasped, as she felt it penetrate.

It ran into her softly, caressing over every surface. It was warm, impossibly warm, and she felt it grow hotter again. Her back arched, and her mouth opened in a silent scream. The heat spread through her body, filling her completely.

The sphere continued flowing inwards, her vagina open wide. The water became impossibly dense within her, still swirling deep inside her. A bead of water was outside her, running over her clit, as the water within began moving, the water flowing like a tide, collecting near her entrance, before rushing deep within her, penetrating deeper than possible. Cassie lost her mind, her sight; she became heat, desire, water.

When she came back to herself, she found herself upright, but still splayed. She was unable to move again, and the water was still inside her.

It was warm and soft, moulding to her shape. The beads were still rubbing at her slit, and she felt it begin again, the water hotter than ever before.

He was behind her, and she could feel his heat, feel his cock standing in the cold air. She didn't know how, but she knew exactly where he was, his body, his cock. She knew where he wanted her to touch, and how he liked to fuck. She could see his mind, and she knew what he intended. She burned as the water became dense again, almost a second cock at his command.

He positioned himself at her ass, running his cock along her vagina. He pushed, her ass lubricated from the water and her come. She tensed, as the water inside her pulsed, the currents running along the walls of her pussy, thrilling her deep inside. He continued pushing.

She was so tight, and he could feel the pulsing of her sex around the water as though it were his own cock. She bucked, forcing him in to the root. Her body moved, up and down in the air, her body moving onto his cock, harder and harder. She succumbed to the feeling, her body impaled on his. She came and came and came, each orgasm greater than the last. They blended into one, and her body tightened around his penis. The water around them both bent, curving and coating them both in layers of water, rubbing and caressing around them both, them both using more limbs than they possessed. Each breath raised steam, both of them burning for each other.

He felt his own orgasm begin, and he thrust into her, far harder than before. His hands connected to her hips, and his cock slammed into her. The sound was muted by the water, but her screams were not. She reached behind her and bent over, her hands gripping his thighs, pulling him into her ass even more. She felt the water within her pussy expand, and explode in all directions, and she filled with fire.

The last thing she remembered when he erupted in her ass, his body holding her upright, filling her completely.

The man started. He was awake again; the blast of freezing water completely unnecessary, he thought. He opened his eyes, and widened them immediately; it was a woman, unlike anything he had ever seen before. He instantly knew she was one of the Chosen ones, and shook. He could hide nothing from this one. He felt his cock stand up; unlike a male, the females did not need to think about sex to make a woman want it- they were desire for men.

She looked at him, her expression unreadable. At long last, he spoke.

"Why are you working with the Male? He can't offer you what we can. Countless men, countless orgasms. All for you."

"You cannot give me anything that surpasses that which he gave me. Now," she said, leaning forwards, her top crinkling, showing off her cleavage. The man swallowed. "We can do this the easy way, or the far, far more pleasant way. Either way ends up exactly the same; me with the knowledge of where the Cult of the Lamia is based. You can live, or you can be fucked until you die. I know which one I want you to choose."

She smiled; the smile of a lioness looking at prey. She sauntered over to him, and got on her knees in front of him. He quivered as she ran her tongue over the head of his cock. She looked up, her face swimming with desire. She smiled, and he felt his body tense up.

She took him deeply, far deeper than he had ever felt with a woman before. And her mouth was different again; it felt as though there was more than one tongue in her mouth, all of them licking a different part of his cock. She bobbed her head in a corkscrew motion, taking his whole length with every movement, her lips kissing the head of his cock with every thrust. He was frantic with need, thrusting against his will. He fought his orgasm every step of the way, but he couldn't help it; her mouth felt so good, and he could feel his cock ache. He felt her lean back, and place the head of his cock on the tip of her lips. Faster than he could see, she took all of him down her throat, sucking for all she was worth. He thrust up hard, his hips forcing her head backwards. He burned, all along his penis, his orgasm fierce. He felt himself ebbing, his vitality leaving him, his life force draining away.

She drank from him deeply, loving everything; the taste of his life, his stubbornness forcing her on, making his orgasm the stronger and sweeter. His come was irrelevant, but she swallowed it anyway; it didn't taste as bad as she had thought it would. She hadn't liked the taste of semen before, but his didn't taste too bad. And she was beyond any venereal disease- in fact, she thought, you could say she had the ultimate one.

She smiled at the thought, as she ran her teeth along the underside of his cock, scoring the sensitive skin slightly.

He was gasping. She was perfect, incredible. She could make him come as often as she liked; there was no doubt in him now. And she could drag his death out, before wringing him like a sponge. He paled at the thought, but he couldn't seem to make his cock go down. His mind was stuck on her, on her form. On the way she kept nibbling at his balls, the sensation not altogether pleasant, but each time she did it his cock flared up.

She looked up at him. "Will you tell me? I will ask this question only once more, before consuming your soul, and knowing anyway. Even then, I might decide I will know anyway after I have had you."

She looked at him, consideringly. He thought she was sizing him up, and he wanted her badly. He forced the words out of his mouth; he wanted her badly, but he wanted not to be damned. He knew where she came from.

"A-A farm... Outside M-M-Martinsville. There is a barn there; go inside. There is a trapdoor, down to a c-c-complex. That is the headquarters of the Order of the Lamia." He hung his head, defeated.

Mark watched as Cassie walked out. She was in full command of herself as she looked at him, her energy spiking.

"Well, that was fantastic. You should try it; I take it that you've not killed anyone yet?"

He shook his head. "I haven't found the right person; I definitely don't want to have someone who doesn't deserve it fill me up. I want a nice little catholic schoolgirl for supper right now, though."

Cassie smiled. "I might even have to tag along with you for that one; I do so love corrupting little altar boys!"

They both laughed, as they returned to Michelle, and told her what they knew.

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